Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Republicans are Idiotic! Use their HINO Stooges to Pretend they are offended by the word "chimichanga" Yet they are NOT offended by Racial Profiling

The Idiotic Republicans are calling for an apology from President Barack Obama's campaign manager over a tweet Racist Republicans argue is offensive to the Latino community. (like they know) On Wednesday, Jim Messina sought to call attention to an article by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, in which Milbank argued that Republicans will alienate Latino voters by embracing harsh immigration laws, opposing the DREAM Act, and giving the cold shoulder to a Latino judge Obama had nominated. "Line of the day from WAPO's Dana Milbank: 'The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos,'" Messina tweeted.

Now, some Republicans are jumping on the tweet claiming the tweet was offensive to Latinos. (as if..) Republican Jennifer Sevilla Korn (former Bush minion) said she was offended by the comment.

I say WHAT??? Republicans don't have a clue. You will never get our Latino votes.
You support Racial Profiling.
You oppose the Dream Act.
You support Sheriff Arpaio and his masked Volunteers attacking Latinos.
You support Mass/Voluntary Mass Deportation.

You Republicans DONT HAVE A CLUE and you will NEVER GET OUR VOTE.

Do you think the word chimichanga bothers us??
Are you truly that STUPID?
Yes, you have PAID Latinos in your Party.
We laugh at them! We call them HINOs. Hispanic In Name Only.
Rubio is at the top of our list.

You Republicans DONT HAVE A CLUE!


Anonymous said...

About your hero Obama:

The idea with nuclear weapons is not about having more than someone else, but about deterrence. There has never been a nuclear weapon produced in America since WWII with the idea it would actually be used, but the idea that we had them and that they could be if necessary. It was President Reagan’s placing missiles in Europe and initiating the Star Wars missile defense system that broke the Soviet Union and destroyed the Iron Curtain.

And now, President Obama wants to not only gut our conventional military but our nuclear umbrella.

In his mind, America needs to be disarmed unilaterally so that we can be forced to be subservient to ‘the international community’ . Because, in the ewords of his spouse, "we’re a downright mean country and need to be taken down a few pegs".

Do I question this president’s patriotism? Whatever gave you that idea?

superdestroyer said...

If you were offended by racial profiling you would not support affirmative action, 8a set asides, ethnic quotas, and all of the other forms of racial spoils.

As long as Hispanics support government support discrimination, then Hispanic have no basis to complain about racial profiling.

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