Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breaking News: North Korea Pardons Jailed Journalists After Bill Clinton's Visit

Good Job Bill, Hillary and President Obama!! Bill Clinton's private Peace Mission to release the journalists was successful.
Message to Republicans: Peace and Diplomacy works!!
ABCnews reports:
North Korea Pardons Jailed Journalists After Bill Clinton's Visit
North Korea's state agency said the country's leader Kim Jong-Il pardoned two jailed U.S. journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, just hours after former President Bill Clinton arrived in the country. Clinton, who took a surprise trip to the country to negotiate the release of the two journalists, met with them earlier in what was a very emotional meeting, a government source told ABC News. The source, who has knowledge of the Clinton team's mission, was hopeful that the two will leave North Korea tonight for the United States, possibly even on the same plane as Clinton.

Clinton arrived in Pyongyang early Tuesday and met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il to talk about the two journalists, who were arrested after straying into the country while they were reporting on the Chinese-North Korean border. Ling and Lee were later convicted and sentenced to 12 years hard labor. The White House today had little to say about the former president's visit except to stress that this is a "private mission."

"It's a little sensitive," said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. "We will have more to say on this hopefully later on."
Gibbs denied reports by North Korea's state media that Clinton carried a message from President Obama to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. The Korean Central News Agency said that Clinton 'courteously' conveyed a verbal message from Obama, and that Kim expressed thanks and engaged in "sincere talks" with Clinton. The defense ministry hosted a banquet at the state VIP house for the former president, according to North Korea's state media. "While this solely private mission to secure the release of two Americans is on the ground, we will have no comment. We do not want to jeopardize the success of former President Clinton's mission," Gibbs said in a statement released earlier today.


pcorn54 said...

I bet we know what Bill's having for dessert tonight, or maybe the main course!

Notice how he got on the plane first?

(Calm down Dee! I've voted for Bill ever since he first ran for attorney general of Arkansas. He's a helluva a human being and a family friend)

Dee said...

Bill is a hero.
He paid for his misdeeds and I am sure Hillary reminded him often.

He is a very good diplomat and brought us prosperity and peace during his time in office. You gotta respect him for that.

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