Friday, August 28, 2009

Republicans Praying for Great White Hope to Defeat Obama in 2012

In response to a question from a conservative constituent concerned about the future of the Republican party, freshman Republican Lynn Jenkins said: “Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great White Hope. I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington.” She then went on to name a handful of younger Republicans who are, well, WHITE. (No Minorities)

The phrase "Great White Hope" was coined by writer (”Call of the Wild”) Jack London, who, like many whites of his day, was incensed by the athletic prowess of black boxer Jack Johnson. After Johnson beat a Canadian to claim the world heavyweight boxing title in 1908, London called for a “Great White Hope” to defeat him.

Rep. Jenkins' comment has made the rounds of the talkshows. And now Jenkins has given a half-hearted apology saying she "apologizes if her words have offended anyone. That was not the intent in any way, shape or form."

Would Jenkins have made this comment if our President was White? Probably Not. This reminds me of Palin's comment about "True Americans" being from rural, lily-white Mayberry towns. This certainly makes you realize both Jenkins and Palin as well as most Republicans consider Michael Steele a mere token and not one of their Leaders or their Hope!

As the Republicans continue to dig this hole for themselves, it appears their only figures of hope at this time are the lollipop kids, Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh! Shame! PS: Don't look for any minorities to vote Republican any time soon!


Vicente Duque said...

Great Old Party, Great White Hope, Great White Elephant - White Elephants do not earn their keep, and they eat and cost a lot - Republican Party

Kansas House Representative Lynn Jenkins said this week that the Republican Party needs a "Great White Hope" and enumerates a list of only White Persons as possible political candidates for the future.

The Republican Party or GOP is becoming a "Great White Elephant", but the problem is that White Elephants are very costly, useless, etc ... Many Sacred Laws of Kings forbid the use of White Elephants for practical purposes and for work.

In the following section wee see the Biggest White Elephants in South East Asia, Europe and North America :

White Elephants in Wikipedia

Some excerpts :

The term derives from the sacred white elephants kept by Southeast Asian monarchs in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. To possess a white elephant was regarded (and is still regarded in Thailand and Burma) as a sign that the monarch was ruling with justice and power, and that the kingdom was blessed with peace and prosperity. The tradition derives from tales in the scriptures which associate a white elephant with the birth of Buddha, as his mother was reputed to have dreamed of a white elephant presenting her with a lotus flower, a symbol of wisdom and purity, on the eve of giving birth.

Because the animals were considered sacred and laws protected them from labor, receiving a gift of a white elephant from a monarch was both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because the animal was sacred and a sign of the monarch's favour, and a curse because the animal had to be kept and could not be put to practical use to offset the cost of maintaining it.

Examples of notable alleged white elephants :

The Concorde, a supersonic transport built by Aérospatiale and British Aircraft Corporation, intended for high-speed intercontinental passenger travel. Only fourteen production aircraft were built, though it was planned that development costs were to be amortized over hundreds of units: the British and French governments incurred large losses as no aircraft could be sold on commercial terms. Concorde flew the transatlantic route for over two decades, and it did at least make a big operating profit for British Airways.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport runway 11/29 was conceived on the basis of traffic projections made in the 1980s and 1990s that warned of impending strains on the airport and the national air traffic system as a result of predicted growth in traffic at the airport. The $1 billion runway expansion was designed in part to allow for simultaneous operations on parallel runways in bad weather. Construction began in 1998, and continued even after traffic at the airport declined following the 9/11 attacks, the purchase of Trans World Airlines by American Airlines in April 2001, and subsequent cuts in flights to the airport by American Airlines in 2003. The project required the relocation of seven major roads and the destruction of approximately 2,000 homes in Bridgeton, Missouri. In addition to providing superfluous extra capacity for flight operations at the airport, use of the runway is shunned by fuel-conscious pilots and airlines due to its distance from the terminals. Even one of the airport commissioners, John Krekeler, deemed the project a "white elephant".

Montréal-Mirabel International Airport is North America's largest airport, but has been abandoned as a passenger airport.

Olympic Stadium in Montreal cost about C$1.61 billion. Since the departure of the Montreal Expos baseball team in 2004, it has had no main tenant. The debt from the stadium wasn't paid in full until December 2006. Because of the financial disaster in which it left Montreal, it was nicknamed "The Big Owe", "Uh-O", and "The Big Mistake".

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Attacks continue every month in Patchogue - Nobody is going to stop this Scoundrel Steve Levy ???

Patchogue, Long Island, New York - Patchogue is the branch of Hell inside the USA - Many attacks against Latinos, Asians, etc ... Complicit Complacency of Authorities

Suffolk's County Executive Steve Levy, the Great Racist and facilitator of Attacks, in Patchogue, Long Island, New York - Attacks have continued after the Horrible Murder of Marcelo Lucero.

Complicit Complacency with Racist Attacks and even with Murder

The Most stupid Racist Jokes and Remarks from Steve Levy.

Patchoque, Long Island, New York, where politician Steve Levy causes Millions of Troubles with his Hate for Latinos.

He tried to implement the infamous "Minutemen" in Long Island, he is a close friend of Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen. Remember that the Minutemen killed a beautiful 9 year old girl in Arizona and her father in a home invasion, on June 2009

Suffolk's County Executive, Steve Levy constantly says the most Racist and Stupid things and had animated the thugs and hooligans that kill Latinos like the horrible death of Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, November 2008.

Latino Mothers tell their sons never to get out at night and youngsters should go in pairs or bigger parties during the day.

Steve Levy is not only a comedian of Racist Stupid Jokes but a facilitator of Attacks to Latinos and other Races, like Sikhs, Asians, etc ...

The attacks against Latinos and Asians continue with the complacency of the Scoundrel :

"Long Island Wins" is a wonderful website - I have visited it many times

Following text is taken from "Long Island Wins"

Attack on Muslim Women Included Threats of Rape, Murder

Some excerpts :

In the News

By Patrick Young, Esq. CARECEN August 28, 2009 8:05 AM

The Islandia man who attacked two Muslim women last week, threatened to rape and kill them, according to a report in the New York Post. The Post quoted one of the victims, who said Joseph Ballance yelled at them: "This isn't Halloween! Get into my car so I can f- - - the s- - - out of you, chop you into little pieces and kill you".

In a rant that has become all too common in Suffolk, Ballance told police: "They don't belong here...They shouldn't be walking around like that."

Ballance allegedly spat on the car of Chervern Cartier and her 20-year-old daughter on August 20 at a Hess gas station in Smithtown. He then put his own car in reverse and tried to run them over. The women were dressed in Muslim robes.

While County Executive Steve Levy said yesterday that "This kind of behavior has no place in Suffolk", in fact, these types of crimes have become all too common in Suffolk. In Patchogue alone, there have been four bias incidents, including a brutal physical attack, in just the first nine months after the murder of Marcelo Lucero. The latest attack occurred just a week before the anti-Muslim outrage. Only one of the Patchogue incidents has resulted in arrests.

Vicente Duque

pcorn54 said...


Dee said...

Well, I would say that Lynn Jenkins is saying out loud what most republicans are whispering to themselves.

"We need a strong White Guy to beat Obama in 2012." Clear and Simple.

Most Republicans, particularly the racist extremists, are living in fear because a Black man (a minority) is in the White House. That is why you constantly hear from the extremists, "I want my country back." These closet racists are shivering in their boots that a black man/a minority is running our country. They are RACISTS and live in FEAR because they are SO AFRAID that a minority in power will treat them as minorities have been treated for centuries.

It is too bad they don't know and refuse to understand that all minorities want is EQUALITY!!! They have nothing to fear but their own racism.

Vicente Duque said...

Washington Post : Bad Politicians (and those talk radio fellows) are always telling people that they are wise and those folks in Washington are fools

Here is a very wonderful article in the Washington Post.

My opinion is that the President of the United States Mr Obama is very intelligent and very well intentioned. And the same for many congress people, the majority of them are wise and nice.

They were elected by free votes, they were elected by Democracy.... Most of them are wise and well informed, without hate or prejudices ....

Mr Obama and the U. S. Congress Members deserve respect ... I don't like hooligans in soccer, football, baseball or basketball ... people in verbal violence ?? NO, NO NO !

There are many demagogues in TV and Radio, they were not elected by free votes, but by Money and Capital .... They are Hate Merchants !! .... Their excellent business is to produce Fear and Hate .... and to tell the ignorant and fool that he is a Great Sage of Immense Wisdom !!

The Washington Post
Change We'd Rather Do Without
By Michael Kinsley
August 28, 2009

Change We'd Rather Do Without

Some excerpts :

Why does this happen? Some people (including me) say the voters are immature. Politicians (and those talk radio fellows again) are always telling them that they are wise and those folks in Washington are fools. Pollsters seek and validate their opinions on subjects they haven't bothered to learn anything about. Politicians drown them in benefits with no thought of how the bills will be paid. No wonder that citizens turn out like spoiled children. But "immature" is a label, not an explanation. It's just a guess, but my own suspicion is that the raucous town hall meetings that blindsided pols and press alike reflect the voters' true feelings -- misinformed, perhaps, but sincere -- and their previous passionate demands for what they now passionately oppose -- in a word, "change" -- were empty ritual. Discontent verging on anger is almost the price of admission to our political culture these days. You're nobody if you're not furious at Congress and/or the media and/or your health care and/or the president. To believe in your country's institutions is virtually unpatriotic.

Vicente Duque

Proletariat Defender said...

How dare the Republicans try to overthrow our leader. He's only doing what's right for the country.

We HAD to give the banks $23 trillion to save the country.

We HAVE to take over healthcare to make the whole system like Medicare and the VA medical system.

We HAVE to pass the energy bill, curbing greenhouse gases for environmental equality, so what is coal shuts down or manufacturing moves to another country if it won't comply here. Good riddance.
We don't want their dirty manufacturing here, only green business and goods.

We HAVE to start regulating the Internet to curb crime, bullying and racism regardless of what claim is 'free speech'.

Proletariat Defender said...

Please watch the WHOLE video.....

Anonymous said...

So it was alright for minorities to identify with Obama but not alright for this white woman to identify with having a white political candidate? Please explain (if you can).

Is it racist for blacks to be thrilled with any black political figure (which they are) and hispanics to be thrilled with any hispanic political figure (which they are) such as Sotomayer for example?

This of course won't get posted because the truth of the double standard for white people is too revealing.

Dee said...

Proletariat Defender,
Hmmmm...quite the contrarian.

Your video goes to show you that nutcases can come in all colors. e.g. james david manning. What a Nut!

Dee said...

As usual, you do not know what you are talking about. Obama was elected by voters who wanted a CHANGE from the last 8 years of terrorism (economic and global) brought about by GW Bush and his cohort Cheney.

We finally have an administration that is working to help WE THE PEOPLE. We finally have an administration that is honest, intelligent and well respected across the country and across the world. We have an administration that is working tirelessly to fix our economy (which is at the highest level since GWB destroyed it), averting a Depression, and getting us back in the upwards trajectory. The administration is working tirelessly to bring about Health Reform. He is being open and honest. That is why TRUE PATRIOTIC Americans support him.

I don't know why it is so hard for right wing extremists like you to understand that.

Dee said...

Secondly, it is people like Lynn Jenkins and YOU that are so focused on RACE! Shame on you! You are offended by President Obama because of the color of his skin. Like Jenkins said, "Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great WHITE hope." You see, HOPE that YOU (and Jenkins) can believe in ONLY COMES IN WHITE SKIN!

Anonymous said...

You are entitled to your opinion of whether or not Obama is good for our country. I am witholding judgement of him for the time being. I agree that the Bush administration was a failure. When did I say I was a right winger conservative? You certainly assume, don't you?

The truth is that many minorities voted for Obama strickly because of his race and therefore identified with him. I don't have a problem with that per se. I just don't like the double standards when a white woman such as Jenkins identifies similarly with a white presidential candidate.

I am focused on race? It wasn't I that started this topic that is basically about race.

Will this reply be posted?

ultima said...

Kinsley in the Washington Post, "Politicians drown them in benefits with no thought of how the bills will be paid."

That's what opponents of HR3200 have been saying. I guess they were right all along.

ultima said...

Proletariat Defender wrote, " what is coal shuts down or manufacturing moves to another country if it won't comply here. Good riddance."

Good luck with that approach. It's extremely unlikely everyone can be employed in a "green" industry. When America's heavy manufacturing base is gone, our country will lie defenseless and prostrate before the world--a big temptation for a new crop of aggressors and tyrants to arise and exploit our weakness. Maybe we can hit them with a solar panel, or a smoke staff scrubber!

ultima said...

Proletariat Defender wrote,"We HAVE to start regulating the Internet to curb crime, bullying and racism regardless of what claim is 'free speech'."

Worked well in Nazi Germany; why not here?

ultima said...

Dee wrote quoting Lynn Jenkins, "Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great WHITE hope."

Do you really think Lynn would have said this if she knew how you and others would misinterpret it? Think of it this way: "we need a great challenger to the president for the election in 2012." That is all she was saying. The expression may have had a racial connotation back when it was first uttered but now that it has worked its way into today's lexicon it means only what I stated above except for those who see everything through a racist lens darkly.

ultima said...

Here are the recognized definitions of "great white hope":

1.Noun 1. great white hope - someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field; "this company is the great white hope of the nuclear industry's waste management policy"

2.Something or someone that is expected to succeed. For example, Mark is the great white hope of the international division. This expression dates from the early 1900s, when heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who was black, seemed invincible and the term was used for any white opponent who might defeat him. It gained currency as the title of a Broadway play and later (1970) a film. By then it had been transferred to anyone of whom much was expected.

3.Someone who is expected to be a great success is a great white hope.

4.The problem and it certainly is not exclusively Rep. Jenkins is that people do not understand the language and have no concept of the references. As an example, to say that something is a tar baby has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a person's race. It is not related to a person's ethnicity. Yet the term, which means a situation that draws in with consequences, is now so misunderstood that it cannot be used in polite company. Rep Jenkins is NOT Glen Beck and I seriously doubt that she knew or intended to use the phrase 'great white hope' as a reference to Barack Obama's race. This is the thrashing of willfully ignorant people who are anxious to start a controversy. We have a moral obligation to be intelligent. We are living in the first country of the first world and we presume to tell Sunni to get along with Shiite, Jews to get along with Palestinians, Bosnians with Serbs, etc. What about us and our readiness to be critical, sarcastic and hyperbolic on every insignificant issue that can be turned into traction. We are better than this.

ultima said...

Dee wrote,"You are offended by President Obama because of the color of his skin."

No, you are dead wrong about this. Just for a moment try to imagine that Obama is a Republican with conservative views. Few Republicans and Independents would have difficulty with him because of the color of his skin. DEmocrats mights because they might view him as a traitor to liberal causes In other words it is strictly his views of the world and left wing policies and proposals that offend conservatives in both parties and should offend most of us.

Dee said...

anon said...When did I say I was a right winger conservative? You certainly assume, don't you?

Actually I have about 100 comments a day from Anonymous which I moderade/delete each day. All from right wing wackos who use profanity and continually go off topic.
If you wish to differentiate yourself from the Anonymous crowd, perhaps you should name yourself.

Proletariat Defender said...

Dee said:
"We have an administration that is working tirelessly to fix our economy (which is at the highest level since GWB destroyed it)"

Which time?

Dee said...

Ultima said...Do you really think Lynn would have said this if she knew how you and others would misinterpret it?

I suspect Jenkins is like Fuzzy Zoehler who said to reporters at the Masters tournament after Tiger Woods won:

Zoeller referred to Tiger Woods as "that little boy" and urged him not to order fried chicken or collard greens for the Champions Dinner next year.

Then later, just like Jenkins, Zoeller said:
"My comments were not intended to be racially derogatory, and I apologize for the fact that they were MISCONSTRUED in that fashion."

These racists remind me of Scarlett O'Hara, so protective of those she termed "her darkies." I guess neither Jenkins nor Zoeller have advanced since then.

Vicente Duque said...

The Hispanic or Latino Race doesn't exist - The Anglo Saxon Race doesn't exist - The American White Race doesn't exist

It is obvious that the Hispanic or Latino Race doesn't exist, many people from the North of Spain immigrated in Latin America many centuries ago. They were blonde and blue eyed because of being descendants of the Germanic Visigoths and other Germanic or Gothic tribes that began to invade Spain in many waves of Germanic Barbarians when the Roman Empire started to crumble in year 376 of our Christian Era. They are collectively known as the Visigoths ....

But I think that these invasions didn't modify the basic paleolithic structure of Spanish Genetics.... The same way that the invaders of England ( Romans, Anglo Saxons, French Normans, etc ... ) didn't greatly modified the basic Genetic pool of England, much less the British Isles, or places like Scotland, Wales, the small British Isles or Ireland, where the "Celts" or paleolithics didn't suffer so much genetic influence from Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings or French Normans.

The Anglo Saxons seem to be in a great obscurity and there are some genetists that believe that there were many other Germanic Tribes involved, but anyway as in the case of Spain, they didn't modify the basic paleolithic Genetic Structure of the British Isles, not even England, and the "Anglo-Saxon" genes, if they exist are confined to North East England and are not the Greatest Proportion in that population. Some English Genetists have a lot of doubts about the "Anglo-Saxons", probably they were not so numerous ... You find more Information in this site RACIALITY.COM

The Chronicle of Idacius in Spain, which ends in 468, is filled with the description of the raids made by the barbarian Vandals, Sueves and Visigoths in Spanish Territory. Total Chaos of Germanic Barbarians fighting each another.

Strongly fortified cities, such as Cartagena, Merida, Seville, Astorga and Palencia were attacked and pillaged by the Germanic invaders. The churches in these places were often destroyed, the people put to death, or reduced to slavery. The Visigoths defeated of the Sueves in 456 and their gradual conquest of southern and eastern Spain.

In 454 at the request of the emperor Avitus, the Visigoths again invaded Spain and inflicted a decisive defeat upon the Bagaudae ( other Germanic Barbarians ) and two years later (456) upon the Sueves ( more Germanics or Goths ) near Astorga. Under Euric (466-483), the ablest of the Visigothic leaders in the fifth century, the whole of Spain, with the exception of Galicia, came under Gothic control. In 507 the Franks under Clovis defeated the Visigothic forces at the battle of Vouglé, and the youthful ruler, Alaric II, was slain on the field of battle. The Visigoths were thus driven into Spain and of their former possessions in France only Septimania remained.

Vicente Duque ( just and aficionado )

My Main Source
Wonderful Scholar Treatment of Germanic Barbarians in Spain :

Paganism and Pagan Survivals in Spain up to the Fall of the Visigothic Kingdom
Stephen McKenna

Paganism and Pagan Survivals in Spain up to the Fall of the Visigothic Kingdom

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "I guess neither Jenkins nor Zoeller have advanced since then."

Zoeller was way off base and his apology could not undo the damage to his reputation.

The definitions above and the last comment under those definitions says it all. There is absolutely no reason for Jenkins to be included with Zoeller. It would be interesting to see what your reaction would be if some of your own postings were played back to you regarding Hispanics instead of Whites. I think you would be more in Zoeller's class at that point. Speaking of reform, there is still time for you to repent and stop the spin on everything everyone says where you see a opening to impugn their character or accuse them of racism.

Anonymous said...

Well so far I am the only anonymous who hasn't gotten their posts deleted then. I didn't use any porfanity and I haven't gotten off topic. I don't like being compared to other people when I am not them.

Regardless of my political affiliations which has nothing to do with my personal views about double standards, I don't see Jenkin's statement any different than Sotomayers. I think all public figures should not make racist remarks. No double standards for either side. But I don't see it as racist really for any race to identify with their own more than others. I think it only natural.

Dee said...

You chastise Zoeller but not Jenkins? Now that is funny.

And your chastising me?? LOL! That is especially funny from someone who terms California as "Mexifornia" and Latinos living in an area as "3rd Worlders". I suppose you consider that type of hate talk as being supposedly realistic. Hmpph!

Dee said...

I totally disagree. Sotomayor was referencing her own experiences as an example to help Latino children attain their education and be all they can be.

On the other hand, Jenkins is saying republicans are strugging to find their Great WHITE hope, their great WHITE candidate as president in 2012. It is almost comical that the 1st time a non-white is elected into office, the republicans/conservatives are running for cover crying "I want me country the hands of a WHITE guy!"

Anonymous said...

Funny, I never read anywhere on any Repulican sites that they want their country back due to Obama's race or skin color. Isn't that also why many Americans voted for Obama because they felt they had lost their country and associated him with change? Republicans and Democrats are always at odds with each other regardless of who is in charge.

I also disagree about Sotomayer because you left the part out of her statements that were racist and even sextist IMO. Quote: "I believe as a Latina with the richness of my experiences that I would more than likely reach better decisions than a white male". Now she may be a role model for her ethnic group because of the high position she has attained but that had nothing to do with her statement above. Let's say a white male judge said the same thing about a Latina judge. Wouldn't you be angry about that? I would hope so!

I don't think the Republicans need a Great White Hope. What they need is a good conservative candidae to make the public forget Bushes disastrous administraton. It doesn't matter what race or skin color he/she would be. But as I said every race seems to identify with their own more than others. I wish it were not so though.

Proletariat Defender said...


Are you saying you agree with the following statement?:

""I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

I would have to disagree.
The courts, laws, and society for that matter should look beyond trivial things like gender, "race", sexual orientation, and economic status. To play those out sets us backwards, and halts progressive achievements. I take this stance very seriously.

I'm reminded of a line from a speech that sums it up rather well:
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

I Believe that in today's age he would apply that to people view themselves, but I could be wrong.

Proletariat Defender said...

Ultima said:
"It's extremely unlikely everyone can be employed in a "green" industry."

As opposed to now? Do you keep up on current events?

"When America's heavy manufacturing base is gone, our country will lie defenseless and prostrate before the world--"

What heavy industry do we have left? Besides making weapons and sub-standard or overly priced vehicles, what's left?

"...a big temptation for a new crop of aggressors and tyrants to arise and exploit our weakness."

Just like GWB seized the temptation for power and control after September 11th, 2001?

We are already in the USSA, just get on board.

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