Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama Continues to Support PRO Immigration Reform Perspectives!

An ANTI friend of mine sent me a message with this article (see below) saying President Obama was against the PROs and was not keeping to his promises to Latinos. The title of the article is: "Firm Stance on Illegal Immigrants Remains Policy." The reason my ANTI and Republican friend sent me the article is because there is nothing the ANTIs would like to see more than division between the PRO Immigration Reformers and our President.
What my ANTI friend and most Republicans fail to understand is the President and Janet Napolitano ARE making positive changes in regards to Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It is very important that we understand what the President and the Administration are doing in support of CIR. We also must understand the differences and difficulties in regard to actions that require legislation.
Obama's policies towards Immigration are not the same as Bush's. Here are some differences.
Obama/Napolitano have:
1. stopped the inhumane ICE Raids.
2. focused on penalizing the employers vs workers
3. focused on capturing violent felonious criminals and drug dealers vs targetting workers
4. modified 287(g) policies to target felonious criminals vs workers, reigning in the evil sheriff arpaio, his masked henchmen and their tactics.
-- These are positive steps, not negative.
His next steps are:
. reduce the backlog, particularly in Immigration Courts
. improve/automate the legal pathways to immigration and clear up the bottle-necked current process.
. improve the current Guest Worker process
-- these can be done without legislation
These next steps require legislation:
. establish a process that will enable those here to get in line and apply for citizenship.

-- Because this step requires legislation, we need to wait for the correct political climate for this to pass. I suggest AFTER the passage of Universal Healthcare which must pass this year. We can wait for CIR but it must pass in early 2010.
The NYTimes reports:
Firm Stance on Illegal Immigrants Remains Policy
After early pledges by President Obama that he would moderate the Bush administration’s tough policy on immigration enforcement, his administration is pursuing an aggressive strategy for an illegal-immigration crackdown that relies significantly on programs started by his predecessor. (not true) A recent blitz of measures has antagonized immigrant groups and many of Mr. Obama’s Hispanic supporters, who have opened a national campaign against them, including small street protests in New York and Los Angeles last week.
The administration recently undertook audits of employee paperwork at hundreds of businesses, expanded a program to verify worker immigration status (all in a move against employers) that has been widely criticized as flawed, bolstered a program of cooperation between federal and local law enforcement agencies, and rejected proposals for legally binding rules governing conditions in immigration detention centers (yet has not conducted, nor supported 1 ICE Worker Raid). “We are expanding enforcement, but I think in the right way,” Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary, said in an interview.

Ms. Napolitano and other administration officials argue that no-nonsense immigration enforcement is necessary to persuade American voters to accept legislation that would give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, a measure they say Mr. Obama still hopes to advance late this year or early next.


Anonymous said...

Is this the Hispanic mindset in this country, including yours dee?

So, with lawbreakers (unrelated to immigration violators) law enforcement should only go after murderers and rapists but let the purse snatchers and house invasions of the nation go free? Go after the bank robber but let the one driving the get-a-way car go free? Pick and choose which laws to enforce or punish regardless that our laws state that both misdeamenor and felons offenses warrant punishment? That isn't what this country is all about nor should it be. A nation of laws enforces ALL laws against ALL offenders. You don't belong here, dee. You don't respect this country's principles or laws. You are only an American on paper.

Dee said...

This is the PRO perpective.

These steps allow for enforcement of current immigration laws and supports clearing up and correcting of the backlogged and bottle necked current processes. This also allows those here who are contributing and are felonious crime free to get in line and apply for citizenship.

You forget most of them have been here +5 - 20 years. They are working. Their only alleged crime is a civil violation, just like when you forget to put your most recent insurance card in your glove box or when you speed over 1 mile an hour, or forget to buckle your seatbelt.

These are not hard core criminals.

Logical Americans agree and understand the history of Immigration into our country over the last 100 years. Most logical Americans DO NOT support Mass Deportation. they are looking for a logical method to resolve our immigration issues so we can focus on fixing our economy, resolving healthcare and living in Peace in the world.

ultima said...

Ultima's comments embedded in the NYT article can be seen here

ultima said...

Loyal Americans understand the history of Immigration into our country over the last 200 years and realize that our immigrant "past" is just that,in the "past". Most loyal Americans know that there is no point in lving in the past. The conditions in this country are not the same as they were in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and never will nor should they be ever again. Loyal Americans support the the systematic and gradual repatriation of illegal aliens holding jobs Americans need and want. Mass Deportation is an ad hominem term invented by the anti-America leftists. Loyal Americans are looking for a logical method to resolve our immigration issues based on secure borders and legal immigration limited to our precise needs and focused on those who will help America stay competitive.

Within that loyal American agenda there is plenty of room to accommodate those who are not holding jobs needed by unemployed citizens and who have been here for a long time, are socially integrated and culturally and linguistically assimilated to America, are willing to pay any back taxes, can pass a health exam and background check, and who are willing to renounce any allegiance to foreign governments and any dual citizenship. These are the conditions immigrants met in the past.

ultima said...

The most effective guerrillas are not in the jungles of Colombia or Venezuela or even the Hindu Kush. They're traveling light on the highways and byways of America, aided by the pseudo-humanitarian organizations, the separatist cells, the Brown Berets,the ambitious lobby groups and politicians in the nooks and crannies of a free society. The politicians cling to the beaten tracks of old ideas, multicultural pieties,and a general hope that things will turn out for the best if we just capitulate and give Hispanics everything they want: amnesty, open borders,equal status for their language and culture, and more government largess. "We're the ones who will change you," the Hispanics say. "Otherwise you can go back to Europe or wherever you came from. The numbers are on our side in the long run. But even before that it is not necessary for us to have a statistical majority to function as one as we have seen in a number of elections. We elect Congressmen like Salazar, Menendez, Gutierrez and others who are willing to obstruct any bill that would be effective in securing the borders, establish a national language, and curb the excesses of immigration zealots. This is ample evidence that we have already won and all that remains is for us to claim the spoils (Mexico Norte) of the unarmed invasion."

ultima said...

And how could one know what the consequences of this might be? Easy--one need only reflect on the failed countries from whence they came, countries that were and are incapable of taking care of their own people. These are countries characterized by corruption, crime, oligarchy, poverty, joblessness,and over population. What else could explain their exodus?

Dee said...

Ultima said..."past" is just that,in the "past".

I realize how convenient it is for the ANTIs to try to forget history and forget the events that led us to where we are today. You sound so much like George W Bush. He failed to accept accountability for his actions, the left turn to a wrongful war, his abuses providing contracts to cronies like Halliburton and Blackwater and GEO Group.

But you know what philosophers say, "Those
who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

True, logical, loyal Americans understand our history, realize how we contributed to our current state and support actions to make changes. This includes Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Dee said...

Ultima said, "mass deportation is an ad hominem term invented by leftists.."

Hah! LIES!

Try going on any ANTI website. Mass Deportation is the rallying cry of the ANTIs. Start with Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh, Malkin, all the folks at alipac, stormfront, minutemen, etc etc etc

Dee said...

Ultima said...Anti-Americans

Here are the Anti-Americans:
. Birthers, especially those who incite violence; all who show false documentation to attempt to overthrow our President.
. Those who shout down speakers and audiences at Town Hall meetings
. Teabaggers who incite violence and carry signs demonizing our President.
. Hate Crime Murderers
. Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh, Malkin and anyone that incites violence and overthrow of our President

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Try going on any ANTI website."

Try going to any Pro-America website:


ultima said...

Bush's legacy may still be an important one in terms of some degree of democratization of Iraq and the enablement of our withdrawal. I know nothing about the details of the contracts you refer to but such contracts and pork of all kinds is the stock in trade of all politicians. Check the line item appropriations for ACORN and La Raza.

No one is suggesting that we ignore the lessons of history; it's just that history by defintion is past and we have to move on from that point not backwards as though nothing has changed. I think it is hopelessly naive to think we should continue business as usual immigratgionwise when so much has changed and our population has exploded. These changes beg for a different outlook and different policies than prevailed in those earlier times. It is exactly that kind of thinking that drove GM and other companies to bankruptcy. Companies and products must continue be evolve or be invented or re-invented to survive. So do countries and immigration policies. We won't repeat history but we will be in for surprise like GM's if we think the kind of CIR you favor will move our country forward. Instead, that CIR will be like the one implicitly written by Native Americans in the early days of the settelment of this continent. They would say history is indeed repeating itself and the newer settlers have turned out to be no brighter and in some sense even more naive than we were.

I'm not saying I relish Dobbs, et. al. as the spokesmen for the Pro-America movement. They may do more harm than good. I hope they at least call attention to the problem so that people can begin to think for themselves what this might really mean for America.

I have never felt that Hispanics are stupid or inherently bad. I fault them primarily for their support of immigration rules that are not in the national interest. They are fully capable of becoming good American citizens but don't seem to have the best interest of our country at heart -- or it they do, they are a distant second behind their personal interests and those of their brethren.

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