Monday, August 31, 2009

Take A Bite Out of the ANTIs in Seven Days!

Guest Voz: Eric Ward from Imagine 2050
On August 28, Cindy Carcamo of the Orange County Register wrote an insightful article called Groups mobilize for the next immigration battle. The article quotes Barbara Coe a member of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens. Coe has referred to Mexicans as “savages” and immigrants as “barbarians.” As I sat down to write, I initially thought that I should use this blog to blast Barbara Coe for her relationship to organized racism. However, while I was pondering what to write I received a phone call from an old high school friend, Pam, who had read the same article.

Pam was spitting mad and wanted to know what she could do. She is a mother of two and works sixty hours a week as a florist. “I don’t want these bigots to have the last word,” she said to me as I heard her daughter in the background asking if she could have some juice. “I want to take their lemons and turn them into lemonade . . . so tell me what I can do Eric, but remember I don’t have a lot of time!” I agree with Pam. Time is of the essence and we should use it wisely. Instead of writing what I think of anti-immigrant bigotry I’ve decided to use this week to take action. Below I’ve outlined an action for each day of the week. You can take a bite out of bigotry in less than five minutes a day! Let’s all join together and redeem the soul of America!

Write me and let me know how it went and what you thought. If you come up with your own list be sure to share it here at the Imagine 2050 blog as well. Print this post and pin it up on your wall, desk, or fridge.

MONDAY: Email this blog to six other people who you think might be interested. Write three short sentences telling all of them why you will be participating. Ask them to participate too, and reply to your email letting you know either way.

TUESDAY: Remember all of those times when Fox News host Glenn Beck made bigoted statements about immigrants? Beck may choose to forget but let’s show him we haven’t. Beck is responsible for much of the anti-immigrant sentiment that has spread around the country. Over thirty companies agree with us and have stopped running their ads on the Glenn Beck show. Let’s help Color of Change get the message out even more. Go to and add your name!

WEDNESDAY: What can I tell you about Lou Dobbs that doesn’t already disgust you? Dobbs has falsely accused immigrants from Latin America of spreading Leprosy in the United States. When he got caught in his lies he simply lied again. CBS’s 60 Minutes didn’t buy his racist lies and neither do we. Now Media Matters is telling us that Dobbs will be participating in a national event organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a known hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s time for CNN to take responsibility. You can read the short media release by clicking here. Now, go leave a comment for CNN President Jonathan Klein at Tell him that you read the letter Media Matters sent to him, and you demand that he respond. Let Klein know that you are disgusted that CNN is willing to use bigotry to generate profits.

THURSDAY: Today we are going to show tangible support for those who have stood up against anti-immigrant bigotry. Twice in its recent history the Sierra Club has had to fight off anti-immigrant attempts to take over its well-respected environmental organization and corrupt its mission. In 1998 and in 2004 the Sierra Club drew a strong moral barrier against anti-immigrant racism. In recent days the Sierra Club has been targeted by anti-immigrant leaders still upset by the trouncing they took. One leader, Brenda Walker, went so far as to write an article on the white nationalist website VDARE attacking the Sierra Club for its commitment to diversity. Let’s give a little love to the Sierra Club by taking five minutes to join the organization. Click here to join and let them know why! If you are already a member like me, give a gift membership to a family member or friend.

FRIDAY: Anti-immigrant Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been terrorizing members of the Latino community and their allies in Arizona under an agreement with Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano. America’s Voice points out the Napolitano, appointed by President Obama, could stop the insanity at any time with a single stroke of her pen. People have died under his custody, he has raided the offices of a newspaper that exposed his brutality, and he marched Latinos down the middle of the street in chains. Click here at the website of America’s Voice and send a message to Napolitano that “enough is enough!”

SATURDAY: Take five minutes to call a friend or family member. While catching up on the latest, be sure to spend five minutes telling them what you did this week to take a stand against anti-immigrant bigotry.

SUNDAY: Send me an email at Let me know what happened and how it went!


Dee said...

Anon, since you chose to ramble on about several topics, I will take each of your statements on, one point at a time.
PS: I knew these topics would stir up the raving ANTIs. I love it!!

Anonymous said...First I will have to correct you that very few people are bigoted towards legal immigrants.

Response: Try telling that to Marcelo Lucero (legal immigrant) who was murdered by the Caucasian Crew in LI last year as they screamed "go back to Mexico".
Or try telling that to the murdered Chilean students (here legally) who were murdered by extreme right winger Dannie Baker. Baker whispered to his neighbors prior to the murders the Immigrants had to go back to where they came from.

Or try telling that to the countless Latinos racially profiled in Maricopa county by Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons. Or try telling that to any Latino shopping at a home depot or walmart or the mall that get followed around by the MM goons, especially in Southern Cal.

Gee Anon! Where have you been?!?

Dee said...

Anon said...There is no anti-"immigrant" bigoted statements being spread around by Beck or anyone else.

Anon, you either do not listen to his show, are hard of hearing or you are choosing to blatantly lie to yourself.

Dee said...

Anonymous said....No, Dobbs did not accuse "immigrants" from Latin America of spreading leprosay.

HE and his guest most certainly did. (it's leprosy btw)AND that is why he later apologized. (as you later admitted)

pcorn54 said...

Dee, It is called a myopic view of the world in addition to not letting the facts get in the way of their opinion.

Liquidmicro said...

Response: Try telling that to Marcelo Lucero...etc

Anon stated very few people, which limits it to accepting and realizing that there are those out there that are racist.

As for the following: Or try telling that to the countless Latinos racially profiled in Maricopa county, this is nothing but your mere opinion, you have no documented factual evidence.

Now, since you wish to blame the few for the ills of all, then what of the Illegals whom drive drunk and kill LPR's and citizens? What of the children raped by Illegals? I can keep going on, but you should get the point now, although I highly doubt you will, as some things just never change.

Dee said...

Hardly ONLY my opinion Liquid.

Check out the blogs on Phoenix New Times. Check out countless comments and articles written to the newspapers in Phoenix. Go back to commenter George Velez who started his own blog and wrote on mine to protest all of the racial profiling and wrote a letter to Napolitano back when she was governor. Check out the countless numbers of protesters in Maricopa County who march EVERY DAY protesting the Racial Profiling. Look at the faces of the little children crying in fear. Check out the youtube videos of the arapaios masked goons harrassing families, children crying. Masses disturbed. The millions of dollars in lost civil court cases and pending court cases.

Merely my opinion...HAH!!
You are purely delusional and in denial if that's what you think!

Dee said...

As far as blaming the crimes of one drunk driver on everyone of his ethnicity. I guess that means you are guilty of the crimes of BTK, Gacy and Bundy, all middle aged white guys like you. Are you guilty of their crimes?? Only if you are will I blame the crimes of one Latino drunk driver on all Latinos or undocumented workers in the universe. Shame on you for LACK of logic!! Pitiful!

Liquidmicro said...

Cite a case in which Racial Profiling has been found against Arpio or against Maricopa County. I'll even go as far as all 67 agency's involved in 287(g). You and I both know you can't. As for your little children crying in fear picture, I have already debunked that one long ago.

The guilty by association you have projected in insinuating that people are bigoted towards legal immigrants by using Lucero and the Chilean Students makes my point. Figures you didn't understand, you can plead ignorance.

Dee said...

I know you are so excited that I am allowing you to post again, but stop your "ignorance" and name calling comments. Tread lightly my friend.

Regarding Arpaio, we all know he has lost over $40M in civil cases for wrongful deaths and other abuses. We all know that the Mayors of Phoenix, Mesa and Guadalupe have asked the Feds to investigate Arpaio, and they have. We all know that there have been several charges of racial profiling against him, however he has enough power to instill fear in the local prosecutors and he has been lucky not to be found guilty for his crimes, although he has lost Millions in Civil Crimes. We know he is guilty! The Feds are still investigating. His time will come. Read the local newspapers. He no longer controls them like he used to. His heyday is OVER!

Anonymous said...

Why did you cut off the last part of my post where I said that Dobbs had erroneous information and therefore he reported something not true? This is what you did to make me look like a liar. That was totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said....No, Dobbs did not accuse "immigrants" from Latin America of spreading leprosay. (you cut my sentence off here, why?). It was the most important part that explained how Dobbs came to do that? What are you doing?

liquidmicro said...

Allowing me to post again, yet you delete my comments. Typical, anything that points out your own fallacies gets deleted. What is it you like to espouse... You can't handle the truth and FACTS.

Dee said...

There are several things about your comments I do not like. You don't do them on every post but on many of them.
1. name calling
2. profanity/name calling
3. Pomposity/Ego/demagoguery
4. Going off topic and attempting to hijack my Blog.

The only thing in your favor is occassionally, very occassionally, you do make a good point and I enjoy learning, even from someone like you. If you ever learned to comment in one or two sentences, be polite and stay on topic, then you could stay. However, I know you can't help yourself, so know and understand I will continue to moderate your comments. This is, afterall, my Blog.

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