Thursday, September 29, 2011

The President Acknowledges the DOJ Investigation Against Arpaio! How Many Days Before Arpaio is Indicted!

Message to my readers: Yesterday, our President, Barack Obama, hosted a meeting for Latino Voters. I asked a question re: the Arpaio "Abuse of Power" investigation and his Racial Profiling tactics in Maricopa County. I asked when will we hear the results of this DOJ Investigation. It was reported in Huffington Post as follows: "Senior Editor Gabriel Lerner asks a question from a HuffPost LatinoVoices reader concerning Sheriff Arpaio, Obama says he won’t speak to specific cases, but that he is concerned by Arizona’s laws in regards to racial profiling." Now, USA Today News is reporting further on the President's response to my question:
USA Today reports: President Obama and Arizona-based Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- noted for his roundups of illegal immigrants -- are mixing it up. In a roundtable on Hispanic issues Wednesday, Obama said his Justice Department challenged the Arizona immigration law backed by Arpaio because "we thought that there was a great danger that naturalized citizens -- individuals with Latino surnames -- potentially could be vulnerable to questioning." "The laws could be potentially abused in ways that were not fair to Latino citizens in Arizona," Obama said.

Arpaio, interviewed on Arizona television (see link), said he resented the president's suggestion that he engages in racial profiling. "I'm an equal-opportunity guy," Arpaio said. "I enforce all the laws."

During the Hispanic roundtable, Obama was asked to comment on a reported civil rights investigation of Arpaio's office. "Well, I have to be careful about commenting on individual cases," Obama said. "That's handled typically by the Department of Justice or these other agencies. What I will say is this: that the approach that's been taken to immigration in Arizona, I think, has not always been as productive as it's been."

Arpaio said:
"He's a lawyer; he is pretty sharp to avoid direct questions. ... He made some comments talking about people being stopped because of their name. He didn't like the 1070 law, he connects me with 1070. And my answer is: I am just doing my job, and I arrest everyone that violates the law, and I am not going to stop."
My response to Arpayaso and his masked volunteer goons: WE THE PEOPLE are very aware of your Abuse of Power and your Racial Profiling. The Mayors and Officials of Arizona demanded that the DOJ investigate your abuse. The DOJ has been investigating your abuse. It is only a matter of time before You and Your Masked Goons are indicted for your Abuse of Power. WE THE PEOPLE are counting the days before your indictment is announced! God Bless America! God Bless Our President Barack Obama!

ANTI-Latino Racial Profiling Growing in America!

Guest Voz: Nick Valencia is a national news desk editor and former head of the CNN Spanish Desk
Atlanta (CNN) -- "Go home!" she yelled at me. "Why don't you go back home to Mexico before you ruin this country like you ruined your own!" I was standing in a crowd at the Music Midtown festival in Atlanta, where I live. A few minutes earlier I'd met a group of five people who'd been standing in front of me -- here from Mexico City -- and I had begun speaking Spanish with them.

Atlanta has a growing Latino community, and I am actively involved. Whenever I get the chance to speak to someone in Spanish here, I introduce myself. My new acquaintances and I were talking about what a great time we were having and how remarkable the city of Atlanta was for bringing back the festival to Piedmont Park.

And that's when I heard the yelling woman next to me. As if "go home" wasn't clear enough, the woman -- a 20-something Caucasian -- repeated the words in Spanish. "Vete!" I froze. I didn't quite know what to say, and I didn't want to believe she was talking to me or the group of people I had just met.

Nick ValenciaAs a third-generation Mexican-American growing up in Los Angeles, I had never encountered such overt racism. In fact, because my family was long since assimilated, among my Latino friends I was always considered the "pocho" or "white boy" of the group. (As I write this, a part of me knows somewhere in L.A., a friend of mine will be proud to know someone actually considered me Mexican enough to yell "go home" at me.)

My Mexican friends remind me that I am American first, Mexican second and that my English is better than my Spanish. "Yes," I tell them. "But I can never walk into a room and be white."

Evidently, to some the brown color of my skin means I'm not even American. My friends and family tell me what I experienced that night is a microcosm of what is happening to Latinos across the country. You don't have to look hard to find it. In news stories, in political discourse, on talk radio, in everyday conversation it seems it has become OK to treat Latinos in a negative and antagonistic way -- whether they are new immigrants or longtime Americans. The anti-immigration legislation sweeping across the United States has made this plain. People in my Latino networks say they've noticed the change. And now I understand what they mean.

Like many Americans whose grandparents or parents came here from somewhere else, I live at the intersection of my two cultures. I eat tacos, but I love cheeseburgers. I go salsa dancing, and listen to rock n' roll. I speak Spanish and English, and depending on the crowd, sometimes Spanglish. I love my country and my cultural community. My duality is my reality, just like the 50 million other Latinos in the United States.

I have been luckier than many. Before this incident, the closest I'd ever come to blatant racism was in junior high. I was in the jazz band and played first trumpet. One day our jazz band teacher invited in his predecessor, a local legend who had made Eagle Rock High School's jazz program famous in the 1980s.

The visiting instructor pointed me out and asked me to play him 16 bars of music. I did, but he quickly interrupted. "Stop, stop, stop. I don't want to hear any of that mariachi music. This is jazz."

I didn't think anything of it. Instead I felt terrible that the legend standing in front of me didn't think I was good enough. I went home that night, and like every night, at 6:30 p.m. my family sat down for dinner to talk about our day.

"How was your day, Nicky?" my dad asked. So I told him. Outraged, the next day he went to my principal and filed a formal complaint. The legend didn't come back to visit the jazz program again. Weeks later we received a letter in the mail from him apologizing for his insensitive comments. My family saved the letter.

My father was hypersensitive to ethnic identity and deeply proud of his Latino heritage. The son of a naturalized immigrant from El Salvador and a Mexican mother from Texas, he grew up in Los Angeles during a time of racial tension. When I was young he would tell me stories of the race riots in his high school, violence against people of color, and awful accounts of the struggle he had to make it as a Mexican-American teen in the 1960s.

He died when I was 17 years old, but one of the phrases he implanted in my mind before he passed was a statement activist Cesar Chavez made famous: "Si se puede" -- "Yes you can."

And now, here I was, at 28, with this stranger yelling at me to "leave." I stood there in the middle of a damp crowd on a late Atlanta evening, not comprehending, the wind still and the vibrations of Coldplay's "Yellow" filling the space in the air. I didn't say a thing. I didn't have to.

The crowd around us looked in amazement at this woman. Some of them spoke up to her, telling her she was wrong to talk to us like that. The group of people from Mexico City looked at her in disgust and, realizing from the look on my face that I must not be accustomed to what I was hearing, they turned toward me to offer support.

One of them, a young man, grabbed my hand and raised it high in the air. "Estamos aqui," he said, which translates to "We are here." It was the "Si se puede" moment.

The (crazy) woman continued to taunt us for some minutes, but when we did not reciprocate her hatred, she stopped. The band played a few more songs before ending the set, and the crowd dispersed across the park into the Saturday evening.

As I walked away, the woman and I locked eyes. "I don't think you understand who you said that to," I told her. Thinking to myself, I am as American as you are. "What," she said laughing. "Are you some kind of celebrity or something?"

No. But like the Mexicans I was standing with, I am a human being. And I am home.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tea Party's Russell Pearce CAUGHT in Tea Party Scandal! Explodes in Arizona Recall Election!

HP Reports: Tea Party Scandal Explodes in Arizona Recall Election
As Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce replaced three members on the state's Ethics Committee over an investigation of a fellow colleague's domestic abuse charges last week, his own campaign in the upcoming recall election spiraled deeper into allegations of fraud and ethic violations.

On the verge of blowing up into an irreparable scandal for Pearce, the self-proclaimed "Tea Party President" and first senate president to face a recall election in American history, a series of blatant efforts by his campaign supporters to fraudulently set up the sham candidacy of Olivia Cortes to undermine his main opponent's support has unraveled into a damaging comedy of errors.

After the Secretary of State's office deferred on an investigation into Cortes' campaign for fraud, long-time Mesa Republican Mary Lou Boettcher and attorney Tom Ryan filed a suit yesterday in the Superior Court of Maricopa County for a "verified statement of election contest." Boettcher, the co-founder of one of the oldest Mesa Republican women's clubs in 1962, contends:

Olivia Cortes is currently listed as a candidate for the office of Senator for LD 18. Upon information and belief, Contestant alleges Ms. Cortes is a registered Republican and a member of the "Tea Party." Ms. Cortes is a well-known supporter of recalled Senator Russell Pearce. Upon information and belief Ms. Cortes has voted for Russell Pearce. Upon information and belief, Ms. Cortes has no campaign committee, no volunteers for her campaign, and her campaign is being financed and operated entirely by those who wish to dilute the vote in favor of Recalled Senator, Russell Pearce.

Contestant contests the right of Contestee Cortes to be on the ballot and to run in the Recall Election currently set for November 8, 2011 because Contestee Cortes is a fraudulent and diversionary candidate within the meaning of Arizona law.
While Cortes refuses to appear in public, answer media calls or return emails, and claims on her website that she doesn't know Pearce or his opponent Jerry Lewis, the Mesa educator and Republican moderate, Cortes certainly knows the Tea Party. Last fall, she subscribed to the Tea Party Express TV tour, which featured Pearce at its rally in Phoenix on October 22, 2010. (read rest of article here)

Teaparty Republican Candidate Herman Cain and Sargeant Waters from "A Soldier's Story!" SWITCHED AT BIRTH!

Tea Party Republicans Using Herman Cain as a "Sargeant Waters" Stooge as they did Michael Steele!

It is a crying shame - what is happening to Herman Cain. He foolishly believes he is a viable candidate, not a token "Sargeant Waters" puppet. We all know the Republican Teapartiers have no intention of supporting Herman Cain. The Tea Partiers are using him as a puppet, a token, their "one black best friend" so they can say, "Some of my best friends are Black." He is like HINO Marco Rubio, with less of a chance.

Republicans and especially Tea Partiers are cheering Cain for one reason: He is their token black person. They are doing this on the same basis as Republicans selected Michael Steele as the head of the Republican National Committee (RNC). They kept him in this role for a scant 2 years. Republicans and Teaparties ridiculed and criticized him for the entire time! They USED Steele as a TOKEN! He was their "One Black Friend!" Look where Steele is now. He is a pundit on the very liberal - MSNBC. The Republican Teapartiers needed another TOKEN! They have chosen Cain.

Cain is hardly the man Michael Steele is. Steele was an accomplished man. He started out his career as an Attorney. He specialized in Financial Investments for Wall Street. As a businessman, he founded his own law group and legal consulting firm. He was Chairman of the Republican Leadership Counsel. He chaired the Minority Business Enterprise taskforce. He served as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Then he was named head of the RNC. Even with ALL of these accomplishments, Republican Teapartiers treated Steele with disrespect and finally kicked Steele to the curb.

The TeaParty Republicans mistreated their ONE BLACK FRIEND, so they had to find another ONE.. but this time, they needed to find a "Sargeant Waters" type of Black Man, one that thought like they did, just like "Sargent Waters." The TeaParty Republicans found him in Herman Cain. This time, instead of picking a brilliant, prestigious, Republican politician and businessman who had the ability to think on his own, they picked the head of Godfather's Pizza and a far right wing radio host. They needed someone who criticized his own peer group. He's never held public office, has NO Foreign Policy experience, and has only been involved in Big Business (with some scandalous activities). They also like his far right wing views including: Anti Women's Choice, Anti-Muslim, ANTI Gay, ANTI Immigration Reform/ANTI Latino, PRO Tax Cuts for the Rich, ENDING Social Security and ENDING Medicare as we know it!

But alas, even with all his extreme right wing views, the bigots on the Far Right will NEVER Vote for him (as they NEVER really, truly supported Michael Steele). Cain will soon find out (as Sargeant Waters found out) he is just their Token!
Kinda Sad when you think about it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arpaio and His Posse Allow Felons to Run Free While they are Busy Chasing their own Tails in their Racist Quest to Get the President!

azrepublic reports: To most of us, it was just another idiotic joke . . . at our expense. A recent supermarket tabloid featured a cover photograph of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a big, gaudy headline reading: "Cops probe Obama." The story, which is true, said that Arpaio is allowing his volunteer Cold Case Posse to investigate claims brought to him by the Surprise "tea party" that President Barack Obama's birth certificate may not be authentic.

To everyone but the most hard-shelled, slightly cracked conspiracy nut - and our beloved sheriff - the "probe" is a ridiculous exercise, a silly one-liner the rest of the country gets to tell. With Arizona as the punch line. But if the joke gets his picture in the supermarket-checkout lane, Arpaio will laugh all the way to the tabloid cover.

"I'm listening to my constituents," the sheriff is quoted as saying. "They asked me to look at it. When I get complaints on anybody, whether politicians or anyone else, I don't throw it in the wastebasket." Really? That isn't what Arlene Banks would say.

Some time back, Arlene was at a meeting of Parents of Murdered Children that I attended. Her 21-year-old daughter, Brittanee Monique Howard, who was eight months pregnant with a baby girl, was shot and killed on May 1, 2008.

Howard was murdered in the residence she was sharing with her boyfriend in Laveen. According to reports, there was an intruder, a struggle over a gun and shots were fired. Brittanee was hit. No one has ever been arrested or charged in the case.

Brittanee's family members say they had to nag the Sheriff's Office for more than a year to get information on how the investigation was going.

"It's been really, really bad," Arlene said.

Brittanee was her only child, a happy, healthy young woman who was working at a credit union when she died.

"The last meeting we had with the Sheriff's Office was last year, when they finally decided to release a copy of the initial report to us," Arlene said. "Before that, they kept telling me that there was no report. There were things that struck us as odd, and to this day, we hardly ever hear anything."

Arlene Banks is not alone.

There are many other mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters who have lost someone to a crime that has never been solved.

To victim families, having a sheriff that allows a volunteer Cold Case Posse to stage a silly investigation of the president's birth certificate is no joke.

It's a tragedy.

It doesn't matter that the posse is made up of unpaid volunteers, as the sheriff's public-relations staff is quick to point out. It doesn't matter that no county resources or money are being wasted.

What matters is that the lives of victim families have been turned upside down and they haven't gotten any answers.

They don't want their loved ones to be forgotten.

"It's been awhile since I've been to a meeting of Parents for Murdered Children," Arlene told me. "It is difficult to sit through. Sometimes, you have to have the energy to listen to everyone's story and not leave there feeling so very down. A lot of people are looking for answers."

To victim families, a sheriff who is interested in the needs of his constituents would tell his volunteer posse that its time would be better spent investigating the many unsolved crimes in this county.

The sheriff said of his posse's investigation into Obama's birth certificate: "I'm not going to spend hours and hours looking at volumes of information. Give it to them, they're not being paid, they're doing it for nothing."

Fine. If posse members prefer to search through documents rather than search for felons, the sheriff would do taxpayers a big favor if he asked them to find out what happened to the $99.5 million in restricted jail funds that county officials say he misspent over the past eight years.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arpaio and His Masked Goons SUED for Police Brutality! Arpaio already Lost over $50M in Law Suits for Brutality and Abuse!

PHOENIX (CN) - Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies working off-duty security at the Phoenix International Raceway mercilessly beat and Tasered a man and his son "without provocation or cause," the family says.
Michael Wyman, his wife Jan and his son Wade "were enjoying a day with friends at the NASCAR race at Phoenix International Raceway" on Nov. 13, 2010, according to their complaint in Maricopa County Court. The family decided to go to the racetrack's Speed Cantina, where Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies provide security.
Michael Wyman said he was approached by a friend who he had not seen in a long time, and after he greeted the friend with "a high five and bear hugs," Deputy Preston Boyer "without verbal warning or command and without provocation or cause, approached Michael from behind and began to choke Michael using a choke hold."
Michael, "disoriented and unable to see his unidentified attacker, grabbed onto his assailant's arm to try to loosen the choke hold so he could breathe and to free himself," he says. Another sheriff's officer then pushed his wife aside "and Tasered Michael in the back," according to the complaint.
As Michael lay on the floor, the family says, a second sheriff's officer Tasered him again. His wife "begged the MCSO deputies to stop, but a deputy shoved Jan in the chest with both of his hands and ordered her to get back," the complaint states.
When the Wyman's daughter, Melissa, also pleaded with the deputies to stop, a deputy threatened to Taser her too. A deputy threatened to Taser the friend that Michael had high-fived, as well.
Jan Wyman says she went to her husband, who was lying face-down on the ground, "to hold his face off of the ground, his mouth foaming and his body still rigid and convulsing from the electrical shocks," and deputies ordered her away and threatened to Taser her again.
Although her husband "was disabled and immobilized by the Taser shocks, the MCSO deputies then stomped on Michael's arms, kicked him, and handcuffed him," according to the complaint.
The Wymans' friends told the deputies "there was no reason for the deputies' conduct," and one friend, a Phoenix firefighter, told deputies "that they could not continue to Taser Michael after Michael was handcuffed." Ron Wilson identified himself as a Phoenix firefighter, but a deputy told him "he did not 'care who the fuck' Wilson was and then threatened to Taser Wilson, too," the complaint states.
When the son, Wade Wyman, asked the deputies why they were assaulting his father the deputies "began to shove Wade backwards, and continued to shove Wade even after he raised his hand to indicate that he was not resisting nor was he attempting to touch the MCSO deputies." Then the deputies Tasered Wade, and one deputy "kicked and kneed Wade in the ribs as he handcuffed Wade," the lawsuit states.
Michael and Wade were moved behind a gated area, where they sat for an hour before the deputies decided to search them. In response to orders, Michael stood up and spread his legs to be searched, but one deputy "laughed and said, 'Oh, I guess you aren't listening!' and kicked and stomped on Michael's right leg and foot."
Two deputies restrained Michael's arms "while the first deputy continued to kick him; the kicks and stomps struck Michael's Tasered leg and the inside of his foot," the Wymans claim.
Michael Wyman says he was hospitalized after the "unprovoked and unjustified attacks," and underwent multiple surgeries "on his Tasered calf and broken foot."
Criminal charges were filed against Michael, and dismissed; no criminal charges were ever filed against Wade.
The Wymans seek punitive damages for gross negligence, assault and battery, false arrest, intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious prosecution.
Defendants include Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Preston Boyer, William R. Cox, George Inuaki, Michael Martinez, Ryan Neville, Nicholas Perez, and Dominick Reaulo.
The Wymans represented by Daniel Treon with Treon & Shook

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN 2: Extremist Paul Ryan Agrees with Rick Perry about Social Security being a Ponzi Scheme! Should we be Surprised?

WASHINGTON -- Speaking on (extreme right wing) conservative radio on Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) agreed with Texas Gov. Rick Perry's (R) claim that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme." When asked by host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday whether the country's social insurance program is a Ponzi scheme, Ryan replied, "That is how those schemes work." "So if you take a look at the technicality of Ponzi -- I would -- it's not a criminal enterprise," he said, according to a transcript. "But it is a pay-as-you-go system where ... earlier investors or, say, taxpayers, get a positive rate of return and the most recent investors -- or taxpayers -- get a negative rate of return."

Democrats immediately criticized Ryan's comments.

"Republican Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's belief that Social Security works like a Ponzi scheme proves -- once and for all -- that House Republicans have really declared war on seniors," said Jesse Ferguson, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, in a press release. "A Ponzi scheme is Bernie Madoff ripping off Americans -- not Social Security benefits that seniors earned and depend on during retirement."

Ponzi schemes, made famous in 1920 by Charles Ponzi, are predicated on delivering large returns to investors with money received from new investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission definition of a Ponzi scheme is, "an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors."

Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme in his 2010 book Fed Up!, and he defended the characterization in a Sept. 7 GOP presidential debate. Since then, some Republicans have come out in support of the governor, including Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) who said, "As far as it [Social Security] goes, absolutely it is a Ponzi scheme."

Additionally, this past June, Reps. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) introduced legislation that would allow workers to partially opt out of Social Security immediately and fully opt out after 15 years.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Loony Tea Party Arpaio: "My Posse is Investigating the Black Guy in the White House's Birth Certificate!"

Maricopa County's Media Hog Tea Party Republican Sheriff has officially gone off of his rocker! He has commissioned a posse (see their pictures below -- LOL), comprised of Republican Tea Party Volunteer Goons from the "Surprise AZ Tea Party", to investigate our President's Birth Certificate! My Theory: The Sheriff knows he is about to be indicted for the DOJ's "Abuse of Power" investigation, and he is forming this posse so he can later claim the indictment (which has been going on for almost 2 years) is in retaliation for his Posse! Reports: Arpaio posse to examine Obama's birth documents
A volunteer posse who aids the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is investigating the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turned over the documents to his "Cold Case Posse", a group of five volunteers who have prior law enforcement experience. Some were police officers and some were lawyers, Arpaio said, adding that their investigation will not cost the taxpayers a cent.

An MCSO spokesperson confirmed that the Sheriff's Office is not conducting the investigation. Arpaio said the move is not political (LOL) and he is only doing it because it is his duty to investigate the allegations of Maricopa County citizens. "I don't have anything personal or official about it (LOL). They came to me," Arpaio said. "I report to the people. They come to me and ask for something to be done, the lease I can do is look into it." Arpaio said no decision will be made on the next step until the investigation is complete.
This from World Net Daily:
"The Surprise Tea Party is concerned that no law enforcement agency or other duly constituted government agency has conducted an investigation into the Obama birth certificate to determine if it is in fact an authentic copy of 1961 birth records on file for Barack Obama at the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu, or whether it, or they are forgeries."
Also from World Net Daily, pictures of the Surprise Tea Party members (YIKES!):

Crybaby Tea Party Republican Cries: "How am I supposed to Live on $400,000 a year? This is Class Warfare!"

Oh poor Teaparty Republican Congressman John Fleming! He asks, "How am I supposed to live on $400,000 a year? This is Class Warfare!" Meanwhile, his party is demanding cuts to Medicare and Social Security forcing our elderly to live on cat food! These Republicans! Look for their upcoming argument regarding our President's recommendations for ending Tax loopholes. "This is Class Warfare!" -- SOS America! Save our Seniors!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SOS America! Save Our Seniors! Vote Democratic in 2012!

I worry about our country, especially if we elect a Republican President in 2012. We are becoming a Nation of the "Haves" and "Have Nots." The richest 10% own 90% of the wealth. The bottom 90% hold 73% of the debt. The Gap between the Rich and the Poor is growing wider and wider, and now the Tea Party Republicans have taken up the Cause of the Rich! Extend Tax Cuts for the Rich! End Regulations. End "Entitlement Programs!"

Republicans have vowed to End Social Security and Medicare. During their last Presidential Debate, Ron Paul and his supporters cheered at the thought of letting a 30 year old DIE if he was ill and didn't have Health Insurance. Years ago, Ron Paul would have been booed off the stage. Nowadays, he is CHEERED by Tea Party Republican supporters.

I have a close friend who works in Medicare Enrollments. Today, Hundreds of Thousands of Seniors live on their monthly Social Security checks. They have NO OTHER INCOME! NO OTHER SAVINGS! They save their pennies. Their stories are heart breaking. They live month to month waiting by the mailbox for their monthly checks.

As a Consultant in the Financial arena, I see what is happening to those with private Retirement Accounts. The vast majority do not maintain substantial savings, and many borrow from their accounts. As long as they have access to the money, they take it - by any means necessary.

What does this tell me? We as a Nation should NEVER, EVER consider privatizing Social Security. We Can NOT do this to our Seniors, now or in the Future. We will ALWAYS need a Social Security system in place. We need a system that people CANNOT touch in their youths. We need a system that CANNOT be accessed or borrowed from. We need a system with guaranteed monthly payments for our seniors. We need this system - Social Security.

When you are a Senior, you often become ill. Sometimes you cannot take care of yourself. What will happen to our Seniors if we take away their only guaranteed source of income? Prior to Social Security, Seniors starved to death or were shipped off to an asylum or to the Poor House. They were left to DIE and many did DIE prematurely.

Do we want to revert to Pre-Depression (pre 1930s) America? Do we want our Seniors left to starve in the streets? America. We cannot afford to let any of these extreme right wing Tea Party Republican Candidates become President!

For your sake! For your Grandmother's sake! For your kids' sake! Register to Vote and Vote Democratic in 2012!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Asking for Arpayaso's Endorsement: How LOW Can the TeaParty Republican Candidates Go???

What more proof do we need? IF one of these Tea Party Republicans is elected in 2012, we will be DOOMED with a President who supports the RACIAL PROFILING Suppression Sweeps conducted by Arpaio's volunteer masked goon squad! Is this what you want Latino Americans, Democrats and Humanitarians? WE CANNOT AFFORD TO STAY AWAY FROM THE POLLS! ALL OF US... EACH OF US... MUST REGISTER TO VOTE! AND VOTE in the 2012 Election! Become aware of the Voting Rules in your State! The Republican Governors are quickly changing them! Make sure you have a proper Picture ID and your Voter Registration! VOTE IN 2012! For ALL of our Sakes!

NYTimes reports: Republican Hopefuls Court Sheriff Joe
It is presidential campaign season in Arizona, and that means the phone of Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been ringing a lot lately. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County says he has not decided whom to endorse in the Republican presidential contest. Arpaio, who conducts raids of immigrant neighborhoods and keeps his suspects in open-air tents (in 100+ weather), may be a symbol of intolerance to his critics, but he remains so influential in conservative circles that his endorsement is considered a prize.
That is why Gov. Rick Perry of Texas called him up last week to chit chat. And why former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts did the same before an Arizona trip this week. Then there was Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who stopped by Mr. Arpaio’s office in downtown Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon to heap praise on the man. “It is very important to be here in Arizona to talk about the issue of immigration, and of course, Sheriff Joe is the nation’s sheriff,” Ms. Bachmann said during a brief photo opportunity. “He (Arpayaso) is one of my (Bachmann's) heroes, but he is also a hero all across the nation. I look forward to being with him today. We’re going to be talking a little bit more about the problems on our southern border.”

Arpaio keeps those who are interested about the jockeying for his endorsement up to date on his Twitter account. Although he supported Mr. Romney in the last Republican presidential primary, Arpaio has yet to endorse anybody this time around. His influence, although weighty in Arizona, clearly has its limits in actually propelling candidates to the White House. He supported Bob Dole just before he was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1996. Four years later, he endorsed George W. Bush, who went on to become president. In the lead up to the 2008 election, Mr. Arpaio backed Mr. Romney over Senator John McCain, who was the eventual Republican nominee and with whom Mr. Arpaio appears to have a grudge.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney, who spoke in Sun Lakes, a retirement community south of Phoenix at the very moment that Mrs. Bachmann was having her photograph taking with the sheriff, surely wished he had Mr. Arpaio at his side. But with Mr. Arpaio still uncommitted, Mr. Romney had to make do with the next best thing — another tough-talking Arizona sheriff, Paul Babeu of Pinal County.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Let them die!' say Tea Party fanatics in debate audience

Democrats, REGISTER TO VOTE and VOTE in 2012! Otherwise, if the Teaparty elects their candidate, be prepared for what happens to you and your children!
Daily Mail reports:
Tea Party members in a boisterous crowd have provoked outrage and comparisons to 'Roman gladitorial combat' after suggesting people who can't fund their own healthcare should be left to die.
Republican contenders were facing off at a CNN/Tea Party in Tampa, Florida, on Monday night when the most liberal of all the candidates, Ron Paul, was asked the question by host Wolf Blitzer.
Mr Paul, a physician and opponent of federal healthcare, disagreed with just letting sick people die, but the calls from members of the audience suggest some Tea Party members think it’s a good idea.
(read rest of article)

Monday, September 12, 2011

I watched the CNN Republican Tea Party Debates as long as I could (without throwing up) Before I switched Channels!

OMG! It was just Awful! The audience was LOADED with TeaPartiers, egging on the candidates to go farther and farther to the extreme right! Ugh!
End Medicare!
End Social Security!
Privatize Everything!

The Leaders in all of this rhetoric? Perry, Bachmann, Santorum.
Poor Romney was struggling desperately.
Poor Ron Paul. (no one was cheering)
Poor Pizza Guy.
Poor Gingrich, barely an applause.
Most of all, poor Jon Huntsman. He, as the only rational person on the floor should have packed his bags and gone home.

The TeaPartiers are NUTZ! And they DO NOT represent WE THE PEOPLE!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Rick Perry's America: Firefighters buy their own Gas and Hoses

We have wild fires raging in Texas, but Republican Governor Rick Perry has cut funding for Texas Firefighters. In many locations, they are forced to buy their own hoses and gas for their vehicles to get to the fires. Perry has not only cut jobs and funding for Firefighters, he has cut jobs and funding for local Police and Teachers. Be very afraid, America, if you elect him President! He plans on cutting your Social Security and Medicare. He also plans on staying very close to his Rich Political Contributers. This is Rick Perry's America: In Rick Perry's America: Firefighters buy their own Gas and Hoses
WASHINGTON -- In Texas, firefighters aren't just battling the wild fires raging around Austin and Houston. The state's first responders have also had to deal with budget cuts affecting everything from fuel purchases to hoses and oxygen tanks. In some cases, fire officials say, firefighters have had to pay out of pocket for basic necessities like proper protective gear and fuel to get them to the scene. One fire department that battled the blazes in Bastrop County had to pay for a hose, recalled Bastrop City Fire Chief Henry Perry, speaking to The Huffington Post during a break from working the wild fires.
"That fire department has been on this fire every day," he said. "Before this fire, they were having to buy stuff out of their own pocket." Perry said he knows of at least one other department whose firemen had to pay for equipment maintenance and engine fuel.
Earlier this week, HuffPost reported that Gov. Rick Perry, the GOP front-runner for president, had signed off on millions in firefighting cuts as part of the state's most recent budget legislation. The Texas Forest Service's funding has gone from $117.7 million in the 2010-2011 budget years to $83 million in the 2012-2013 budget years.
Severe cuts have also hit assistance grants to volunteer fire departments throughout Texas. The grants decreased from $30 million per year in 2010 and 2011 to $13.5 million per year in 2012 and 2013. These are cuts that firemen are now dealing with.
"I don't agree with it. I understand what Governor Perry did," said Henry Perry (no relation). "Do I like it? No. I don't like it at all."
The cuts come at a time when Texas fire departments have already been slowing purchases of new fire trucks and other critical equipment as a way to save money, said Guy Turner, president of the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate Review: So Glad the TeaPartiers like Tricky Ricky Perry and NOT Huntsman!

I watched the Republican debates last night. Only one person stood head and shoulders above the rest. He was intelligent, so eloquent, put the American people first and was truly Presidential. This person: Jon Huntsman. He has served as a successful Governor of Utah, worked for Reagan and Bush Sr. as Dep Asst Secretary of Commerce and as US Ambassador to Singapore and to China.
The Tea Party doesn't like him.
They like the extremist, wildman Rick Perry.
I'm glad for that. I do not want a Republican as President.
With Perry saying crazy, wacky things like "Social Security is a Ponzy Scheme, oh yes it is brotha!" (shaking his head like Tricky Dicky saying "I am not a crook") all he needed was -- holding up two fingers in each hand with the Peace sign.
Perry was an embarrassment last night. He practically tried to spit in Romney's eye. Good thing Romney was quick on his feet. Romney, old flip-flopper that he is, will never win. Good.

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. Who will be the Republican nominee. Many people say the 2012 Election is theirs to lose. With the Tea Party leading the charge for them, it looks like they are heading down that losing road, especially if they pick Tricky Ricky.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tea Party Republican Right Wing Extremists Desperate! Making Up FAKE Latino Groups Proclaiming Reconquista Race War!

The Tea Party Right Wing Groups are getting DESPERATE!
They MADE UP a FAKE Reconquista Group -- "Chicanos Unidos Arizona"
The Extremist Right Wing Websites (aka: the Examiner) has posted an article by their MADE UP Reconquista Group, proclaiming there will be a RECONQUISTA WAR in 5 Years. They CLAIM FAKE Associations with NCLR and MECHA.
Of course this doesn't surprise me given the amount of trickery being conducted by Karl Rove's legions of Watergate Type paid hackers.

I CHALLENGE their FAKE Group's Leader: Miguel Perez to reply to me or to NCLR (who he claims membership) or to MECHA (who he ALSO proclaims membership) and PROVE his Membership.

Sadly, HE CANNOT! Why? Because he is NOT a member. HE is a FABRICATION!
A Right Wing Conspiracy!
His LIE: He writes that Latinos in America will start a "Reconquista War" in America. (LIES!)

The FAKE Group "Chicanos Unidos Arizona" has NO Website! No Facebook page!
If you doubt what I am saying, I ask that you to Google these words "Latino group claims Aztlán war in next five years" and VIEW all of the EXTREMIST RIGHT WING Tea Party Groups that are proclaiming this story. Also note: There are NO supportive articles for this group from NCLR or MECHA. NONE!

I also ask you to google: "examiner illegal immigration" and view ALL of the ANTI Latino articles that appear from this heinous, right wing RAG!

BEWARE THESE RIGHT WING HATE WEBSITES! THEY LIE! The Examiner and ANTI Latino HATE Websites should be ASHAMED of themselves! They are stirring up their ugly, ugly Agenda of HATE and WAR and VIOLENCE! How typical of these extremists!!

Latino Friends: Please REPOST this to as many Websites as possible. Let's see if we can OUT this FAKE website once and for all! Let's get them to write me!
or write to: NCLR or MECHA

Let's see if they have the GUTS to Out Themselves!!! THE LIARS!

Marco Rubio Vows to END Social Security! Kicking Granny to the Curb!

Republicans, like Marco Rubio, want to END Social Security and Medicare. I worry for our country. What will happen IF a Republican gets elected in 2012? We will see the end of programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if the Republicans get their way. What will happen to our Old People?
Sen. Rubio doesn't know what he is talking about! He said that programs such as Social Security and Medicare have “weakened us as a people.” Sen. Rubio yearns for the time when Americans, not the government, took care of Americans. He is truly insane! Before Social Security was put in place, 30 - 50% of seniors (65+) lived in Poverty. 50% had NO Health Insurance and 25% of the sick and elderly did WITHOUT medical care because they had no insurance. Today, because of insurance programs such as Social Security, only 10% of seniors live in Poverty! SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE WORKS!!

Social Security IS INSURANCE. We pay into it ALL OF OUR WORKING LIVES! It is NOT an "Entitlement" as the Repubicans keep telling us. It is INSURANCE. We pay for this insurance our whole lives so we have it in our senior years! Social Security is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It is our INSURANCE for our Golden Years!
Right now, we have a 2.5 Trillion dollar SURPLUS in Social Security. That is the real issue. The Republicans, especially the Tea Party Republicans like the conniving Rubio, want to get their grubby little hands on OUR (WE THE PEOPLE)'s Insurance money!

Rubio, i
n trying to cast himself as the latter-day Reagan, overlooks the fact that government got bigger during the Reagan presidency, adding the Department of Veterans Affairs. And Mr. Reagan signed legislation bolstering Social Security.
(see video)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arpaio and Seagal MURDER Puppy!

The Independent reports: Steven Seagal killed my puppy. So says Jesus Sanchez Llovera, an Arizona man whose home was (falsely) raided by armed detectives filming a reality TV program in which the veteran actor works as a volunteer police officer. According to legal papers filed in Phoenix, Mr Llovera wants $100,000 in compensation,plus a written apology from Seagal and the local police chief for the incident in March, which saw him arrested on suspicion of running an illegal cockfighting ring. He denies that charge, and claims that more than 100 prize chickens being bred for "show" were killed by Seagal and his colleagues. An 11-month-old puppy was also shot and killed during the early morning raid, he alleges.

Seagal has for months been working alongside Joe Arpaio, the controversial right-wing Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, famed for his zero-tolerance approach to policing and his dedication to the cause of rounding up suspected illegal immigrants. In a series of operations filmed for the TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman, the former action hero has dressed in camouflage gear and wraparound sunglasses to participate in gung-ho arrests of suspected criminals.

The raid on Mr Llovera's property was a typical operation. It saw Seagal join a squadron of heavily armed riot police who drove a tank through the front gates before kicking down the door of the house and rushing inside.
Mr Llovera offered no resistance, but says he was nonetheless roughed-up and that his home suffered "substantial" damage. The arrest, and alleged shooting of the puppy – "a beloved family pet" – took place while his young children were present.

The case has potential racial overtones, since Mr Llovera is of Hispanic heritage. Members of Phoenix's Latino community have long said they are discriminated against by Mr Arpaio, who is famed for arresting illegal immigrants at road-blocks and making prison inmates wear pink pyjamas. Mr Llovera denies all charges of breeding chickens for cockfighting. He says the raid was "unfounded" and the use of force in the arrest was disproportionate. Neither Mr Arpaio nor Seagal has responded to his claims.

However the actor is unlikely to take kindly to allegations of complicity in the death of a puppy: in interviews he has spoken out against animal cruelty.

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