Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unemployed Americans Won't Do AgJobs! Time for Immigration Reform!!

Over the past 20 years, the USA has lost Global and Domestic Agricultural Market Share to Foreign Competitors. Even though America has some of the richest farming lands in the world, America cannot staff sufficient number of Agjobs to harvest the crops grown in the USA. So instead, these agricultural markets and jobs are outsourced overseas.

The insufficient number of workers willing to perform AgJobs in America is continuing to dwindle. This is not an economic issue. American Workers simply DO NOT WANT to perform these jobs. The work is too hard. The wages too low.

Today, there are sufficient Latino Workers willing to immigrate, come as Guest Workers willing to do these jobs, the jobs they have performed for decades. But they WON'T COME! Why? Because of the Hate-Filled Era created by the AM Shock-Jocks like Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Hannity and Limbaugh.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we discuss and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform in our Country. We should fix our broken processes, fix the backlog in the immigration courts, establish a path for legalization for those here felonious free, and most of all, end the era of Hate Crimes against Latinos and allow a Guest Worker program that works.

Guest Voz: Dick Joyce - owner - Sherwood -based Joyce Farms:
Dick Joyce's father started the family farm in 1910 and over the years sold everything from grain to dairy products, cattle and hazelnuts. During harvest, Joyce says, neighboring farmers would go from farm to farm with a community threshing machine to cut the grain.
When the Joyce farm grew to include cherry orchards, during harvest time the family bused in pickers from Portland's West Burnside Street, Joyce says. Most were "Anglos," he says, and a few were African Americans.
"Some people termed them as 'winos,' others as 'fruit tramps,'" Joyce says. "These guys would travel and follow the crops."
At other orchard, nursery and berry operations, women and children worked during summers to pick crops, Joyce says. When laws restricted children's work in agriculture, "the children didn't get training, they didn't get the incentive to work," he says.
And more Oregonians left the rural areas for city life, Joyce says. "Over time, as their economic situation improved, people were not interested in farm work."
In the 1980s, the state saw a rapid influx of Mexicans, who filled the hole in the labor market, Joyce says. "Nobody was displaced as a result of their coming."
Joyce, who has sold most of his land, now runs a 40-acre fruit tree nursery and a maintenance business. He employs about 20 permanent workers -- all Latinos. Many have worked for him for more than two decades, he says, and he now employs their children.
"Culturally, white Americans have moved away from agriculture, and it isn't a matter of money at all," Joyce says. "There's no amount of money that you can lay on the table to make them work."
Joyce hopes to see a change in immigration law that would tighten borders and allow farmworkers to gain legal status.
Monty Smith, former farmworker, Scio
Monty Smith has done farm work since he was 12. He has worked on horse ranches, dairy farms, berry farms, plus cattle, sheep and goat farms. His family, originally from Oklahoma, followed crops from state to state.
"I love farming; sometimes it's very rewarding," he says, "though it could be a real pain."
Smith, 38, says most of his family and neighbors have dropped out of agriculture. He lives in rural Linn County south of Salem, but none of his friends do farm work.
"Farming is just something the American people don't do anymore," he says.
Most of the time, Smith has worked with Latinos and was "the only white guy working." White, non-Latino Americans shy away from agriculture, he says, because of low pay.
"It seems to me like a lot of Oregon workers are looking for higher-pay jobs -- $11 to $12 an hour -- not minimum wage," Smith says. "It takes a lot for a person to raise their family, and farms don't pay that."
Farm work can mean eight- to 18-hour days, toiling in the scorching sun or cold rain, relocating and having little family time. And many farmers don't pay overtime.
Smith was a farmworker, he says, because he didn't have family obligations. (He separated from his wife eight years ago, and his two children live in Missouri.) But last spring he got a job as a heavy-equipment operator with Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, patching potholes and fixing water pipes. He doesn't plan to return to farm work.

Stable farm labor seems elusive in global economy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All of my Viewers! And Yikes! No Nativity Sets!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I had a wonderful family day. My oldest son, his wife and sons joined my husband son and I for a Thanksgiving feast. We enjoyed all of the usuals, Salad, Veggies, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Dressing, Broccoli, rolls and pumpkin pie with whipped cream for desert.

At the dining room table, we held hands and prayed a Thanksgiving prayer. Then, starting with our youngest grandson, we each said what we were most thankful for. Both before and after the feast, everyone watched football, football and more football. My grandsons already play in city league football so they were very in tune with the games. My daughterinlaw and I also studied the Black Friday ads to decide if we would dare go shopping and face those crazy crowds and traffic.

Throughout the day I kept thinking about how blessed I was, while knowing in the back of my mind, my brother is going through a medical crisis which will soon end his life. My brother, a veteran, is critically ill. His VA benefits have been quite helpful throughout his illness. His family has drawn so close through his illness. So much strength through such difficult times.

At the same time, I thought about how each of us respond to Holidays. My mother and father taught us many traditions, including Holiday celebrations and their relationships to God and to Family. My family has always upheld these traditions, keeping God and his Blessings included with them. That is why Thanksgiving has been so special to me. That is when Family truly spends time together appreciating one another.

My husband loves holidays too. He convinced me earlier in the week to go shopping with him so we could have our house decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving . We have most of the decorations, so we were looking to buy a few new lights and knick-knacks. We decorate both the Family Room and the Living Room. He takes one room and I the other. We always have a Nativity Scene on the mantle. I was looking to buy a new one. I thought for sure I could purchase a new Nativity Scene at Walmart. Nope. They didn't have one. I went to the manager and he said they were not selling enough of them to stock them. I went to Michaels - surely Michaels would have them. Nope. Michaels did not have them either. Finally, the only store I could find with a Nativity Scene was Garden Ridge and they only had ONE BOX SET. They did have a few group statues; the type that was melded together as in one big statue. I didn't want that. I wanted my separate statues, baby Jesus in a manger, separate sheep, etc. When we finally got home, I decided not to be mad at Michael's or Walmarts. After all, if people weren't buying them, then why should they stock them.

Thinking all of these thoughts, I came to the decision that on this Thanksgiving Day, I am most thankful to my parents for instilling traditions into our family, for being Christian, for believing in the Nativity - especially at Christmas time, for supporting and believing in the military, for believing and promoting education. Yes, my generation and my brothers generation are getting older, but thanks to my parents, we have lived long, fulfilling lives. We've had the opportunity to see what a great job they did for us and what we did in instilling these same values into our children so they can continue these traditions. I am also thankful and proud of my brother for having the strength and courage to take on so many challenges so bravely. Finally, I am so proud of my husband, my 1st son (and his wife), my younger son and especially my grandsons for being so loving, smart, athletic, Christian, America Loving, handsome and good to their grandparents.

All of these thoughts were rummaging in my head today as I opened up by laptop and decided to write my blog for today. I decided to just write these thoughts down for my blog and ask, what on earth are the ANTIs so afraid of with Latinos assimilating? Millions of Latinos are just like me. Christian. Family Focused. Military focused. AND...they have the Nativity Scene on their mantles every Christmas.

Alicrap Willie Gheen is OUTRAGED by Dobbs Wooing of Latino Media and "Amnesty"

Willie Gheen from alicrap is fuming mad! Last week, when Lou Dobbs said he might be running for President, Gheen pulled out all of the stops to support him. He even established a "" website. Gheen was making this his "cause celebre" from now until 2012. Dobbs for Prez, recommended by Willie Boy Gheen. Rolling, rolling, rolling! Full Steam Ahead!! Then this week, Dobbs went on Telemundo. Willie's train went off the track. Not only did it go off the track, it broke the bridge. Not only did it break the bridge, it went off the cliff! ("Off the cliff you say? My, my! What could have happened to derail and anger Willie Boy in such a way???")

Get this. Listen Closely. Shhhhhh. It's coming: On Telemundo, Dobbs talks about running for office and wanting the support of the Latino people. He said he is "Latino's Friend and apologized for not interviewing in Spanish." Everything any Latino has heard in the media about Dobbs saying anything negative about Latinos is just an out and out lie spun by the evil extreme left. Leprosy you ask? Naw! Dobbs said he never said a word about leprosy. Anything else negative they may have heard was just made up.

While this kind of talk made Willie's painted on eyebrows stick to the top of his forehead, it didn't make the steam come out of his ears. Here is what really outraged Willie Boy. Dobbs said he now supports "Bridge to Legalization (of the 12M here)" Yep! He said it! Or as Willie Boy says, "Dobbs supports Amnesty!" Can you believe it???

Willie Boy started a thread about this over at his site and his fellow allicrappers are fuming! Just fuming. What are they saying about ole Loco Lou? Here are some examples:
. this is just a nightmare and we will all wake up soon.
. Dang!! What is going on? Why the sudden turn around?
. AMNESTY. He actually said "under certain conditions." I mistyped...sorry. I am very distressed. He is advocating AMNESTY. OMG.
. I feel duped, played and betrayed.
. What I saw was a man groveling and back peddling. IT was disgusting.
. I guess he is thinking he can get elected to some government position by pandering to "Hispanics" like Hilary, Obama and McCain did. I always did find it hard to trust anyone who would work for CNN. Dobbs was kind of like CNN's version of a Trojan horse.

From Willie:
I'm in a state of shock. I hear Lou claiming in this video that he has said way back he was for legalizing illegal aliens. Perhaps that is true, but if it is then someone tell me why..... THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER HEARD HIM SAY IT IN THE FIVE YEARS IVE FOLLOWED AND SUPPORTED THIS MAN?????? He insinuates that his support for this is buried in one of his books somewhere. I guess it was in the fine print on page ____ right? You know Lou Dobbs, if you supported legalizing illegal aliens in America then perhaps you could have said that sometime on your TV Show, like especially when you were railing against illegal immigration night after night or railing against the Comprehensive Amnesty bills of 2006 and 2007? I am hurt, dismayed, angry, sad, exasperated, red faced, embarrassed, and more after seeing this video. My gut instincts tell me that Lou Dobbs has made a terrible mistake and thinks he can appease his enemies when in fact he is going to end up being hated and despised on all sides. The ethnocentric interests and Open Borders Lobby will never welcome him unless he has cut a deal with the creators of the North American Union plans. The pro enforcement side is going to feel like Lou Dobbs in Benedict Arnold. I feel betrayed and betrayed by someone that I trusted immensely a few hours ago.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and Accomplices Pointing Fingers At Each Other to Avoid Prison Time for Murders!

Shawna Forde was in court Monday with her fellow accomplices, Gunny Bush and Albert Gaxiola, for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad. Each of their lawyers began setting the groundwork so each defendant could try to pass off blame for the murders on the others.

Pima County Superior Court, Judge John Leonardo agreed Monday to try Jason Bush separately from his co-defendants. Leonardo scheduled Bush's trial for Nov. 2, 2010, and the trial of Shawna Forde and Albert Gaxiola for Jan. 4, 2011. Forde's and Gaxiola's attorneys want their clients to get their own separate trials, too, but Leonardo declined to split them up, defense attorney Eric Larsen said. Larsen, one of Forde's attorneys, said he has been given permission to ask for a severance again in the future.

Forde's and Gaxiola's attorneys believe separate trials are needed because it would be impossible for a jury to believe one of the defendants "without excluding the defense" of the other. According to court documents, Larsen said if Gaxiola points the finger at Forde, she would want to tell jurors about Gaxiola's drug ties and convictions. She also would point out a friend of Gaxiola's, who has not been charged in this case, "most fits the description" of the man who was seen with Gaxiola "scouting the victims' residence."

Even if Gaxiola and Forde's defenses aren't "mutually exclusive," the trials should be separate because Gaxiola would probably want to "inflame the passions" of the jury by telling them about Forde's association with the border defense movement, Larsen said. Gaxiola's attorneys, Jack Lansdale and Steve West, contend Gaxiola wasn't inside the house when the victims were shot. They want a separate trial because Bush told police he shot the victims under duress from Gaxiola, and they believe Forde probably will say the same thing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justice Denied for Another Hate Crime Against Latinos:Judge Says Dannie Baker Incompetent to Proceed in Chilean Student Murders & Released from Prison

First, the murderers of Luis Ramirez got off with a handslap of only six months in county jail (released next month), now the murderer of the innocent Chilean Students has been deemed to be incompetent to stand trial and is being released from prison. He is being sent to the historic mansion of the Florida State Mental Hospital in Chatahoochee. In these plush surroundings, he will receive competency training for up to five years, at which point his charges may be commuted or dropped.

On February 27, 2009, this vicious murderer, Dannie Roy Baker, began his murderous rampage a little before 2:00 am at the units of the Summer Lake Townhomes in Miramar Beach, Florida. Investigators said Baker left his townhouse, armed with a rifle, walked across the complex to the victims' unit's window, peaked inside, and opened fire. Baker, was an avid listener of Glenn Beck and other right wing shock jocks, and a volunteer for the Republican National Committee during previous presidential elections. After the shooting, his neighbor, Crystal Lynn said, "he did come up to me one time and ask me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrants in my house to get them out."

On March 19, 2009, Walton County Grand Jury returned an indictment against Dannie Roy Baker before Circuit Judge Kelvin Wells for two counts of First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Firearm; three counts Attempted First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Firearm and one count Shooting at, into or within a Building. Count one of the Indictment was for the death of Racine Libia Balbontin Argandona, count two was for the death of Nicholas Pablo Corp Torres. The other three counts were also for Chilean nationals shot in their apartment. The State’s Attorney’s Office decided to seek the death penalty on the two counts of First Degree Premeditated Murder.

On November 19, 2009, Walton County Circuit Judge Kelvin C. Wells addressed him, saying, “At this time, the court is finding that … you’re incompetent to proceed and I’m going to have the sheriff transport (you) to Florida State Hospital and (you) will remain there until further order of the court.” Baker, looking slimmer than his previous photos, appeared calm and attentive, obviously prepared for the happy news of leaving prison to go to the historic mansions.

Roberto Rivera, who attended Thursday’s hearing on behalf of Cofre-Fernandez and his family, said he believes the shootings are a “politically motivated hate crime.” “Nobody’s mentioned it, but that’s what it was,” he said. Baker thought he was “protecting America from the hoards of illegal aliens,” Rivera said. He added that “the level of hatred toward liberals, Obama and migrant workers is getting out of hand.” Baker was “driven by hate and racism and a simpleton mind who’s been listening to hate radio,” he said.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ICE Has Changed Strategy Under the Obama Administration

With Comprehensive Immigration Reform next on the National Agenda, it is important to understand how ICE has changed its strategy under the Obama Administration:
1. Target Felonious Criminals instead of Workers
2. Rigorously target Exploitive Employers to stop them from establishing and maintaining exploitive worksites, thereby eliminating the need for inhumane workplace ICE Raids and costly, inhumane detention centers.
3. Reward Employers for using e-verify.

These changes have been effective in enforcement, reducing crime, increasing safety, while being humane. We can expect more of the same with any Immigration Reform legislation under the Obama administration.

1. Targeting Felonious Criminals:
SEATTLE — Deportations of illegal immigrants with criminal records from Alaska, Oregon, and Washington this past year spiked by nearly 40 percent, while overall removals dropped for the first time in five years, according to new data released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The data, from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009, shows that 10,793 people were deported from the Pacific Northwest, a drop of 117 compared to the previous year.
That marks the first time in the last five years that deportations from the Northwest have dropped. Deportations had increased from more than 4,000 in 2005 to nearly 11,000 in 2008.
But removals of people with criminal records went from more than 3,100 to nearly 4,500 between 2008 and 2009 — a jump of 39.7 percent. Since 2005, criminal removals have more than doubled.The data "illustrates pretty vividly the priority we're placing on the removal of criminal aliens," ICE spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said. "We believe it's the best way to enhance public safety."

2. Targeting Exploitive Employers
WASHINGTON — Immigration enforcement officials said Thursday that they were expanding a program for auditing companies that hired and exploited illegal immigrants and had notified 1,000 companies this week that they would have to undergo such a review. John Morton, who heads Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, announced the new initiative, saying it was part of the administration’s plan to deal with companies that hire illegal workers. “ICE is focused on finding and penalizing employers who believe they can unfairly get ahead by cultivating illegal workplaces,” Mr. Morton said.

3. Reward Use of E-Verify
Janet Napolitano, the secretary of Homeland Security, urged American consumers to favor companies that make efforts to ensure that they do not hire illegal immigrants. To that end, Ms. Napolitano said that her department was permitting companies that use a new computerized system to check the legal status of employees to feature a special logo on their products and ads saying “I E-Verify.”The E-Verify campaign allows employers to match a prospective candidate’s name against a database that combines several government lists, including Social Security, passport and border information. The first audit conducted by ICE covered 654 companies and resulted in the filing of formal notices to seek a fine from 61. ICE officials said they were considering seeking fines from an additional 267 companies from that first audit. An audit consists of ICE officials checking each worker’s Employee Eligibility Verification Form, known as an I-9, to determine what steps were taken to confirm the person was eligible to be hired. If irregularities are found, the companies may then be fined for lax monitoring. The strategy is part of the Obama administration’s effort to reduce illegal immigration by forcing companies to fire unauthorized workers rather than by conducting raids at the workplace, actions that are often accompanied by great personal trauma, including deportation and the dividing of immigrant families.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Arpaio Continues ABUSE of POWER, this time with a Superior Court Judge!

As I previously reported, two weeks ago, one of Arpaio's deputies, Adam Stoddard, during court proceedings, took documentation from the defendent's lawyer's folder and copied it, without asking permission from the lawyer or the court. A hearing was held. The deputy admitted he took the paperwork and had it copied. This morning, Stoddard was found in contempt of court for taking documents out of defense attorney Joanne Cuccia's files as she was addressing the court at a sentencing hearing for her client, Antonio Lozano. (Actions caught on video -- check it out here. )

The officer, Adam Stoddard, defended his actions by claiming that certain words on the papers were suspicious. Sheriff Joe himself went on the defensive by attacking the defense attorney, issuing a press release linking the defense attorney Cuccia with two local attorneys (libel?), who were recently arrested on suspicion of smuggling contraband into jails. Cuccia told the judge that the sheriff's associating her with the lawyers suspected of smuggling contraband could damage her professional reputation.
In response, Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe got creative. He ordered that as punishment, Officer Adam Stoddard hold a press conference and apologize to Cuccia by November 30. If not, he is ordered to report to jail by December 1. That's when Arpaio overstepped his bounds. "My officer was doing his job, and I will not stand by and allow him to be thrown to the wolves by the courts because they feel pressure from the media on this situation," Arpaio says in a press release. "I decide who holds press conferences and when they are held regarding this Sheriff's Office." Arpaio is now refusing to respond to the media and pawned off any media inquiries on the County Attorney's Office -- it has yet to return phone calls.

Monday, November 16, 2009

INFIGHTING BETWEEN HATE GROUPS: So Much Infighting Between ANTI Immigration Reformers, TeaBaggers and ANTI Obama Birthers!

Some significant happenings in the Immigration Reform movement this week:

1. Last Friday, the Obama Administration reiterated their support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation in 2010.
2. CNN Dropped Lou Dobbs. His contract was bought for $8M. The BastaDobbs campaign worked!
3. Tea Parties Ship Sank! Willie Gheen decided to make a move to piggy back onto the National Teabaggers party boat by jumping on-board with ANTI Immigration Reform anchors. Unfortunately for Willie, no one showed up to his little parties. Of course Jim Gilchrist, Willie's old nemisis, predicted this, as well as bad times for Jeff Schwilk of the SDMM.

In Boston NO ONE showed up. In Dallas/Ft. Worth, only 34 people showed up. In Phoenix, only the Neo-Nazis showed up and the seven Alipac members got into a fight with them. Just prior to Willie's Teabagger announcement, Jim Gilchrist called out Willie and Jeff Schwilk from the SDMM and called them all racists and asked true teabaggers to stay away! Talk about a civil war within the ranks!

On top of everything else, Fox News confronted Willie and said in their latest poll, over 75% of Americans SUPPORTED some type of Immigration Reform and DID NOT SUPPORT Mass Deportation! Oh Woe is Willie!!

What is coming to light is, there is so much anger and hate and splintering among the ANTI Immigration/Teabagger groups right now, they are having great difficulty in having a common voice. In light of last weekends events, few people think it is possible!

Here is Willie's announcement of the upcoming teabagger events in which he chastised the NeoNazis and other so called hate groups! The groups are broken, fractured and I believe they are in all kinds of danger of splintering even further.

For the record, one should note: A common sub-group in the ANTI Immigration, ANTI Obama, ANTI Economic Reform groups is their core group of people that belong to the White Nationalists, Racist, Nazi type groups. However, Willie and other group leaders are ASHAMED of them, from a public perspective. Even though their CORE GROUP is comprised of such, THEY REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEM and instead CHASTISE THEM. Look at what happened in Phoenix between JT Ready and the teabaggers. This is going to happen over and over and over again until these groups splinter, give way and are forever forgotten. Why? The answer lies in all of these group's core principles, founded in HATE and inHumanity and disregard for treating others as YOU want to be treated.

As these Hate-filled groups dwindle, and as positive groups gain momentum, the hate-filled groups should contemplate the error of their ways.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dobbs Leaving CNN!

Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. Advocacy groups have been calling for his dismissal. While neither CNN nor Dobbs acknowledges the advocacy groups had a role in Dobbs leaving, it is clear the decisions of sponsors leaving and the number of groups advocating his leaving had an impact on this decision.

Mr. Dobbs informed his staff members of his intentions in a meeting Wednesday afternoon, catching some of the staffers off-guard. Well known for his political positions, Mr. Dobbs is an outlier at CNN, which has sought to position itself as a middle ground of sorts in the fractious cable news arena. The CNN employees said Wednesday that they did not know if Mr. Dobbs was moving to another network.

Dobbs met with Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, in September. At the time Dobbs was viewed as a potential hire for the Fox Business Network. But a Fox spokesperson said Wednesday, “We have not had any discussions with Dobbs for Fox News or Fox Business.”
Lately Dobbs has saved most of his opinions for his afternoon radio show, which made its debut in March 2008. It is on the radio show that he talked repeatedly about the conspiracy theory claims that President Obama is not a United States citizen. When he mentioned the citizenship issue on CNN over the summer, his bosses were forced to call it a “dead issue.”

Honoring All Veterans Today!

As the nation pauses today to honor the men and women who have put on the uniform and served their country in wartime and peacetime, consider this: There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States, according to the most recently available figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. That includes 18.3 million whites, 2.3 million blacks, 1.1 million Hispanics, 276,000 Asians, 160,000 American Indians or native Alaskans and 27,000 Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders. Some 1.8 million veterans are women. There are 9.2 million veterans age 65 or older; 1.9 million are younger than 35. Thirty-three percent of all veterans -- 7.8 million -- served during the Vietnam era. Some 5.2 million have served in the Gulf since 1990, while 6 million served during peace time. Around 5.5 million veterans have some type of disability; 3.4 million have service-connected disabilities.

American Hispanics have a proud history of serving in the US Military. Over 500,000 Hispanic soldiers served in World War II, and nearly 40 Latinos have won our nation’s highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. More than 53,000 Hispanics were on active duty in 2003 and another 1.1 million are veterans of the U.S. military. Many have also been honored with American citizenship as a result of their military service; more than 25,000 immigrants who have served in the military have become U.S. citizens through a special wartime military naturalization statute.

Today, Hispanics make up 13.35 percent of the civilian labor force 18 to 44 years old, the typical age range for enlisted service. In Iraq, according to the Washington Post, Hispanics have a death risk about 20 percent higher than non-Hispanics. They are over-represented in the categories that get the most dangerous assignments -- infantry, gun crews and seamanship -- and make up over 17.5 percent of the front lines.

Veterans Day is a day to remember all of our Veterans, of ALL ethnicities in our Cultural Melting Pot, for their service to our Country. God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Night, the House Passed the Health Care Reform Bill. Here is the Summary.

The House passed H.R. 3962, called the "Affordable Health Care for America Act," in a 220 to 215 vote on Saturday night. has provided these Key Provisions of the Healthcare Bill. They are an unbiased, neutral source - moreso than any other we've seen so far:
  • Creates a public health insurance option and a national exchange for the uninsured and small businesses to purchase health insurance. The Secretary of Health and Human Services would negotiate rates with doctors and hospitals on reimbursement rates.
  • The bill includes mandates for individuals to purchase and businesses to provide health insurance or pay a fine. Individual penalty is 2.5 percent of gross income unless they get a waiver. Businesses that don't offer insurance pay a fine equal to 8 percent of their payroll. Businesses with a payroll of less than $500,000 are exempt from the mandate.
  • Insurance companies are prohibited from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition. There are caps on deductibles and annual out of pocket spending is capped at $5000.
  • Eliminates the Medicare doughnut hole over ten years. (Note: The Medicare Part D coverage gap (also known as the Medicare doughnut hole) is the difference of the initial coverage limit and the catastrophic coverage threshold, as described in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program of the United States.)
  • Allows individuals up to 27-years-old to stay on their parent’s health insurance
  • Expands Medicaid from 100 percent to 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Provides tax subsidies for individuals between 150 and 400 percent (sliding scale) of the Federal Poverty Level. There are also tax subsidies for small businesses.
  • As amended, it prohibits federal funds from covering abortions. Women would need to purchase riders to insurance purchased on the exchange if they wanted that coverage.
  • The bill taxes individuals making more than $500,000 and $1 million for couples. It is a 5.4 percent tax.
  • Reduces overpayments to doctors who treat Medicare Advantage patients. It is estimated they are paid 14 percent more than doctors who treat Medicare patients.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

ANTI, Chickenhawk Tancredo Walks Off the Set when Confronted with the Truth!

On MSNBC last night, former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo walked out during a discussion about health care with Markos Moulitsas and David Shuster (who was filling in for host Ed Schultz).

As Tancredo railed against health care reform, Shuster raised the question of whether the Veterans Administration -- a single-payer system -- is also a "threat to our freedom."

Tancredo's responded that there are problems in the Veterans Association's system and said that his liberal counterpart in the debate should talk to more veterans. Moulitsas, a veteran himself, swung back. The Daily Kos founder brought up the fact that Tancredo -- a Republican student activist during Vietnam -- GOT OUT OF serving in the war.

Moulitsas responded: "I did not get a deferment because I was too depressed to fight in a war that I supported in Vietnam."

When I saw this clip, I was somewhat befuddled. I've seen Tancredo in action for years. If nothing else, he CRAVES media attention. Why would he walk off the set of a nationally televised news shows over some skuttlebutt?? So I decided to do some internet searches about Tancredo's background. WHAT A MESS!!

According to Tancredo's bio:
Through college, Tancredo was a Republican and an active member of Young Americans for Freedom. He strongly supported the Vietnam War. However (and this is a BIG However) after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, Tancredo became eligible to serve in Vietnam in June 1969. Tancredo went for his physical, telling doctors he had been treated for depression, and eventually got a "1-Y" deferment.

Chickenhawk: a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator who strongly supports a war or other military action, yet who actively avoided military service when of age.

Tancredo is a Chickenhawk, like so many other politicians who support the war(s).
This includes Cheney, Limbaugh and other Republican/Conservative War Supporters.

NOW WE KNOW WHY CHICKENHAWK TANCREDO WALKED OFF THE SET! This Totally Invalidates ANYTHING Tancredo has to say in the future!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

STOP HATE CRIMES! Sunday Marks One Year Anniversary of Marcelo Lucero's Murder!

The FBI has reported Hate Crimes against Latinos have increased by over 40 percent. It is critical we hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable. My blog's mission in 2009 is to bring attention to these hate crimes so we can stop them from occurring. There are several Hate Crimes that occurred over the last year that I am focusing on until the perpetrators are held accountable.
These Hate crimes are:
1. Kick in the Head Murder of Luis Ramirez - Shenandoah, PA
2. Beaner Jumping of Marcelo Lucero - Patchogue, NY
3. Student Murderers of Chilean Students by Dannie Baker - NW Florida
4. Murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad by MM Leader Shawna Forde -Arivaca, AZ

Sunday, November 8, marks the one year anniversary of the brutal murder of Marcelo Lucero, a 37-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant, who was stabbed to death after he and a friend were attacked by seven Patchogue-Medford High School students. Police said the suspects admitted they regularly sought out and attacked Hispanic immigrants. They targetted Hispanics during weekly attacks they termed "Beaner Jumping." During these attacks, the frequently took souveners to show off at school. Yesterday, the first defendant was in court and pled guilty for his role in Marcelo Lucero's death.
Newsday reports:
In a barely audible voice, a Medford teenager stood before a Suffolk judge and recounted the events that culminated in the death of Marcelo Lucero last year as he pleaded guilty Thursday in connection with the case. Nicholas Hausch, 18, his slight frame appearing hunched in a dark suit and blue tie, told Judge Robert W. Doyle and prosecutors how he and six other teens had set out the night of Nov. 8 determined to attack Latinos, or "beaner hopping," as the defendant called it.

In the Lucero case, Hausch pleaded guilty to first-degree gang assault and fourth-degree conspiracy. He also pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree assault as a hate crime and second-degree attempted assault as a hate crime in connection with two other attacks earlier that day. Responding to questions from Assistant District Attorney Megan O'Donnell, Hausch detailed the confrontation with Lucero.

Hausch said the group spotted two Latino men and called them ethnic slurs. "Surround him," Kevin Shea, one defendant, yelled after punching Lucero, Hausch said. Hausch said he was in the outer circle and began to walk away when another defendant,
Jeffrey Conroy, passed him. "He told me we had to get out of here," Hausch said. "Jeff told us he stabbed the guy," Hausch said. At that point he said the other defendants called Conroy "an idiot," and told him to "throw away the knife." "He said no, 'I washed it off in a puddle,' " Hausch said.
Recounting an event earlier that night, Hausch detailed chasing a Latino man and taking his hat to show off to his friends later. Asked O'Donnell, "Now did you and Jordan Dasch or Anthony Harford take any property from that male Hispanic?" Hausch answered, "Yes. I took his hat." O'Donnell: "Why?" Hausch: "I guess because, just to show my friends . . . " O'Donnell: "Is it fair to say you took that hat as a trophy?" Hausch: "Yes."

Prosecutors did not recommend a sentence, and Hausch - who has been out on bail for most of the year - won't be sentenced until prosecution of the other six defendants is complete. Hausch faces 5 to 25 years in prison on the top charge. As part of his plea, Hausch agreed to continue to cooperate with authorities, including possibly testifying at the trials of his co-defendants.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Breaking News: Fort Hood Soldiers Murdered by Insane Military Officer! Army says Isolated Incident! Let the Military/Police complete Investigation!

Tragic, Breaking News:
Thirteen people have been killed and 30 wounded in a shooting spree at the Fort Hood military base near sleepy Killeen, Texas. Our thoughts and prayers go to the families. Let's all take a moment and offer our condolences to the stricken families.

Now, let's attempt to understand what happened. The suspected gunman in the Fort Hood shooting has been identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan, a U.S. born American Citizen, only 39 years old, born in Virginia. The shooter was initially reported to have been killed, but Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone told a late night news conference that the suspect was wounded and in custody. Cone would not say what Hasan's medical condition was, but said the suspect was not in danger of dying. Hasan allegedly opened fire, using two civilian handguns, and killed 12 people on the base before he was shot.
The general said there were "eyewitness accounts of more than one shooter," and the others were tracked to an adjacent facility. Currently two other men are being questioned about this incident, however, they have just been released (6pm CT). One other man was just picked up for questioning, but we do not know if he was involved.

Hasan was well regarded in the Army. He was recently promoted to Major. He was stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital before being transferred to Fort Hood. Hasan attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD. He graduated in 2003 with a degree in Osteopathy and later finished his residency as a psychiatrist. In 2009, Hasan completed a fellowship in Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry at the Center for Traumatic Stress. Hasan had been at Fort Hood just a few short months. He only recently received notice he was being deployed to Iraq and was not happy about it. He voiced his concerns to his commanders.

The Army is saying this is an isolated incident and should be regarded as such. They are saying this is not a terroristic act.

Let's stop and take a breath and try to understand what happened. My immediate thoughts and prayers are with the families of the wounded and the dead. My heart is broken for them. This should not have happened, especially at an Army base on U.S. soil. Second, this suspect, was a psychiatrist who treated people with PST. He was recently promoted. So obviously, those in his ranks determined he deserved promotion. Third, his major was in PST. So we know he dealt constantly with those who suffered from PST. Finally: PLEASE --- DO NOT BLAME ALL MUSLIM-AMERICANS for this crime. The only criminal is the perpetrator. I've been reading some extremist sites and it looks like they want to blame this crime on ALL Muslims. Let's nip this in the bud. The perp is the perp and law enforcement has him under arrest. (Note: initial reports, including mine, said he was killed, but now reports say he was not).

Let's wait for law enforcement to conduct their complete investigation before any of us become angry or place judgement, although now things are a bit different knowing the perp is still alive.

God Bless America! God Bless Our Families!
Let's Seek Peace in the World!
12 People Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting
US Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan Identified As Primary Shooter At Fort Hood
and, local news reports.

This Dog Dances Better Than You Do! (Watch the Whole Thing!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

True American Meb Keflezighi Wins the New York City Marathon -- Except to Far Right Extremists

According to some pundits, YOU don't count as an American unless THEY say so.
Over the weekend, Meb Keflezighi became the first American to win the New York City Marathon since 1982. But CNBC's Darren Rovell wan't impressed. Darren Rovell doesn't think Meb is really an American. Rovell sees that Meb is NOT White. He is NOT of Northern European Descent. Therefore, Rovell twittered and wrote on his Blog: "Meb Keflezighi, who won yesterday in New York, is technically American by virtue of him becoming a citizen in 1998, but the fact that he's not American-born takes away from the magnitude of the achievement the headline implies."

I was SHOCKED when I read Rovell's words. I read Meb's Bio. I KNOW he IS an American. It does NOT matter that he is NOT white! It does NOT matter that he is NOT of Northern European descent.
I know ALL Americans should be proud of Meb's accomplishments.

According to Meb's Bio: Mebrahtom "Meb" Keflezighi was born May 5, 1975 in Asmara, Eritrea. He is an American athlete specializing in long distance running. In 1987, when Meb was only 12 years old, his family immigrated to San Diego. In 7th grade, track coaches take an interest in Meb and they train him as a potential American Olympian. He and his brothers lead their schools to track titles. Meb graduated from San Diego HS as the 1st person to win the all academic/athlete team captain for two years in a row. In 1994 he placed 2nd in the Footlocker Cross Country Championships. Meb also won a full scholarship to UCLA. In 1998, Meb becomes a naturalized citizen as do other members of his family. Throughout college years, Meb wins scholastic as well as athletic awards. He completes his degree. In 2004, he won a Silver Medal for the USA! From 2005 - 2009 Meb was married, had 2 beautiful daughters as well as placing in several National/International Track events. This past weekend, Meb became the first American to win the New York City marathon since 1982. Since Meb was 12 years old, he and his family have strived for and achieved the American Dream, following the rules, following the legal path, loving America, accomplishing for the country he loves.

Yet, Rovell says he is NOT American enough to proclaim himworthy of our praise of him for being an American, trained in America, who has accomplished such a feat. As I read Rovell's comments, I asked myself, "What does it take to be "American enough" for someone like Rovell." I read through some of the comments on his blog. Most respondents were angry at Rovell, like me, for making such blatantly racist remarks. However, there were some members of the birther/tea-bagger movement that agreed with Rovell. One commenter in particular, named trupatriot, commented, "Nov 3, 2009 12:33 PM ET. ROVELL DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE LIBTARD IDIOTS! I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK AND I DON'T CARE IF THEY WIN MARATHONS THEY DON'T BELONG HERE!!!!! BORN IN AFRICA JUST LIKE THE MUSLIM OBAMA WHO WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT!!! GLENN BECK AND LIMBAUGH ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. IT IS TIME TO DRAW THE LINE IN THE SAND AND WE NEED NOT CELEBRATE IT JUST BECAUSE OF HAVING "AMERICAN" NEXT TO THEIR NAME IT MEANS NOTHING IF YOU DON'T BELONG HERE! "

These statements are incomprehensible! The commenter said, "I want MY Country back? I don't care if THEY win marathons?" My questions back to him is, "Meb is an American. Why do YOU think he doesn't belong here? Just because of the color of his skin? Because he was born in Africa? You think people from Africa cannot immigrate here? People of color? Do YOU only accept those who are White skinned from Northern Europe?? Why do YOU think YOU name the criteria?"

The bosses at CNBC must have gotten to Rovell because the next day he issued a half-hearted apology for his first "Not a Real American" blog. In his 2nd column, Rovell wrote, "Here's what I got wrong. All I was saying was that we should celebrate an American marathon champion who has completely been brought up through the American system. This is where, I must admit, my critics made their best point. It turns out, Keflezighi moved to the United States in time to develop at every level in America."
A commenter to Rovell's 2nd column, S.Katz, got Rovell's original intent right when he said,"Nov 3, 2009 12:22 PM ET: Rule #1 - when you find your self in a hole, stop digging. "because there was a difference between being an American-born product and being an American citizen" They PAY you to write stuff like this at CNBC? If this man were of white European ancestry, we wouldn't have ever had this discussion to begin with. You know it. I know it, and so does everyone else."

I wonder if people like Rovell or like his birther, tea-bagger supporters, or Orly Taitz, will ever learn! Being American does NOT mean being of White, Northern European ethnicity. America is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic melting pot! We are the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave! All colors, all ethnicities, in our beautiful melting pot, salad bowl!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arrogant Arpaio Deputies Violate Constitution/Attorney-Client Privilege in this Blatant Abuse of Power IN COURT!

The ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE is an evidentiary rule that protects both attorneys and their clients from being compelled to disclose confidential communications between them made for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining legal advice or assistance. The American colonies adopted this approach to the attorney-client privilege, and Delaware codified the privilege in its first constitution in 1776.

In this video, you will see Joe Arpaio and his goons spit on the Constitution as one of Maricopa County's deputies blatantly VIOLATE Attorney Client Privilege in Open Court proceedings as the Trial is underway!

Last week, during the hearing, deputies casually walk over to defense attorney Joanne Cuccia's table as she's addressing the judge, and pick up some of her paperwork. One MCSO guard waltzes out of the room with the docs, and reportedly makes copies, bringing them back as if it was just another day at work. Cuccia flips out, as well she should under the circumstances. And the judge halts the hearing until the matter can be sorted out at a later date.

On Friday, at the deputy's hearing before Judge Gary Donahoe, the deputy, Adam Stoddard, admitted taking the papers saying the security officers were screening defense documents in the case. Judge Donahoe reviewed the paperwork in question on Friday and determined that the documents were subject to attorney-client privilege. Judge Donahoe continued the hearing to next Thursday where he will make his ruling.
Attorney Client Privilege
MCSO Deputies Swipe Defense Attorney's Docs, MCSO Says Deputies "Acted Appropriately"
"Court officer: Paperwork taken for screenings"

No Means No: A Rape in California After the Homecoming Dance: What Can We Learn from this Crime?

Rape is primarily a crime against women. Rape is never ok. Rape is one person holding power against another person. Rape is a crime. Rape is a sin. Those guilty of committing rape should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, even on the 1st occasion, even if watching and not getting help for the victim.
There was a horrendous rape in Richmond, California last week against a young girl who was only 15 years old. Yesterday, her family's Pastor said: "Stop the violence! Please do not respond to this tragic event by promoting hatred or by causing more pain. We've had enough violence already in this place." Her parents added, "If you need to express your outrage, please channel your anger through positive action..Work toward changing the atmosphere in our schools and in this community so that this kind of thing never happens again."
I've been thinking about writing a blog about what happened to this young girl. One of my anonymous commenters has been harassing me to write about it because there were some young Latinos involved. I guess he didn't read that there were several perps of various races/ethnicities, including white, black, latino, middle eastern that have been arrested. I'm not writing this blog because of anon's request. I am writing it to support the victim, a young, naive and open-hearted girl and her parents wishes. Several in depth articles have come out.

Summary: Rape, Richmond California, October 24, 2009
On the night of the attack, the young victim left the homecoming dance before it ended (about 9:30 p.m) and walked to the back of campus to call her father to pick her up. A young friend, Cody Ray Smith (15) invited her into the notorious courtyard. The courtyard is notorious for being an unlighted area in the back of the school grounds where young boys and men gather to drink, smoke and spin tales.

In the courtyard, a group of about a dozen boys and young men were already well into 2 gallons of vodka. After they liquored up the girl with brandy, they proposed sex, according to several accounts by friends of those who were there but asked not to be named for fear of retaliation. The girl said NO. Some of the men placed her on one of the two red cement benches set alongside the main brick building of the school and said they were going to have sex anyway, according to the accounts.

"They had her down on the bench and the bitch tried to kick 'Tweak' (one of the men) in the nuts," said one young man, who said he had a first-hand account of the attack from Smith but was afraid of being named. "He went off on her, started hitting her, and then it was on. They pulled a train (a gang initiation-style rape, one after the other) on her."

What ensued was 2 1/2 hours of beatings and raping, at times with a foreign object. The scene attracted onlookers, some calling others over by cell phone, and eventually there were as many as 10 men or boys sexually assaulting the girl while another 20 looked on, laughing and snapping pictures. Teachers and students were searching last week for at least one video that many said was filmed of the attack.

The rape finally stopped, around midnight (A 2 1/2 hour rape from 9:30 - midnight), after students at a house down the block heard of what was going on and called police. The girl was found, semiconscious, beneath a picnic table.

"Her face was purple and blue and she wasn't moving when they finished and ran," said Eraclio Lopez, 23, who lives nearby and ran over when the police cars rolled up. "I guess those kids thought what they did was tight, was cool. But it was terrible." The girl was released from a hospital Wednesday, but her recovery has only begun, police Lt. Mark Gagan said.

"This was a barbaric crime, and I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that so many watched and didn't report it," Gagan said. "That poor girl will have a lot of healing to do."

This was not the first time the churchgoing sophomore had hung out with the wrong crowd, said one educator who asked not to be named for fear of offending school district sensitivities. That has caused anguish for not just her but the advisers who helped her over the past couple of years,

"She really is a smart girl, but it's not always easy to fit in," the educator said. "I think she can be a little naive, and she's been harassed by guys in the past who took advantage of her when she tried a little too hard."

From Cody Smith's my space comments: "Freee mah nigga ... F- dem snitches," reads one of the more prominent comments posted by a friend. Arrested: San Pablo residents Cody Ray Smith, 15, and Ari Abdallah Morales, 16; Pinole resident Marcelles James Peter, 17; and Richmond resident Manuel Ortega, 19 were arraigned in court on Thursday.

Teachers, who asked not be named because of district confidentiality rules, said Smith and the other two juvenile defendants charged as adults have had tough times academically. Ari Abdallah Morales, 16, of San Pablo and Marcelles James Peter, 17, of Pinole were transferred out of Richmond High to continuation high schools. Although Peter has a shelf of city league soccer trophies, he and the others are mediocre pupils at best, sources said.

The fourth suspect arraigned in the case, 19-year-old Manuel Ortega, ran away from home and dropped out of school after his junior year, sources said. He was a disruptive student who once threw a flaming ball of paper at a teacher.

"The younger ones - they mostly just watched, and they are the ones talking and giving up names," said one source familiar with the investigation who asked not to be named, because the Police Department has ordered its investigators to keep a tight lid on information. "This was not a gang thing. It was just a mob that got out of control. It was the older ones who led it all."
There were a lot of people to lead.

Readers, I ask you:
1. What Lessons do we learn from this crime?
2. What can we do to ensure crimes like this never happen again?
3. Are those who watched and either cheered or did nothing, are they accountable too?
4. What lessons can women/victims learn from this crime?

This crime reminded me a little of the movie "The Accused." While in the movie, the victim bears some responsibility, this young 15 year old victim holds none. I am showing you this clip to illustrate how the mob mentality may have occurred in this rape. In the movie, the watchers/instigators were convicted.
In last weekend's rape, the police are saying there are up to 25 more suspects. Could they have been the instigators too? WARNING TO VIEWERS: Here is the clip, but viewers who are sensitive or with weak-stomachs should NOT view it. THE ACCUSED - RAPE Scene.
Richmond gang rape seen as nearly inevitable
Parents of California teen raped at school: Stop the violence

Richmond High School Gang-Rape in California: Others Watched and Did Nothing, Say Cops

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