Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who is REALLY PAYING to Kill Health Reform?

From (click to enlarge)
From AHIP (Americas Health Insurance Providers), to Big Pharmaceuticals, to Conservative Groups like Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, to Hospital Systems -- ALL GROUPS that are profiting from the current Broken Healthcare System, are REALLY PAYING the right wing pundits (e.g. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck) and supporting the so called teabaggers and 912s who are disrupting the Town Hall Meetings and stopping constructive dialogue.


Dee said...

Oh, So this is where everyone is getting those crazy broadcast emails from.

"Attend the teabag rallies. Wear this sign!"

"Obama is a socialist"

Blah Blah

all provided to you by those that want to STOP the bill!!

Dee said...

This is where Beck and Limbaugh, Malkin etc get their talking points from!

Susan said...

Thank you for showing us this chart Dee. I think it is very helpful to show all of us what the other side is doing.

Please keep doing what you are doing and don't listen to the antis that always gang up on you.

Dee said...

You are welcome. I found this chart on

Now we see who is really behind the HATE messages against Healthcare Reform.

Liquidmicro said...

Here's some quick info for your lack of actually knowing anything of what you attempt to speak.

Look to the upper left corner of your picture... do you see the name Dewey Square Group? Do you know with whom the Dewey Square Group is connected? it's not the Republicans.

Elderly used as front in letter-writing campaign 'Grass-roots' effort looks more like Astroturf

Dewey Square Group

Dee said...

I know you still pine away and read my blog every day. I read my reports. So sorry about your blog blowing away in the wind with no viewers.

Re: Dewey Square Group... I suggest you look them up on the web. They pander to the highest bidder on both sides. Both for and against Healthcare reform and ALL political issues.

That is the problem. The Republicans, Insurance Industry and Healthcare Lobby, as per my chart, are spending BILLIONS to try and STOP the Healthcare Bill. READ THE CHART. All the teabaggers and deathers and birthers are given their talking points from these paid groups who primarily serve the right. Their hate filled and paid for pundits are paid for by many of these lobbyists firms. Far right wing extremists like cry baby Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh Malkin puppet (created by her hubby) are ALL paid for by the right wing extremist lobbyists. That is what is wrong with this discussion. Plus most of their talking points are BLATANT LIES!!

Cry-baby Beck is the worst of the worst. That wacko nutcase continues to instigate violence with all of his blantant crybaby LIES!!! He is a disgrace and should be sent quickly to the mental hospital where the big crybaby belongs!!

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