Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and Accomplices Pointing Fingers At Each Other to Avoid Prison Time for Murders!

Shawna Forde was in court Monday with her fellow accomplices, Gunny Bush and Albert Gaxiola, for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad. Each of their lawyers began setting the groundwork so each defendant could try to pass off blame for the murders on the others.

Pima County Superior Court, Judge John Leonardo agreed Monday to try Jason Bush separately from his co-defendants. Leonardo scheduled Bush's trial for Nov. 2, 2010, and the trial of Shawna Forde and Albert Gaxiola for Jan. 4, 2011. Forde's and Gaxiola's attorneys want their clients to get their own separate trials, too, but Leonardo declined to split them up, defense attorney Eric Larsen said. Larsen, one of Forde's attorneys, said he has been given permission to ask for a severance again in the future.

Forde's and Gaxiola's attorneys believe separate trials are needed because it would be impossible for a jury to believe one of the defendants "without excluding the defense" of the other. According to court documents, Larsen said if Gaxiola points the finger at Forde, she would want to tell jurors about Gaxiola's drug ties and convictions. She also would point out a friend of Gaxiola's, who has not been charged in this case, "most fits the description" of the man who was seen with Gaxiola "scouting the victims' residence."

Even if Gaxiola and Forde's defenses aren't "mutually exclusive," the trials should be separate because Gaxiola would probably want to "inflame the passions" of the jury by telling them about Forde's association with the border defense movement, Larsen said. Gaxiola's attorneys, Jack Lansdale and Steve West, contend Gaxiola wasn't inside the house when the victims were shot. They want a separate trial because Bush told police he shot the victims under duress from Gaxiola, and they believe Forde probably will say the same thing.


lainelawless said...

Dee, have you ever heard of Oin Oakstar? Did you know he was the first suspect in this case, and that he is 6'5" tall and weighs 350 pounds? He fits Gonzalez' description of the main perpetrator perfectly, whereas Jason Bush does not. How much do ya wanta bet his GF, Sandy Stroup, is a short, fat white woman? But then you'd KNOW THAT if you'd bothered to read the PCSO's media release!

Dee said...

Let's now forget the bullet in Gunny's leg from Brisenia's mother's gun.

From what I've heard, the prosecution has a mountain of evidence against Shawna and Gunny.

There is zero doubt that the right people are incarcerated.

The only thing that bothers me is that those who commit hate crimes against latinos are not frequently penalized to the fullest degree as other crimes are penalized. That is what happened in the Luis Ramirez case and in the Chilean Student case. And that is Very Very Wrong!!

pcorn54 said...

Personally, I think Laine has the hotts for Shawna

pcorn54 said...

And don't forget the cold blooded murder of Francisco Dominguez, murdered by Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett in Arizona. And only in Arizona was the prosecution unable to seat an unbiased jury who refused to consider the evidence.

Denise Lugo said...

Are you serious Laine?!!! You think we all forgot about Gunny being SHOT after he murdered Brisenia and Raul? YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!!! Give it up already!!!

Laine Lawless said...

What "mountain of evidence?" A coerced confession, possibly made under torture, is all the PCSO has on Shawna. No circumstantial, no DNA, no weapons, no fingerprints, none of the above. You can't make a case out of an involuntary confession. Read a law book on evidence. Shawna will go free!
And for the record, Shawna herself has told me she dislikes racists. But then all you know about her is what you read in the lamestream media.

lainelawless said...

About that bullet in Jason Bush's leg...where is it now? Was it taken out and kept as evidence? After all, if it came from Gina Gonzalez' gun, it would be traceable to that gun, wouldn't it? Bullet, bullet, who's got the bullet? Does anyone know? And if the blood left at the crime scene has JB's DNA on it, would that mean he was the gunman? It would prove he was at the scene and he got shot. Apply some logic to this case instead of media-inflamed hatred. We probably won't know for some time what really happened, so why assume everyone in custody is guilty, just because the media did a good propaganda job?

Advocate54 said...


They're all equally guilty of capital murder without regard to who pulled the trigger.

That's the law! Get over it!

Laura said...

Lawless, Everyone that knows Shawna, knows she is guilty. She has you buffaloed. She IS the fat white woman. She won't go free.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Have a Nice Thanksgiving !

We also give thanks to God for having you. !

Please post something about Thanksgiving. You are a mother and grandmother.

We are waiting for you. Because you always speak from the Heart with a lot of Kindness, Humanity, Love, Decency and Honesty !


pcorn54 said...

I guess this pretty much puts Laine Lawless's defense of Forde to rest and shows the absurdity of her defense of the murdering beatch!

more slaying scene evidence is linked to Shawna Forde

KaptainKebo said...

Hey Laine Lawless..... you are the biggest idiot that ever breathed. This REALLY happened o.k.? Shawna is a scumbag killer.... get it?

Anonymous said...

Laine lawless: "shawna will go free"
No, she didn't. She was guilty. Now she's sentenced to death. Too bad there's not a more severe punishment than death, because she would definitely deserve it.

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