Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I call on all women across America to stand in Solidarity and Boycott Sex for the week of May 13, 2012. (Mother's Day week) We need to help men understand that women are in solidarity against those that are attacking Women's rights and proposing we revert to the pre-1950's age of women's servitude.

Rick Santorum, Republican Governors and many Republicans are advocating:

1. The END to Birth Control availability on the formularies of Health Care providers.

2. Violating a woman's Right to Choose and proposing a Mandate of a Rape Tool once a Woman has made her Choice.

Santorum is also calling for an end to Sex before marriage.

It is time we help men understand that women are in solidarity against such injustices and bias laws against women.

Monday, February 27, 2012

GUILTY OF HATE CRIME! Chad Martin Jurjaks, "Fucking Mexicans!" Beater, Gets Nearly 3 Years in Prison

OC Weekly reports: One wonders if Chad Martin Jurjaks believes it was worth it: two years and eight months in state prison for yelling "Fucking Mexicans" at a 42-year-old Latino man and his 26-year-old nephew before punching them outside a 7-Eleven in Costa Mesa last March. The Caucasian brawler is just lucky he did not get what prosecutors recommended for the unprovoked attack: four years behind bars.

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz argued for that sentence because of the violent nature of the attack and Jurjak's violent past. Jurjaks no doubt received the lighter sentence because he copped last month to two felony counts of hate crime battery causing injury. With a sentencing enhancement prosecutors originally filed alleging a prior strike conviction for criminal threats in 2006, Jurjaks was looking at up to seven years and four months in a state prison cell.

He was drunk around 10:30 p.m. March 15, 2011, when he approached four family members at the convenience store and yelled, "Fucking Mexicans!" Before they could respond, Jurjaks beat the head of the 42-year-old three times, then did the same once to his nephew while still yammering, "Fucking Mexicans!" He eventually walked away, Costa Mesa cops were called, and Jurjaks was arrested near the store.

The younger victim submitted a statement to the judge at sentencing today that he remains in therapy and is still afraid to go outside because the Costa Mesa man beat on him for no reason other than his ethnicity. Too bad the judge can't reduce that sentence in hell as well.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ramos: "To Latinos, You are the Face of Racism & Discrimination!" Arpaio (Red Faced/Angry) "No! They Love Me!"

Jorge Ramos interviewed Arpaio this week and asked him why he is pursuing his vicious Birther Attack against our President. Arpaio responded he was pursuing the attack because (racist) Tea Party Birthers asked him to investigate. Arpayaso is releasing his "preliminary findings" on March 1st.

Then, Ramos asked him, "To many Latinos..you are the face of racism and discrimination...you know that."
Arpayoso initially tried to pass this off by saying he is a (get ready) "Nice Guy...I've never had a problem with the Latino. They love me." (he was almost begging)
Ramos responded, "No. They don't love you."
Arpayaso interupted, almost pleading, "No they do... How do you know they don't like me.. How do you know... How do you know they don't like me. How do you know...I've got my own polls...Ok. that's what they want to say, I'm going to continue to enforce the laws. (eg: Racial Profile, Abuse of Power, rampant arrests of Latinos in their neighborhoods.)"

Numbers of Border Patrol So High, Mexican Restaurant Opens 2nd Site; Meanwhile La Bruja Takes Racial Profile Bill sb1070 to Supreme Court on April 25!

Jan Brewer recently claimed "SB 1070 was Arizona's way of saying that we won't wait patiently for federal action any longer. If the federal government won't enforce its immigration laws, we will." She is pushing this hate bill so far that she has argued it to the Supreme Court who will hear the case on April 25.
Brewer is pursuing this action even though the Border Patrol and ICE reports indicate we are at the lowest rate of so-called illegal entry in over a decade. The Arizona border towns are safe and crime is at an all time low.
Brewer's claims are baseless. There is no need for the racial profiling bill sb1070.

"The Emergency Border Security Supplemental Appropriations Act" enacted in 2010 has provided over $600 million of reinforcements for border security. We have 20,000 Border Patrol agents and 17,000 are on the U.S. - Mexico border.
The Act has brought so many Border Patrol agents to the Arizona border, one restaurant, Tachos Nachos, has named a Burrito after the Border Patrol Agents in their honor - "Border Patrol Burrito" or "BPB" for short.
The Border Agents have increased this little Mexican Restaurant's business so much, they've opened up a second restaurant.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My thoughts on Abortion and Women's Rights

I believe in Women's Rights. From the time I was a little girl, I have believed in Women's rights. I remember when I was 5 years old, I noticed how boys always received preferential treatment vs girls. My brothers didn't have to clean the house or learn to cook dinner or wash the dishes like my sisters and I did.
When I became a teenager, I loved watching "That Girl" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." I saw that women were finding their place in America and I vowed that I would be "That Girl" too.
As a teenager and a young woman, my girlfriends and I followed politics and we protested against the laws that were unfair to women and minorities. We protested for Equal Pay for Equal Work. We protested for Civil Rights and Equal Rights for All.
Our songs supported these movements: "I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!.. I am strong! I am invincible! I am Woman!"
These were tumultuous times, life changing times. Women were chastised for protesting. Conservative Right wing extremists, then and now - including some of the Republican Prez Candidates, ridicule us, calling us "Women's Libbers" or worse. These conservative Republicans long for the pre-fifties times of old, when women were subservient and catered to them. They continue their attempts to take away our rights and take us back to the pre-fifties.
I wish I could take you all back in a time machine so you could relish the changing times and successes we've achieved in America. Both the Civil Rights and the Women's Right Movements have made such dramatic changes in America. I remember we all had such conviction about the need to change America for the better. We all knew we were in the midst of monumental change and we knew we had to continue our fight and our protests if we were to make a better world.
During the 70s in particularly, Women evolved. We dramatically changed. We found our Voice. In the 60s we fought for, but in the 70s we finally realized we were ALL Equal! If we worked hard enough, we could be successful not only in the home but in our careers -- in Life.
We've also seen monumental changes in Healthcare. We didn't have Medicare until the sixties. Prior to that, seniors were left to fend for themselves. They often died, due to lack of proper healthcare.

Women's Healthcare dramatically advanced through these time. In the 60s came the development and popularity of Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control pills).
There was quite a transition for women during these times. We were still being counseled at Church and by our parents to be "Good Girls." However, the world was offering us so many freedoms. I was fortunate to meet my boyfriend (now husband) as a teenager and also to be hired into my corporation as a young career woman. There were so many choices I didn't have to make. I Thank God for Blessing me with a Wonderful Husband and two Wonderful, Handsome, Loving, Caring Sons!

Some of my girlfriends were not so fortunate. Poor choices in men and some poor career choices caused them to have to make difficult decisions. Even though birthcontrol was available, two of my friends had to make decisions about abortions.
The Republicans would have you think these are easy decisions. Some Republicans are even advocating no birth control and no sex until you are married and until you are ready to conceive, hardly a realistic notion.

Abortion is not a decision anyone wants to make. However, it is a decision some women consider when they become unexpectedly pregnant. I remember the tears, the fear, the agony these two women went through when they made their decisions. The first thing you have to remember is, sex is a choice made by a man and a woman. One night of Sex is all it takes and a Woman is left with a Lifetime of consequence. Yet, in most cases, the man (who usually initiates the action) doesn't face ANY consequences. It is the woman who may be abandoned, left alone, left to make a life changing decision like this on her own. Many of these women are in desperation because of the poor choices they made on that ONE Night. These were young women, starting off in life, new at the job, new on their own.
After their abortion experience, both women went on to have full lives. Both of them found husbands and had families of their own. Neither can hardly speak of their earlier decision. I spoke to one of them recently. She is sad about her decision. She now thinks differently about abortion. We both wondered what would have happened had she changed her mind back then.

A Woman's Right To Choose:
Sex has been happening since the beginning of time. Sometimes an unwanted pregnancy occurs. Once this happens, there are so many scenarios. I wonder about all the backroom abortions and women's deaths that occurred prior to legalized abortions. I also think about all the women who married someone they didn't love because they were pregnant and felt obliged to marry the guy. I think about all the murdered women, murdered by their spouses -- were they trapped in an unwanted marriage because of pregnancy? I think about rape victims and women whose lives are jeopardized by pregnancy.
I cannot and will not make decisions for these women. This is their choice, not mine.
I strongly support Birth Control for ALL Women.

I strongly support Birth Control being on the formulary of EVERY HealthCare Provider.
I strongly OPPOSE Republicans trying to deny Women their Freedom and their RIGHT to Choose!

GOP Debate Has All White Audience - Meanwhile, Latinos Protest for Dream Act Outside!

MESA, Arizona — Latino students and supporters rallied outside the Arizona Republican presidential debate on Wednesday to protest that ALL of the Republican Candidates’ oppose the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act allows certain non-citizen youth to apply for residency and citizenship after graduating from high school and completing two years of college or the military. It passed the House of Representatives in 2010 and received a majority of votes in the Senate, but failed due to a Republican filibuster.

My Intrusive Vaginal Probe and Out of Touch Male Republican Candidates

Birth Control is a needed prescription drug and should be on every Health Care provider's formulary. These prescriptions not only prevent pregnancy for working women, they are also prescribed for the treatment of many female illnesses.
Why do Republican men minimize female medical procedures? Why do they oppose Birth Control? Why do they minimize the role of women in the workforce? In the Military? Why do they want to control women's lives?
The ANSWER: Republicans are closely linked to Big Business Pharmaceuticals who are looking for the opportunity to remove female Birth Control products from their covered formulary list. This would save them Billions of dollars a year.

What else? A Republican MANDATE for Women who are considering abortion to undergo a MANDATED extremely invasive procedure. All the Republican Presidential candidates support the proposed law in Virginia which requires woman to undergo a Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam. (see the video above) I want each of you, ESPECIALLY REPUBLICAN MEN ADVOCATING THIS PROCEDURE, to see this ENTIRE video so you understand what these Republican candidates are asking women to undergo.
I've recently had an Intrusive Vaginal probe medical procedure. In my case, it was a D&C. My husband has heard jokes by his male friends calling it "Dusting and Cleaning," but I am here to tell you, it is no joke.
See this video to see what I went through. I had this procedure yesterday and I am still very sore and find it difficult to walk across the room without discomfort.

These Republican Men DO NOT UNDERSTAND Women's Health nor do they have a clue about how important Birth Control prescriptions are to American Women, all Women - whether working mothers, retirees, stay at home moms or single girls. Any man who has a question about this, I suggest you talk to your sister, wife, mother or woman friend about Birth Control. Just ask this question: "Is Birth Control important?"
Then just listen. Let her talk.

Chief of Police says California should Issue Driver's Licences to "Illegal Immigrants"

LA Times reports: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said California should issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The chief becomes one of the most prominent local figures to support the idea and his stance is certain to further inflame critics who are already angry at Beck’s efforts to liberalize the rules on how his officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers.
My personal belief is that they should be able to” have licenses, Beck said in response to a question during a meeting with Times’ reporters and editorial writers. “The reality is that all the things that we’ve done – ‘we’ being the state of California – over the last 14, 16 years have not reduced the problem one iota, haven’t reduced undocumented aliens driving without licenses. So we have to look at what we’re doing. When something doesn’t work over and over and over again, my view is that you should reexamine it to see if there is another way that makes more sense.”
Beck said he does not believe licenses for illegal immigrants should be identical to regular ones. Saying “it could be a provisional license, it could be a nonresident license,” he acknowledged that state officials would have to find ways to address widely held concerns that offering licenses to people in the country illegally could make it easier for terrorists go undetected.
For Beck, however, such concerns are outweighed by what he said would be improved safety on California roads and the ability of police to identify the people they encounter. “Why wouldn’t you want to put people through a rigorous testing process? Why wouldn’t you want to better identify people who are going to be here?” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense to me. And we could increase safety on the roads. When you make things illegal you cause a lot of other things by chain reaction.”
Beck, for example, said he would expect the number of hit-and-run accidents to decrease if illegal immigrants were licensed, because illegal immigrant drivers would not have to fear being caught without a license at accidents.
Beck’s stance on the issue stems from his push in recent months to make controversial changes in the LAPD’s vehicle impound rules for unlicensed drivers. Because illegal immigrants cannot receive licenses in California, they are presumed to make up a disproportionate percentage of the state’s unlicensed drivers and, Beck believes, have been unfairly affected by the current impound protocols.

Currently, officers can opt between two parts of the state vehicle code when impounding an unlicensed driver’s vehicle. One allows an owner to retrieve the car from the impound lot immediately, while the other keeps it impounded for 30 days – a delay that comes with fees and fines that typically exceed $1,200. Under Beck’s proposed changes, officers would be required to use the more lenient approach when impounding cars of unlicensed drivers who have auto insurance, a legitimate form of identification and no previous convictions for unlicensed driving. (People driving on suspended or revoked licenses or those who do not satisfy the department's requirements would have their cars impounded with the 30-day hold.)
Beck has defended the proposed changes against angry rebukes from people who say the new rules would essentially reward people for breaking the law and allow potentially dangerous drivers to remain on the roads. The department is delaying the new changes until city officials can review a recent legal opinion from state lawyers that called into question the legality of the moves.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Did Republicans Invite White Nationalist Peter Brimelow to their National Conference?

The Republicans recently held their 2012 National Conference "CPAC" which is an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States. In the past, keynote speakers included: Ronald Reagans, the Bushes, Karl Rove and Mitt Romney. These speakers "Spread the News" Republicans want their attendees to hear and pass along to back in their home states. Who did they invite to speak at the 2012 CPAC conference? Peter Brimelow, an infamous White Nationalist with restrictionist views that promotes Whites Only Immigration policies and opposes multi-culturalism. In a recent interview, Brimelow, an immigrant from Great Britain, said he’s opposed to not only illegal immigration, but legal immigration too. He said it is creating a “Spanish speaking underclass parallel to the African American underclass.”
Here is what Ruben Navarette says about Brimelow at CPAC: BRIMELOW IS A BIGOT
You'll often hear that the immigration debate suffers from a lack of political will. But what it really needs is honesty and clarity. And so, thank goodness for people like Peter Brimelow. His beliefs are vile, dangerous and antithetical to the greatest traditions of this country. But what is extremely helpful is that he's honest and clear about what he believes.

Brimelow is convinced that -- as he recently told a reporter for CBS News -- "diversity is weakening American identity."

He is not alone. A few years ago, commentator Patrick Buchanan published a book where he argued that the United States was better off when most of the immigrants to its shores came from Europe and not Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Question: What do immigrants from those parts of the world have in common? Answer: They're not white.

Brimelow shares his beliefs on the website he founded -- VDARE.com. The site is named in honor of Virginia Dare, the first child born to English settlers in America before all that dreadful race mixing and diluting of bloodlines occurred. He writes books like his best-seller "Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster." And he also gives speeches and appears on panels like the one in which he participated recently at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) titled: "The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the Pursuit of Diversity Is Weakening the American Identity."
Most Americans are not as honest or as clear as Brimelow. They waste a lot of time and effort trying to keep up appearances and pretending to be more progressive and open-minded about immigration than they really are. They'll deny until their last breath that they have anything against immigrants who come to the United States legally from countries like China, Pakistan, India or Brazil. Why, this is a country of immigrants, they'll say. It's only illegal immigration they have a problem with, they'll insist.

That's not true. The three dirty little secrets about the immigration debate are that how Americans feel about immigrants has a lot to do with what country people are coming from, that racism and xenophobia are part of the equation and always have been, and that legal immigrants are as much of a target as their illegal brethren.

Powerful groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) or the Center for Immigration Studies advocate for limits on legal immigration, and they influence Congress. My congressman, Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.), was once a lobbyist for FAIR. Little wonder that lawmakers occasionally call for a moratorium on legal immigration or that, in the 1996 welfare reform law, one group stripped of benefits was legal immigrants.

Still, Americans cling to the fantastical claim that they love and appreciate immigrants -- as long as those immigrants come legally. I blame the indoctrination that many of us went through in public schools. We were taught that the United States is a nation of immigrants, that we draw strength from our diversity, that we should cherish our cultural differences, and that people from all over the world come here for second chances and wind up building a first-rate nation.

As someone who grew up in Great Britain and came to the United States in the mid-1970s, Brimelow missed those lessons. An immigrant who is critical of immigration, he is described as a "white nationalist" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the SPLC, the website that Brimelow founded and edits is a hate site.

I would imagine that the people who invite someone like Brimelow to address their group know exactly what to expect, and his remarks to CPAC did not disappoint.

According to CBS News' "Political Hotsheet," Brimelow said during the panel that immigration -- both legal and illegal -- was, along with multiculturalism, damaging America by creating a "Spanish-speaking underclass parallel to the African-American underclass." He described Hispanic immigrants as "completely dysfunctional" and declared the state of California as "rapidly turning into a Hispanic slum" that is "totally overrun by barrios of illegal immigrants."

Anyone else feel like they need a shower? Let me honest and clear. My Mexican-American family has been in the United States for five generations. By comparison, Peter Brimelow has been here for five minutes. No wonder he doesn't understand the first thing about America and the values that make it great.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Really?! Republicans Telling Women What to do About Birth Control? Really?!? NOTE FROM WOMEN TO REPUBLICANS: "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! REALLY!"

Ten Reasons Why We should FEAR Santorum as a Potential President!

Of all the Republican Presidential candidates, Rick Santorum is the most extreme and the most dangerous. He reminds me of The President in the Dead Zone, a power-mad psycho bent on nuking the opposition (see video).

Every one of his former peers recognize Santorum for his dangerous views. Not one of his former peers endorsed him for President.

Imagine our country if Santorum were elected President. Watch the video clip and get a preview of what we can expect.

Here are TEN of Santorum's beliefs as he has stated in speeches and in his book:
1. Iran:
He wants an all out WAR with Iran. Read the headlines for yourselves:
Two days ago he said "Iran needs an ultimatum." He said about Iran "the fight against Islamic fascism is the great test of our generation. Leaders are obliged to articulate this threat and to propose what is necessary to defeat it." He believes in the annihilation of Islam. He also supports the Torture of prisoners.
2. Social Security and Medicare: He wants to end them. He wants to begin with Means Testing, immediately. If you make over $55K, you will NOT get any Social Security or Medicare. He plans on implementing this policy right away. Then Privatizing the rest.
3. Gays: He is anti-Gay. He plans on demolishing Gay Marriage in every state. He believes being gay is a mental disorder that can be corrected.
4. Birth Control: He believes Birth Control should be abolished. He said Birth Control leads to promiscuity.
5. Sex: He doesn't believe in Sex outside of marriage. He believes SEX should only be performed between a man and a woman in marriage for the purpose of conceiving.
6. Women's Rights: He believes a woman's place is in the home, raising children.
7. Protestants: Santorum is Catholic and in 2008, he said "Protestantism is gone from the world of Christianity."
8. Immigration: He opposes the Dream Act and he wants to Mass Deport the 11M here. No Compromise. And English Only.
9. Unions: End Unions. Period.
10. Public Education: Is against it! Believes in Home Schooling.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Republican Romney's AZ Campaign Co-Chair Sheriff Babeu (Arpaio's Friend) Resigns Amidst Gay Scandal with "Illeegal"

Arpaio's friend, Anti-Immmigration Reform zealot Sheriff Paul Babeu, has been Outed! His former lover Jose, a Mexican Immigrant, provided pictures as proof of his affair with Babeu. Jose and Babeu were lovers for year but they had a bad break up. Jose only went to the newspapers (Phoenix News Times) because he said Babeu's lawyer had threatened to deport him AND his brother.

Today, in a press conference, Babeu admitted the affair, though he denied the threats. He also announced he was stepping down as Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney's, Campaign co-chairman.

Babeau is known for his strong stance AGAINST Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He is an avid defender of Sheriff Arpaio and his racial profiling tactics. He supports sb1070 and has advocated for strict enforcement which results in mass deportation. You also might remember him as the guy in John McCain’s ‘danged fence’ commercial in 2010.

As co-chair of the Romney campaign in Arizona, he strongly supports Republican views against the Dream Act, against Gay Marriage and against Women's Contraceptive rights.

I always find it interesting that Republicans who support the rigid homophobic agenda of the conservative/tea party right are often outed as flamboyant gays. (eg: posting these types of pictures on gay websites). Babeu is also running for Congress as a Republican. I wonder how long he will stay in the running.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Republicans Attack Women, Sex & Birth Control: Santorum Backer says use Aspirin! Darryl Issa hearing invites Fat Old White Men & Bans Women

OMG! Republicans have gone out of control! They are upping their attacks against Women! Republicans are taking this FAR BEYOND CATHOLICS! Santorum says women should NOT use Birth Control and No Insurance company should have Birth Control on their formularies. Today, one of his chief contributors said he opposed Sex and, "Back in my days they'd use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly."
My gosh! Now these nutcases are opposing ALL FORMS of Birth Control!
These zealots are stuck in the 50's.
They want to revert back to pre-Women's Rights days.

In addition, Darryl Issa is conducting hearingsing on Birth Control. In his very first session, THERE WERE NO WOMEN Testifying. OMG! No Women! Just stinky, Fat, Old Men!

All the women in the room LEFT in disgust!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Republicans are Idiotic! Use their HINO Stooges to Pretend they are offended by the word "chimichanga" Yet they are NOT offended by Racial Profiling

The Idiotic Republicans are calling for an apology from President Barack Obama's campaign manager over a tweet Racist Republicans argue is offensive to the Latino community. (like they know) On Wednesday, Jim Messina sought to call attention to an article by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, in which Milbank argued that Republicans will alienate Latino voters by embracing harsh immigration laws, opposing the DREAM Act, and giving the cold shoulder to a Latino judge Obama had nominated. "Line of the day from WAPO's Dana Milbank: 'The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos,'" Messina tweeted.

Now, some Republicans are jumping on the tweet claiming the tweet was offensive to Latinos. (as if..) Republican Jennifer Sevilla Korn (former Bush minion) said she was offended by the comment.

I say WHAT??? Republicans don't have a clue. You will never get our Latino votes.
You support Racial Profiling.
You oppose the Dream Act.
You support Sheriff Arpaio and his masked Volunteers attacking Latinos.
You support Mass/Voluntary Mass Deportation.

You Republicans DONT HAVE A CLUE and you will NEVER GET OUR VOTE.

Do you think the word chimichanga bothers us??
Are you truly that STUPID?
Yes, you have PAID Latinos in your Party.
We laugh at them! We call them HINOs. Hispanic In Name Only.
Rubio is at the top of our list.

You Republicans DONT HAVE A CLUE!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Latinos living in Border Towns in Arizona BEWARE! Brewer is passing a bill to fund an Armed Volunteer Army of Masked Goons!

Latinos living in Border Towns in Arizona BEWARE! The Republican-led Arizona Legislature is considering a bill to fund an ARMED, VOLUNTEER (so similar to Arpaio's Volunteer Masked Goon Squad recruited from the White Nationalists) State Militia to respond to emergencies and patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.
La Bruja, Jan Brewer could deploy the volunteer goons using $1.9 million included in the bill making its way through the state Senate. The militia itself was created by a law signed by Brewer last year.
The Arizona Republic reports the bill has a hearing on Tuesday before the state Senate Appropriations Committee. Senate Bill 1083 has already passed one committee primarily on Republican votes. It would provide $500,000 in one-time funding and $1.4 million a year from a gang task force fund.

Dream Student: "Thoughts on Mitt's Immigration Plan for Self-Deportation"

Dream Student: "Thoughts on Mitt's Immigration Plan for Self-Deportation"
ONE of my happiest childhood memories is of my parents at my First Communion. But that’s because most of my memories from that time are of their being absent. They weren’t there for my elementary school graduation, or for parent-teacher conferences.

From the time I was just a baby in Mexico, I lived with my grandparents while my parents traveled to other Mexican states to find work. I was 6 in 2000 when they left for the United States. And it took five years before they had steady jobs and were able to send for me. We’ve been together in this country ever since, working to build a life. Now I am 17 and a senior in high school in New York City. But my parents have left again, this time to return to Mexico.

Last week, when asked in a debate what America should do about the 11 million undocumented immigrants living here, Mitt Romney said he favored “self-deportation.” He presented the strategy as a kinder alternative to just arresting people. Instead, he said, immigrants will “decide they can do better by going home because they can’t find work here.”

But really this goes along with a larger movement in states like Arizona and Alabama to pass very tough laws against immigrants in an attempt to make their lives so unbearable that they have no choice but to leave. People have called for denying work, education and even medical treatment to immigrants without documentation; many immigrants have grown afraid of even going to the store or to church.

The United States is supposed to be a great country that welcomes all kinds of people. Does Mr. Romney really think that this should be America’s solution for immigration reform?

You could say that my parents have self-deported, and that it was partly a result of their working conditions. It’s not that they couldn’t find work, but that they couldn’t find decent work. My dad collected scrap metal from all over the city, gathering copper and steel from construction sites, garbage dumps and old houses. He earned $90 a day, but there was only enough work for him to do it once or twice a week. My mom worked at a laundromat six days a week, from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m., for $70 a day.

But the main reason they had to leave was personal. I have a brother, 16, a year younger than me, still living in Mexico. He was too little to cross the border with me when I came to the United States, and as the government has cracked down on immigration in the years since, the crossing has become more expensive and much more dangerous. And there was no hope of his getting a green card, as none of us have one either. So he stayed with my grandparents, but last year my grandmother died and two weeks ago my grandfather also died. My parents were confronted with a dilemma: Leave one child alone in New York City, or leave the other alone in Mexico. They decided they had to go back to Mexico.

Now once again I am missing my parents. I know it was very difficult for them to leave me here, worrying about how I will survive because I’m studying instead of earning money working. I’m living with my uncles, but it is hard for my mother to know that I’m coming home to a table with no dinner on it, where there had been dinner before. And it’s hard for me not having my parents to talk to, not being able to ask for advice that as a teenager you need. Now that they are in Mexico, I wonder who will be at my graduation, my volleyball games or my birthday? With whom will I share my joy or my sad moments?

I know a girl named Guadalupe, whose parents have also decided to return to Mexico, because they can’t find work here and rent in New York City is very expensive. She is very smart and wants to be the first in her family to attend college, and she wants to study psychology. But even though she has lived here for years and finished high school with a 90 percent average, she, like me, does not have immigration papers, and so does not qualify for financial aid and can’t get a scholarship.

People like Guadalupe and me are staying in this country because we have faith that America will live up to its promise as a fair and just country. We hope that there will be comprehensive immigration reform, with a path to citizenship for people who have spent years living and working here. When reform happens, our families may be able to come back, and if not, at least we will be able to visit them without the risk of never being able to return to our lives here. We hope that the Dream Act — which would let undocumented immigrants who came here as children go to college and become citizens and which has stalled in Congress — will pass so that we can get an education and show that even though we are immigrants we can succeed in this country.

If, instead, the political climate gets more and more anti-immigrant, eventually some immigrants will give up hope for America and return to their home countries, like my parents did. But I don’t think this is something that our presidential candidates should encourage or be proud of.

Immigrants have made this country great. We are not looking for a free ride, but instead we are willing to work as hard as we can to show that we deserve to be here and to be treated like first-class citizens. Deportation, and “self-deportation,” will result only in dividing families and driving them into the shadows. In America, teenagers shouldn’t have to go through what I’m going through

Our President's Strategy Worked! Republicans' Radical ANTI-Women Agenda Revealed! Energizing the Liberal Base!

President Obama presented an amazing strategy in his quest to ensure Women's Right to ACCESS Birth Control. He has adopted the strategy those of us on the Humane Liberal Left have been asking him to take.
The Strategy:
Lead Strong Left, allow yourself room to negotiate and keep your core stand, while allowing the Right to expose their extreme views to the American Public.
The issue: Allow women ACCESS to Birth Control as a benefit paid for by employers. (not mandated, just ACCESS; eg: On the Employers' Plans' Formulary) . Under the initial plan, all Employers, including Catholic Hospitals, universities and charities - required to cover contraceptives in their health plans for employees. (This is the current law in many states, including New Jersey.) With Obama's compromise, these hospitals, universities and charities are NOT forced to include within their covered benefits, birth control for their employees. HOWEVER, it would allow those employees ACCESS free contraceptives directly from their Health Insurer.
The Support: The Catholic Health Association is strongly supporting this plan and they have endorsed it. The Catholic Bishops will probably endorse it as well. They've actually GAINED in this compromise recommendation since many states, including New Jersey, require them to cover contraceptives today.
The Republican ANTI-Women Agenda: You would think Republican Leaders would be happy with this win-win resolution. Instead, they are outing their ANTI-Women beliefs for all the American Public to see.
Rick Santorum is the worst of them. He is spewing his hatred of women.
- On Women's Right: "radical feminism"
- On Birth Control: "Causes Mood Swings" "Should not be used unless married"
- On Sex: "Should only be done to conceive children"
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says President Barack Obama's compromise on birth control coverage isn't good enough, so now he is pushing for a vote on legislation that would EXEMPT these Employers from covering Birth Control in their health plans for employees. These Republicans are trying to END Women's Rights. They want women subservient, in the Kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.
I have noticed a BIG SWEEPING CHANGE on my facebook page. My Thousands of Facebook Followers are commenting en masse - they are ALL A-TWITTER - about this issue. I am very proud of all of them!

Liberals, Latin@s and Minorities are not taking this sitting down. I am seeing these everyday Americans standing up to these radical Republicans and saying they oppose their ANTI Women, ANTI Minority views.
This whole discussion is ENERGIZING OUR BASE!! All in support of our President. I am glad to see this change. I am glad to see all the posting of comments. I am glad to see these discussions ENERGIZING Liberal Americans from Sea to Shining Sea!

God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Racist Tea Party Group Backs Arpaio's Attacks Against Our President AND Against Latinos!

A very racist Tea Party group has received 100,000 on-line petition signatures supporting Arpaio's investigation of our President Barack Obama's birth certificate. This Tea Party group also denounced the U.S. Department of Justice's civil-rights investigation of Arpaio for his racial profiling against Latinos and Arpaio's abuse of power. Darla Dawald, national coordinator of the Tea Party's Grassfire Nation, said the petitions were meant to show support for Arpaio.
Dawald used racist attacks from the Tea Party Republican playbook against our President when she said, "We have seen a tremendous amount of Chicago-style bully tactics that have been used by the Department of Justice and (Attorney General) Eric Holder's office and we're not happy about what we are seeing," Dawald said. "We are not happy that someone such as Sheriff Joe, who does his best to protect this great state and nation, is being subjected to these types of tactics."
Dawald claims the Department of Justice's investigation into Arpaio's office for their systemic violations of Latinos' rights, is "politically motivated" and compared it to a "witch hunt." Dawald racistly brags the group plans to bring the signatures from supporters around the country to the Department of Justice and to members of Congress next week.
The investigated Arpaio said the petition signatures were "unexpected" and that he "appreciated the support" of these racist Teaparty Birthers. Arpayaso continued: "This enhances or makes me feel a little better that your (birther teaparty) group, your dedicated (birther teaparty) people around the nation, supports this sheriff and my office just doing what I took an oath of office to do," Arpaio said.
Arpaio boasts he "plans to release his preliminary findings on Obama's citizenship on March 1" even though the investigation has received considerable criticism and is baseless. As Arpaio's obvious tactics are meant to draw attention away from the crimes he committed and is being investigated for, he said: "I don't know if everyone is happy with me doing this (bogus investigation into the President), I'm sure there are a lot of critics out there. But what can I do? I'm just doing my "job"."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hypocrite Santorum Calls for President Obama to be Guillotined, Does He Remember His Wife's Affair with an Abortion Doctor?

While Hypocrite Rick Santorum Calls for President Obama to be Guillotined,

NOTE: For those who have been emailing and are unclear on what Santorum is referencing, go to minute 2:42 in the video. Santorum said, "In France came the guilloutine…we are headed down that road." What Santorum was referring to was the French Revolution in the 1700s where "the people" (aka TeaParty) overthrew the government and guilloutined the royal couple - Marie Antoinnette. (the Obamas) Santorum is constantly drawing parallels to what is happening now in America to what happened during the French Revolution. Now Santorum's said it on video and is advocating the guilloutine. Everyone should see this video for themselves!
Does He Remember His Wife's Affair with an Abortion Doctor?
The wife of fiercely pro-life presidential hopeful Rick Santorum had a six-year love affair with an abortion doctor, 40 years her senior - who, incredibly, delivered her as a baby - it has emerged.
Karen Santorum, 51, who, like her husband, opposes abortion even in cases of rape and doesn't believe in using birth control, lived with Pittsburgh abortion pioneer Dr Thomas E. Allen for most of her 20s in the 1980s.
When she met Dr Allen, Mrs Santorum, who then went by the name Karen Garver, was a 22-year-old nursing student who shared his liberal views on abortion and enjoyed life as the younger lover of the 63-year-old divorcee and man-about-town, according to friends.
The image of Mrs Santorum living with her progressive playboy boyfriend stands in sharp contrast to the matronly devout Catholic mother of seven that she plays on the campaign trail.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rick Santorum HATES Women and is Against Birth Control!

Rick Santorum is Against Women's Rights and against Birth Control. He prefers that women stay barefoot and pregnant.
Hear it from his own lips.
What a chauvinist.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Clint Eastwood Makes President Obama's Day: "It's Half-Time America!"

President Obama bailed out Detroit. (When Mitt Romney called for Detroit to go Bankrupt!) Despite Romney, Detroit has come back!
It's half time in America. All we need is someone who believes in America and gives us a chance to work hard and succeed!
God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

HINO Marco Rubio and Republicans Campaign Against Women!

I was listening to Talk Radio this week. One of the reasons I listen to their rants is because I want to stay informed of their various strategies so that I can share them with you.
This week these Republican talking heads have been bashing Women's Rights. They are aiming their anger over a Healthcare policy which includes Birth Control coverage.

In a nutshell, this policy asks insurance companies to include birth control pills in the list of prescriptions they cover. Most insurance companies already do this. However, some don't. This leaves some women, particularly poor women, without coverage for their Birth Control.
This bill does NOT Force Anyone to BUY Birth Control pills. It does NOT Force healthcare providers to PRESCRIBE Birth Control pills. It ONLY says that Insurance Companies INCLUDE Birth Control in their list of covered prescriptions (what they term their "formulary").
The bill clearly explains any Catholic Church or Religious institution are EXEMPT. This bill merely states that those that provide Insurance/Healthcare must include Birth Control as an option in their Formulary.

Now, HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) and Vice Presidential candidate wannabe Marco Rubio is pushing a bill to STOP this policy from happening. He (and many Republicans) are advocating Birth Control be taken away from these women which will result in their becoming barefoot and pregnant!

So back to Republican Talk Radio:
In Dallas, the Republican radio station is KSKY (Case Guy). All shows are hosted by Republican Conservative extremists, even Saturday's show hosted by Chiropractors. You should have heard them.
These Republicans were discussing Birth Control and how they cause Womens' Mood Swings. They said Birth Control distorts Womens' perception. They talked about women on Birth Control choosing the wrong man and then marrying him and then when they were off the pill realizing they married the wrong man and the marriage resulting in divorce. They somehow tied all this in to the discussion regarding Healthcare providers having Birth Control on their Formulary. These Republican wackos blamed President Obama for RUINING MARRIAGES and FORCING CATHOLICS TO USE BIRTH CONTROL. (All Lies!) Not only are they campaigning against our President, they are also advocating THE END OF BIRTH CONTROL.
One of their speakers said women should never use Birth Control. They should stay home, raise children and take care of the house. (Bare-foot and Pregnant.)
These people are AGAINST WOMEN'S RIGHTS and THESE ARE THE AGENDAS THEY ARE PROMOTING. It is clear, Republicans are campaigning against the Women of Today!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Patriotic Latina Eva Longoria Blasts Romney for his Cruel Attacks on the Dream Act

As Romney lied and pandered to Latinos, begging for their vote in Florida last week, Patriotic Latina Eva Longoria criticized the candidate over an issue dear to her heart and to the Latino community. Friday afternoon, the day after a Republican debate in Florida, Longoria tweeted:

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