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Minuteman Murderer Gunny Bush Feigns Innocence AFTER his Confession!

The Prosecution has a wealth of evidence against Gunny Bush for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her dad. The evidence includes:
1. Gunny Bush's signed and video-taped confession.
2. The bullet in his leg from Brisenia Flores' mother's gun.
3. DNA evidence from the crime scene, including Gunny Bush's blood from his wounds.
4. The gun and other weapons used the night of the murder of Brisenia and her dad.
5. Testimony from his partners in crime.
6. Testimony from Chuck Stonex who tended his bullet wounds the night of the shootings.
7. Plus much, much more.

Given all of this evidence and his own signed, video-taped confession, you would think that Bush would be shying away from the media, hiding in his prison cell, laying quiet, hoping against hope that this bad publicity would go away.

Not so!!

Bush, with all of his bravura, and against his lawyer's advice, has contacted the media and has now attempted to take back his confession. During this taped interview, he told the reporter from the Arizona Daily Star a story worthy of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox. What did he tell the reporter in this taped interview:

1. He is taking back his confession. He said he is innocent and did not commit the murders.
2. He was actually working as an undercover operative for some unknown group. Not the Police. Not the FBI. Not the SPLC, but some unknown group he will not name at this time.
3. He is not a minuteman. He is not ANTI Immigrant or ANTI Latino. In fact he is FOR Open Borders.
4. He said the real terrorists are within the Minuteman ranks, however he is not free to name them at this time.
5. He said there were six actual culprits. He knows who they are but will not name them at this time.
6. He said there is currently a conspiracy, "out to get him". He is merely a stooge and needs a high priced lawyer to help him, not just some court appointed flunky. He is hoping, with this interview, to have some high priced lawyer see his cause and come in and build a case for him. Otherwise he is doomed because of an incompetent defense.

Read the entire Interview here.


Vicente Duque said...

Understanding Racism and Hate - Understanding Racists - The case of the "successful" Racists. - Erich Fromm and his Theories

I am at the beginning of a Long Journey, a Long Voyage, or Pilgrimage.

Trying to understand Racism and Racists.

The first observation is that usually Racists are boxes filled with "Inferiority Complexes", with many Inadequacies. This is a Gold Mine, but doesn't explain everything .... This Idea doesn't explain all the Psychological Makeup of the Racist.

A good friend wrote this :

"There are a plethora of successful intellectual people who are strongly racist and quite hateful. When people live in a bubble in this life, living and working with people who look like themselves, it is easier for their racial views to replicate their lifestyle. I absolutely believe that people also tend to me more racist who are narcissists and omnipotent personality types who demand that “Others” live as they do and cannot accept individuality much less race differences."

Yes, friend, your paragraph makes me think a lot..... I am only at the beginning of a Journey of Research into the mind of Hate ....

I can only explain a small part of the story .....

Those people that are "successful", that are TV Anchors in Fox News, or that are invited guests in those programs of Fox News are more difficult to explain ...

But I suspect that there is always a story of "revenge" against life or something lost in childhood .... And this is a "success" that I do not envy ....

Our concept of "Success" based on money and fame may be a perversion. This needs more research .... I think that one of the Great Psychoanalists Erich Fromm delved a lot on this matter of success ....

Erich Fromm was the only child of Orthodox Jewish parents, born in 1900

From Wikipedia :

Fromm believed that freedom was an aspect of human nature that we either embrace or escape. He observed that embracing our freedom of will was healthy, whereas escaping freedom through the use of escape mechanisms was the root of psychological conflicts. Three main escape mechanisms that Fromm outlined are automaton conformity, authoritarianism, and destructiveness.

Automaton conformity is changing one's ideal self to what is perceived as the preferred type of personality of society, losing one's true self. The use of automaton conformity displaces the burden of choice from the self to society. Authoritarianism is allowing oneself to be controlled by another. This removes the freedom of choice almost entirely by submitting that freedom to someone else. Lastly, destructiveness is any process which attempts to eliminate others or the world as a whole to escape freedom. Fromm said that "the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it" (1941).

Souce of this paragraph :

Erich Fromm in Wikipedia

More research into Racism here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

A World of Madness and Imbecility : Nazi IQ, Drag Queens, Village Idiots, Automatons, Dysfunctionality, Inferiority Complexes, "Fidei Defensor", etc ...

The World of "His Holiness Pope Sixtus VI" seemed very mad, with Cesar Borgia, his son, commiting all types of crimes, his daughter Lucrezia Borgia had some husbands that were killed by another brother of this lady......

Many cardinals were poisoned in the struggle for power, and there were Great Orgies with Cardinals, Popes and Vulgar Courtesans, Hetaeras or Prostitutes.

The World suffers from periodical madness and becomes a madhouse. Henry VIII in England changing the National Religion and killing some of his beautiful lady lovers, and killing a Great Intellectual Thomas Moore, this saint Moore also burned hereticals.

The Times of Hitler was another Madhouse Period in History, that the Nation of Great Poets, beautiful Literature and Prose, Great Scientific Achievement, the World of Freud and Jung and Adler, etc.... became so idiotic and imbecile !

One guy told me that the Nazis were intelligent ! .... I find this very hard to believe... probably they were automatons as Erich Fromm tells us .... those fools that never escape the prejudices, customs and mores of their class, town, school or club ....

But how can I explain Great Scientists like Werner Von Braun being Nazis or being in the SS. Lots of Archaeologists, Rocketry Scientists, Biologists, etc ... embraced the Nazi Party to have a loaf of bread and a piece of ham on their table.

How about Heidegger ???, so Nazi and so Imbecile ?? Perhaps Heidegger is an idiot and nobody understands him, except those fools that want to gain a status by being followers of Heidegger !

And how about Werner Heisenberg from the "Uncertainty Principle" in Physics, Nazi Scientists making an Atomic Bomb for Hitler ???

And Wernher Von Braun ?? .... making rockets v1 or v2 to destroy London ??

My Theories of Inferiority Complexes and Automatons ( Erich Fromm ) do not explain all the Madmen for Racism and Jingoism, only the low IQ's.

And the Drag Queens of Fox News ?

And the idiotic bigots, enthusiasts and fanatics that follow Fox News and its despicable Drag Queens of Excessive Histrionics, Gestures, Gesticulation, The Farcical Patriotism, the Hypocrisy, Idiotic Racism and Jingoism, etc ..... ???

Are they the same "Village Idiots" that voted for George W. Bush ?? .... This expression was first coined by Cenk Uygur, a guy that I deeply respect, and that I admire for his optimism in this World of Madness and Imbecility.

Perhaps, most of them are just the Automatons of Erich Fromm, unable to think for themselves, and believing that they are defenders of Freedom and Liberties.

As Henry VIII was the "Defender of the Faith", Pope Leo X gave to King Henry VIII of England the title "Fidei Defensor" ...

The followers of Fox Idiots are defenders of Freedom and Liberties as Henry VIII was the "Fidei Defensor" ...

Vicente Duque

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