Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Voz - Toppermost, an AZ Resident: Conservatives Supporting HB1070 Know It Racial Profiling will occur but JUST DON'T CARE!

Guest Voz: Toppermost (Internet Commenter) Arizona Resident:
I live in Arizona. As you can imagine a liberal like me is something of a novelty here. In fact the only people more liberal than I am are the college students. After many a conversation with the conservatives here about this bill, their overwhelming response to the racial profiling issue is basically: “I don't care.” And its true, they do not. They are aware of what racial profiling is. They are aware of the pernicious effects that it might have on a society with more than one culture in it. But they LITERALLY do not care. And they no longer really even bother to hide it here in Arizona. They are more than willing to pull over America citizens who happen to be dark-skinned in their crusade to get rid of the Mexicans. They are FOR RACIAL PROFILING. It is getting scary here. And its going to continue spread to wherever the Cheney/Palin/Tea Party kind of republican exist.

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Dee said...

I don't know why ANTIs just don't admit the TRUTH!

Their agenda is to Mass Deport ALL undocumented workers and Racial Profile ALL BROWN Citizens until this is done. If it takes 4 or 5 years through attrition, they would like to rid our country of all Brown people they think are Illeeegals, whether they are in progress of becoming citizens, working with the courts to change their status, whether it rips apart families when they are deported, regardless if they are good hard working people with no other crime but a civil violation, leaving a war torn country -- they don't care. THEY want all 12M out and they want them to take their children and married citizen spouses with them. If they are raped and tortured in their home war torn countries, ANTIs just don't care. Just get them out. Meanwhile, over these 4 or 5 years, 50M BROWN Citizens will have to live like 2nd hand citizens in Apartheid South Africa and carry their passports and citizenship papers with them until the "illeegals" are gone.

Just Admit the Truth!

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