Sunday, March 31, 2013

Latino Hero Cesar Chavez was Born on this Day!

Latino Hero Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma Arizona on March 31, 1927. He grew up in a close-knit family. His father owned a small grocery store and lived in a small home on a ranch. His father lost both the business and the land due to a shady business deal.

The family stayed strong and stayed together,  moving to California and working as migrant laborers. They picked peas and lettuce in the winter, cherries and beans in the spring, corn and grapes in the summer and cotton in the fall. As a teenager, he helped other migrant workers by driving them into town for groceries and if they needed to see a doctor. Cesar quit school and worked full time in the fields so that his mother could stay home.

At seventeen, he joined the Navy and served for two years. He thought the Navy would teach him a trade, but back in the 40's, there was rampant racism. The only jobs in the Navy for Mexican Americans were as deckhands or painters. Cesar later said "These were the worst two years of my life." After his time in the service, he went back home, married his childhood sweetheart and worked again in the fields.

Cesar continued to help his fellow workers and joined a Latino Civil Rights group and encouraged Latinos to Vote. In 196 he and Dolores Huerta co-founded the United Farm Workers (UFW). They worked hard to improve the working conditions and improve the pay of the workers. They organized a Grape Boycott and helped improve conditions and pay. Cesar believed in Equal Rights for All People. He undertook several spiritual fasts to promote Equality and Fairness.
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are Heroes of ALL Latinos in our Country!

Happy Birthday Cesar! Thank you for fighting for our cause!

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter! I've loved the Easter Holiday since I was a child.

Our family is Catholic. As children, we always went to Mass every Sunday. We always dressed up to go to church. We wore our best dresses, white ankle socks and shiny shoes. We had ribbons in our hair and a small veil over our heads.

At church, our family sat in the same pews each week. We read through our missalettes and followed along with the priest during Mass. We listened to his sermon and we received Holy Communion.

Afterwards, we walked from the church, our parents shaking hands with the priests as we left.

Easter Sunday is the Best Holiday!

Girls wear pretty new dresses for Easter, usually in pastel colors. I love yellow dresses with full skirts and frills.

For Easter, we wear hats instead of veils.

Mom always said we dressed so pretty to celebrate Jesus Rising from the Dead to save our souls.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Racist and Unapologetic Republican Don Young Should Resign for his "Wetback" reference.

Every time I think of Rep. Don Young's "WETBACK" comments, the more disgusting his words become. In that one word, he dehumanized ALL Latinos who have ever harvested crops.
You would think Don Young would be grateful to the hard working Latinos who harvested his father's tomatoes. Without their backbreaking work, his father would not have been able to support their family. Rep. Young should have thanked them then and he should be apologizing and thanking them now.

Young, like so many racists, dehumanized those he views as inferior to white people. People like him throw around words like "Wetbacks," "Illeeegals," "Spicks," "Beaners," etc. From Don Young's perspective, these sub-humans swam across the Rio Grande and their backs were still wet from the river. He views them as inferior to his White Brethren, so he felt it was ok then and it's ok now to label them as "Wetbacks."
Even his words at their core make no sense. All he saw were Brown People doing back breaking work. He didn't know where they came from. He didn't know their legal status. He didn't care that they performed back-breaking work, 10 hours a day in the HOT California son so his father could take the crops to market and so his father could support his family.

As my long time readers know, MY FAMILY picked crops each summer. Our family, along with numerous other Latinos, migrated from Farm to Farm to help the farm owners harvest their crops. Like most of the other workers, we were all citizens. We grew up in Michigan. Many of the other families came from Texas or from the Midwest. We picked Cherries, Strawberries, Apples, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Onions. Picking the fruit from the trees wasn't nearly as difficult as bending over and picking row after row of Strawberries, Tomatoes and Onions. Even as a child, at the end of the day, my back hurt from the bending.
Then and Now, the word "Wetback" is one of the most hateful, de-humanizing and racist terms imaginable. Rep. Don Young has yet to apologize to Latinos for his hateful, hateful racism. Anyone with those kinds of views should NOT be a Congressman. Incidentally, Rep Don Young has a long history of making inappropriate comments and using foul language. He should resign.
Note to Bad Anon: You and many Right Wing Commenters are erroneously attempting to equate a caption MSNBC used saying Ben Carson was "Blinded by the White Elephant" to Young's "Wetback" attack. There's no comparison. Here's why:
1. MSNBC is not a sitting Congressman
2. MSNBC did not call Ben Carson a name.
3. In viewing the audience at the Republican Convention, 99% of the audience was White.
4. The Republican Party uses an Elephant as their Symbol
5. In that context, "White Elephant" was used to denote the Republican Party as being, in its current state, "difficult to maintain, burdensome."

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rep. Don Young "Wetbacks": Republicans Just Can't Help Their Anti-Latino Ways!

I almost feel sorry for Republicans. Almost! They just can't help their Anti-Latino Racist Ways!
They are so awful, they don't even recognize their own racism when it spews out of their mouths!
Case in Point: Republican Congressman Don Young called Latinos the deplorable, racist term "Wetbacks." Here is what he said: "My father had a ranch; we used to have 50 - 60 WETBACKS to pick tomatoes.."
Can you imagine? This guy is a Congressman. He refers to the hard working Latinos that his father hired to pick tomatoes as "WETBACKS." He does not refer to them as people. He does not know their Legal Status. He does not refer to their hard-working nature. He does say their hard work enabled his father to be successful. He does not even call them Human Beings.
Instead he refers to them by the derogatory, racist term "WETBACKS."
When his words were reported and he felt the heat from his colleagues, he attempted an apology -- to the reporters. In many ways, the apology was WORSE than his racist Term. Young said, "I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California. I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays, and I meant no disrespect.” He didn't apologize for his racist comments. He didn't apologize to Latinos. He didn't even call them Human Beings. Instead, his apology was to the media for getting caught exposing his racism.

Young, like Romney cannot help himself for his elitist, racist views. Young also agreed with Romney's 47% comments. Republicans will soon be extinct and the only ones they can blame is themselves!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Help Baby Boomers! Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now!

America, we need to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now! We need workers and taxpayers to help us as our Baby Boomers enter their Senior Years. Look at the chart. Even now, Seniors (60+) outnumber every other age group except for school age children. By 2028, Aging Seniors will be over double the size of most other age groups.
The U.S. will be facing massive Labor Shortages starting in the next Five Years, particularly in the Medical and Healthcare fields. These jobs cannot be outsourced overseas. These jobs must be done here, in America.
There will be a massive need for Elder Care homes and facilities. Many small business will grow and thrive in these fields as long as we have workers who are trained and will do the jobs.
However, there are two obstacles our country needs to overcome in order to fill the demand:
1. People in America to do the jobs: We need young, hard working people.
2. Education and Training: We need to start them on their Training and Career paths now.

We must start our efforts now. We should encourage our children to enter into the Medical Field. Additionally, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Dream Act will allow us to increase our number of U.S. Workers. The Dream Act will allow us to encourage young people to enter into the Medical Field.

The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) addresses Educational and Training needs for ALL Americans, including New Americans brought in through CIR.
If we work together to find solutions, we can meet our future needs. This includes encouraging our children/young people to become trained and educated in these careers, not only for their sake but for all of our sakes, especially for WE BOOMERS.

The President's policies have saved us from the DEEP CHASM created by Republican policies. CIR, the Dream Act, ACA and other Presidential Policies will help guide us to resolving our job shortages in the future.

Dear Rand Paul & Ted Cruz, WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER allow you to Privatize Social Security!

Dear Rand Paul & Ted Cruz,
WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER allow you to Privatize Social Security!
Even though economists tell us Social Security will be solvent until 2033, Republicans are INSISTENT that Social Security be replaced by a privatized program within the next 10 years. While this would provide a WINDFALL of PROFITS for their Rich, “One Percent” Owners of Private Investment Companies, anyone who has studied Social Security, Retirement Programs and the Baby Boomer demographics knows their privatization recommendation is both ridiculous and heartless.

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities reports that for nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security provides the majority of their cash income. For more than one-third (36 percent), it provides more than 90 percent of their income. For one-quarter (24 percent) of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security is the sole source of retirement income.

Back in 1980s, four out of five private-sector workers were covered by traditional pensions that paid retirees a fixed monthly benefit based on their salary and length of service once they retired. The majority of employers STOPPED providing pensions in the 1990s. Now, less than one in five workers has a pension, leaving 401(k)s and similar privatized employee funded retirement savings accounts as the primary vehicles for retirees to supplement their Social Security benefits..

These statistics tell us that if the Republican’s recommendation to privatize social security passes and Seniors are left without Social Security or an Employer sponsored Pension Plan, over 65 percent of our Seniors will NOT have enough income to SURVIVE!

There are two major problems with a Privatized replacement to Social Security. They are:

1. Today, the average monthly social security payments are between $1500 - $1800 a month. This means that a retiree would have to save $250,000 - $300,000 in their Privatized replacement to Social Security retirement savings account. Today, fewer than 10% of retirees have saved enough in their PRIVATE 401(k) plans to replace their current projected Social Security payment.


2. Because American workers HAVE ACCESS to their PRIVATE Retirement Savings Accounts and are DEPLETING them. More than one in four American workers with a 401(k) and/or other retirement savings accounts are accessing them to pay current expenses. Additionally, this percentage is growing every year. Those in their 40s have been the most likely culprits — one-third are turning to such accounts for relief. This tells us that if Americans have access to their retirement funds, which they will with Private Retirement plans, 25% - 50% will deplete their funds prior to Retirement and over 90% will NOT have sufficient savings to replace the Social Security payments Seniors are receiving today.

I tremble to think what will happen IF the Republicans are successful in ENDING Social Security as we know it and PRIVATIZE and DEMOLISH such a successful SAFETY NET for our Seniors.

Monday, March 25, 2013


The Respect Arizona Coalition is working hard to recall Sheriff Arpaio. Respect Arizona is the same group that successfully recalled Russell Pearce, the godfather of the racial profiling bill sb1070.

The coalition needs 300,000 signatures to trigger Arpayaso's recall election. This group has set up a new website that demands Arpaio's recall and calls for a NEW SHERIFF "that respects Families, respects Immigrants and respects Latinos."

I ask all of my readers to go to the "Respect Arizona" website. Donate. If a registered Maricopa County voter, please sign the petition.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Tough Latina, Rebecca Jimenez, former Mayor of Guadalupe is baaack. Arpaio's Nemesis Jimenez is the leading Candidate for Mayor of Guadalupe!

Rebecca Jimenez is one tough Latina. In 2008, when she was Mayor of Guadalupe, she went head to head with Arpayaso.  At that time, Arpaio and his masked volunteer deputies terrorized her tiny town with his infamous, racial profiling Suppression Sweeps. The stops were a thinly veiled cover by Arpaio and his goons to ask about the immigration status of Guadalupe's almost-entirely brown-skinned population. Jimenez decided to take a stand. She delivered a press release to Arpaio, demanding that he cease his operations in her town. When she delivered the release, he happened to be talking to a Channel 12 camera crew. Arpaio was spitting mad! Instead of stopping the sweeps, he doubled down. The next day, he brought back his full masked crew, stalking and petrifying tiny Latino children during their Confirmation Mass. While Arpaio eventually backed off, he did conspire with Local elite to oust her from office. That was back in 2008.

Now in 2013, Rebecca Jimenez is back!  There is a new race for Mayor of Guadalupe. Despite a last-minute smear campaign by her detractors and with a surprise endorsement of the incumbent by Congressman Ed Pastor, Rebecca Jimenez was leading a four person pack in the race for mayor of the small town of Guadalupe last Tuesday. Rebecca Jimenez was the top vote-getter with 190 votes, leading current Mayor Yolanda Solarez, who clocked in with 169 votes. Maricopa County elections director Karen Osborne said the tally isn't final until the provisional ballots are counted. But as a majority is needed for victory, a May 21 runoff between the two women is a sure bet. Rebecca Jimenez was elated with her showing, especially given Pastor's surprise endorsement of her main rival and the fact Solarez was running as a team with a popular city councilman. She ascribed her lead to old fashioned, grassroots campaigning.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Obstacles Preventing the Passage of Immigration Reform

Despite what you've heard, there are Seven Obstacles that are a Hindrance to the Passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

Problem 1

Talk Radio, Cable News, Right Wing Media

The right wing pundits are ruthless. Their only motivation is ratings. They know and understand the more discussion and anger they derive, the higher their ratings!

Problem 2

Republicans Aspiring to be President

List them off: Rand Paul, Rubio, Cruz and so many others. They don’t care about Immigration Reform. They care about being elected President. We’ve already seen their flip flopping. Yes they are for a Pathway. No, don’t say Pathway. All they care about is achieving their goal of becoming the 2016 nominee.

Problem 3

Hate Groups, Tea Party, Website News Commenters

The Hate Groups are Up in Arms! They are upset that ANY Republican considers a Pathway to Citizenship. We’ve seen the effect on potential future Presidential candidates. We’ve witnessed their flip-flopping.

These groups have Organized. I’ve witnessed their attacks on various websites. As commenters, they are filling any websites that discuss Immigration Reform with hate-filled, ANTI Latino, ANTI Immigration Reform comments. They’ve expanded beyond their typical Right Wing websites including Drudge Report, Alipac and Daily Caller. They’ve now extended out to the Left Wing sites, including Huffington Post.

Problem 4

Gang of 8 Secrecy and Border Security Measures

They talk of a Pathway to Citizenship and they also talk about Increasing Border Security – But What are the Details? Why the Secrecy?

Problem 5

House Republicans

The House Republicans are split. While it is true that the Republican leadership is making efforts towards influencing fellow Republicans to support Immigration Reform, the Grass Roots right wing extremists (funded by the Hate Groups) are sending calls and emails to deter their efforts.

Problem 6

Opposing Lobbyists

Unions vs Business – do they really have shared principles? We don’t know how either sides efforts will play out OR who the majority supports.

Problem 7

House Democrats

Now, this is the trickiest part of all. While the majority of Democrats and our President supports Immigration Reform, there are some Democrats, particularly those in restrictionist Districts, that can be negatively influenced towards the opposing view. We just don’t know who they are or what they will do.

Karma! While Hannity Accuses the Left of Birtherism Against Cruz, A Right Wing Birther website Attacks Hannity for supporting Cruz! LOL

Shawn Hannity is trying to convince people that Canadian Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President. Hannity is also attempting to accuse the Left of "Birtherism." This is hilarious. Hannity, a key instigator in the attacks against our current President (Who was born in the USA), is accusing the opposition of the same tactics he performed against our President.
I surfed the web to find a video by the left attacking Cruz and his Canadian Birth. The only youtube I found was from an ANTI Obama Birther website. They attack Hannity for supporting Canadian Cruz. Karma!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Canadian Ted Cruz Admits He Is a Wacko Bird!

"Count me a proud wacko bird,” Canadian Ted Cruz said as he delivered the keynote address this past week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein SMACKS DOWN the awful Teapartier, Canadian Ted Cruz for his Attack against the Constitution and the Safety of Americans!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The honorable Senator Dianne Feinstein SMACKS DOWN the awful Teaparty Republican (and Canadian) Ted Cruz for his attack against the Constitution and Safety for Americans! MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell scoffed at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for asking Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on Thursday about the constitutionality of gun control proposals currently being advanced in Congress. Mitchell brandished a copy of the U.S. Constitution and slammed the junior senator from Texas for questioning Feinstein’s understanding of America’s founding document.
“This was not a fair fight,” Mitchell opined. "(condescending, arrogant and overbearing)
Ted Cruz somehow thought he was going to take on Dianne Feinstein who began her career in politics facing the bloodshed in San Francisco when she was elevated to become the mayor after the assassinations there?" Instead, Sen. Feinstein schooled Cruz like a troubled schoolboy of the importance of protecting schoolchildren and every day Americans against assault weapons and those opposed to rational background checks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope is Latino!

Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was elected the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. He selected the name Pope Francis after Saint Francis of Assissi because of his love for the Poor and Saint Francis Xavier because of his Jesuit studies.

Our new Pope was born in Buenos Aires on Dec. 17, 1936. He was one of five children. His parents immigrated from Southern Italy. Pope Francis is well educated, receiving Masters' degrees and obtained his license in philosophy.  He taught literature and psychology as several colleges in Argentina. He studied to become a Jesuit priest and was ordained a priest in 1969. He was quickly promoted to rector of the seminary, then named Auxiliary Bishop, Bishop, and Archbishop. In 2001, Pope John Paul II, as his mentor, named him Cardinal and appointed him to several administrative positions in the Roman Curio. Pope Francis was known for his personal humility, conservatism and commitment to Social Justice for all people. He always maintained a very simple lifestyle, foregoing chauffeured driven limousines and cooking his own meals.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit to be chosen Pope. He is also the first Latino Pope, first Pope to come from the Americas, and the first non-European Pope in 1200 years. Many are saying that Pope Francis was elected because 480 Million of the World's 1.2 Billion Catholics come from Latin America and has the largest rate of New Catholics.

Pope Francis is an advocate for the Poor. One of his famous quotes: "Extreme Poverty and unjust economic structures that cause great inequalities are violations of Human Rights.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Latino Hero Thomas Perez to be Named the Next Head of the Department of Labor!

President Obama is expected to select Latino Hero Thomas Perez as his next head of the Department of Labor. Mr. Perez, 51, served as Maryland's Labor Secretary from 2007 - 2009, then joined the U.S. Justice Department.

The Honorable Mr. Perez was the FACE of the U.S. Justice Department when they filed the Racial Profiling and Abuse of Power Civil Suits against Joe Arpaio in 2012. Arpaio and his masked volunteers have a long history of racial profiling and abuses of power. When announcing the suits, Hero Perez said, "The police are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not divide them. At its core, this is an abuse of power case involving a sheriff (Arpaio) and sheriff's office (Masked Volunteers) that disregarded the Constitution, ignored sound police practices, comprised public safety, and did not hesitate to retaliate against perceived critics."

Once confirmed, Perez will replace former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis who resigned in January.
Mr. Perez is a first generation American and the son of Dominican parents. He has had a long and proud career of service for our Nation.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rand Paul's Silly Filibuster was a Cloaked Attack Against Our President

This past week, we witnessed Rand Paul's 13 Hour Filibuster. It was actually a cloaked attack against our President and Paul's announcement that he is running for President in 2016.
His entire argument was Silly! Ridiculous! Confusing! However it did accomplish one thing. It caused the media to pay attention to him since it confused both Progressives and his Tea Party base.

There are two issues:
1. Should we use Drones domestically?
2. Should we torture/kill Americans we suspect of terrorism with no due process?

These are two separate and distinct questions. His silly argument answered neither of them. Instead he confused both Progressives and his Tea Party base by mish-mashing both issues together non-sensically, asking "Will Drones be used domestically to kill American Citizens." He further skewed any possible logic by offering weird examples, including: would this authority have enabled us to kill Jane Fonda during her protests of the Vietnam War.

Rand Paul is so conniving. He was purposely confusing.

Here's how Rand Paul confused his Tea-Party base: Rand Paul utilized significant innuendo to portray our President as Hitler and purposely suggested our President would use Drones to kill innocent Americans domestically. If you don't think so, then you should have heard the Bill Bennett "Morning in America" show on Friday (March 8). I listen to right wing Talk Radio in the  mornings just so I can hear their perspective. The Guest Host, Mark Davis said, "It's not that we don't want our Presidents to have Executive Authority. It's that we don't want THIS President to have this kind of Executive Authority." Then, he proceeded with the typical right wing rant of, "They're after your guns. They're after your freedoms." On and on he went, with the right wing's typical scare tactics, referencing our President as a "King" "His Highness" threatening to come down hard on militia types. Rand Paul and right wing republicans utilize these types of scare tactics to keep their base happy, threatened and in their corner.

Here's how Rand Paul confused Progressives:
1. Should we use Drones domestically?
He knew any discussion against Drones would be welcomed by certain Progressives because they've been against Drones since inception. Paul wasn't saying he was against Drones. However, his argument was so broad, he misled the Progressives.
Republicans have been FOR DRONES for years. Currently, they are used in city after city, by law enforcement, local businesses and city officials. Here are two recent articles;
a. CityCouncil unanimously approves drone aircraft (Monroe, NC)
b. Arlington to Launch Unmanned Aircraft (Arlington, TX)
They are also used by Border Patrol to monitor the Border.

For question 2: Should we torture/kill Americans we suspect of terrorism with no due process?
Again, Rand Paul Bloviated for 13 hours using silly, silly examples. Jane Fonda protesting the Vietnam War? (Oh Brother!) Again, he received applause from Progressives who are against any type of torture. But Rand Paul was just pandering for attention.
Most Republicans are for Torture. They praise Water-Boarding. They praise Gitmo.
Most don't oppose not using due process for Americans participating in terrorist acts. One example is Adam Pearlman (aka: Adam Yahiye Gadahn). He is a Senior Operative in al Qaeda AND he is an American. He was a Senior Adviser to Bin Laden and praised the 9/11 attacks.
If Rand Paul was serious about his filibuster topic, he would have used Gadahn as an example. This example was what the Policy was proposing -- on foreign soil, not domestic. But Rand Paul never mentioned him. Instead he strayed off topic, on and on for 13 hours. All, just to gain attention. Ultimately, he made a fool of himself, outed his intention to run for President in 2016, and earned the wrath and ridicule of his own party.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

O'Keefe Caught with his Pants Down! Forced to Pay $100,000 for his ACORN LIES!

James O'Keefe, the right wing nutjob who hid a camera on ACORN, just got his due. He has agreed to pay a $100, 000 settlement to an ACORN employee that he LIED TO and SCAMMED for his Fox TV video falsely accusing ACORN.

According to the last 5 pages of the agreement, Idiot O'Keefe and his legal counsel agreed to pay $100K for their tom-foolery scam.

Will Fox News apologize for their LIES? Will apologize for their LIES? Will the insane right wing politicians apologize for their flagrant attacks and LIES against ACORN that ultimately dismantled them? NO,. No. No. They won't.

However, the rightwing nutjob responsible for the LYING Video and ALL of the stupid, lying LIES against an honorable group like ACORN, will FINALLY face his due. James O'Keefe, the LIAR and right wing nutjob, has been ORDERED by the court to pay $100,000 to those he victimized. And he has ADMITTED and AGREED to PAY!

And Justice Prevails!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Karma Trips Up Arpaio and he Breaks His Arm

The Bible says, you reap what you sow times ten. It looks like Karma is tapping Arpaio on the shoulder. I almost feel sorry for Arpayaso, but with so many green bologna and terroristic racial profiling tactics, Karma couldn't help himself!

KSAZ reports: PHOENIX (AP) - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is resting at home after breaking his left shoulder in a fall last week.
The sheriff's office said Tuesday that Arpaio is "working hard at keeping his left arm still so it can heal properly."
Arpaio's wife Ava says he's still in pain and won't be entertaining any interview requests this week.
The 80-year-old sheriff tripped and fell on a sidewalk on his way to lunch last Thursday in downtown Phoenix.
Arpaio's staff members took him to the emergency room at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, but he didn't need surgery.
He was hospitalized overnight as a precaution and went home on Saturday.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Demand An Apology from Adam Carolla for his Disrespectful Statements Against Latino and Black Families!

I am so angry, I can hardly type. For you, my readers, I go to the right wing websites to see what they are talking about. Today, I went to the "Daily Caller."

One of their lead articles was titled: "Adam Carolla grills Gavin Newsom on minority groups." Carolla calls himself a comedian. He has, what some call, a droll sense of humor. He frequently ridicules those he deems beneath him. He is not very successful, nor very popular. He was a child of privilege, born to parents of wealth. Obviously, he was a disappointment to them when he dropped out of college and established a career, attacking those who were born less fortunate than he was.

Of late, he has been searching for some venue that will accept his form of humor. Recently, he has sidled up with the extreme Right Wing, especially those on extreme Right Wing Talk Radio. Today, there was an article on the far right wing website "Daily Caller" which was founded by the nutcase Tucker Carlson. Do you remember Tucker? He was booted off of CNN and MSNBC for being an idiot. Then he was booted off "Dancing with the Stars" for having no rhythm. We all know Tucker Carlson is a LOSER. His website "Daily Caller" is a LOSER. And we know Adam Carolla, a child of privilege, he lost respect of his own parents for not studying, being disciplined or finishing his college career, instead pandering jokes on those he deemed lower than himself, is a LOSER. Given all this, somehow, the Daily Caller is given some level of credibility. This site is linked to by several Republican sources and Talk Radio sites.

Yet, NO ONE calls them out! No One says, "Anything these far right extremists say is full of racism spewed by disreputable racists and extremists." No one says this. Yet it should be known,, almost like a surgeon general's warning.

Well, guess what. I am calling out the Daily Caller and Adam Carolla, right here right now!

Carolla - You are wrong! Latinos have STRONG, FAMILY VALUES. WE ARE CHRISTIAN. WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES. How Dare You say what you said. I am personally calling YOU OUT right here and right now. If you said what the Daily Caller said you said that "the reason why poverty strikes African-Americans and Hispanics in such high numbers IS" is because "the difference was the lack of a strong traditional family structure among blacks and Hispanics — specifically the lack of fathers in stable households." Then I am calling you a RACIST, the Lowest of the Low. How Dare You!!!
And I demand an Apology for ALL the Latino and Black Families in America!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Republicans like Jan Brewer Utilize Scare Tactics to Demonize Freed Latino Immigrants while Revealing True Reason for their Anger! Loss of Filled Private Prison Beds!!!

Jan Brewer unwittingly revealed the real reason right wing Republicans are ANGRY over the release of low-risk detainees. They are angry because of the loss of FILLED Private Prison beds! Brewer said, The news is especially concerning when coupled with DHS' acknowledgment today that it may not be able to maintain operation of 34,000 immigration jail beds, as mandated by Congress.”

Her statement reveals the True Reason for all of this Republican angst. Their friends in the Private Prison business are losing their government funding with every unfilled bed. These Big Business Owners pay their Republican Political Puppets plenty of campaign dollars to keep their Prisons full! Over the last few years, Arizona's Department of Corrections awarded more contracts for expansions of private prisons ordered by state lawmakers and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer.
Brewer considers these Latino Border Crossers as “jail bed occupants.” The Private Prison Owners pay big $$ to the Political Action Committees of many Republican politicians, particularly in Southern Border States like Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Atlanta and North Carolina – the states with Republican Governors and loaded with Private Prisons and their Lobbyists.
Now that sequester is underway and many government departments are forced to slash their costs, it is not surprising that the Department of Homeland Security has released two thousand detainees with plans to release 5,000 more by March 31, bringing the number down to 25,748 (as reported by AP). The detainees who are released are still expected to appear in Immigration Court when scheduled and potentially may be deported.

The Department of Homeland Security currently has 30,733 Immigrants in Detention Centers. The cost to house these detainees is $164 a day for each detainee. This equals a savings of approximately $60,000 for each detainee and approximately $2 Billion a year for the detainee population.

Though it is the Republican Party that is demanding the sequester budget cuts, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths! They are vocally opposing these releases even though these actions will save the country billions. Republicans Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Mike McCaul of the Homeland Security Committee, as well as Sen. Dan Coats of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Sen. Chuck Grassley of the Senate Judiciary committee are all attacking Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security for these releases. They are claiming these uncharged, primarily Latino Immigrants, who have no criminal records, will terrorize the streets upon their release. This is a Lie and a Scare Tactic, painting these Latino Immigrants as the Boogey Man. Those that are being released are NOT felonious criminals. They are students, passengers in cars, workers, many of them caught up in “Suppression Sweeps” in Latino neighborhoods – as often occurs in sleepy Arizona towns.
These Republican zealots are spouting the Tea Party rhetoric. They are spewing the views of the ANTI-Latino Hate Groups including F.A.I.R, NumbersUSA and Alipac who have pushed these scare attacks against Latinos for years. Republican Politicians are Lying to the American Public about SCARY LATINOS ROAMING THE STREETS AND TERRORIZING TOWNS. 

What is mind boggling is that Republicans claim they are the party that wants to cut costs, yet they are willing to waste $2 Billion Dollars a year to detain Latino Students and Workers. Their antics make you shake your head and wonder why. These Republicans are alienating Latino Voters now and in the future.

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