Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minuteman Vice President Al Garza QUITS the Minutemen!

Minuteman Vice President Al Garza Steps Down; Organization on Path He "Couldn't Endorse"
Al Garza's resigned as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps' second in command.

No, the "war" is not over, says Garza, who'd been the organization's vice president, but he can no longer support the Minuteman organization for a host of reasons -- including political infighting and how the group is perceived by the general public.

"Unfortunately, the public perception of the Minutemen has been tainted by our detractors and the media, which has successfully been enflamed by the internal and unnecessary strife," Garza says in a statement. "I do not see an end in sight for the problems plaguing what was once the greatest citizen movement in America."

Chris Simcox quit earlier this year. Who will be next??


Vicente Duque said...

Like in the tale of the amoebas that got drunk with moonshine and that had a riot inside the guts of a guy ...

They killed themselves throwing stones during the riot .... The stones were the sand that the guy ate after getting drunk. ( This is a popular recipe to get rid of amoebas in your intestines, get drunk and eat sand )

Al Garza's resigned and told a lot of lies and falsitites, like this one :

""Unfortunately, the public perception of the Minutemen has been tainted by our detractors and the media,...""

The Media, like Fox News have always been their friends .... Fox News never informed about the killing of Little Brisenia Flores ( 9 year old ) and her father. The Media does not inform about the Murders and Crimes of the Minutemen, there was almost total silence on the murder of the little beautiful girl ....

The Minutemen : It is their own fault that White People are beginning to perceive that this Minuteman Movement attracts scoundrels, criminals, the sons and daughters of Dysfunctional Families.

It also attracts those Whites that are unemployed, rejected by business and employers, and have empty refrigerators.

And those that are filled with inferiority complexes and self inflicted shortcomings.

Suddenly you find yourself being the Top Echelon of Evolution, the Superior Race and the representative of "God" and "Western Civilization" ..

How stupid ! ... As if Western Civilization were not the Work of Egyptians, Sumerians, Anatolians, North Africans, Mesopotamians, Persians, Jews, Phoenicians, Carthaginians. I mean lots of ancient populations that were not White and also the work of Romans and Greeks, peoples that were not Germanic, Blonde or Blue-eyed ....

These Racists !! ... How Imbecile !!! How Idiotic !! How Stupid !! .

The Minutemen !! .... The lowest scum !!

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

About the Minutemen :

"When you are in a run of Bad Luck, from the sky falls a lot of shit on you"

Minutemen hate Sonia

Sonia Confirmed ! ! - Sonia Yes 68 votes - Sonia No 31 votes in the U. S. Senate

No Democrat voted against her, and nine Republicans for her.

This is the triumph of the Hard Work of a Woman ! ....

It is also the Triumph of Many Nice People that have helped her in that incredible career.

It is also the triumph of Kindness and Humanity over Hate and Racism !

The Triumph of her Mother that was a widow with two small children - Her brother ( a Medical Doctor ), her aunts and family.

"I am what I am thanks to my Mother", Sonia says !!

It is the triumph of Many Nice People in her career, In the Cardinal Spellman High School, in Princeton and Yale, where she studied. It is the triumph of Friends in the Bronx, New York.

Of Legendary New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau that was her boss and life long friend.

Of Barack Obama that nominated her. Of New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, her friend, that has strongly supported her.

Of Senators : Amy Klobuchar, Diane Feinstein, Arlene Specter, Patrick Leahy, and many others that have been very kind and noble.

Vicente Duque

chaz said...

al garza es un puto renegado que olvidó sus raices, pero ni viviendo en la línea y regresando millones de compatriotas se le quitará su cara de indio mexicano, la madre que lo parió era una india mexicana pero a el se le olvida, por eso: al garza, FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER

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