Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Dog Dances Better Than You Do! (Watch the Whole Thing!)


Pat Young said...

Remember Marcelo Lucero!

Pat Young said...

Remember Marcelo Lucero!

Pat Young said...

The first anniversary of the lynching of Marcelo Lucero. Remember Marcelo Lucero!

Vicente Duque said...

Yes, we should remember Marcelo Lucero. I am going to work in my sites to continue remininding anyone including myself of the cruel, brutal death of this fine young man.


Mr Obama is the best captain for the Rough Seas ahead.

Frank Rich of the New York Times ( my preferred columnist ) says that the gravest problem is to fix the Two Wars. I have seen Great Historians saying the same. And I think that Mr Obama is the best man for the task, but he needs some time to persuade a lot of Hawks that surround him and that are very poweful at many levels.

Let's be patient, and let's be happy of supporting and backing a Great Man --- This is like living in the times of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - I like History.

I have watched Nancy Pelosi on my TV - It seems that she got two new votes in the House of Representatives for her Health Care Projects : One Representative just elected in California and another one in upsate New York. Congratulations to Nancy, and I hope that many poor people finally can get Health Insurance.

Vicente Duque

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