Saturday, February 11, 2012

Racist Tea Party Group Backs Arpaio's Attacks Against Our President AND Against Latinos!

A very racist Tea Party group has received 100,000 on-line petition signatures supporting Arpaio's investigation of our President Barack Obama's birth certificate. This Tea Party group also denounced the U.S. Department of Justice's civil-rights investigation of Arpaio for his racial profiling against Latinos and Arpaio's abuse of power. Darla Dawald, national coordinator of the Tea Party's Grassfire Nation, said the petitions were meant to show support for Arpaio.
Dawald used racist attacks from the Tea Party Republican playbook against our President when she said, "We have seen a tremendous amount of Chicago-style bully tactics that have been used by the Department of Justice and (Attorney General) Eric Holder's office and we're not happy about what we are seeing," Dawald said. "We are not happy that someone such as Sheriff Joe, who does his best to protect this great state and nation, is being subjected to these types of tactics."
Dawald claims the Department of Justice's investigation into Arpaio's office for their systemic violations of Latinos' rights, is "politically motivated" and compared it to a "witch hunt." Dawald racistly brags the group plans to bring the signatures from supporters around the country to the Department of Justice and to members of Congress next week.
The investigated Arpaio said the petition signatures were "unexpected" and that he "appreciated the support" of these racist Teaparty Birthers. Arpayaso continued: "This enhances or makes me feel a little better that your (birther teaparty) group, your dedicated (birther teaparty) people around the nation, supports this sheriff and my office just doing what I took an oath of office to do," Arpaio said.
Arpaio boasts he "plans to release his preliminary findings on Obama's citizenship on March 1" even though the investigation has received considerable criticism and is baseless. As Arpaio's obvious tactics are meant to draw attention away from the crimes he committed and is being investigated for, he said: "I don't know if everyone is happy with me doing this (bogus investigation into the President), I'm sure there are a lot of critics out there. But what can I do? I'm just doing my "job"."

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Hundreds of People are self-deporting themselves to Italy, Poland, etc for a new "Morning in America" and "America the Beautiful"...... Seriously, this is no joke. Many people want to commit suicide to purge America.

Rick Santorum in a Republican Debate, belittling Newt Gingrich’s expressed concern for grandmothers who are longtime residents, offered a novel legal theory. “You can’t be here for twenty years and commit only one illegal act,” he told a group in Iowa. “Because everything you’re doing while you’re here is against the law.”

Read many anguished testimonials from conscience-stricken young white people heading off to Italy and Poland to atone for their ancestors’ misdeeds.

So you may be a super criminal illegal of many generations and you have to self-deport immediately or commit suicide if you prefer as the best method to clean America.

Read here the "Republican Candidates Race to the Bottom on Immigration and other Human Topics", a wonderful article of the New Yorker ( always a top intellectual and intelligent magazine ) criticizing the Superb Imbecility of the Republican Debates on Immigration ( Solutions that are impractical, impossible, illusory, anti-economic, racist, bigoted, prejudiced and idiotic )
Is this Republican Self-Deportation or Self-Degradation ??

Patriots for Self-Deportation

The New Yorker Magazine :
January 2012 :

Candidates on the border


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