Friday, August 31, 2012

Breaking News: Republicans Lose Another "Suppress the Vote" Try in Ohio!

Great News! Another Win for Voter Equality!
HP reports: A federal judge sided with the Obama campaign and ruled Friday to order Ohio to restore three days of early voting before Election Day, a decision that could affect the outcome of the 2012 election in a key battleground state.

Judge Peter C. Economus of the Southern District Court of Ohio granted an injunction in favor of Obama For America, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party, which sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to restore in-person voting in the last weekend before the election.
"On balance, the right of Ohio voters to vote in person during the last three days prior to Election Day -- a right previously conferred to all voters by the State -- outweighs the State's interest in setting the 6 p.m. Friday deadline," ruled the court. "The burden on Ohio voters' right to participate in the national and statewide election is great, as evidenced by the statistical analysis offered by Plaintiffs and not disputed by Defendants. Moreover, the State fails to articulate a precise, compelling interest in establishing the 6 p.m. Friday deadline as applied to non-UOCAVA [Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act] voters and has failed to evidence any commitment to the 'exception' it rhetorically extended to UOCAVA voters."
The dispute over military voting spilled into the presidential campaign earlier this month, when the Mitt Romney campaign FALSELY accused the Obama campaign of trying to curtail rights for military voters, characterizing the lawsuit as an "outrage" and an effort to deprive military voters of extra days to vote.

The Obama campaign lawsuit seeks to EXPAND the voting period for ALL VOTERS, not to deprive military voters of that opportunity. The judge sided with the Obama camp, calling the early voting restrictions "arbitrary."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

ALL WHITE AUDIENCE: John Rich Calls Clay Aikens a Racist for Stating the Obvious -- ALL WHITES AT 2012 REPUBLICAN CONVENTION

White Country Singer (and Republican Tea Partier) John Rich EXPLODES AGRILY at Clay Aiken for STATING THE OBVIOUS -- ALL WHITES AT REPUBLICAN CONVENTION! reports: John responded to Clay’s tweet, copying fellow country singer Cowboy Troy, who is a self-described black conservative Republican: "@clayaiken:@cowboytroy We drink every time we see a black person at the RNC//CLAY! You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT!WOW."

Rich obviously did NOT look around and see only WHITE PEOPLE.
Here are some pictures of the 2012 Republican Convention:
Guess what John Rich. I'm going to be posting pictures of next week's Democratic Convention We'll Compare the pictures. I promise!

Republican Tea Partiers -- You Gotta Love 'Em!

Breaking News: Texas Voter ID (Suppression) Law BLOCKED! -- RICK PERRY CANNOT BLOCK LATINOS FROM VOTING!

Washington Post reports: A federal court on Thursday blocked a controversial new voter ID (SUPPRESSION) law in Texas, ruling that the state failed to show that the law would not harm the voting rights of minorities.The three-judge panel in the historic case said that evidence also showed that costs of obtaining a voter ID would fall most heavily on poor African Americans and Hispanics in Texas.
Evidence submitted by Texas to prove that its law did not discriminate was “unpersuasive, invalid, or both,” wrote David. S. Tatel, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, in the panel’s 56-page opinion.

The ruling will likely have political implications in the coming elections. Republicans and Democrats have been arguing over whether increasingly tough voter ID laws discriminate against African Americans and Hispanics.

President Obama - One Term More!

Watch this Video! It speaks the truth.
The Time is Now! The Vote is Near!
I vote with You! One Term More!

One Term More!
A time to celebrate democracy, Repeal Republican hypocrisy.
This man who would unseat Barack's -- A bleak choice at the ballot box.
One Term More!

A G.O.P. perdition-bound, All sense of right and wrong eroded.
One Term More!
With laws that let 'em stand their ground, Republicans are locked & loaded.
Contraception's now a sin, Screwing G.M. in the clutch.
Incivility's a virtue, Homophobic. Out of touch.
Filibusters. Budget scrums. Ultrasounds & speculums.
To the Dark Side they've succumbed.
Soon Election Day will dawn, We were meant to hold this seat!
At the ballot box of freedom, Unemployment's in retreat!
Now the battle lines are drawn, And Detroit's back on its feet!
Will you take your place with me!
The time is NOW the vote is NEAR!

One Term More!
One more day to re-election, And until the music stops,
We will fight to save the jobs of -- Teachers, firemen & cops!
 Term More!

One more day to resolution, We'll defeat those fetid nuts,
We are fed up with pernicious -- Talk of prostitutes & sluts!
Watch 'em throwing up, Minting malcontent,
qrinkin' all that tea's -- Made them incontinent!

Dissembling persists, Divisiveness prevails,
Calling colleagues Communists -- Is OFF the rails!
Listen to them spew, "Femi-Nazi" rage,
Misogynistic rants -- From the Jurassic Age!

To Obama's second inning, He'll drive home another run!
Norma Rae let sisters sing, Rosa Parks let freedom ring!
For Obama's just beginning, Yes! The West Wing WILL be won!
AND we'll get the Dream Act DONE!

My place is here, I vote with you!
One Term More!

Emboldened by Star-Spangled myth, We want a JEDI…NOT a SITH!!!
Petty partisan obstruction's -- Why we've gridlock on the Hill!
One Term More!

Healthcare is a right, Medicare's a must,
Don't let rogue Republicans -- Betray that trust!
Speaking of betrayal, Bullied by his peers,

Tackled to the ground, Screams turned into tears.
Hunting down the queer, Cutting off his hair,
SPIKED the ball, yet… "Can't - Recall" if he was there???
It's his character we question!

Mom, apple pie & Chevrolet, Don't let 'em down Election Day!

That's when we will determine -- What our God in Heaven has in store!
OTRA VEZ! (One More Time!)

Teaparty Republicans Put Up More RACIST Billboards Attacking Our President!

The racist teaparty republicans are at it again! They've put up these despicable billboards in Massachussetts and in Indiana. These teapartiers are no better than Domestic Terrorists!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Right Wing Extremist Teacher Fired for Domestic Terrorism - Brainwashing Children to Draw Pictures of Our President's Assassination! reports: Robert Duncan was fired Aug. 6 by St. Tammany Parish Public Schools Superintendent Trey Folse after serving six months of PAID administrative leave, in part, for posting "violent" depictions in hallways outside his classroom in late January. One of the depictions was a picture of President Barack Obama, in which some interpreted a bullet hole drawn on his head.
Now the COWARD Duncan is denying his crimes and wants to be reinstated. His appeals trial is on temporary hold due to Hurricane Isaac.
Duncan, like so many Republican Extremists caught displaying their Racial demagoguery, attempts to LAUGH off his crimes saying it was a "joke" or "it wasn't there before" or "you're just imagining the facts in front of your face."
Here are the demographics of Slidell, LA, where the school is located: The racial makeup of the city was 83.13% White, 13.56% African American, 0.49% Native American, 0.72% Asian, 2.05% Hungarian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 0.62% from other races, and 1.43% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.67% of the population.  No wonder they condone these acts of Domestic Terrorism.

Republican Actors -- Ugh!!

Most famous actors and actresses are Democrats. This makes sense because Dems are Humanitarian and care about people. We believe in a beautiful, multi-cultural society where all PEOPLE are created equal.
The following group are Republicans. Except for Clint Eastwood, not an oscar winner among them. There are only a few on this list that I like as actors. They are: Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler and occasionally Bruce Willis and most of their famous performances are of angry brutes or are clueless (Just like typical Repubs -- LOL). Most of these characters are very annoying and rude, especially: Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers, Chuck Norris, Stephen Baldwin, Kelsey Grammer and Mel Gibson. The rest are not famous, has-beens or who cares. It figures these people are all Republican.(click on picture for large view)

Monday, August 27, 2012

President Obama: "We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now! We've Got Too Much Work to Do to Turn Back Now!" God Bless Our President Barack Obama! God Bless America!

Romney is a LIAR and a RACIST! Blatantly Panders to White Nationalist TeaPartiers with "Welfare Ads"

Romney is a despicable LIAR and a RACIST! His ads continue to promote RACISM at it's basist level. He LAUGHS with his White Nationalist Tea Party followers who LAUGHED with him as he LAUGHED about "No One Has Asked Me for My Birth Certificate!!" because he happened to be born to a Wealthy White Man.
Despicable LIAR Romney continues to support his RACIST ADS LYING and CLAIMING that Our President is "pandering to his base" by "removing the work requirements from Welfare." ROMNEY IS LYING! HE IS A LIAR!
He is a Racist. Racist. Racist. And he is Pandering to his base. He is utilizing GUTTER POLITICS.
To illustrate Romney's LIES, I am going to do a deep dive on the US Welfare policy to explain to all viewers just how DESPICABLE Romney's LIES are.

Chris Matthews Exposes Tea Party Republicans' Racism Against Our President! Rance Priebus is Left to Giggle when Exposed!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

TeaParty Republicans...Who Can Figure Them?

TeaParty Republicans! Who can figure them? Fueled by an insane RACIST HATRED of our Black President and against Minorities and Women & Gays, yet pretending they are following the "Path of Jesus." Their reasoning is just unbelievable!
What is so amazing to me is that most of these TeaParty Republicans who are on (or have parents on) Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid, are voting for Republicans who want to immediately end Medicaid and in the near future, end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Why are they Tea Partiers? Because of their OWN RACISM. They are so ENRAGED that a Black Man is serving as Our President, they will do ALL IN THEIR POWER to Oust Him, even if it means ending their own (or their parents') benefits.

The Powerful Rich know this. They are feeding upon the racist frenzy of these TeaParty Republicans by funding the racist TeaParty movement. They are funding insane pundits like Glenn Beck and insane, racist politicians like Rep Steve King and Rep Michelle Bachmann and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in order to spread their message.
The powerful rich, including the Koch Brothers have reasons for funding the Tea Party racism. They want to reduce their own taxes. They want to end OSHA (safety & FDAA) regulations. They want to continue to expand tax shelters, offshoring and end Unions (minimum wage & child labor laws).
Rep Steve King is obvious about his views. King is a Birther. He also discourages Multiculturalism and insists minorites adapt to the Northern European culture.
Rep Michelle Bachmann is obvious about her views. Bachmann is a Birther. She also encourages the racial profiling of Muslims and other minorities.
We ALL know Arpaio is a Birther. We also know he has racially profiled and abused his power in Maricopa county.
It is clear that the motivations of the Teaparty Republicans and all that support them are based on RACISM!!

A Message from the Honorable former Republican Governor of Florida, "I Support President Barack Obama"

Guest Voz: the Honorable former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist:
"I Support President Barack Obama"

I’ve studied, admired and gotten to know a lot of leaders in my life. Across Florida, in Washington and around the country, I've watched the failure of those (TeaParty Republicans) who favor extreme rhetoric over sensible compromise, and I've seen how those who never lose sight of solutions sow the greatest successes.
As America prepares to pick our president for the next four years — and as Florida prepares once again to play a decisive role — I'm confident that President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation. I applaud and share his vision of a future built by a strong and confident middle class in an economy that gives us the opportunity to reap prosperity through hard work and personal responsibility. It is a vision of the future proven right by our history.
We often remind ourselves to learn the lessons of the past, lest we risk repeating its mistakes. Yet nearly as often, our short-term memory fails us. Many have already forgotten how deep and daunting our shared crisis was in the winter of 2009, as President Obama was inaugurated. It was no ordinary challenge, and the president served as the nation's calm through a historically turbulent storm.
The president's response was swift, smart and farsighted. He kept his compass pointed due north and relentlessly focused on saving jobs, creating more and helping the many who felt trapped beneath the house of cards that had collapsed upon them.
He knew we had to get people back to work as quickly as possible — but he also knew that the value of a recovery lies in its durability. Short-term healing had to be paired with an economy that would stay healthy over the long run. And he knew that happens best by investing in the right places.
President Obama invested in our children's schools because he believes a good education is a necessity, not a luxury, if we're going to create an economy built to last. He supported more than 400,000 K-12 teachers' jobs, and he is making college more affordable and making student loans, like the ones he took out, easier to pay back.
He invested in our runways, railways and roads. President Obama knows a reliable infrastructure that helps move people to work and helps businesses move goods to market is a foundation of growth.
And the president invested in our retirement security by strengthening Medicare. The $716 billion in savings his opponents decry today extended the life of the program by nearly a decade and are making sure taxpayer dollars aren't wasted in excessive payments to insurance companies or fraud and abuse. His opponents would end the Medicare guarantee by creating a voucher that would raise seniors' costs by thousands of dollars and bankrupt the program.
We have more work to do, more investments to make and more waste to cut. But only one candidate in this race has proven a willingness to navigate a realistic path to prosperity. (Barack Obama)

As Republicans gather in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney, Americans can expect to hear tales of how President Obama has failed to work with their party or turn the economy around. But an element of their party has pitched so far to the extreme right on issues important to women, immigrants, seniors and students that they've proven incapable of governing for the people. Look no further than the inclusion of the Akin amendment in the Republican Party platform, which bans abortion, even for rape victims.
The truth is that the party has failed to demonstrate the kind of leadership or seriousness voters deserve. Pundits looking to reduce something as big as a statewide election to a single photograph have blamed the result of my 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate on my greeting of President Obama. I didn't stand with our President because of what it could mean politically; I did it because uniting to recover from the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes was more important than party affiliation. I stood with our nation's leader because it was right for my state.
President Obama has a strong record of doing what is best for America and Florida, and he built it by spending more time worrying about what his decisions would mean for the people than for his political fortunes. That's what makes him the right leader for our times, and that's why I'm proud to stand with him today.

Womens' Right to Vote - August 26, 1920! Register to Vote Now then Vote in November!

Today is the 92nd anniversary of the 19th amendment giving Women the Right to Vote in America! This was first proposed in July 1848 -- it took 72 years of hard struggle for this right to come to fruition!
In 2012, as Republicans continue their War on Women, it is important that ALL WOMEN, ALL MINORITIES, GAYS, HUMANITARIANS, STAND STRONG and REGISTER TO VOTE AND VOTE IN NOVEMBER!
God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

David Vitter - Scoundrel Republican TeaParty Senator from Louisiana

TeaParty Republican David Vitter - former DC Madame Diaper Wearer - Tweets to "Friend" Go Public! reports: Five years ago, Louisiana Senator David Vitter was humiliated when he was outed as a client of the infamous "DC Madam," Deborah Palfrey. Back then, reports said that not only did Vitter see prostitutes on numerous occasions, he was rumored to have a fetish for wearing diapers, like a man-baby. Palfrey ended up committing suicide in 2008, while Vitter, a staunch family values advocate, remains a sitting senator. And now it looks like the GOP hypocrite may be up to some more shady dalliances.

Last Thursday evening, Vitter tweeted "@LuvMy_Kisses" from his verified Twitter account. Though the tweet was quickly deleted, it was archived here thanks to the Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops.
After some digging, and it appears as if @LuvMy_Kisses is the Twitter account of a woman named Daysha Scott, a 20-year-old college student. Her Twitter bio says she lives in "Westbank," a possible reference to Westbank, New Orleans, in Vitter's home state...when people began pressing Scott to explain why Vitter might be reaching out to her, she suggested that the contact was very intentional. "I know something you don't know," she tweeted coyly to a man attempting to get to the bottom of Vitter's contact. Even more suspicious is that that and the other tweets in the photo at left were almost immediately scrubbed from Scott's Twitter feed.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birther Republican Teapartier Benjamin Smith is featured on the LYING Navy Seal Video Attacking President Obama!

The guy behind the very LYING video attacking our President regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden is a Birther, Teaparty Republican and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Based on his facebook page, Benjamin Smith is demented and very ill. Perhaps he has PTSD.
His Facebook page rails on and on about various conspiracy theories. In the video, Smith is red faced, angry, spewing lies and distortions.
All of his allegations have been proven FALSE by Snopes, Politifact, New American Foundation and other independent agencies. He retired from the Navy Seals several years ago and wasn't even in service during the Osama Bin Laden raid, yet, in the Conspiracy video, he acts as if he was there. (shameful!)
Many active and current members of the Navy Seals and those ACTUALLY THERE have denounced Smith's actions saying the Navy Seals DO NOT talk negatively about OUR PRESIDENT! They said: "Some special operations officers say the activist veterans are breaking a sacred military creed: respect for the commander in chief. "This is an unprofessional, shameful action on the part of the operators that appear in the video, period," U.S. Army Special Forces Maj. Fernando Lujan wrote on his Facebook page, to a chorus of approval from colleagues.
A Green Beret who returned last year from Afghanistan, Lujan says that attaching the title of special operator with any political campaign is "in violation of everything we've been taught, and the opposite of what we should be doing, which is being quiet professionals."
As one reporter noted about Smith: "To be blunt, these are not the words of a calm-minded nonpartisan military professional offering his expert judgment to the American people. They are the unhinged rantings of a racist zealot enlisted to serve as a frontman for the real money and brains behind the effort, whom OPSEC refuses to disclose."

Smith was a friend of another conspiracy theorist and agitator, Andrew Breitbart.

CooCoo Republican TeaParty Texas Judge Tom Head Advocates Civil War if Obama Re-elected!

No one can make this stuff up! A Coo-Coo Republican TeaParty Texas Judge Tom Head is advocating a Civil War if Obama is re-elected! Watch the Video and see for yourself! The Teabaggers are UNBELIEVABLE!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

States are facing Massive Farm Worker Shortages & Crops are Rotting on the Vine! These are Jobs Americans WON'T DO!!!

Several agricultural states are facing MASSIVE LABOR SHORTAGES! Farmers cannot find workers to pick their crops so their crops are ROTTING ON THE VINE!

California Farm Labor Shortage 'Worst It's Been, Ever'
There's a different sort of drought plaguing California, the nation's largest farm state. It's $38 billion agricultural sector is facing a scarcity of labor. "This year is the worst it's been, ever," said Craig Underwood, who farms everything from strawberries to lemons to peppers, carrots, and turnips in Ventura County. Some crops aren't getting picked this season due to a lack of workers. "We just left them in the field," he said.
The Western Growers Association is reporting a 20 percent drop in laborers this year. Stronger border controls are keeping workers from crossing into the U.S. illegally, and the current guest worker program is not providing enough bodies.
Migratory flows between Mexico and the United States have come to a halt.
Growers of California's wine grapes are concerned there won't be enough pickers for this fall's harvest. Berry growers — among the highest paying — saw fewer field hands show up in the spring.
"Fruit that you should be picking is not being picked," said grower John Eiskamp.
Most pickers in California are not here legally, a fact of life for decades.
When asked if any local residents have come out to apply to work in the fields, Craig Underwood replied, "None. Absolutely none." He is even having trouble finding truck drivers and other semi-skilled labor for jobs that pay $12-$18 an hour.

N.C. wary of possible farm labor shortage
North Carolina is a top producer of tobacco, sweet potatoes and other fruits and vegetables – but in the near future, farmers might not have enough workers to pick them. “If we don’t have an adequate supply of labor, the crops are going to rot in the fields,” said N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “And eventually it’s going to affect prices.”

North Carolina relies on about 90,000 migrant farm workers, said Lee Wicker, deputy director of the N.C. Growers Association. Wicker, who farms tobacco in Lee County, estimates that about 60,000 of those workers are in the country illegally. Thousands of North Carolina residents are jobless, with a statewide unemployment rate of more than 9 percent, according to the state Department of Commerce. But some farmers say most Americans are unwilling to take farm jobs that require hard labor under a blazing sun for little pay.
Tony Ross, who grows several crops in Moore County, said Americans might take jobs operating tractors or other heavy machinery, but they often avoid jobs that involve manual labor. “They shun this for the most part,” he said.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Republicans HATE LATINOS and are ALLOWING Arpaio to Speak at the Republican Convention!

KTAR Reports: Sheriff Joe Arpaio to speak at Republican National Convention

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled to speak to delegates from western states on Aug. 30 during the Republican National Convention, the Arizona Republican Party said in a press release.

"Sheriff Joe is a good friend and a great Republican, a former member of the Electoral College representing Arizona, and he's wildly popular not just in Maricopa County but throughout the state and the country," said Tom Morrissey, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party in the release.
In a tongue-in-cheek move, Arpaio will speak near the elephant enclosure at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Fla. The elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party.

Republican Tea Party Nut, Missouri Republican Akin, Says Women DO NOT get pregnant during "Legitimate Rape!"

Can you believe it? Republican Tea Party Nut, Missouri Republican Akin Says Women DO NOT get pregnant during "Legitimate Rape!" Apparently he never went to Health Class in Junior High School. What kind of neanderthal are these Republican Teabaggers? He thinks the body has ways of averting pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape." What is a "legitimate rape" anyway? Is he saying women are to blame for rape? Is that what these Teaparty Republicans think? Does he think if a woman wears make-up or a dress she is somehow to blame for a rape and therefore it is NOT a legitimate rape? These Republican TeaPartiers are COO-COO!
When these Teapartiers say they want America back, it is clear they want some kind of 1800's style America where WOMEN SERVED MEN, catered, and bowed down to them as concubines.

Paul Ryan is closely linked with Akin and co-sponsored a bill with Akin denying abortions except for "forcible rape." What is a "forcible rape vs a non-forcible rape?" Does that mean a woman has to take a man's knife or gun out of his hands? If she is drugged or she is a child, does that mean it's NOT a forcible rape? Ryan also co-sponsored a bill to force vaginal probes if a women seeks an abortion. Ryan & Romney also sponsored a person-hood amendment meaning THEY believe life starts at conception -- that means for those sperm fertilized for invitro fertilization, if any of those sperm are thrown out, then that is a "Personhood."

These comb-over Republican Teabaggers are ALL Fruit Loops and HATE WOMEN!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olympic Medal Winner - Latina Marlen Esparza to Launch Fashion and Beauty Line!

Olympic Medal Winner - Latina Marlen Esparza is already a champion in the ring. Now, trailblazing U.S. Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza is taking a swing at being a beauty-product mogul! The bronze-medal-winning flyweight, who made history by becoming the first American to both qualify for and win a medal in women's boxing earlier this month during the sport's inaugural Olympics, will be launching a fashion and beauty line.

Marlen, a 23-year-old star athlete, will be partnering with entertainment-management firm Robert Thorne Co. to develop the product line. "She's relentless in the ring and she's beautiful, girly and charming with a winning personality," Thorne said. "We'll introduce Marlen to Hollywood and develop her fashion and beauty business for a robust career and business outside the ring."

Few details about the venture are being revealed at the moment, but the knockout stunner is certainly no stranger to going glam: She was featured in Vogue's gallery of Olympians last month, and is also the face of Cover Girl. (You might have caught her ubiquitous, kickass TV ad during the games.) The best part? Esparza plans to donate a portion of the products' profits to groups that help support childhood fitness.

How's that for a winning punch?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Right Wing Group runs ATTACK Ads Against our President and Capture of Osama Bin Laden

There are new ads coming out that will ATTACK our President regarding the capture of Osama Bin Laden. The ads contain outright lies saying the President didn't give credit to the troops or to the Navy Seals. As we all know, these are OUTRIGHT LIES.

The ads were produced by a group called Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, Inc. whose right wing contributors go UN-NAMED. It is a small organization headed by Scott Taylor, a tea party supporter. Taylor was unsuccessful in his 2010 bid seeking the Republican nomination for a congressional seat in Virginia.

OPSEC spokesperson Chad Kolton, who worked for the Bush administration as a spokesperson for the Director of National Intelligence, was hired through HDMK, a Republican strategic communications firm, to perform media relations for OPSEC in July 2012.

Additionally, the founder of SOS, a similar group with the same mission and the same tactics, says he has no problem admitting that he is against Obama's politics, personality, and believes that America's current president is lying about his origins. "I have to admit that I'm a Birther," said SOS founder Larry Bailey, a retired 27-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, in an interview.

Republican VP Candidate Paul Ryan LIED!

The GOP’s vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has said repeatedly that he has never asked for stimulus funds, but recent reports indicate he LIED! He has written letters on behalf of local businesses seeking them.
The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that Ryan had sought stimulus funds for local energy conservation groups from the Department of Energy in late 2009, and a 2010 Wall Street Journal report indicated he sought funds for another local group from the Labor Department.

The Men Mitt Likes to Hug with Closed Eyes!

As I was checking out images of Mitt's friends, I came across a number of pictures of Mitt hugging other men and HIS EYES WERE CLOSED! I couldn't believe it. For someone who is so opposed to Gay Marriage and Gay Rights and with such strong support for the CEO of Chick fil A who made such negative statements of damnation against Gay Marriage, it sure is curious that Mitt would give these closed eyed hugs to handsome, fit, dark haired young men.
Very Curious!
Just another thing about Mitt that makes you go "Hmmmmm."

Mitt Romney's Friends include Jan Brewer & Joe Arpaio

 They say a man is known by the company he keeps. Romney's friends include Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Ted Nugent. Sure makes you wonder about Mitt.

Comedy Central Comedian Gabriel Iglesias' Racially Profiled in Maricopa County!

Gabriel Iglesias: "My team & I were pulled off my tour bus by officers in Arizona between Yuma & Phoenix. Even with my face on the bus they wanted to see my ID (no joke). I have madd love for AZ. & I just wanted you guys to know that this wont keep me away. Next time I will just wallpaper my bus with Larry "the cable guy" so I wont get stopped."

See Video

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Revealed: the ANTI Minority GOP Strategy

Dreamers Apply for President Obama's New Dream Policy Starting Today! Anti-Latino Republicans Complain!

Today, hundreds of thousands of Dreamers brought to the country as children are applying for the Presidents new Dream Policy. In June, President Obama took matters into his own hands, announcing a program allowing DREAMers to receive a two-year deferment of deportation proceedings. These DREAMers can also apply for a work permit and later reapply for another deportation deferment.
On Tuesday, Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas said the agency is ready to process the flood of applications. He said,"USCIS has developed a rigorous review process for deferred action requests under guidelines issued by (Department of Homeland) Secretary (Janet) Napolitano. Childhood arrivals who meet the guidelines and whose cases are deferred will now be able to live without fear of removal, and be able to more fully contribute their talents to our great nation."

Meanwhile, anti-Latino Republican, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said the program opens the door for fraud and unleashes a torrent of unemployed workers at a time when the country's 8.3% unemployment rate is already making life difficult for U.S. citizens and legal residents. Smith said, "President Obama and his administration routinely put partisan politics and illegal immigrants ahead of the rule of law and the American people. With this track record, it's looking more likely that even President Obama may lose his job in this economy when Americans go to the polls this November."

The Department of Homeland Security has not estimated how many people could participate in the new program. But the Pew Hispanic Center estimated that up to 1.7 million illegal immigrants could qualify. The application fee will be $465, and Mayorkas said that should cover the costs of hiring additional staff to process all the applications. DHS officials said a small number of cases can have their fees waived in extreme cases. Applicants must have been under the age of 31 as of June 15 (when the program was announced), entered the U.S. before reaching their 16th birthday, have clean criminal records and must have either graduated high school or be on that track.

Ryan Plans to Demolish Medicare and Lies About Obama's Plan to Save Medicare

Ryan plans to demolish Medicare as we know it. He wants to replace it with a Voucher Program which does not cover the needed healthcare costs of our seniors. In other words, he wants to push granny off a cliff. Ryan's plan also gives MASSIVE Tax Cuts to the Rich 1 percenters.
While the President's Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes plans on reducing $7B in excessive charges by insurance companies, redundancies and fraud, Politifact says Romney/Ryan are Lying when they say ACA cuts patient care. ACA Does NOT touch one dollar of patient care. Additionally while Ryan and Romney are complaining about these cuts, Ryan's plan includes these same cuts. Today, Medicare operates as a government-run health insurance plan for Americans over age 65. Ryan’s idea is to eventually move Medicare toward private insurance companies by giving people a set amount to buy their own health insurance plans... it would give them voucher-like credits to buy traditional fee-for-service Medicare or competing private insurance plans.
"Mitt Romney derides the $700 billion cuts in Medicare that the president achieved through health care reform. Those cuts take subsidies away from insurance companies, taking rebates away from prescription drug company. Is that what Mitt Romney wants to protect? And interestingly enough Paul Ryan protected those cuts in his budget."
Danny Kanner: "First, Ryan attacked the President for the very same ($700B) Medicare savings that he includes in his own budget. In the same breath, he falsely claimed that the Romney-Ryan budget protects Medicare -– in fact, their plan would end Medicare as we know it, leaving seniors with nothing but a voucher in place of the guaranteed benefits they rely on today. Then, Ryan refused to name a single tax loophole they’d close to pay for their $5 trillion tax plan. We know what that means: as independent experts have confirmed, Romney and Ryan’s tax plan would either explode the deficit or raise taxes on middle class families to pay for their tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. As Romney and Ryan run away from the plans they have laid out -- and in Ryan’s case, passed through the Republican House twice -- they’re revealing that they’d take the American people back to the same failed policies that crashed our economy in the first place, and have zero interest in the bold, honest, substantive debate that they claim is at the center of their campaign."

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan's Social Darwinism

Guest Blogger Robert Reich (Secretary of Labor during President Clinton's presidency):
More than any other politician today, Paul Ryan exemplifies the Social Darwinism at the core of today's Republican Party: Reward the rich, penalize the poor, let everyone else fend for themselves. Dog eat dog.
Ryan's views are crystallized in the budget he produced for House Republicans last March as chairman of the House Budget committee. That budget would cut $3.3 trillion from low-income programs over the next decade. The biggest cuts would be in Medicaid, which provides healthcare for the nation's poor -- forcing states to drop coverage for an estimated 14 million to 28 million low-income people, according to the non-partisan Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.
Ryan's budget would also reduce food stamps for poor families by 17 percent ($135 billion) over the decade, leading to a significant increase in hunger -- particularly among children. It would also reduce housing assistance, job training, and Pell grants for college tuition. In all, 62 percent of the budget cuts proposed by Ryan would come from low-income programs.
The Ryan plan would also turn Medicare into vouchers whose value won't possibly keep up with rising health-care costs -- thereby shifting those costs on to seniors.
At the same time, Ryan would provide a substantial tax cut to the very rich -- who are already taking home an almost unprecedented share of the nation's total income. Today's 400 richest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million of us put together.
Ryan's views are pure Social Darwinism. As William Graham Sumner, the progenitor of Social Darwinism in America, put it in the 1880s: "Civilization has a simple choice." It's either "liberty, inequality, survival of the fittest" or "not-liberty, equality, survival of the unfittest. The former carries society forward and favors all its best members; the latter carries society downwards and favors all its worst members."
Is this Mitt Romney's view as well?
Some believe Romney chose Ryan solely in order to drum up enthusiasm on the right. Since most Americans have already made up their minds about whom they'll vote for, and the polls show Americans highly polarized -- with an almost equal number supporting Romney as Obama -- the winner will be determined by how many on either side take the trouble to vote. So in picking Ryan, Romney is motivating his rightwing base to get to the polls, and pull everyone else they can along with them.
But there's reason to believe Romney also agrees with Ryan's social Darwinism. Romney accuses President Obama of creating an "entitlement society" and thinks government shouldn't help distressed homeowners but instead let the market "hit the bottom." And although Romney has carefully avoided specifics in his own economic plan, he has said he's "very supportive" of Ryan's budget plan. "It's a bold and exciting effort, an excellent piece of work, very much needed... very consistent with what I put out earlier."
Romney hasn't put out much but the budget he's proposed would, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, throw ten million low-income people off the benefits rolls for food stamps or cut benefits by thousands of dollars a year, or both.
At the same time, Romney wants to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy, reduce corporate income taxes, and eliminate the estate tax. These tax reductions would increase the incomes of people earning more than $1 million a year by an average of $295,874 annually, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.
Oh, did I say that Romney and Ryan also want to repeal President Obama's healthcare law, thereby leaving fifty million Americans without health insurance?
Social Darwinism offered a moral justification for the wild inequities and social cruelties of the late nineteenth century. It allowed John D. Rockefeller, for example, to claim the fortune he accumulated through his giant Standard Oil Trust was "merely a survival of the fittest... the working out of a law of nature and of God." The social Darwinism of that era also undermined all efforts to build a more broadly based prosperity and rescue our democracy from the tight grip of a very few at the top. It was used by the privileged and powerful to convince everyone else that government shouldn't do much of anything.
Not until the twentieth century did America reject social Darwinism. We created a large middle class that became the engine of our economy and our democracy. We built safety nets to catch Americans who fell downward, often through no fault of their own.
We designed regulations to protect against the inevitable excesses of free-market greed. We taxed the rich and invested in public goods -- public schools, public universities, public transportation, public parks, public health -- that made us all better off. In short, we rejected the notion that each of us is on our own in a competitive contest for survival.
But choosing Ryan, Romney has raised for the nation the starkest of choices:
1. Do we want to return to that earlier time, "Inequality - Survival of the Fittest"
-- or -- 
2. Are we willing and able to move forward -- toward a Democracy and an Dconomy that Works FOR US ALL?

2012 Decision

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan for No. 2 Spot! If Elected, Kiss Social Security & Medicare Good-Bye!

Romney selected Ryan for No. 2.
If elected, we can kiss Social Security and Medicare (as we know them) GOOD-BYE!
And, MORE TAX CUTS for the Rich One Percenters!
It always amazes me how Brainwashed the Teapartiers who support Ryan are.
It is very clear that this election will provide us Life Changing differences for ALL Americans.

With Romney, we will see an elitist structure, favoring the Rich 1 percent while the poor and middle class are left in despair.
With Obama, we will see a beautifull, multi cultural society for ALL Americans.
This year's vote is so important.
Please Register and Vote!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Faces of Hate: Wade Michael Page - Sikh Serial Murderer!

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American is starting a new series called: "The Faces of Hate." As we are evolving into our beautiful multi-cultural society in America, there are so many "Faces of Hate" that are trying to prevent our future.
Yesterday, a FACE OF HATE perpetrated a crime against peaceful church-going Americans. The EVIL right wing extremist - Wade Michael Page - a White Nationalist and Neo-Nazi, walked into a peaceful, family-focused church, opening fire with an NRA sponsored assault weapon, and murdered six innocent people and injuring over 20 others, including a Police Officer.
The FACES OF HATE across America are attempting to demonize a Multi-Cultural America. They, like so many hate-mongers from the past, are idealizing one segment of our culture as the "elite" and "priveleged" culture.
Page's vision was that of a White Nationalist, envisioning a "Whites Only - Mayberrian Society." Page perpetrated a VICIOUS HATE CRIME advocating a Whites Only Supremacy and demanded to STOP our future Multi Cultural Society. He went to a Sikh Church and viciously MURDERED and Shot women, children and families who were preparing a religious celebration. A Heinous Crime!
The Mission of this blog is to publicize these types of heinous crimes and their perpetrators so that the perpetrators will be punished and these crimes will be stopped in the future: reports: Law enforcement officials in Wisconsin say that Wade Michael Page's tattoos tipped them off to the possibility that his shooting spree in a Sikh temple was domestic terrorism. But what exactly did those tattoos tell them? Using photos of Wade from his white-power band's Myspace page, it's possible to see what concerned police: Much of his body reads like a poster text for white nationalism.

In particular, a tattoo on Page's left shoulder suggests he was a committed devotee of white-power ideology. The tattoo consists of a large "14" in Gothic lettering superimposed on a black cross in a circle. The cross, known elsewhere as "Odin's Cross," is "one of the most popular symbols for neo-Nazis and white supremacists," according to the Anti-Defamation League. It's also used as a logo by, one of the world's most-visited racist web forums.
Wade Michael Page, with a white-power tattoo visible on his shoulder. Myspace
The "14" itself is particularly telling: It's a reference to "the 14 words," a racist credo first set down by David Lane, the cofounder of a white nationalist terror group known as The Order. (The Order—whose name was inspired by a similar group immortalized in William Luther Pierce's racist novel, The Turner Diaries, a favorite of Timothy McVeigh's—has been active for nearly 30 years and was implicated in the 1984 murder of Alan Berg, a liberal Jewish radio host.)
As formulated by Lane, the 14 words are reportedly inspired by a longer passage from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and form the basis for Lane's "88 Precepts" (PDF), in which he lays out The Order's founding philosophy—including its condemnation of homosexuality, abortion, and "mixing and destruction of the founding race." (88, too, has special significance for neo-Nazis and other white hate groups.)
In their entirety, the 14 words—commemorated on Page's skin—read: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
Mother Jones has also obtained a copy of a 2010 interview with Page, courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center, conducted by his band's white-power record distributor, Label 56—you can read the full text below.
In the interview, Page describes how he traveled to Southern California to play bass for a series of skinhead bands called Youngland, Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, and Blue Eyed Devils. He also spoke openly about the frustrations with society that led him to start his own racist band, End Apathy, in 2005. "A lot of what I realized at the time was that if we could figure out how to end peoples apathetic ways it would be the start towards moving forward," he said. "Of course after that it requires discipline, strict discipline to stay the course in our sick society."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The U.S. will be facing massive Labor Shortages starting in the next Five Years in the Medical and Health fields

The U.S. will be facing massive Labor Shortages starting in the next Five Years in the Medical and Healthcare fields. This is primarily due to the aging Baby Boomer Population. The vast majority of these jobs CANNOT be Outsourced. They require hands-on support. These jobs are in the Medical and Healthcare fields. There will also be a massive need for Elder Care homes and facilities. Many small business will grow and thrive in these fields.
However, there are two obstacles our country needs to overcome in order to fill the demand:
1. Education and Training
2. People trained to do the jobs

The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) addresses the Educational and Training needs.
WE THE PEOPLE will fulfill the Trained People need, if we work together to find solutions. This includes encouraging our children/young people to become trained and educated in these careers, not only for their sake but for all of our sakes, especially for WE BOOMERS. WE SHOULD ALSO ENCOURAGE THE DREAMERS TO STUDY AND WORK IN THE MEDICAL FIELD.

The President's policies have saved us from the DEEP CHASM created by Republican policies. The ACA and other Presidential Policies will help guide us to resolving our job shortages in the future.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dream Come True: For young immigrants, avoiding deportation to cost $465

Washington (CNN) -- Young Dreamers can start applying on August 15 for two-year deferrals from deportation for $465 in fees, a top immigration official announced Friday.

The announcement gives the first details of the Obama administration's policy change announced June 15 that provides Dreamers who came to the United States as children a path to an employment authorization card without fear of getting deported.
Under the new policy, people younger than 30 who came to the United States before the age of 16, pose no criminal or security threat, and were successful students or served in the military can get a two-year deferral from deportation as well as an employment authorization card.
Participants must be able to prove they have lived continuously in the United States since June 15, 2007 -- five years before the change was announced -- and must have entered the country without inspection or had their lawful immigration status expire.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said the application process will include providing biometric information and undergoing a background check. Applicants who commit fraud in the application process, pose a security threat or have been convicted of serious crimes will be ineligible and subject to prosecution, he said.
In all other cases, according to Mayorkas, information submitted in the application process will not be used for immigration enforcement.
A senior administration official said the goal is to maximize participation by eligible young illegal immigrants, so a strong privacy policy is important.
Other details announced Friday made clear that while successful applicants would avoid deportation for two years, there is no mechanism involved that would speed up or ease their path to full citizenship.
Conservative (Republican/TeaParty) critics of the new policy said it amounted to a "backdoor" amnesty by the Obama administration to appease Hispanic supporters angered by the lack of comprehensive immigration reform since the president took office.
The policy change was in essence an administrative step to mimic some provisions of the DREAM Act backed by Obama and Democrats that was blocked by Republicans in Congress.
In announcing the change on June 15, President Obama said it will make immigration policy: "more fair, more efficient and more just." Noting children of illegal immigrants "study in our schools, play in our neighborhoods, befriend our kids, pledge allegiance to our flag," Obama said that "it makes no sense to expel talented young people who are, for all intents and purposes, Americans."
In the conference call Friday with reporters, the senior administration official said the fees charged for applications are intended to cover the cost of implementing the policy change. No general fee waiver exists, but an exemption may be granted in exceptional cases, such as homelessness or disabilities, the official said.
The official also warned people that applications will only be accepted starting August 15, and warned that anyone who offers to expedite the process or start it earlier would be unauthorized and likely running a scam.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby Douglas -- America's Hero! American Dream!

I LOVE Gabby Douglas. I am so proud of her. Her performances have proven she is ALL HEART!! She is America's Olympic Champion. She has LIVED the American Dream. She is our heroine, a champion and a role model for ALL American Girls! Gabby led the 2012 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team to gold medals this week.  
Gabby was born on December 31, 1995 in Virginia Beach, VA. When Gabby was 3 years old, her older sister, Arielle - a former gymnast, taught her how to do a perfectly straight cartwheel. By the age of 4, Gabby taught herself how to do a cartwheel with one hand.
By 14, Gabby left Virginia Beach and left her family so she could train with elite coach, Liang Chow, in West Des Moines, IA. Gabby lived with a host family, the Partons.
In March 2012, Gabby competed with the U.S. team at the Pacific Rim Championships. She injured her ankle on her first rotation, vault, but went on to win gold on the uneven bars in the event finals.
In June, 2012, Gabby competed in the VISA Championships and finished second in all-around, just two tenths of a point behind the leader. She also won a bronze medal for her floor routine and a gold medal for her uneven bars routine.
Gabby competed at the Olympic Trials in San Jose, CA. and earned a guaranteed spot on the Olympic Team by winning the competition.
While at the 2012 Olympics, she has proven to be an exceptional athlete. She has won several Gold Medals. She is the epitomy of the American Dream.

Chick-fil-A Supporters

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Racist TeaParty Republican Introduces "ENGLISH ONLY" Bill and Says Diversity is Illogical!

WASHINGTON -- Racist Teaparty Republican Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Thursday "diversity has never been America's strong suit, so lawmakers should pass his ENGLISH ONLY bill in the name of unifying the nation."
The racist said: "One of the great things about America is we've been unified by a common language. That common language, of course, is English. Our language is getting subdivided by some forces of the federal government. It is time to speak ENGLISH ONLY."
Nutcase King talked to reporters just after the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution held a hearing on his measure, which would require all federal government communications, including voter and ballot materials, to be conducted in ENGLISH ONLY. His proposal would also nullify a Clinton-era requirement that federal agencies provide interpreters for non-English speakers for certain activities.
King said he is not a racist. King's view of a NON DIVERSE SOCIETY in his bill is aimed at "bringing the country together. After all, diversity has never been America's strong point."
"The argument that diversity is our strength has really never been backed up by logic," nutcase King said. "It's unity is where our strength is. Our Founding Fathers understood that. Modern-day multiculturalists are defying that."
During the committee hearing, Democrats said King's bill violates the Constitution and impedes voting rights. "Having already spent an extraordinary amount of committee time and resources in an effort to roll back the civil rights of women, persons with disabilities, gay and lesbian Americans and other minorities, our majority colleagues are now using the last day before the House adjourns until September to highlight a bill that would place at risk the 24.5 million people in the United States who need language assistance from their government in some situations," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.).
Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) gave his opening remarks entirely in Spanish -- with imperfect pronunciation to make the point that our country has always been a multilingual one.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Texas Ted Cruz HATES Latinos. Loves sb1070, Mass Deportation, Big Wall on the Border

Texas Republicans have just elected a Texas Candidate for Senator that HATES Latinos. He is a HINO = Hispanic In Name Only. His name is Ted Cruz. Cruz wants to END the Dream Act, is in favor of Mass Deportation, a Huge Wall and Conspiracy Theories. He loves Glenn Beck, Sheriff Arpaio and is a HINO (Hispanic in Name Only).
In other words, Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz is a racist, tea-party NUT!
From Cruz's own website he says:
"We need leaders who will get serious about enforcing the border: triple the border patrol; use walls, fences, and technology; end sanctuary cities; repeal Obama’s newly ordered amnesty; and end benefits like in-state tuition for illegal aliens."
Nutcase Cruz is good friends with the INSANE Hate Monger Glenn Beck and, together with Beck, advocates an insane conspiracy theory "Agenda 21." (see video at end of this article.)
Plus, according to this article, he wants to END Healthcare, believes in Michelle Bachmann's ANTI Muslim tactics, is ANTI Gay. Plus he is very PROUD of all the executions in Texas.  
Ted Cruz is CRAZY Dangerous.
Latinos in Texas: WE CANNOT allow him to be Elected for Senate in Texas!

Looney Republican Congressman Compares Birth Control Coverage to Pearl Harbor and 9/11

On Wednesday, Republican TeaParty NUT, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) compared Birth Control Healthcare Coverage to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
More than a dozen women-hating Republican members of the House of Representatives, mostly freshmen, held a press conference to show the world their hate. "As this mandate goes into effect, Americans are going to be forced to act against the principles of their faith (when they take Birth Control)," said Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.).
The conservative lawmakers' objections focus on the fact that employees and students with religiously affiliated groups will be able to have ACCESS to Birth Control coverage through their Health Care Plans.
The two looney Republican Congresswomen had to hide their smiles, NOT LETTING their fellow Republicans know that they've been taking Birth Control for years.

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