Saturday, April 24, 2010

SB1070 Racial Profiling: Pictures to Remember! Masked Volunteer Goons! Racial Profiling!

For those of you who think with the passage of SB1070 that Racial Profiling will not happen, all we have to do is look at the antics of Arpaio and his Volunteer Masked Goons. I post them and encourage ALL BLOGGERS to use them, as PROOF of what will happen now that SB1070 has passed. Post the proof on your blogs!


ultima said...

There is a price to be paid for border violations. The sooner folks learn that lesson the sooner this type of sweep will be unnecesary.

These three examples are not unique in American law enforcement. My son, out for a walk after dark, was stopped and questioned by a police officer just doing his job keeping our neighbor safe. I also have been stopped and asked for ID. There must be thousands of cases involving innocent people from all walks of life who have been stopped, questioned, detained, handcuffed, or arrested. There is a delicate balance between effective law enforcement and civil rights. After 9/11 people were willing to give up some of their civil rights to become safer from terrorists. In Arizona, overrun by 500,000 illegal aliens, many of whom feed off the criminal enterprises, strong measures are required. Hopefully evenhanded application of the law will enable it to survive scrutiny by the courts. It's unfortunate that the feds have not stepped up to this job with some new legislation to change the rules of engagement so that all the money we spend on border security is not wasted. As in the case of Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus, emergencies such as those confronted by border states requires some sacrifice on the part of citizens if they wish immigration laws to be enforced. One cannot, as I have said many times, be in favor of secure borders and then in the next breath deny us the tools needed to achieve that objective to some reasonable degree.

The question becomes: To identify and apprehend the illegal aliens in our midst, are you willing to endorse E-verify and carry laminated proof of citizenship at all times just has you do your drivers license? Are you willing to be stopped and questioned if that is what is necessary to weed out the illegals and turn them over to ICE? It's a hard decision but a necessary one if you want secure borders.

Dee said...

You FAIL to acknowledge that Arpaio and his goons are willfully WRONG with their Racial Profiling tactics. THAT is where you LOSE your argument.

There certainly will be a price to pay if the state of AZ moves forward with their racial profiling bill.

The price will be BOYCOTT. Peacefully Boycotting the state. Stop spending in the state. Identify a list of businesses that support the Bill and BOYCOTT them.

When we STOP spending our $$ at racist, racial profiling supporting businesses, then perhaps they will stop their practices or go out of business.

The beauty of our form of government is, we can ALL Fight with our pocketbook. BOYCOTT ARIZONA! BOYCOTT BUSINESSES SUPPORTING THE RACIAL PROFILING BILL. BOYCOTT TODAY!!

Dee said...

I think it is appalling that you do not sympathize with those wronged and wrongfully racially profiled.

I want to hear you say it ultima.
Say arpaio and his goons were WRONG for racially profiling these innocent citizens. He is WRONG for having his volunteer masked goons stalk latino neighborhoods and instill fear in all local citizens in these latino neighborhoods.

Until you say arpaio and his goons are WRONG and MUST STOP their racial profiling and ghoulish masked stalking, you have NO credibility in your argument at all!


Dee said...

We have 18 year old boys in the military fighting the worst, terrorist enemies in the world. They are NOT COWARDS AND DO NOT WEAR MASKS!

Now these volunteers who stalk women and children in church, THEY WEAR MASKS??? Ridiculous!! They do it to INSTILL FEAR in their Latino neighborhood stalking! AND To hide thier identities so cannot link them to the KKK type groups they belong to. Just like the KKK wore hoods.!

ultima said...

I do not support the used of masked officers if there is no danger that their identity will put them or their families in jeopardy from drug runners and gang members. It has long been the stock in trade of the mafia, drug lords, and others to silence jurors and witnesses through intimidation. The daily gun battles in Ciudad Juarez is ample evidence that these folks will stop at nothing. So let's not suggest that our police officers should put themselves or their families in harms way.

I hope Joe gets the message so that we can get on with the legitimate work of law enforcement. Joe is tough and probably bends the rules to the extent he thinks he can get away with it. He is a hero only in that he is trying to do something about the illegal alien problem in the vacuum created by the ineffectiveness of ICE and the border patrol in solving the problem.

I wonder how prevalent the use of masked officer is in the apprehension of ilegals. Are the circumstances such that there could be observers in the crowd who would later seek vengeance by slaughtering the officers and their families? One never knows.

As I have stated in previous posts, I would like to see the law implemented in an evenhanded way, giving all those who claim to be citizens the benefit of the doubt -- allowing them to show up later with a ss card, green card, drivers license,and citizenship or permanent residency papers. The officer could just jot down the address of anyone who has no proof with them so that he can follow up on the no shows.

I think folks are making this bill out to be more onerous than it really is unless you believe illegals should be left untouched by the laws that apply to them. Someone remarked that this law is consistent with federal statutes that prohibit the hiring of illegals. And then there the Estrada vs Rhode Island case to be considered.

I recommended to Obama that he provide AZ with a federal grant to equip all police cruisers with communications equipment that would permit the checking of bona fides in no more time than it would take to write a ticket for a traffic violation. I believe that is the key: a quick check of bona fides followed by a quick release with thanks for the cooperation. Maybe this will require the replacement of Joe with someone with a velvet touch rather than that of a mailed fist.

ultima said...

The framers of the Constitution this foresaw this contingency when they authorized the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus in cases of rebellion or invasion. Some would argue that the presence of 500,000 illegal aliens in AZ is tantamount to an invasion. After all no army from either the North or the South ever reached that level during the Civil War.

So what are we to do. First, we must agree on the objective: a significant reduction in the number of illegal aliens in AZ and the U.S. Second, we have to choose those means by which that objective can be attained. Third, we must that collateral damage is minimized by dealing carefully and courteously with the affected publics.

In a great national crisis, like that represented by the invasion of illegal aliens,unanimity among those seeking a common end is indispensable.

ultima said...

These and the other illegals may not be a massive threat to the nation's life but who knows?

They are a massive threat to the rule of law, our national sovereignty, and our national character. Unchecked this threat will result in a change in our national character to something more like the national character of Mexico. Some will say, "That's okay!"

Some will continue to aid and abet the illegals not just to assure that they are treated humanely but rather to do everything possible to enable them to be rewarded with the object of their violations: to stay and work in the U.S.

ultima said...

If they are doing it to instill fear in the illegal aliens, that may well be appropriate. Law-abiding citizens who are not supporting the illegals should have nothing to fear and should not be the subject of any intimidation.

I am reminded of a joke about how one could get prompt service in an emergency room: "Walk in with a Border Patrol cap on your head. The room would quickly become vacant." this may be in poor taste but it makes the point that appearances matter and can influence the behavior of illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

I respect very much your right to boycott Arizona.

That is America, that is the freedom we all have. Freedom to spend our money where ever we want to spend it.

I, for one, will be taking my vacation in Arizona since I agree with their policies.

Dee, you live very close to Juarez. I encourage you to visit Juarez with an open mind. Talk to the families trying to live a peaceful life there.

Most people in Juarez are good honest law abiding people. But a very small number of Mexican criminals have made Juarez a living hell for the good people that live there.

Why should any Americans allow a single illegal immigrant from Mexico? Why should we take a chance on some American city turning in to Juarez?

Again, visit Juarez, listen to what is going on. I bet that after you see what a small number of Mexican criminals have done to Juarez you will be more understanding to those of us that want zero illegal immigration of Mexicans in to the USA.

You go visit Juarez while I go to visit Arizona.

ultima said...

Stops of suspected illegals who are in fact innocent citizens is not fundamentally different from stops of DUIs who happen to have had a glass of wine with dinner.

In the examples cited the cops may have used poor judgement but gatherings near the border are likely to attract a few illegals, don't you think?

Anon4 said...

Dee said...The price will be BOYCOTT. Peacefully Boycotting the state. Stop spending in the state. Identify a list of businesses that support the Bill and BOYCOTT them.
I did a little research on which businesses come from Arizona. I do not know if they support the bill, but while I was gathering a few names, I decided to Google the names I had so far, and the funniest thing happened. At the top of the list of sites, there were sites listing the contributors to McCain and Romney for president. Here is my list.
Anheuser-Busch (largest distributor in AZ=Hensley, run by Cindy McCain)
Allied Waste
PetSmart HQ Phoenix AZ
Discount Tire, Scottsdale AZ
US Airways
University of Phoenix
Dial Corp. Scottsdale

ultima said...

The basic problem here is the failure of the Administration, the Congress, Napolitano,the immigration lobbyists, and the Hispanic community to support less intrusive measures such as E-verify. The only solution I can see is to couple E-verify with a way for employers to be fined or punished on the one hand, and have access to needed labor on the other. It's not a matter of either or although employers will fight to the last illegal to retain their source of cheap labor at the expense of America's umemployed.

ultima said...

I acknowledge that Joe's boys apparently have been overzealous in pursuit of their duties, some for reasons of racism. However, I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. We can't dispense with these tactics until we can come up with more effective means of securing the border. Internal enforcement in AZ and elsewhere is indispensable in that regard. What we are doing now is not working and we have some new Copperheads actively working to undermine effective border security in depth. I think we know their agenda extends beyond the mere issues of citizen civil rights. Many actively aid and abet the illegals forcing ever more stringent control measures. How much better it would be if we recognized the problem and could agree on some new approaches that promised to be more effective.

ultima said...

How would you feel about this if an unmasked officer's family was slaughtered after the criminals learned his identity and found his address?

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

It is so obvious they are up to no good. Because I have seen these masks before - my brother in law is a local police officer in Michoacan Mexico and they wear these masks for raids. If you know anything about mexico you know how corrupt the Police are (generally speaking). If the Arizona police have to wear masks like the corrupt police of Michoacan Mexico than what is America coming to. I just cannot believe it. We must all pray and speak out against it.

Dee said...

Anon 4,
Thank you for the list. I am going to provide this list to the Boycott Arizona groups the Pro Bloggers and I are enlisted in.

I think a peaceful Boycott is the correct method to voice our disagreement with this racial profiling bill.

Dee said...

arpaio and his masked goons tactics are TOTALLY WRONG. NO BABY IN THE BATHWATER.

arpaio KNOWS he was wrong. The FBI KNOWS he was wrong. The Mayors and other Sheriffs in AZ know he is wrong and they reported him to the DOJ. arpaio is under investigation by the DOJ/FBI. He has lost Maricopa County over $40M in lost civil suits over wrongful death and abuse of those in his custody. Hopefully the DOJ will bring charges soon.

So far nothing, nothing, nothing has stopped the evil sheriff or his goons. Most of his volunteer goons are from the KKK/Stormfront/former MMs. That is why they wear masks. They are NOT afraid of the little old ladies and old men they arrest when they WEAR THEIR MASKS and sweep down like vultures on the quiet latino neighborhoods or the little girls Confirmation Masses.

Dee said...

Yes. You are right. Those masked goons are up to no good. The only reason they wear masks is because they do not want anyone to know their identities, just like the KKK. If we had their pictures, we could prove their association with the KKK/Stormfront/MMs or worse yet, their standing in the community.

For the masked goons, this is all fun and games in torturing the scared Latinos. Notice they LOVE to pickup on little old men or women or girls. I bet afterwards they smoke BIG CIGARS over their glasses of scotch and have a good Hardee Har Har as they joke about the fear they instill in the Latino Community!

MMPete said...

Why would the legitimate, legal and citizen Latinos be instilled with fear? They have nothing to hide and have proper I.D.

arturo said...

Anon4, thanks for the list. I will be boycotting all things Arizona.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

MMPete - that is a weird question its as if you didn't read the article you are commenting on.

anyway, the entire country of mexico is instilled with fear. The entire country issued a travel warning to Arizona: And They are boycotting arizona.

Dee said...

We can talk until we are as blue in the face as an avatar.

These pictures show us what arpaio has already done re: Racial Profiling and arpaio is already drooling about how much further he can go with this bill if it is enacted.

As long as this Bill does NOT impact them or their families, they DO NOT CARE about the fear of racial profiling and detention this brings to ALL Latinos who venture into Arizona.

Bryan G said...

So by your logic ... if someone manages to get into this country illegally and then stays for a bit of time(How much?), we must let them stay??? Or rather give them a "Path to Amnesty" because they have been here for so long.... Why? Who came up with this rule? So what are the specifics of this un-written rule? Is there a cut off time? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?

I love your argument... "Well in the olden times America used to let people in without papers... so why cant we now?" wow!!! what a revelation!!! by that logic I can now beat my children and have slaves cause they did it a long time ago!!! The thing is we know better now.... There isn't enough space in this country to just fly open the doors and let everyone in! Laws are made for a reason we cant make laws up as we go... that is called Anarchy....

"But I am of Hispanic decent and me and my family are being profiled!!" Well I am truly sorry about that... really I am..... But lets have a bit of a thought experiment.. Lets say one day an alien ship landed in the middle of Texas, and a whole bunch of "Aliens" got off the ship. They looked just like humans, could mate with humans, but they had a big read noses... Then they just ran for the hills and decided to blend into the population... ... Shouldn't we then start looking for people with big red noses to get rid of them.... Or would you consider that racial profiling? I assume now you would say something like "Oh right now you are saying that Hispanics/Latinos come from another world...." ... no I am not I am trying to make a point..... What you call racial profiling I call common sense....

Bryan G said...

Another argument I just love hearing.... "Well in the olden times this whole area was owned people of Hispanic decent". WOW!! thanks for the history lesson!!! I do have a response to this.... "Well in the OLDEN OLDEN times around 1519–21 there was this bunch of native Americans living in a place that we call now the Yucat√°n and then they encountered the Spanish conquistadors.... blaa blaa blaa.... " well, we know how that ended... I don't see you fighting for Native Americans to kick out the "people of Hispanic decent" from Mexico City..... Thats right because you are a blend of the two.... Hispanics are a blend of the Spanish and native Americans so that makes what the Spanish did ok.... right? Lets not go back in time and pick out you favorite facts to argue the just end up looking stupid doing that.

I really don't have a problem with legal immigration... I do have a problem with illegal immigration. Many don't have a problem with legal immigration.... Why cant you see the distinction? People cant enter this nation They came over hear against the laws of this nation! They broke the law.... I am not a raciest because I believe this!!!

Bryan G

Bryan G said...


Also, if those aliens contacted the government and said "hey we would love to live on your planet, in your country. How can we do that?" I am sure some sort of negotiations might take place... and I bet the conversation might sound like this. Question: Are you going to be a burden to our nation? Question: Why do you want to come here? Question: From where you come from have you done illegal acts? You know.... important questions... ones that decided if this is a being we want to enter this nation?

A fact that has been tossed around lately is that 1 in 12 people in Arizona is an illegal immigrant. The population of Arizona is roughly 8,000,000 people.... and the last Census says that Hispanics/Latinos make up 29.2% of the population of Arizona. If these two facts are true then this means that there is 2,336,000 Hispanics/Latinos in Arizona and 1/12 of them at MINIMUM is illegal.... that is 194,666 people... Now this number is MUCH higher because the way we did the math means that there are an equal number of illegal across all the races.... and we all know that isn't true... not by a long shot..... So lets see... I have at least a 1/4 of a million people living here illegality and the only way I have to look for this is by there race.... hmmmm seems an easy choice....


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