Friday, April 23, 2010

Open Letter to President Obama re: HB1070 Racial Profiling Bill

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for speaking out against the Racial Profiling bill HB1070. Unfortunately, Gov. Brewer, anxious to be elected, signed the bill, regardless of the impact on Latinos in Arizona.

While we attempt to look for a bright side by hoping this negative bill will be a trigger to initiate Comprehensive Immigration Reform so you can put in place measures to truly fix our current broken immigration policies, I believe there is something else you can do.

Please ask Janet Napolitano and the FBI to announce to the country their finding in the investigation of Maricopa County's Sheriff Arpaio and his gang of masked volunteer henchmen. I know the FBI has interviewed numerous Latinos who have come forward with details/proof of their racial profiling experience by the sheriff's goons. Please bring forward all the details the FBI's investigation has identified. Showcase this evidence to the country. Please include the over $40 million dollars in civil lawsuits he has incurred in Maricopa County.

There are those, like White Supremist supported state senator Russell Pearce, the man who intiated this racial profiling bill, who want to use arpaio's tactics as a role model. Now is the time to expose the evil sheriff for all of his wrong doings. Bring the facts to the American Public. Let arpaio's example prove "what NOT to do."

We the People implore you, President Obama. Speak for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Keep our Constitution, our Freedoms and our Civil Liberties in tact. Please do not let this Racial Profiling bill hurt any more Latinos in Maricopa County or across the state. We have faith in you that you will do that right thing!

God Bless You,


Dee said...


Sen. John McCain (Republican of Arizona) voted against the creation of the holiday to honor King, and later defended Arizona Republican Governor Evan Mecham's rescission of the state holiday in honor of King created by his Democratic predecessor. After his opposition grew increasingly untenable, McCain reversed his position, and encouraged his home state of Arizona to recognize the holiday despite opposition from Mecham.

ultima said...

I don't think the opposition to the King holiday was racially based. Previously, such holidays were limited to religious/secular institutions like Easter and Christmas; honoring past Presidents and the ultimate sacrifice of America's fallen military and those veterans still living; the Labor Movement, Independence Day; New Years Day, and Thanksgiving. There were none honoring individuals other than the presidents and even in that case Presidents' Day supplanted Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays and now honors all of them not each one individually.

So if one is objective, it is easy to see why some objected to MLK Day on principle rather than on the basis of race. WE should change that holiday to honor all civil rights, humanitarian, and other such leaders of whatever stripe to include MLK, Chavez,Harriet Beecher Stowe, Carrie Nation, etc. Let's call it, "Citizens' Day".

Dee said...

MLK was the leader of the Civil Rights movement. He advocated a peaceful solution. He was murdered and became the hero/champion of Civil Rights so that now, today, all men and women are acknowledged by ALL Loyal Americans, as being truly equal. The Declaration of Independence fulfilled at last! Free at last! Free at last. Thank God Almighty! We are Free At Last!

For you not to know this nor acknowledge these facts and understand the reason why all states have MLK Day as a holiday explains a lot about you Ultima.

ultima said...

Dee I see you missed my point altogether. Other leaders have been assassinated but they do not have a separate holiday. MLK day breaks totally new ground and regardless of his personal merits is inconsistent with the previously recognized rationale for special holidays.

ultima said...

Here's a different perspective that President Obama should consider along with your open letter.

Dee said...

Actually Ultima, you missed my point.

MLK was a unique leader that significantly evolved our country. The Civil Rights Movement CHANGED our Country. Because of him, we can finally live up to our Founding Fathers' Declaration of Independence: "All Men/Women are Created Equal."

No other person you can mention has changed our country to this degree. Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty we are Free at last! Thank God for Dr. Martin Luther King! God Bless America!

ultima said...

Let me try again. Here's a different perspective for the President to consider.

ultima said...

What you say about MLK is true but you have to admit that there was grounds for opposing this holiday as a significant departure from past practice. It is the first time in our history that we have established a new holiday simply to salve the wounds of a minority group. Surely, we must now have a Cochise/Crazy Horse National Holiday!

ultima said...

Instead of a John L. Lewis or Walter Reuther holiday we have Labor Day. Why not a Civil Rights Holiday on which all those who advanced the cause can be honored?

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