Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dobbs Leaving CNN!

Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. Advocacy groups have been calling for his dismissal. While neither CNN nor Dobbs acknowledges the advocacy groups had a role in Dobbs leaving, it is clear the decisions of sponsors leaving and the number of groups advocating his leaving had an impact on this decision.

Mr. Dobbs informed his staff members of his intentions in a meeting Wednesday afternoon, catching some of the staffers off-guard. Well known for his political positions, Mr. Dobbs is an outlier at CNN, which has sought to position itself as a middle ground of sorts in the fractious cable news arena. The CNN employees said Wednesday that they did not know if Mr. Dobbs was moving to another network.

Dobbs met with Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, in September. At the time Dobbs was viewed as a potential hire for the Fox Business Network. But a Fox spokesperson said Wednesday, “We have not had any discussions with Dobbs for Fox News or Fox Business.”
Lately Dobbs has saved most of his opinions for his afternoon radio show, which made its debut in March 2008. It is on the radio show that he talked repeatedly about the conspiracy theory claims that President Obama is not a United States citizen. When he mentioned the citizenship issue on CNN over the summer, his bosses were forced to call it a “dead issue.”


MMPete said...

No, there is nothing clear that Hispanic advocacy groups had anything to do with Dobb's resignation. It is just wishful thinking on their part that they had that much power. If that were remotely true then our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech is in serious trouble in this country.

I imagine part of Dobb's decision was based on fear for he and his family's safety. He had received numerous threats on his life the past few months. How proud those who did that must be that he decided to leave. These are the same people who complain about violence against Latinos. What hypocrites they are!

Vicente Duque said...

I loved Lou Dobbs when he was sane and sound.

I have always foreseen and forecasted the decay of the Hate Mongers and Hate Merchants. That has always been my prediction. But I never imagined Lou falling so fast.

They will fall like the Nazi Priest : Father Charles Edward Coughlin, during the times of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. ( A hater of Jews )

I wonder to what extent the "sickness" of Lou Dobbs is produced by premature old age, like an Alzheimer, or some mental deficiency, chemical imbalance in the brain.

I understand very well that some people are educated in Racism or Ethnocentrism. Or they develop these attitudes during life.

One possible motivation to develop this discourse is the Money that it produces. I understand that someone that is very limited mentally without too much Intellect can preach against a Race or Ethnic Group and become very popular, get a big Radio or TV Audience, that produces MONEY, or the haters can get a lot of donations ( like the Minutemen )

I liked Mr Dobbs when he wasn't an extremist. I watched his programs. I thought that he had a beautiful career for many years. But he is in fast decay.

I return to my theory of some Mental Imbalance, Chemical Deficiency, Alzheimer or Incapacitating Disease.

If Lou is hired by Fox News, then he would be in competition with Super Histrionics like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

I wonder if Lou can perform better than Glenn at Crying, Weeping, Sobbing.

I wonder if Lou has a better "Gotcha" than Bill O'Reilly.

I wonder if he can be more righteous than Sean Hannity.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Wrong Pete.
The local NJ police said there was no credible evidence to indicate that.

It was just some old farmer in the area hunting and the bullet was from so far away, it bounced off the siding.

The truth is, Dobbs was left/fired due to so many sponsors leaving his show because he blustered and lied about latinos, the hispanic caucus, sonia sotomayor and anyone else with a brown face, including all immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Anonymous said...

I hope Lou Dobbs goes into politics. I think he would give a voice to millions of Americans. Thank God that we are not clones
and we ALL have freedom of speech.

MMPete said...

I never said that the shooting that occured on his property was a death threat. Nobody knows for sure whether it was intented for him or his wife or if it was a hunter so how can you claim you know what it was when that investigation is still ongoing? Even the police don't know for sure, they are just speculating.

I said that he had received death threats and it was via e-mail, phone calls,etc. That part was true!

Where is your proof that he was fired or resigned due to pressure from advocacy groups that spread lies about him? He wasn't anti-immigrant, he was anti-illegal alien. He didn't spread any hate either. He just spoke about the negativities of illegal immigration. The advocates couldn't stand the truth so they tried to get him fired. "Brown faces"? What has that to do with anything? As for Sotomayer she hung herself by her own statements with no help from anyone else. Dobbs has a latino wife why would he hate people with brown faces? Who cares about skin color anyway? This is about the laws of our country.

Dee said...

Go back to my previous post about the shooting. The police LAUGHED at the suggestion that it was a shooting at him or his family.

Additionally, I have not heard any video, audio or seen any email threats against Dobbs. He only SAID they happened. Where is the PROOF they happened? Where are the emails, calls, anything. I doubt they happened either. It was his last ditch efforts to try and save his job and get people to feel sorry for him. Guess What. It didn't work.

Also, his wife is NOT Hispanic. She is a HINO (similar to RINO for Republicans).

Dee said...

Dobbs made several derogatory comments about Honorable Justice Sotomayor and the Hispanic Caucus. Dobbs spews Hate and Lies! His sponsors didn't like it. Therefore he is NOW Gone!!

Great News!!

MMPete said...

There is no proof that Dobb's received threats but he did report them three weeks before the shooting incident. Any policeman that would laugh a citizen's concerns about their safety shouldn't be in law enforcement no matter what his personal feelings were he should keep them to himself rather than laughing about it. That is very unprofessional.

There is no proof that the shooting incident was a stray bullet from a hunter either. The investigation to my knowledge hasn't been completed yet. But you made up your mind already and announce it as fact!

Save his job? He resigned! How can you make statements like you did without any proof of what the truth is? How do you justify that?

You're wrong, his wife is Hispanic and I would be glad to post the proof for you but then you can google it yourself also. Oh, I see you are claiming that she is a Hispanic in name only. That's kind of a low blow isn't it? Why would you say such a thing? Is there a certain line one must tow in order to be a "real" Hispanic? Well, I have news for you, all Hispanics don't think alike.

MMPete said...

Where is your proof again that Dobbs is gone for any remarks he made about the Hispanic Causus or about Sotomayer? Do you often just decide that your opinion is fact without backing it up? You know thats not the mature and honest thing to do.

Dobbs himself stated that he wants to pursue a political career. There could be any number of reasons that he resigned. You just decide that your scenario is what happened without any proof to back it up? Not very cool.

MMPete said...

This from the president of CNN. Doesn't sound like he got fired to me.

In a written statement, Klein called Dobbs "a valued founding member of the CNN family."

"For decades, Lou fearlessly and tirelessly pursued some of the most important and complex stories of our time, often well ahead of the pack," Klein said. "All of us will miss his appetite for big ideas, the megawatt smile and larger-than-life presence he brought to our newsroom, and we're grateful to have known and worked with him over the years.

"With characteristic forthrightness, Lou has now decided to carry the banner of advocacy journalism elsewhere. We respect his decision and wish him, Debi [Dobbs' wife], and his family the very best."

I Travel for JOOLS said...

A Hispanic in Name Only? How about good old AMERICAN ! Maybe if there was more of that kind of attitude, we'd all get along better.

Vicente Duque said...

Our Friend "the Indigenous Xicano" wrote this :

"Lou Dobbs will look sane next to Glen Beck, but one can probably say that about 99.9 % of the world. Beck is the measuring stick of lunacy."

Here is the blog of Indigenous Xicano :

The Indigenous Xicano

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Thanks for Wonderful Writings and Articles of Yours about Lou Dobbs. I have enjoyed each one of your words not only as Politics, but also as Literature, Poetry and Gourmet Delicatessen. I agree 100% with you on Lou.

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Vicente Duque

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