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Minuteman X Shares Insider MM emails suggesting Mercer, Simcox and Garza Scammed the American Public and Fled!

Minuteman X has sent me a very revealing email. The Leadership of the Minutemen were very aware of the corruptness at the top of their organization, including Mercer, Simcox and Garza. He reveals their corruptness has been long term, extensive and continuing! IF what the email indicates is correct, Simcox, Mercer or Garza should never, ever be elected to any public office. In fact, they should be investigated by the FBI and arrested for their crimes against not only the MM contributors, but their fraudulent crimes against the American public!
PS: My sources are saying this email was written my AZ Minuteman Stacey O'Connell.
Forwarded email from MM X:
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2009 11:37 AM
Subject: MCDC Pres. Carmen Mercer: FRAUD ALERT

Minutemen & Supporters,

It was announced by the Arizona Attorney Generals Office Friday that Carmen Mercer President of MCDC, along with a California company are the focus of a fraud investigation. The allegations come from unsuspecting property owners in States that include Arizona; that received mailers claiming to help reduce their property taxes if the send in $189. People in Arizona have been on alert for the past month as local media has reported this mailer to be a scheme, and have been advising people to disregard the mailer and report it to the Attorney Generals Office. In fact, I received one just last week. Little did I know that a Minuteman, President of MCDC; appears to be heavily involved.

The official complaint states that Carmen Mercer operated the PO BOX out of Phoenix Arizona that took in the over 1000 checks the company was to receive over the past several months, raising an astonishing minimum $189K in fees. Over the past 2 years, myself, former members of MCDC, and others- have been actively pursuing the MCDC Financials in detail from publicly unreleased 990s, Minuteman Fence Project financials from 06-current, unreleased By Laws, and Chapter Financial Statements. As you are aware, MCDC and its sister companies have been heavily involved in mass mailers on a national level to gain donations for a Minuteman Fence that was never built per its advertised intent or specification, and in fact still advertise for those donations today in both its and websites. Money comes into the MCDC via mail and over the internet, but nobody is allowed to know how much, where it goes, or gets to participate in building the fence they donated to. Mass Mailers.........such an easy way to get folks to donate to a grand idea when they cant participate themselves!

For those of us who were terminated 2 years ago for requesting a meeting with Chris Simcox, Carmen Mercer and Al Garza to discuss MCDC Financials....this fraud investigation by the AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard comes to no surprise. The MCDC leadership have refused to address the concerns of its volunteers for years, are blanketed in perceived corruption, and have been proven to be liars. There is no transparancy within MCDC, and those that inquire to leadership and ask for answers are banned.
Several weeks ago, Al Garza; National Executive Director and Board Member of MCDC- resigned to form Patriots Coallition, naming himself as Director/Founder. His website also links MCDC. In his resignation statements to Carmen Mercer, he sites his different approach to MCDC non-transparency, and how the MCDC has been mired in unfavorable media releases, along with internal infighting- as his reasons for departing the MCDC. I find the timing of Garzas resignation right on target to the time Mercer was likely advised she was being investigated for Fraud in a Property Tax scheme.
Coincidence? I call it like I see it.

Also recently, Chris Simcox sent an email to Al Garza and Carmen Mercer claiming that MCDC will be shut-down at the end of this year, and to continue with minor operations, and the bills would be paid until then.
Now, Im not convicting anyone of fraud....that's what the courts and a jury are for. But until then, let the facts fall where they may. We know that MCDCs Simcox, Mercer and Garza have been raising money nationally through mass mailers for 3 years. We know the status of that fence. And now we know that Carmen Mercer is under investigation for fraud in an entirely different idea.....lowering your property taxes if you send her $189. Coincidence? Is it possible Mercer could spend 3 years raising money for the Mintueman Fence through mass mailers........not build an Isreali styled fence they advertised for.....then go along with another company to do mass mailers to lower your property taxes? Sounds to me like tens of thousands of unsuspecting people are getting the short end of the stick. Simcox is running around Arizona to run for US Senate against McCain next year. A campaign in which he nor anyone else in Arizona has a chance of winning, and he knows it. But, there is money to be raised through Declaration Alliance and the MCDC PAC......Alan Keyes was the Master.....Simcox makes a good student. Minuteman/MCDC PACs make a ton of money........Ive seen it.
For those of you that shunned me and my pals for standing up, for those that told me to shut-up because the cause was bigger than the implied schemes...... still, you can donate to the Minuteman Fence Project, and of course pay your $150 fee to become a Mintueman. No more border operations. No more protests. No more sitting on post helping out the US Border Patrol. But send in your money, but dont tell anyone they are closing at the end of 2009!

There are no more MCDC Minutemen. The organization is now officially dead. No events. No Board of Directors that can be found. There are no members. The President is under investigation for fraud. The MCDC National Leaders have now officially killed what was started as a patriotic political protest in 2005, after turning it into a money grabbing, money hiding, scheme building effort to prey on those that want to secure the border and stop illegal immigration.
Goddard Files Lawsuit to Stop Alleged Property Tax Scam


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee for uncovering all these scams and frauds, mixed with Racism and Hate.

All these deceptions were based on Fear of the "Brownies" and "Third World" ... The swindlers were very shrewd and their victims were extremely naive and innocent, possessed by Fear....

We should continue studying these organizations of Hate and Fear, including Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee. They have always applauded the Minutemen and they are their accomplices in many crimes, including may murders of poor laborers.

It is incredible that such an Idiot as Mike Huckabee is trying to become president of the USA, right now !!

Aftere pandering to the Racists, to the Minutemen, to Jim Gilchrist and fawning over the Minutemen, in public and in writings.

I do not believe in God.

But if believed in such being, then I would say :

God, protect America of such scoundrels, and coward terrorists !!

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Racism and Inferiority Complexes
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Sources of Information
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Vicente Duque

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