Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Republican Senator Grassley, a member of the Gang of Six, Condones Assassination Threat Against our President in Town Hall Meeting!

Sen. Grassley, a member of the "Gang of Six" said NOTHING when a right wing extremist grandpaw, at Grassley's town hall meeting, said our President Obama was "a little Hitler" and advocated assassination of our President as he said, "if enough of you with guns want to go with me to Washington!"

What is WRONG with Republicans!! Why do they sit still when talk of "Hitler" or talk of assassination comes up in their Town Hall meetings. Why are Republican Senators sitting still for this Beck 912 Talk? Beck and his followers are assassins. Their hate-filled attacks have gone beyond hyperbole. They are talking assassination. The penalty is Prison. Be gone assassins. Off to PRISON with you!

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Anonymous said...

Why any Hispanic would want to be a Republican? It would just be DUMB. Wake up republicans, some day we will be the majority and you will have no chance.

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