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Taking a Bite out of the ANTI Argument!

"Taking A Bite out of the ANTI Argument" is going to be a new regular feature on my blog. Every time I see a good response to the ANTIs typical rhetoric, I am going to post the response on my blog. I will compile this in a booklet I am creating called "Taking a Bite out of the ANTI Argument!"
I came across this response to the ANTI's standard argument in a comment section of a blog I visited today. I thought I'd share it with my readers !

ANTI: I am pro-rule of law. If someone wants to immigrate here legally, from Mexico or otherwise, by all means let them. What I am opposed to is illegal immigrants crossing our borders and essentially giving a slap in the face to those who took the time to immigrate here legally and do things the right way. Are there people who are opposed to immigration in any form on racial grounds? Of course. Are there Hispanics who want a better life in a better country? Absolutely. Does that mean the US should open their borders completely? In my opinion, absolutely not. That's not xenophobic, ignorant, or racist at all. That's the law.

"Taking a bite out of the ANTI Argument" Response:
Except that the number that we will allow to legally immigrate is absurdly low. The number of guest worker visas available to all of Mexico is a few hundred per year and its even lower for Central and South American countries. Meanwhile, we let people take jobs and provide fake social security numbers without verification.

In other words, the law is a complete joke. It ignores the basic economics of a region filled with unskilled workers, right next to a nation that needs about twenty million unskilled workers - and I believe in free markets, do you? because illegal immigration is the free market trumping government.

Oh, and please go and find for me some legal immigrants who are outraged that others came here illegally, because I've never met a single one. In my experience, the only people up in arms about illegal immigration are the ones who suffer no direct harm from said illegals, and are benefiting from the cheap labor when they buy food, dine in many restuarants, stay in many hotels, etc.

You like people to obey the law? Me too. I also like the law to make sense, and some laws are just unbelievably stupid. I'm not going to drive 55 on a stretch of freeway where everybody is going 70, and I'm not going to expect people who see good paying (by their standards) jobs readily available, with no law enforcement stopping the employer from hiring them, when they are very poor and need the work to feed their family. I guess they could respect our law, even though we ourselves are hypocrites about it (enforcement is a joke), and they could starve, on principle.

But that's expecting a little much, don't you think? Since we need the workers, we employ the workers, and have for decades, how about we change the law to reflect reality? Create a guest worker program similar to the old bracero program (but without the corruption).

Or we could just keep complaining about these darn law breakers, while we keep hiring them and enjoying the fruits of their labor. The law as it is, is a farce. You don't have to be racist to be upset about illegal immigrants and wanting the current laws obeyed, but you do have to be a hypocrite.

Take A Bite Out of the ANTIs in Seven Days!

Guest Voz: Eric Ward from Imagine 2050
On August 28, Cindy Carcamo of the Orange County Register wrote an insightful article called Groups mobilize for the next immigration battle. The article quotes Barbara Coe a member of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens. Coe has referred to Mexicans as “savages” and immigrants as “barbarians.” As I sat down to write, I initially thought that I should use this blog to blast Barbara Coe for her relationship to organized racism. However, while I was pondering what to write I received a phone call from an old high school friend, Pam, who had read the same article.

Pam was spitting mad and wanted to know what she could do. She is a mother of two and works sixty hours a week as a florist. “I don’t want these bigots to have the last word,” she said to me as I heard her daughter in the background asking if she could have some juice. “I want to take their lemons and turn them into lemonade . . . so tell me what I can do Eric, but remember I don’t have a lot of time!” I agree with Pam. Time is of the essence and we should use it wisely. Instead of writing what I think of anti-immigrant bigotry I’ve decided to use this week to take action. Below I’ve outlined an action for each day of the week. You can take a bite out of bigotry in less than five minutes a day! Let’s all join together and redeem the soul of America!

Write me and let me know how it went and what you thought. If you come up with your own list be sure to share it here at the Imagine 2050 blog as well. Print this post and pin it up on your wall, desk, or fridge.

MONDAY: Email this blog to six other people who you think might be interested. Write three short sentences telling all of them why you will be participating. Ask them to participate too, and reply to your email letting you know either way.

TUESDAY: Remember all of those times when Fox News host Glenn Beck made bigoted statements about immigrants? Beck may choose to forget but let’s show him we haven’t. Beck is responsible for much of the anti-immigrant sentiment that has spread around the country. Over thirty companies agree with us and have stopped running their ads on the Glenn Beck show. Let’s help Color of Change get the message out even more. Go to and add your name!

WEDNESDAY: What can I tell you about Lou Dobbs that doesn’t already disgust you? Dobbs has falsely accused immigrants from Latin America of spreading Leprosy in the United States. When he got caught in his lies he simply lied again. CBS’s 60 Minutes didn’t buy his racist lies and neither do we. Now Media Matters is telling us that Dobbs will be participating in a national event organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a known hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s time for CNN to take responsibility. You can read the short media release by clicking here. Now, go leave a comment for CNN President Jonathan Klein at Tell him that you read the letter Media Matters sent to him, and you demand that he respond. Let Klein know that you are disgusted that CNN is willing to use bigotry to generate profits.

THURSDAY: Today we are going to show tangible support for those who have stood up against anti-immigrant bigotry. Twice in its recent history the Sierra Club has had to fight off anti-immigrant attempts to take over its well-respected environmental organization and corrupt its mission. In 1998 and in 2004 the Sierra Club drew a strong moral barrier against anti-immigrant racism. In recent days the Sierra Club has been targeted by anti-immigrant leaders still upset by the trouncing they took. One leader, Brenda Walker, went so far as to write an article on the white nationalist website VDARE attacking the Sierra Club for its commitment to diversity. Let’s give a little love to the Sierra Club by taking five minutes to join the organization. Click here to join and let them know why! If you are already a member like me, give a gift membership to a family member or friend.

FRIDAY: Anti-immigrant Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been terrorizing members of the Latino community and their allies in Arizona under an agreement with Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano. America’s Voice points out the Napolitano, appointed by President Obama, could stop the insanity at any time with a single stroke of her pen. People have died under his custody, he has raided the offices of a newspaper that exposed his brutality, and he marched Latinos down the middle of the street in chains. Click here at the website of America’s Voice and send a message to Napolitano that “enough is enough!”

SATURDAY: Take five minutes to call a friend or family member. While catching up on the latest, be sure to spend five minutes telling them what you did this week to take a stand against anti-immigrant bigotry.

SUNDAY: Send me an email at Let me know what happened and how it went!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Republicans Praying for Great White Hope to Defeat Obama in 2012

In response to a question from a conservative constituent concerned about the future of the Republican party, freshman Republican Lynn Jenkins said: “Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great White Hope. I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington.” She then went on to name a handful of younger Republicans who are, well, WHITE. (No Minorities)

The phrase "Great White Hope" was coined by writer (”Call of the Wild”) Jack London, who, like many whites of his day, was incensed by the athletic prowess of black boxer Jack Johnson. After Johnson beat a Canadian to claim the world heavyweight boxing title in 1908, London called for a “Great White Hope” to defeat him.

Rep. Jenkins' comment has made the rounds of the talkshows. And now Jenkins has given a half-hearted apology saying she "apologizes if her words have offended anyone. That was not the intent in any way, shape or form."

Would Jenkins have made this comment if our President was White? Probably Not. This reminds me of Palin's comment about "True Americans" being from rural, lily-white Mayberry towns. This certainly makes you realize both Jenkins and Palin as well as most Republicans consider Michael Steele a mere token and not one of their Leaders or their Hope!

As the Republicans continue to dig this hole for themselves, it appears their only figures of hope at this time are the lollipop kids, Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh! Shame! PS: Don't look for any minorities to vote Republican any time soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

VDARE's Steve Sailer lays down the Gauntlet, revealing Republicans' True Agenda: "The First Thing We Do, Let’s Abolish The Hispanics!"

VDARE's Steve Sailer has laid down the gauntlet. He has written a report which appears on the headlines of VDARE today titled "The First Thing We Do, Let’s Abolish The Hispanics!" He says the first charge of Republicans is to "Abolish Hispanics!" Sailer believes Hispanics are corrupting the Republican/Conservative agenda. He says this is due to the rapid rise in Latinos and overall Minorities in America.

In 1900, the rate of minorities was less than 12%. Today the rate of Blacks, Latinos and Asians is 30% and rising. The U.S. Census tells us that by 2040 (some say by 2032) our country will be majority minority. In some states across the Southwest and in Hawaii, the majority/minority is currently in place and growing.

Now, Sailer, and those like him, are getting nervous. They are White Nationalist and hope to stop the rate of minorities in this country from growing. To him, one way is to evaporate the distinction between White vs Minority and eradicate the rate of Hispanics completely. He is proposing the U.S. Census stop reporting the number of Hispanics and instead not report them at all. He argues, why should we report them? Hispanics are not a race. They are an ethnicity. To report them gives them power. To report them gives them excuses.

WHY: Sailer says, "A plausible strategy is for the GOP to mobilize a higher white turnout and get a greater share of the white vote, while DILUTING minority voting through a divide and conquer strategy emphasizing issues that spotlight minorities’ conflicting interests."

How: Divide and Conquer. The Census Bureau tells us we will become a majority minority country by 2040 (some say 2032). By removing Latinos as a category in the census, they will no longer be identifiable as an ethnicity. Instead, only race questions will appear. Once removed, the only remaining categories are race and even then, only allow White, Black and Native American. Sailor says: "To make the deal even better, I’d go so far as to offer the President a historic compromise: permanent racial preferences for the descendants of American slaves (and for tribally registered American Indians, while we’re at it) in return for Ethnic Equality."

Who is Steve Sailor:
I found this bio about steve sailer on
Steve Sailor is a pseudo-journalist who writes articles based on right-wing extremist bias, shoddy journalism techniques, and lies, as well as bad movie reviews. However, Steve Sailer has a far more heinous agenda. He is one of a handful of extreme "scientific racists", affiliated with and often paid by extreme right-wing groups like VDare and others. He has written numerous pseudo-scientific articles on the internet that will fit his racist agenda that any race other than the White race, is inferior. He has a racist and condescending tone toward other races. His falsified and racist writings on the internet have created many rumors which have spread through many internet forums. Many unsuspecting people who have written articles on race or interracial marriages may have used Steve as a source while researching on the internet, unaware of his true intentions.The time has come to hold him accountable to the truth.

The only good thing you can say about Sailer is he is honest in revealing the True Republican Agenda. Their choice: To eradicate the Latino American Voice in America and to minimize minorities overall. He does not believe in Equality for all. He does not believe in America for all. He, like many others, are White Nationalists and only believe in stopping the existence, growth, and equality of minorities in America.
Such a Racist Agenda!!

Bill Richardson CLEARED of any wrongdoing in Pay-to-Play Probe.

After a Federal Grand Jury investigation, NM Governor Bill Richardson and his staff were CLEARED of any wrongdoing!
AP Reports:
SANTA FE, N.M. — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members of his administration won't be criminally charged in a yearlong federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations involving one of the Democratic governor's large political donors, someone familiar with the case said. The decision not to pursue indictments was made by top Justice Department officials, according to a person familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified because federal officials had not disclosed results of the probe.

"It's over. There's nothing. It was killed in Washington," the person told The Associated Press. A federal grand jury began an investigation in 2008 into a possible pay-to-play scheme in which lucrative work on state bond deals went to a Richardson donor. The federal probe derailed Richardson's appointment as commerce secretary in President Barack Obama's administration.

Richardson withdrew his nomination in January, saying the investigation would have delayed his confirmation although he said expected to be cleared. Richardson and members of his staff traveled to Cuba this week for a trade mission. Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos didn't immediately respond to e-mail messages seeking confirmation that no charges were expected from the federal investigation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Republicans Cause Another Latino to leave their Party

Republicans just don't get it. They should change their acronym from GOP to GOB (good ole boys). They only call on minorities to serve as tokens. Examples: Michael Steele and Sergio Garcia. Sergio Garcia said "Thanks but No Thanks!" to the GOBs!
Latina Lista reports:
Another Latino quits the GOP
If anyone ever thought New Mexican politics was boring, they haven't been keeping up. Aside from the ongoing investigation that cost Gov. Bill Richardson a return trip to DC as part of the president's administration, there's what happened recently with the state's GOP party and their Latino deputy executive director. It seems Sergio Garcia, who was hired only three months ago by the New Mexico GOP as its political director and deputy executive director, to: develop party strategy, expand the party's fundraising base, and coordinate the party's Hispanic outreach, has quit.
His reason? Well, it's all in his resignation letter:

...It has become evident that my hiring was to placate national GOP
leadership, local Republican activists / donors and the media. From the moment
of my official hiring, an operation began to undermine my professional
credibility and integrity such as attempting to tarnish my name within
Washington, DC circles.
In addition, a whisper campaign throughout the state
that insinuates that I will never really handle the day-to-day operations long
after the current Executive Director leaves is offensive. Did you think that
this quiet campaign would not come back to me just like the operation undertaken
in Washington, DC? Again trust is a two-way street and last night in Santa Fe
was the final straw.
I have come to the realization that the current
environment is no longer conducive for moving forward with any strategic plan of
positioning the Party for the future. I can no longer justify earning a paycheck
from our donors for leading a Party that in truth will always be a two man - and
at times - three man show.
I sincerely appreciate the genuine trust
placed upon me by Congressman Pearce, Congresswoman Wilson, Jim Manatt and a
handful of county chairpersons. The Republican Party of New Mexico supposedly
hired me as a symbol of a new day for a Party that has been plagued with deep
divisions that led to historic political loses on 2008. I was looking forward to
re-building a stronger, broader Party but due to unforeseen circumstances, this
will not be the case...

Needless to say the New Mexican GOP leadership has gone on the defensive but no matter how this is looked at, one thing remains clear -- some members of the GOP didn't get the memo that Latinos are no longer puppets whose strings can be pulled at will. Garcia's resignation letter was the politically correct version of reasons for his decision to (literally) pack up a U-Haul and leave but he's not shy telling New Mexican journalists/bloggers why he left.

Garcia also cited as a frustration a lack of understanding among party leaders about how to reach Hispanics, which he said is critical to making the GOP relevant in New Mexico.
"What bothers me is that most of our party leadership at a state level does not understand what Hispanic outreach means... It does not mean pandering to Hispanics. It does not mean trying to buy their votes," He said. "It's about messaging to Hispanics. It's about trying to bring Hispanics home because this is where Hispanics started, in the Republican Party."
"They didn't get it," he said, adding that the resulting disconnect created a climate of suspicion about him.
...Also, it is especially disappointing that this happened in New Mexico. In a state where 45% of the population is Hispanic, the highest of any state, it is beyond unbelievable that the state's GOP hasn't yet learned how to message/connect with Latino voters.

Why? Of all the states in the Union, they should be ahead of the game, and they aren't? If they were, Garcia wouldn't have been asked to create a Hispanic Outreach Strategy but instead asked to strengthen the one they should have formulated years ago.

Garcia's resignation doesn't just highlight the GOP's resistance to including Latinos in a full and meaningful way in party leadership positions, at all levels, but his resignation also shows that there still exist GOP members who refuse to see that Latinos are developing into an electoral force that can't be dictated to, contained or duped into being used only as political pawns for the purpose of image damage control.

Evil Limbaugh Congratulated Himself for Predicting Kennedy would Die before Healthcare Reform Passed!

How EVIL is EVIL?? Limbaugh and Beck are proving to be the benchmark. Today, on Limbaugh's radio show, he congratulated himself for successfully predicting that Senator Ted Kennedy would DIE before the Healthcare Reform bill passed. Limbaugh said in March, "Before it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill." Limbaugh, perhaps the most callous, evil, harbinger of death, LAUGHed about his prediction today. Meanwhile crybaby Beck pleaded for his audience to turn terrorist and attack our President! What kind of evil is borne in these wretched wildmen's hearts?!

I suggest that the heinous Limbaugh and Beck pack their bags and move in with Osama Bin Laden and all of the other terrorists that wish harm on our President and on Americans. Be Gone Limbaugh! Be Gone Beck! You are the worst of the worst!!

Who is REALLY PAYING to Kill Health Reform?

From (click to enlarge)
From AHIP (Americas Health Insurance Providers), to Big Pharmaceuticals, to Conservative Groups like Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, to Hospital Systems -- ALL GROUPS that are profiting from the current Broken Healthcare System, are REALLY PAYING the right wing pundits (e.g. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck) and supporting the so called teabaggers and 912s who are disrupting the Town Hall Meetings and stopping constructive dialogue.

Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Hate Crime Survivors Victimized Again by Racist Immigration System

Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Hate Crime Survivors Victimized Again by Racist Immigration System
When an immigrant, or two in this case, don’t fit into the the “good” immigrant narrative because of a criminal (in)justice system based, since its inception, on oppression, does the community turn it’s back? That is the question that the pro-migrant movement needs to ask itself in the face of the case of cousins Denis Calderon & Julio Maldonado who were victims of a hate crime yet find themselves behind bars, awaiting deportation.
The story of primos Denis and Julio, as told to me by their prima Maria, follows the accepted “American Dream” narrative. They are lawful permanent residents with American citizens as partners and American citizen children. Pero as two Latino immigrants in a changing neighborhood in Philly, they became targets for assault which made it easier for them to be doubly victimized, first by a racist gang and now by the Department of Homeland Security.

In 1996, Julio was visiting Denis at his home in Philadelphia when
the two were victims of a racially-motivated attack by a group of white
youths who insulted them with a racial slur. When the cousins responded to
the slur, the youths began throwing beer bottles at them. The two cousins
tried to escape, and then attempted to defend themselves.
Latinos attempting to defend themselves during a racial attack is never seen as self defense. That is a right not afforded to “our” kind. There is a silent expectation that we are supposed to take what comes our way, but when the tables are turned, Latinos and other people of color are criminalized. Not to speak ill of the dead, but 18-year-old Christian Saladino, who was stabbing Denis, had a history of violence that went unchecked and he and his friends were given the benefit of the doubt never afforded to the brown victims.

When the police arrived, they arrested Denis and Julio. They recovered two
knives at the scene but did not test them for blood or fingerprints since no
witness testified that Denis or Julio had used a knife. Denis and Julio were
charged with aggravated assault. None of the white youths were ever charged with
any crime. Tragically, Christian Saladino died in 1998. Williams brought
murder charges against Denis and Julio. The case went before a jury and the
defendants hired a forensic pathologist who testified that the victim had a
pre-existing blood condition and had not died from injuries sustained in an
attack. Inconsistencies arose in the accounts of the witnesses and the jury
acquitted both defendants.

Judge Smith, the original convicting judge, in his remanded evidentiary hearing decided the new evidence was material and ruled in favor of the defendants, vacating the guilty verdicts and calling for a new trial on the aggravated assault charges. In a reasonable system, that would
have been the end of the story and you would not be reading about it today. But Seth Williams appealed the decision and the appellate court reversed Judge Smith because the cousins had failed to present the exculpatory evidence within the time prescribed by the statute of limitations. The cousins’ criminal attorneys appealed the criminal case up to the U.S. Supreme Court and lost on technical grounds.

Several years ago, DHS got involved and put the cousins into removal proceedings on the basis of the conviction which was then being appealed. Julio and Denis appealed their immigration case up to the Third Circuit and lost. In 2005, Julio and Denis were charged and convicted with failing to cooperate in their own removal because they would not sign the papers necessary to request travel documents from Peru so they could be deported. They have been in federal prison on those charges since 2005. Julio’s release date was moved up a year due to good behavior. DHS has expressed its intent to deport him once he is released on September 12, 2009.
There isn’t much time left. The story of Julio and Denis doesn’t fit into a nice easy sellable package that will push major orgs to line up and spend money on campaigns, which is why the comunidad is important. Julio and Denis could easily have been Marcelo Lucero or Luis Ramirez. The fact that they didn’t die meant that they had to be taken care of in one way or another. There will be some on the ground actions soon and ways that peeps can help. So please stay alert for more info.

Para mas informacion read and the familia’s site on the case, FAITH, which includes extensive details.

U.S. New Home Sales Jump 9.6%! Thank you President Obama for Improving our Economy!

More Good Economic News! Thank you President Obama for your diligence in fixing the economic mess left for you by the previous administration. Thank you for standing strong as the unpatriotic republican pundits like Limbaugh and Beck wish for your failure and destruction of our economy. Stay strong President Obama. WE THE PEOPLE support you! reports:
U.S. New Home Sales Jump 9.6%, Most in Four Years
Purchases of new homes in the U.S. jumped more than forecast in July, adding to signs that the economy is rebounding from the worst recession since the 1930s. Sales increased 9.6 percent, the most since February 2005, to a 433,000 annual pace, figures from the Commerce Department showed today in Washington. The number of houses on the market dropped to the lowest level in 16 years.

The gain in sales, together with rising purchases of existing homes and steadying prices, indicate the housing slump may be ending as Federal Reserve efforts to thaw credit and the Obama administration’s first-time homebuyer incentives lift demand. Job losses and mounting foreclosures mean any rebound in construction may be limited. “We’re seeing a clear pickup in housing activity,” said Michael Moran, chief economist at Daiwa Securities America Inc. in New York. “The correction phase is essentially over and we expect continued improvement, though not a vigorous pickup.”

Homebuilders’ stocks surged after the report, with the Standard & Poor’s Supercomposite Homebuilding Index gaining 3.7 percent as of 10:23 a.m. in New York. The broader S&P 500 Stock Index was up 0.4 percent at 1,031.95. Benchmark 10-year Treasury yields were little changed, at 3.45 percent.

Senator Ted Kennedy Passed Away Late Last Night! Our Nation Mourns!

Senator Ted Kennedy (77) died late last night at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, after a battle with brain cancer. Senator Kennedy served as the patriarch for his extended family, a family that has served our nation and has faced so much tragedy. His family's statement: "We've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. We thank everyone who gave him care and support over this last year, and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress toward justice."

Kennedy, the "Lion of the Senate," was considered one of the most effective legislators of the past few decades. He played major roles in passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, and was an outspoken liberal standard-bearer during a conservative-dominated era from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

Senator Kennedy has dedicated his career to fighting for equal opportunity, fairness and justice for all Americans. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that every American has access to quality and affordable health care, and has succeeded in doing so for countless children, seniors, and Americans with disabilities. He has called health care reform the "cause of his life."

As many of my long time readers know, I have respected and admired the Kennedy family since I was a child. My sister and I saw both John Kennedy in 1960 and Robert Kennedy in 1968, when each visited Lansing, Michigan, our home town, when each were running for office in the 1960s. The enduring legacy of the Kennedy family is Public Service, serving as champions of the less fortunate, working tirelessly in support of the needs of working men and women of all colors, of all ethnicities.

Ted Kennedy, an extraordinary Senator and Champion of Social Justice, will be missed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Republican Senator Grassley, a member of the Gang of Six, Condones Assassination Threat Against our President in Town Hall Meeting!

Sen. Grassley, a member of the "Gang of Six" said NOTHING when a right wing extremist grandpaw, at Grassley's town hall meeting, said our President Obama was "a little Hitler" and advocated assassination of our President as he said, "if enough of you with guns want to go with me to Washington!"

What is WRONG with Republicans!! Why do they sit still when talk of "Hitler" or talk of assassination comes up in their Town Hall meetings. Why are Republican Senators sitting still for this Beck 912 Talk? Beck and his followers are assassins. Their hate-filled attacks have gone beyond hyperbole. They are talking assassination. The penalty is Prison. Be gone assassins. Off to PRISON with you!

One Brave Soul Moves Forward: 1st "Gang of 6" member backs Reconciliation for Healthcare

A Brave Democratic Senator, Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, a member of the "Gang of Six" Senate Finance Committee charged with finding a solution to healthcare reform, has announce he is willing to support using the budget reconciliation process to push a bill through the Senate if necessary.

Reconciliation is a parliamentary procedure that would allow Democrats to pass health care reform with 51 votes, meaning the party could do it without any Republican support. His willingness to consider reconciliation is another sign that Republicans are unwilling to seriously participate in bipartisan healthcare reform discussions and a bipartisan bill is impossible. Bingaman, recognizing the need for Healthcare Reform has signalled the Democrats can and will go it alone if necessary.

"We made a provision in the budget resolution that Reconciliation could be used to try to enact health care provisions related to health care reform," Bingaman said. "There are restrictions to what you can include in that...but I would support it if that's the only way."

Non-budget-related items typically can't be passed using reconciliation, but Democrats are eying ways that would allow them to include those provisions, as well. Reconciliation would be a difficult legislative path to walk, but it raises pressure on Republicans who are considering supporting the Democratic effort. If Democrats go it alone, those Republicans, such as Maine's Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins, would be left out of the process.

First "Gang Of Six" Member Backs Reconciliation For Health Care

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Minuteman Murderer Gunny Bush Feigns Innocence AFTER his Confession!

The Prosecution has a wealth of evidence against Gunny Bush for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her dad. The evidence includes:
1. Gunny Bush's signed and video-taped confession.
2. The bullet in his leg from Brisenia Flores' mother's gun.
3. DNA evidence from the crime scene, including Gunny Bush's blood from his wounds.
4. The gun and other weapons used the night of the murder of Brisenia and her dad.
5. Testimony from his partners in crime.
6. Testimony from Chuck Stonex who tended his bullet wounds the night of the shootings.
7. Plus much, much more.

Given all of this evidence and his own signed, video-taped confession, you would think that Bush would be shying away from the media, hiding in his prison cell, laying quiet, hoping against hope that this bad publicity would go away.

Not so!!

Bush, with all of his bravura, and against his lawyer's advice, has contacted the media and has now attempted to take back his confession. During this taped interview, he told the reporter from the Arizona Daily Star a story worthy of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox. What did he tell the reporter in this taped interview:

1. He is taking back his confession. He said he is innocent and did not commit the murders.
2. He was actually working as an undercover operative for some unknown group. Not the Police. Not the FBI. Not the SPLC, but some unknown group he will not name at this time.
3. He is not a minuteman. He is not ANTI Immigrant or ANTI Latino. In fact he is FOR Open Borders.
4. He said the real terrorists are within the Minuteman ranks, however he is not free to name them at this time.
5. He said there were six actual culprits. He knows who they are but will not name them at this time.
6. He said there is currently a conspiracy, "out to get him". He is merely a stooge and needs a high priced lawyer to help him, not just some court appointed flunky. He is hoping, with this interview, to have some high priced lawyer see his cause and come in and build a case for him. Otherwise he is doomed because of an incompetent defense.

Read the entire Interview here.

Neo Nazi launches new JusticeforShawna Forde website!

Neo-Nazi (NSM) member, Laine Lawless (59), a longtime anti-illegal-immigrant, Arizona activist, has launched a new website titled "JusticeforShawna." Lawless who has lived in southern Arizona and founded the local Hate group "Border Guardians," has been long-known for her violent behaviors. In emails/documents, she has advocated violence against Latinos titled "How to get rid of them!" In the emails she advocates "threaten them, beat them up, don't let them speak Spanish, don't let them go to school..."

Lawless is a long-time White Nationalist and member of the NSM Neo Nazis. It is not a wonder, with all of her like-mindedness to Forde, that she supports her. On the website, Lawless argues that Forde is being singled out because of her race, gender and political views. In proclaiming Forde's innocence, Lawless compares Forde to Sara Palin and Michele Bachmann, blaming Forde's perdicament on the "left-wing media, Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration." She also pleads for Donations for Shawna.

Lawless proclaims Forde's innocence even though Forde's partner, Gunny Bush confessed to the police implicating Forde as the mastermind of the murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father.

Lawless also blames the Men in the Minutemen organization. "I'm tired of women getting screwed over by men in this movement," Lawless said. "Nobody in the Minuteman movement except for me is willing to talk to her."

Website Criticized:
The whole concept of the new "JusticeforShawna" website disturbed two of Forde's biggest critics: her mother, Rena Caudle; and half brother, Merrill Metzger. Both live in Redding, Calif., and say Forde discussed plans to rob drug traffickers in the months before the Arivaca incident occurred.
"Seems to me they spoke before really looking at her record," Caudle said in an e-mail. She and Metzger suspect Forde, Bush and others of committing a burglary at Metzger's house and a home invasion at the home of friends who live nearby in the 12 days between the murders in Arivaca and Forde's arrest.
Even one of Forde's former comrades in Minutemen American Defense disliked the content of Lawless' new Web site. Chuck Stonex, a New Mexico man who was a member of Minutemen American Defense, was dismayed to see that the Web site makes Forde look "pretty innocent." "I don't know," Stonex said. "I think Shawna made her bed."
Newly launched website backs Forde
SPLC Report: Lawless

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chilean Student Murderer Dannie Baker to receive State Competency Examination. Pre-Trial Date set for Nov. 19.

Dannie Roy Baker, the man who shot five innocent Chilean students and murdered two of them, had his day in court last Thursday,8/20. He is charged with shooting into a south Walton apartment and killing two young Chileans. He is charged with two charges of Premeditated Murder First Degree with a Firearm, Aggravated Battery Using a Deadly Weapon, Shoot Missile Into A Dwelling and three charges of Attempted Premeditated Murder First Degree with a Firearm. Baker's defense attorney told Judge Wells his doctor’s professional opinion is Baker is incompetent. State Attorney Elmore requested and the judge signed an order for a State Competency Examination by Dr. Harry McLarin. They have until October 20 to submit the report and the pre-trial is set for November 19. The defense attorney also asked that the examination be videotaped.

Friday, August 21, 2009

U.S. stocks, along with crude, end at 2009 highs! Thank you President Obama!

Thanks to the great work of President Obama and his administration, U.S. Stocks along with crude ended this week at the highest level ever in 2009!!!
Republicans are looking pretty bad as they cry their crocodile tears over our Country's success! Their leader Limbaugh advocated he wanted our President and our Economy to fail! Guess What! The economy is succeeding NO THANKS TO LIMBAUGH and his right wing extremists!
MarketWatch Reports:
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks on Friday rallied to finish at 2009 highs, with energy shares pacing the gains as the price of crude-oil futures also spiked to a their highest level this year. Unexpectedly positive data on the housing front supported the gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average

(INDU 9,506, +155.76, +1.67%) added 155.91 points, or 1.7%, to 9,505.96. The S&P 500 /quotes/comstock/21z!i1:in\x (SPX 1,026, +18.76, +1.86%) added 18.76 points, or 1.9%, to end at 1,026.13. The Nasdaq Composite Index /quotes/comstock/10w!i:dji/delayed (INDU 9,506, +155.76, +1.67%) rose 31.68 points, to 1.6%, to 2,020.9

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Minuteman X Shares Insider MM emails suggesting Mercer, Simcox and Garza Scammed the American Public and Fled!

Minuteman X has sent me a very revealing email. The Leadership of the Minutemen were very aware of the corruptness at the top of their organization, including Mercer, Simcox and Garza. He reveals their corruptness has been long term, extensive and continuing! IF what the email indicates is correct, Simcox, Mercer or Garza should never, ever be elected to any public office. In fact, they should be investigated by the FBI and arrested for their crimes against not only the MM contributors, but their fraudulent crimes against the American public!
PS: My sources are saying this email was written my AZ Minuteman Stacey O'Connell.
Forwarded email from MM X:
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2009 11:37 AM
Subject: MCDC Pres. Carmen Mercer: FRAUD ALERT

Minutemen & Supporters,

It was announced by the Arizona Attorney Generals Office Friday that Carmen Mercer President of MCDC, along with a California company are the focus of a fraud investigation. The allegations come from unsuspecting property owners in States that include Arizona; that received mailers claiming to help reduce their property taxes if the send in $189. People in Arizona have been on alert for the past month as local media has reported this mailer to be a scheme, and have been advising people to disregard the mailer and report it to the Attorney Generals Office. In fact, I received one just last week. Little did I know that a Minuteman, President of MCDC; appears to be heavily involved.

The official complaint states that Carmen Mercer operated the PO BOX out of Phoenix Arizona that took in the over 1000 checks the company was to receive over the past several months, raising an astonishing minimum $189K in fees. Over the past 2 years, myself, former members of MCDC, and others- have been actively pursuing the MCDC Financials in detail from publicly unreleased 990s, Minuteman Fence Project financials from 06-current, unreleased By Laws, and Chapter Financial Statements. As you are aware, MCDC and its sister companies have been heavily involved in mass mailers on a national level to gain donations for a Minuteman Fence that was never built per its advertised intent or specification, and in fact still advertise for those donations today in both its and websites. Money comes into the MCDC via mail and over the internet, but nobody is allowed to know how much, where it goes, or gets to participate in building the fence they donated to. Mass Mailers.........such an easy way to get folks to donate to a grand idea when they cant participate themselves!

For those of us who were terminated 2 years ago for requesting a meeting with Chris Simcox, Carmen Mercer and Al Garza to discuss MCDC Financials....this fraud investigation by the AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard comes to no surprise. The MCDC leadership have refused to address the concerns of its volunteers for years, are blanketed in perceived corruption, and have been proven to be liars. There is no transparancy within MCDC, and those that inquire to leadership and ask for answers are banned.
Several weeks ago, Al Garza; National Executive Director and Board Member of MCDC- resigned to form Patriots Coallition, naming himself as Director/Founder. His website also links MCDC. In his resignation statements to Carmen Mercer, he sites his different approach to MCDC non-transparency, and how the MCDC has been mired in unfavorable media releases, along with internal infighting- as his reasons for departing the MCDC. I find the timing of Garzas resignation right on target to the time Mercer was likely advised she was being investigated for Fraud in a Property Tax scheme.
Coincidence? I call it like I see it.

Also recently, Chris Simcox sent an email to Al Garza and Carmen Mercer claiming that MCDC will be shut-down at the end of this year, and to continue with minor operations, and the bills would be paid until then.
Now, Im not convicting anyone of fraud....that's what the courts and a jury are for. But until then, let the facts fall where they may. We know that MCDCs Simcox, Mercer and Garza have been raising money nationally through mass mailers for 3 years. We know the status of that fence. And now we know that Carmen Mercer is under investigation for fraud in an entirely different idea.....lowering your property taxes if you send her $189. Coincidence? Is it possible Mercer could spend 3 years raising money for the Mintueman Fence through mass mailers........not build an Isreali styled fence they advertised for.....then go along with another company to do mass mailers to lower your property taxes? Sounds to me like tens of thousands of unsuspecting people are getting the short end of the stick. Simcox is running around Arizona to run for US Senate against McCain next year. A campaign in which he nor anyone else in Arizona has a chance of winning, and he knows it. But, there is money to be raised through Declaration Alliance and the MCDC PAC......Alan Keyes was the Master.....Simcox makes a good student. Minuteman/MCDC PACs make a ton of money........Ive seen it.
For those of you that shunned me and my pals for standing up, for those that told me to shut-up because the cause was bigger than the implied schemes...... still, you can donate to the Minuteman Fence Project, and of course pay your $150 fee to become a Mintueman. No more border operations. No more protests. No more sitting on post helping out the US Border Patrol. But send in your money, but dont tell anyone they are closing at the end of 2009!

There are no more MCDC Minutemen. The organization is now officially dead. No events. No Board of Directors that can be found. There are no members. The President is under investigation for fraud. The MCDC National Leaders have now officially killed what was started as a patriotic political protest in 2005, after turning it into a money grabbing, money hiding, scheme building effort to prey on those that want to secure the border and stop illegal immigration.
Goddard Files Lawsuit to Stop Alleged Property Tax Scam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleeping Giant Awakens: PRO Healthcare Reformers Outnumber the Beck-Deathers at Rallies

The Democratic Majority has AWAKENED!! PRO Healthcare Reform supporters are outnumbering the opposition: the birthers, deathers and teabaggers. This is occurring in Town Hall meeting after Town Hall meeting, in Phoenix, to Boulder, to the East Coast.

Sure the Beck instigated 912 nutcase Deathers, Birthers and Teabaggers had their moment of glory in the TV and YouTube spotlights. However, I say to all of you nutcases: go back to your closets. WE THE PEOPLE have Spoken! WE THE PEOPLE support Universal Healthcare Reform with the Public Option.

Take Heart Mr. President! We support YOU and the Public Option!!

God Bless America!
God Bless President Obama!
Reform Supporters Outnumber Critics At Town Halls

Monday, August 17, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama: Patriotic Americans Want the Public Option!

Dear President Obama!
We Liberals and Progressives support you! We voted for you! However, we want the Public Option. DO NOT CAVE IN TO THE Republicans and Right Wing Extremists! They will NEVER, EVER Support you! Do not listen to the Co-Op rhetoric. That is not a viable option for either side!! The Republicans will NEVER accept the Co-Op option. Why even consider it!


YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! YOU HAVE THE VOTES IN SEPTEMBER. Stop listening to Republicans LIES and RHETORIC!!! YOU HAVE THE VOTES!!! Vote Healthcare Reform! Include a Public Option!

God Bless America!

God Bless our President Obama!

(Mr. President: Remember, we Latinos are on your side)

Head of Minutemen, Carmen Mercer, Scamming American Property Owners in multi-state Tax Reduction Scam!

Breaking News: The Minutemen have been caught scamming Americans in Arizona, California and Nevada via a Tax Reduction Scam. Attorney General Terry Goddard announced Friday that he has filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order to stop the perpetrators of a fraud that claimed a homeowner's property qualified for a "property tax reduction review." The lawsuit names Property Tax Review Board, Inc., a Granada Hill, Calif.-based company; Property Tax Review Board's President and CEO Michael McConville, of Simi Valley, Calif., and Minuteman Leader Carmen Mercer, of Tombstone, owner of the Post Office box included in the solicitation. Goddard indicated the solicitation was an attempt to scam property owners who were looking to reduce their property taxes.

The solicitation, which requests a $189 processing fee, is not affiliated with any government entity, Goddard said. The document attempts to appear official and contains a “notice number” and deadline for prompt processing. Assessed valuations for 2009 cannot be changed since the appeals process for 2009 has ended, Goddard said. "In addition, there is no fee required to file a property valuation appeal with county treasurers’ or assessors’ offices in Arizona," he added. The letter was sent by a company called the Property Tax Review Board.

The lawsuit said the solicitations distributed by McConville and Property Tax Review Board are completely fraudulent and deceptive because the deadline for appealing 2009 property valuations has lapsed, Goddard said. The lawsuit also says the defendants led consumers to believe they were conducting a legitimate business when, in fact, they were accepting monies for services that they cannot perform, Goddard said.

On Friday, Minuteman President and CEO Carmen Mercer, who is a well-known activist for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps., turned over to U.S. Postal Inspectors the Post Office box and the more than 1,000 responses she has received.

Chris Simcox, head of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, stepped down in July to challenge John McCain for his AZ Senate Seat. When he stepped down last month, Simcox said Carmen Mercer, a German immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen who has been involved with MCDC since its inception, would succeed him as the group’s president and CEO.

Minutemen have been in the news recently for their schemes and scams to raise money for their causes. Most recently, Minutemen Leaders Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush, who were trained at MCDCs border camp, were arrested for murdering 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad. Forde had grandiose schemes of stealing from border residents in order to build funds for her own Minuteman Border Patrol Camp.
Previously, both Simcox and Mercer were under scrutiny and accused of misappropriation of funds by their own members when hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations were unaccounted for. These funds were meant to build their unbuilt MM Border fence.
Suit Filed To End Property Tax Scam
Simcox, MM Leader Quits Group to Run for Senate
Minuteman Border Fence Scam

Note: Big Thanks to one of my Anonymous readers for passing this story on to me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walking While Being Latino: Legal Immigrants Suffer Possible Deportation For Being Latino! Seek Justice for Julio and Denis!

Latinos cannot catch a break in America these days. Arpaio-like Racial Profiling abounds. We have to mind our P's and Q's, carry our passport, birth certificate, driver's license, et al, or suffer the possibility of arrest/Detention Centers, even though we are Citizens/here Legally. I thought we were living in Post-Racial America! Did someone forget to let the Police and the Judicial System know that Latinos were in the Post-Racial America equation?

Let me tell you the story of two cousins, Julio Maldonado and Denis Calderon. Julio and Denis came to the U.S. as toddlers. They were long-time Lawful, Permanent Residents. They were in the process of becoming American Citizens. Julio, a hard working construction worker from New York City, visited his cousin Denis and his wife/children in Philly. Julio and Denis were sitting on Denis' stoop as Denis' wife played with his children in their front yard. After a couple of hours of good conversation, Julio and Denis walked over to the neighborhood pub to visit other family members. As they walked around the corner and down the street, a young gang of juveniles, leaning against a wall, started calling them names. "Spic" "Go Back to Mexico" "You Don't Belong in our Neighborhood!"

Julio and Denis were understandably nervous and turned around to go back to Denis' house. They first backed away. Then it happened. Beyond the slurs, the juveniles started throwing bottles at them. Then they came running after them, chasing them, bringing out knives. Julio and Denis were almost back home when Denis fell to the ground. Julio was scared for his cousin's life. His car was in front of him and he grabbed the safety club from his steering wheel. He picked the club and swung it, to get the criminals away from his cousin. He hit the assailant. The assailant fell and passed out. Later, the assailant fell into a coma. The coma lasted 2 weeks. Ultimately the assailant died. (Years later, it was found he died due to natural causes).

Denis was able to get away from his attackers. He ran to his porch steps. His wife, who had just put their children to bed, asked what was wrong. Denis said, "Call 911. We are being attacked!" Denis' wife called 911. She pleaded for the police to come to save her family from this attack. Denis grabbed a baseball bat to try and save his cousin from the gang of juveniles.

The police came. Though it was clear Denis and his wife called the police and made the report, the police officer did not arrest the perpetrators of the crime. Even though neighbors corroborated what Denis and Julio said, the police initially never took their statements. Though knives and beer bottles were on the street, the police did not take them into evidence. Instead, the Anglo police officers arrested Latinos Denis and Julio.
This incident happened in 1996. Unbelievably, Denis and Julio were initially found guilty. However, years, later, the charges were reversed. Eventually, Denis and Julio were cleared of the charges. There are at least 2 prosecutors who have made their names off of this case and went on to higher office due to the notch on their prosecutorial belts.

I can imagine the ANTIs, reading this are saying, "Those pure innocent Anglo kids. Of course young people get drunk. How dare the Latinos walk in front of them while they are drinking. How dare those Latinos defend themselves against an attack. How dare they call the cops and expect not to be arrested."

Perhaps the weirdest news of this entire event: In 2005, Julio and Denis were charged and convicted with failing to sign their own Deportation Papers back to Peru, a country they had never visited since they were 3 years old. They have been in Federal Prison since 2005 for this technicality. There are NO OTHER CHARGES against them. Julio's release date was moved up a year due to his good behavior. DHS has expressed its intent to deport him once he is released on September 12, 2009. Now, after all of this harassment, Julio is scheduled to be deported on Sept. 12, just a few weeks away. That is, of course, unless some kindly DHS agent takes mercy on him, his children/his family. All he is guilty of is: Walking While Being Latino.
If you feel compelled, please join me and my friend Dave Bennion from in seeking justice for Julio and Denis. Visit their family website. Seek Justice for Julio and Denis!

American Patriots: It is Time to Stand Up for Healthcare, America and President Obama! Don't Allow Republican Naysayers to Stop Healthcare Reform!

It is time for the American Public to stand up and support Healthcare Reform. Health Care problems will not go away if the current policies remain status quo. The 46M uninsured and countless under-insured Americans will not magically disappear. How many of you know if you will be covered if a disastrous costly emergency occurs tomorrow? How many of you know whether your employer will discontinue your coverage or increase your costs or whether you will be covered at all if you become unemployed?

The healthcare bill the President is recommending will cover the majority of all Americans. It will also reduce two thirds of many of the current costs by improving/automating many of the current broken processes. The other third will be covered by taxing only those with annual incomes of +$250,000.00.

The Republican Party, the Party of NO, had 8 years to create a viable plan and instead they did nothing...nothing but let the Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Companies receive outrageous profits. It has become abundantly clear that for the Republicans, the Healthcare Debate is Not About Healthcare at all. In reality, it is the Republican/Conservative Base Taking a Stand Against Obama and Minorities!

Republican Dick Armey was on Meet the Press this morning. He is the head of "Freedom Works", one of the groups providing the Healthcare Deathers, Birthers and the Teabaggers their talking points. Armey was a Congressman from Texas until 2003 and the Republican House Minority Leader. He is a master of dirty tricks and was the architect of the "Republican Revolution" of the 1990s.

Now, Armey and many Republicans have developed a new strategy, a new "Dirty Trick." Their strategy is to LIE to the American Public and SCARE them to death. They are instilling Fear and Anger, NOT ABOUT THE ISSUES, BUT ON PURE LIES. THESE LIES ABOUT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION include:
1. Planning Death Panels for the elderly in the Healthcare bill and is socializing medicine.
2. Obama is the Evil Black Muslim Messiah, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, non-citizen or the Joker from Batman attempting to "steal their country" and turning it into some Socialist Compound.
3. Detention Camps are being built to imprison "Real Americans"

The SAD thing is, some gullible and naive Americans are believing their LIES. They are believing their LIES and showing up at the Town Meetings.

Armey is partners with Beck, Limbaugh, Malkin in delivering these LIES to the Deathers, Teabaggers and Birthers. They are deliberately instigating this madness to energize their base to:
1. Disrupt and shut down the August 2009 Town Hall congressional meetings on health care reform, threatening Congressmen with violence. Goal: No Reform At All!
2. Win back as many Republican seats as possible in the 2010 elections.
3. Win back the Whitehouse in 2012.

It doesn't matter to Armey or the Right Wing pundits that their agenda is based on LIES.

It is time for ALL Patriotic Americans to stand up against right wing zealots like Armey, Limbaugh, Beck, Malkin and Hannity. Stand up for America! Stand up for our President! Stand up for Universal Healthcare Reform!

Background on Dick Armey: a policy advisor at DLA Piper Law Firm in DC that received $1.2million from the Pharmaceutical industry; counsel to Bristol-Myers, Squibb, and private healthcare providers Metropolitan Health Networks and the American Council of Healthcare Providers.
Several former female economics students said he sexually harrassed them — harassment allegedly so severe that at least one student transferred to another school. He would later divorce his wife and marry one of his students.
Partnered with Cheney in saying about Iraq: "They're going to welcome us. It'll be like the American army going through the streets of Paris. They're sitting there ready to form a new government. The people will be so happy with their freedoms that we'll probably back ourselves out of there within a month or two."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

For True Insights on Healthcare Reform, Watch Meet the Press Sunday Morning: 10 am ET, 9am CT

I am asking all of my readers to watch Meet the Press on Sunday morning (9/16/09). They are having a healthy debate about Healthcare Reform. Guests this Sunday will be: Dick Armey, Tom Coburn, Tom Daschle and Rachel Maddow.
Please watch the show and decide for yourselves: Who is telling the truth! Who is trying to scare the American Public with Lies!
Watch the show and decide for yourselves!
Meet the Reports:
A Special Edition of Meet the Press: As anger reaches a boiling point at town halls across the country, health care reform takes center stage. We'll take an in-depth look at the debate with some leading voices: Fmr. House Majority Leader Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX), now the head of FreedomWorks, an organizer of protesters at town hall meetings; Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), Member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), an informal adviser to the White House and author of "Critical: What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis"; & Rachel Maddow, Host of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. Plus we'll get perspectives from around the country with Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY); Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce; and Gov. Bill Ritter (D-CO).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

U.S. Oil Companies partnered with Mexico Drug Cartels to steal $43 Million in Oil from Mexican Government pipelines!

Unbelievable Breaking News: U.S. Oil Companies partnered with Mexico Drug Cartels to steal $43 Million in Oil from Mexican Government pipelines. This article should be on the front page of every newspaper! These oil companies executives should go to prison -- throw away the keys! You wonder where the Drug Cartels received their money? From crooked U.S. Executives!!!
Fort Worth Star Telegram Reports:
MEXICO CITY — U.S. refineries bought millions of dollars worth of oil stolen from Mexican government pipelines and smuggled across the border, the U.S. Justice Department told The Associated Press — illegal operations led by Mexican drug cartels expanding their reach. Criminals, mostly drug gangs, tap remote pipelines, sometimes building pipelines of their own, to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil each year, said the Mexican oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex. At least one U.S. oil executive has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in such a deal.

The U.S. Homeland Security department is scheduled today to return $2.4 million to Mexico’s tax administration, the first batch of money seized during a binational investigation into smuggled oil that authorities expect to lead to more arrests and seizures. "The United States is working with the Mexican government on the theft of oil," said Nancy Herrera, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Houston. "It’s an ongoing investigation, with one indictment so far."

In that case, Donald Schroeder, president of Houston-based Trammo Petroleum, is scheduled to be sentenced in December after pleading guilty in May. In a $2 million scheme, Schroeder bought stolen Mexican oil that had been brought across the border in trucks and barges and sold it to various U.S. refineries, which she did not identify, Herrera said. Trammo’s tiny firm profited by about $150,000 in the scheme, she said.

Schroeder’s attorneys said in an e-mail that neither they nor their client would respond to AP’s requests for comment. Bill Holbrook, spokesman for the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association, said a single indictment against a small company should not be used to smear the reputation of the entire U.S. oil industry "and is not indicative of how domestic refiners operate." But in Mexico, federal police commissioner Rodrigo Esparza said the Zetas, a fierce drug gang aligned with the Gulf cartel, used false import documents to smuggle at least $46 million worth of oil in tankers to unnamed U.S. refineries.

Mexico froze 149 bank accounts this year in connection with that crime, which continues at a record rate, according to Pemex.

Breaking News: Racist Right-wing Militias (Domestic Terrorists) on the rise in US

Reports are confirming what we knew all along. Since the election of President Obama, Racist Militias are on the rise. We see this in the TeaParties. We see this at Town Hall Meetings. We see this at Hate Sites across the web. Militias and Racist Groups - Domestic Terrorists, are on the rise and Guess What! They HATE our President and all minorities!
AP Reports:
WASHINGTON — Incensed by the election of the first black US president, right-wing militia groups in the United States are rising again after a decade of decline, according to new research on extremist groups released on Wednesday. Ideologically driven by racism and a virulent anti-government, anti-taxation and anti-immigrant agenda, the homegrown groups that thrived in the 1990s and spurred numerous deadly terrorist attacks are expanding, said the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

"This is the most significant growth we've seen in 10 to 12 years," said a law enforcement official quoted by the SPLC in its special report "The Second Wave: Return of the Militias." "All it's lacking is a spark," said the official, adding it is "only a matter of time before you see threats and violence." Attacks continued in the last decade after the 1995 bombing of a government building in Oklahoma, killing 168 people -- the deadliest domestic terrorist attack on US soil. Such violent movements mostly subsided in the 2000s, however, following prosecutions and the election of the highly conservative George W. Bush as president, said the SPLC's Mark Potok.

A key difference today, the Center said, is that "the federal government -- the entity that almost the entire radical right views as its primary enemy -- is headed by a black man," tapping into the latent rage of white supremacist culture. According to SPLC research in February, there has been a 54-percent rise in race-based hate groups in the United States since 2000, from 602 then to 926 in 2008. Their study Wednesday also draws direct correlations between Barack Obama's presidency and numerous murders of law-enforcement officials this year.

"One man 'very upset' with the election of America's first black president was building a radioactive 'dirty bomb'... Another angry at the election and said to be interested in joining a militia killed two sheriff's deputies in Florida," said Larry Keller at the SPLC. A key component for the rise of militias is a vibrant world of unsubstantiated yet widely publicized conspiracies.

"The current political environment is awash with seemingly absurd but nonetheless influential conspiracy theories, hyperbolic claims and demonized targets... This creates a milieu where violence is a likely outcome," said the Center, citing longtime analyst of radical right-wing movements Chip Merlet. The other major factor for militia recruitment and acceptance is their ideology being aped and championed by mainstream media commentators and politicians, the report said. Commentators on cable news were singled out for airing and promoting conspiracy theories -- notably Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, who has described Obama alternatively as a "fascist," a "Nazi" and a "Marxist."

Beck, who has a regular audience of some 2.5 million viewers on his nightly show, has even "re-floated militia conspiracy theories of the 1990s alleging a secret network of government-run concentration camps," said the SPLC. Earlier this year Texas Governor Perry raised the prospect of his state's secession; US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she feared Obama was planning "reeducation camps for young people."

In April, an internal government report also warned of right-wing extremists exploiting worries spawned by the economic downturn and Obama's election as recruiting tools, which could lead "to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violence attacks." Greater Internet access has also boosted access to bomb-making know-how and the ability to reach a vast audience of like-minded people, said the Department of Homeland Security -- later criticized by conservatives and veterans groups for singling out returning soldiers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Message to All My Viewers: Dee is Going National - Member of Panel at Netroots Nation!

Dear Viewers,
You know how shy I am!
However, I have allowed my fellow PRO-Blogosphere members to talk me into participating in a special National Event. If you are in Pittsburgh on Friday, please join us!

xxx ooo
PS: Remember I am a grandmother. Please be nice!
Event: Netroots Nation Panel - Perspectives from Socal Change Blogosphere
Host: Kety Esquivel
Date: Friday, August 14, 2009
Time: 4:30 - 5:45 ET

Co-Panelists: My co-panelists are Kety Esquivel of NCLR, David Bennion of, XP from, and the Prerna of
Location: room 311 David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Formal Announcement: Announcement
Description: Seven years after the birth of Daily Kos, the social change blogosphere continues to expand its reach, engaging a growing audience and transforming the way individuals and traditional organizations communicate and work toward social change. Join us as we explore the dynamics of the social change blogosphere from civil rights/pro-migrant perspectives—those of National Council of La Raza,, Immigration Talk with a Mexican American, and ¡Para Justicia y Libertad!.

I am a grandmother. If you do attend, be nice to me. Bring me a flower. Hand it to Kety.

Healther Skelter: The "Deather" Nutcases Go To Townhalls (as instructed by Glenn Beck)

Jon Stewart provides an accurate description of the "Glenn Beck 912" inspired Healther Skelter, Deather, right wing, angry Nutcases!! (click HERE for video)

He also mentions Sarah Palin's wacko reference to "Death Panels." Sheesh!! No wonder their blind followers are SO AFRAID AND CONFUSED!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Coward Minuteman Gunny Bush Crying Crocodile Tears, Fearing he will receive the Death Penalty for the Murders of Brisenia Flores and her Dad

Minuteman Gunny Bush is a Coward. He is crying crocodile tears right now. He is crying like a little baby, in fear of the Death Penalty for the murders he has committed.
That is how cowards are. He LIED about his military service. He puffed his chest out in bravura as he walked the streets, guns on hips, chasing the innocents on the border. Now the big Coward is crying Crocodile Tears, in fear of the punishment he will receive for the crimes he has committed. Read what he says as this big, 6'4" Coward faces Justice for his miserable life of crime. reports:
Arivaca suspect denies links to killings, Aryans
Minuteman Jason Bush is accused of killing a homeless man, a white supremacist, a suspected drug dealer and a 9-year-old girl. He has longtime ties to the Aryan Nations, faked a military career and joined forces with the leader of a radical militia movement who wanted to take on illegal immigrants and drug cartels.

According to Bush, however, he has never been a member of the Minutemen American Defense or the military. Bush said he is in favor of opening the border and has only received some "unconventional" military training, the details of which he declined to disclose. Anything about him on the Minutemen American Defense Web site was Forde's doing, Bush said. "I think she was trying to lend some sort of legitimacy to her so-called movement," he said.
Asked if he was at the Flores home the night of the murder or if he had an alibi, Bush said, "I can't talk about anything that night. I'm going to have to leave that to a defense attorney. That's really touchy stuff." As for the gunshot wound to his leg, which authorities said he got during the home invasion, Bush replied, "I can't really talk about that; that's part of my defense."
When asked if he truly believes drug traffickers and illegal immigrants are "terrorists," Bush initially laughed and then began to choke up. "No. I believe terrorists are people who invade people's homes in the middle of the night and shoot families," Bush said. "I believe terrorists are people that have the ability and the knowledge to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and choose not to and let someone else sit and rot in prison for their inaction."
Officials in two Washington state counties say Bush's racist views led him to kill two men in that state in 1997.
Bush is charged in the July 1997 stabbing death of Hector Lopez-Partida, a homeless man who died in Wenatchee, and the September 1997 death of Jon Bumstead, an 18-year-old white supremacist from East Wenatchee. Bush was tied to Lopez-Partida's death after his arrest in the Flores deaths; his DNA was found in the armpit of a shirt found at the murder scene. According to Douglas County court records obtained by the Star this week, an informant told detectives he, Bush, Bumstead and another friend were camping together when Bush shot Bumstead in the back and the head.
He hadn't come forward until now because Bush had threatened to kill him and his family, the man told police. He was 17 at the time of the slaying.
Death penalty possible
The Pima County Attorney's Office has until the end of the month to decide if prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty. It's a possibility Bush says weighs heavy on his mind. "I have a very defendable position, but even a very defendable position requires more resources than what we have available," Bush said.
"The prosecuting attorney has limitless resources, thousands of police officers to investigate for them and forensics, labs and technicians. ... I have a county-funded attorney and a private investigator. Those are my resources. Facing what I'm facing, it's kind of scary. I'm praying for a miracle. You've got to understand, I'm fighting for my life."
But in a teary jailhouse interview, Bush cries, "I didn't do it. I'm not guilty of what they've charged me with."

Breaking News: Scully gets Probation for his role in Ramirez Murder!

Unbelievable. Judge Baldwin sentenced Brian Scully to Probation for his role in murdering Luis Ramirez! For those of you who recall the testimony, the reason many said Piekarsky and Donchak received only 6 months was because they said Scully was the actual Kicker. He was the guy who kicked him since the key witness said the kicker wore white tennis shoes. He was the only person who wore white tennis shoes. Scully acknowledged the kick but said he missed. (yeah, right). Now, he gets PROBATION!!! Justice for Luis has truly been denied! This is Shameful!!
republican herald reports:
Baldwin decides Scully's punishment for Ramirez death
Schuylkill County President Judge William E. Baldwin has made a determination in the juvenile case against Shenandoah Valley student Brian Scully, 18, for his involvement in the beating death of an illegal Mexican immigrant.

Baldwin decided Monday the teen will be on probation until age 21, will remain under house arrest until Baldwin says otherwise and will be subject to alcohol monitoring until age 21. Scully must also perform 400 hours of community service and pay $1,147 in restitution.

Scully was one of several youths involved in a street fight July 12, 2008, in which Luis Ramirez Zavala was severely beaten and kicked in the head. Ramirez died July 14 from his injuries.

Shenandoah teens Brandon Piekarsky, 17, and Derrick Donchak, 19, were found guilty in May of simple assault, the least serious of the charges they faced, in connection with the death. Piekarsky had been charged with third-degree murder.

Although he was charged as a juvenile, hearings in Scully's case have been mostly open to the public due to the severity of the crime. Under Pennsylvania law, because he was charged as a juvenile, the maximum penalty Scully faced was confinement to a juvenile detention facility until age 21.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Racist Rush Limbaugh & Racist rightwing Shock Jocks are ranting LIES to the Elderly to Scare them to Hate our President!

I am so sick of the Republicans and their LIES about the Healthcare program.
Today, as I was driving home, I flipped the radio station over to the AM Shock Jock dial just to see what they were up to. The red-necked, screaming radio shock jock was talking negatively about our President Obama and the proposed Healthcare bill. He was screaming LIES to the elderly members of his audience. He said our President was a Nazi. He said the Healthcare bill would kill/murder the elderly. He said our President was attempting to be the Messiah, just like Hitler in Nazi Germany. Then he played this song:
Grandma got run over by Obamacare
Grandma got run over by Obamacare
While waiting for the move to eternity
We know that we cannot live forever
But now they expect us all to go early
(unfortunately, there is more.)

Extremist, racist Rush Limbaugh is also ranting on his radioshow, comparing our President to Hitler. He compares Obama's policies to Euthanasia and Nazism. It is Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs, Hannity and Malkin and other National Teabagger Groups that are LYING to the American Public. They are inciting people to violence. Limbaugh is spewing racism. Racist, racist Limbaugh! He hates our President and compares him to Adolph Hitler. He scares the elderly LYING, telling his audience the healthcare policy is euthanasia.

The Insurance and Pharmaceutical lobbies are backing Limbaugh. Limbaugh and his ilk and are brewing a Hate Storm. They are LYING and Brainwashing the weak minded in our country and Lying about what is contained in the Healthcare bill. There is no Euthanasia. There is no Deathcare. They are LIARS, funded by the Lobbyists to LIE LIE LIE. Such blind, mindless rage.

Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs, Malkin and other extremists are Domestic Terrorists and TRAITORS! They are in cahoots with the other terrorists across the world. They are targetting the President and his administration and our country, wishing that we will ALL Fail! They are racists and are pandering to those in their audiences who are racists and are upset that a minority is our President.

They are angry that the stimulus plan is working. They are angry that the Cash for Clunkers plan is Working! They are angry that the unemployment rate dropped from 9.5 to 9.4 in July for the first time in 15 months and more Americans are working and the end of the Recession is happening now, so quickly, under Obama's watch.
It is time for Americans to stand up to Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs, Malkin and all of the other right wing extremists who wish for our President's and America's demise - Failure.

Let the haters know no one is listening to them. We want our President and America to SUCCEED!! We want our Stimulus Plan to work and our Economy to improve. We want Cash for Clunkers. We want Universal Healthcare. We know our President is a citizen. We want America to SUCCEED!!!

God Bless America!
God Bless our President Obama!

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