Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Lou Dobbs Is Unpatriotic and Should be Fired!

Why Lou Dobbs is Unpatriotic:
The term Patriotism suggests we have a love for our country. Patriotism, during times of war, means not only support for our country and for our military , it also means we as citizens are supportive of our President, our government and our way of life. Patriotic Americans do not support overthrow, demonization or demoralization of our citizenry. Dobbs has supported the zealots from the Birther movement to continue their attempted overthrow of our administration. Have you listened to the Leader of the Birther Movement, Orly Taitz? She is their leader. See her youtube.

This is the person Dobbs is supporting. Listen to what she says. She is calling for the President to be removed from office. She supports her claim with a fake Kenyan birth certificate. She is calling Obama a Nazi and his supporters Brown Shirts. What a nutcase. SHE IS LEADER OF THE BIRTHERS. This is who Dobbs is supporting.

It is extremely unpatriotic to support someone who is calling for the overthrow of our American Government by removing our President over false claims. These are grounds for Treason! These are times of war. The terrorists are ROFLOL over this mess.

Lou Dobbs' ratings are falling because the American Public does not want to watch his anger filled diatribes any more. If CNN allows him to continue to support his freedom of speech, then CNN should run the media matters ad to support their freedom of speech. Allow the ratings to provide the reason for Dobbs dismissal.


Vicente Duque said...

Sonia Superstar's Pedicure : Racists' Hate Humor against Sonia Sotomayor, Funny Jokes show the Pain, Frustration, Angst of Racists vs Celebrity Sonia

Sonia Sotomayor, SS for short, is a superstar like MM ( Marilyn Monroe ) or BB ( Brigitte Bardot ) - She is now replacing Lady Di and Michael Jackson.

She is now a Celebrity in most Celebrity Websites, besides the Goddesses of SEXY !!

I am collecting Racist Hate Humor and Jokes against Judge Sonia Sotomayor ---- I want to serve people and be useful to masochists that love or hate Sonia and suffer with this stuff, also to wicked sadists that feel a lot of Sexual Pleasure with the Pain, Frustration and Angst of Racists

1) It is reported that Ms Sotomayor ate fried chicken at gourmet shop Salamander :

So a Hater of Hispanics with many stereotypes in his head wrote :

"I'm surprised she had to go out for chicken -- doesn't she have them running around in her house?"

2) Sonia Sotomayor went to Suki's for a pedicure :

Another Racist wrote : "Sorry this cow needs to have her cloven hoofs polished"

Other Racist : "I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little. I'd rather watch Ernest Borgnine get a bikini wax."

"There's something very compelling about Sonia Sotomayor," said Navarro, the consultant. "When she was hobbling around on crutches, her (toenails) were painted bright orange red. That's not Judge Ginsburg. You know no Latina worth her salt would be caught dead with unpedicured feet."

3) An Angry Racist about Sonia :

"she's so boring why is she always in the press???"

I will continue feeding you with Sonia Superstar Humor .... Here :


Vicente Duque

pcorn54 said...

""Other Racist : "I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little. I'd rather watch Ernest Borgnine get a bikini wax.""

Hey! I bet Jeff Schwilk posted that comment. He seems to have an obsession with men doing girly things

Vicente Duque said...

Laughing Out Loud at Racist Idiots : Hate, Fire, Brimstone and Sulphur from Weekly Standard against Sonia Sotomayor - Ridiculous Hate, Envy, Jealousy

The Weekly Standard and its Current Devils in chief, editors are founder William Kristol and Fred Barnes

I laugh everyday at what Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer say in Fox News, I call them the Mummy and the Zombie, for their ridiculous Neoconservatism. They live in the House of Miss Havisham from the Novel "Great Expectations" of Charles Dickens. Mis Havisham is angry and frustated for having being left by her Bridegroom while she was in Wedding Dress. She became a Frustrated Spinster.

Those guys Krauthammer and Barnes were left in the Reagan Glorious Years of Conservatism. They are stale and have the lack freshness of the Wedding Cake of Miss Havisham that was still available when Pip when to play in the House of this Angry Frustated and very Mean lady.

And I am going to tell you a story of Hell ( The Weekly Standard )

The New York Times published a beautiful, nice story about Sotomayor being humble, kind, lacking arrogance, accessible, cordial, friendly, human, without arrogance or haughtiness with poor people. Out of the Court and the Bench she invites poor people to her home. It was deeply researched by non latino journalists.

"To Get to Sotomayor’s Core, Start in New York"
July 9, 2009

"To Get to Sotomayor’s Core, Start in New York"


And then a Lady of the Weekly Standard, Mary Katharine Ham on July 10, 2009, threw up venom and poison against Sotomayor and the Journalists of the New York Times :

"The New York Times Profiles Sonia Sotomayor's 'Rich Experience' in at Least Two NYC Boroughs"


I always laugh a lot when people write stupid things ... This lady is filled with Hate. Her review exudes and sweats with Envy and Jealousy :

Some excerpts :

In this profile, we find that Sonia is both everyman and Renaissance woman, who power-walks the Brooklyn Bridge and power-lunches in the village. Swoon. We are informed, in the first three paragraphs, that she throws Christmas parties "where judges and janitors spill into the hallway" and is "godmother to the children of lawyers and secretaries alike."

Sotomayor, as we've been informed ad nauseam, has a compelling life story that started in a low-income, mostly single-parent Puerto Rican home in the Bronx. It is not at all surprising that she has connections with both the community she came from and the tony world to which she rose. One would hope that she treats those relationships with more authenticity than the reporter, who paints them into gauche, low-income caricatures on the progressive tableau of Sotomayor's life. (Oh, look dahling! She was kind enough to invite the janitors. How delightfully real and tolerant and New York of her.)

Sotomayor herself even becomes a caricature in the hands of the writer, so very anxious is he to inform you of both her superiority as a woman of color steeped in the grit and culture of the City of New York, and by extension (and perhaps more importantly), his liberal superiority in recognizing her as such.

Sotomayor didn't just advise clerks and invite them into her home, naturally attentive to those in whom she saw her own struggles. No, that would be so average (and is likely true of every Justice on the high court). Visiting Sonia Sotomayor is "akin to seeing a Puerto Rican tía, an aunt, replete with dishes of rice and chicken." Oh, the duality! I'm simultaneously aching at the profundity and totally impressed that he knows the word, "tia" (and how to make an accent mark on the keyboard).


Vicente Duque

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