Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arrogant Arpaio Deputies Violate Constitution/Attorney-Client Privilege in this Blatant Abuse of Power IN COURT!

The ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE is an evidentiary rule that protects both attorneys and their clients from being compelled to disclose confidential communications between them made for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining legal advice or assistance. The American colonies adopted this approach to the attorney-client privilege, and Delaware codified the privilege in its first constitution in 1776.

In this video, you will see Joe Arpaio and his goons spit on the Constitution as one of Maricopa County's deputies blatantly VIOLATE Attorney Client Privilege in Open Court proceedings as the Trial is underway!

Last week, during the hearing, deputies casually walk over to defense attorney Joanne Cuccia's table as she's addressing the judge, and pick up some of her paperwork. One MCSO guard waltzes out of the room with the docs, and reportedly makes copies, bringing them back as if it was just another day at work. Cuccia flips out, as well she should under the circumstances. And the judge halts the hearing until the matter can be sorted out at a later date.

On Friday, at the deputy's hearing before Judge Gary Donahoe, the deputy, Adam Stoddard, admitted taking the papers saying the security officers were screening defense documents in the case. Judge Donahoe reviewed the paperwork in question on Friday and determined that the documents were subject to attorney-client privilege. Judge Donahoe continued the hearing to next Thursday where he will make his ruling.
Attorney Client Privilege
MCSO Deputies Swipe Defense Attorney's Docs, MCSO Says Deputies "Acted Appropriately"
"Court officer: Paperwork taken for screenings"


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pcorn54 said...

How strange is it that all of Arpaio's supporters who support him on this blog are not to be found in view of this indisputable evidence of the corruption and arrogance of Arpaio and his storm troopers.

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