Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Endorse Terry Goddard for Governor of Arizona!

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American endorses Terry Goddard for Governor of Arizona. I ask all Humanitarian Americans in Arizona who believe in the Constitution, Civil Liberties and Freedom and are against Racial Profiling and Demonization of Latinos to REGISTER TO VOTE and VOTE for Terry Goddard for Governor! If you are NOT registered today and will be attending the marches this Saturday, there will be a number of booths established that will provide you Voter Registration Forms.
State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D) leads Republican incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona's 2010 gubernatorial election, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling released on Tuesday. The poll finds Goddard ahead of Brewer 47 percent to 44 percent in what is becoming an increasingly competitive match-up. An earlier poll from several weeks ago found the candidates to be locked in a tight contest, highlighting a dramatic shift in the race since last fall when the Arizona governor held a 10-point lead over her Democratic challenger.Hispanic voters also appear to be flocking to Goddard -- his support among that group has more than doubled since September. Hispanics prefer Goddard over Brewer by a 71 percent to 25 percent margin, according to the poll.

The new poll comes in the aftermath of Brewer's
decision to enact a controversial immigration bill into state law making it a crime to be in the country illegally. An excerpt from the poll analysis provided by PPP:
Where Brewer was getting only 59% of the Republican vote in our last poll, she's now at 73%. But Goddard has seen a similar improvement in his own party, improving from 77% of the Democratic vote to 88%. The main reason for the overall tightening is that where Brewer trailed Goddard by 12 points with independents previously, that's now just a 2 point deficit. On the bright side for Brewer, the latest polling data suggests that the Governor's handling of immigration issues has given her a much-needed boost among Republican voters amid a
crowded primary race for the GOP nomination for Arizona governor.


Vicente Duque said...

Good Idea - Racist America is not very intelligent and not very Businesslike ! ... Racist Law is a good push downward for America.

MyFoxHouston : Mexican elite is used to living a very privileged status: limousines, manicured lawns, being treated as royalty. Being stopped on the street by a poor American policeman and taken to jail ??

Those that want a Racist Path for America, should consider the Economic consequences, like losing tourists from Mexico and 200 other countries.

My Fox Houston
Boycotts Intensify over Arizona Immigration Law
April 29, 2010

Some excerpts :

HOUSTON - The fallout continues over a new law designed to crack down on illegal immigration in Arizona.

Here in Houston, members the League of United Latin American Citizens have asked baseball fans to boycott the Astros/ Arizona Diamondback game on May 5.

"When Mexican tourists come across the border they come to shop," said Jones.

While most of us are familiar with the sight of day labors just looking to make a few bucks to send home, there is a whole other class of Mexican visitors.

According to Jorge Franz, spokesperson for the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mexican shoppers pump 2 billion dollars a year into our state's economy.

On a local level, the average shopper spends just under 1400 dollars per four day trip here in Houston.

"The symbolic impact is tremendous because what the state of Arizona has said to Latinos in Arizona, as well as Mexican tourists, is 'you're not welcome here'," said Jones. "The Mexican elite is used to living a very privileged status: limousines, manicured lawns, being treated as royalty. The idea that they would be stopped on the street by a police officer and taken to jail is not how they want to be treated."

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Rancher Krentz was found gunned down on his ranch on March 27. If someone looks up a video on kgun 9 the Racist Path starts there the spokesman for the rancher says it's time to clean up the cockroaches and the group went straight to the governer and fired her up and all the racist people that were quit for a long time. I think she's run by other people who back her up with money on this issue.
A law-enforcement source reached by NEWSWEEK also said that an American was a person of interest. did'nt say a cockroach.

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