Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our President's Strategy Worked! Republicans' Radical ANTI-Women Agenda Revealed! Energizing the Liberal Base!

President Obama presented an amazing strategy in his quest to ensure Women's Right to ACCESS Birth Control. He has adopted the strategy those of us on the Humane Liberal Left have been asking him to take.
The Strategy:
Lead Strong Left, allow yourself room to negotiate and keep your core stand, while allowing the Right to expose their extreme views to the American Public.
The issue: Allow women ACCESS to Birth Control as a benefit paid for by employers. (not mandated, just ACCESS; eg: On the Employers' Plans' Formulary) . Under the initial plan, all Employers, including Catholic Hospitals, universities and charities - required to cover contraceptives in their health plans for employees. (This is the current law in many states, including New Jersey.) With Obama's compromise, these hospitals, universities and charities are NOT forced to include within their covered benefits, birth control for their employees. HOWEVER, it would allow those employees ACCESS free contraceptives directly from their Health Insurer.
The Support: The Catholic Health Association is strongly supporting this plan and they have endorsed it. The Catholic Bishops will probably endorse it as well. They've actually GAINED in this compromise recommendation since many states, including New Jersey, require them to cover contraceptives today.
The Republican ANTI-Women Agenda: You would think Republican Leaders would be happy with this win-win resolution. Instead, they are outing their ANTI-Women beliefs for all the American Public to see.
Rick Santorum is the worst of them. He is spewing his hatred of women.
- On Women's Right: "radical feminism"
- On Birth Control: "Causes Mood Swings" "Should not be used unless married"
- On Sex: "Should only be done to conceive children"
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says President Barack Obama's compromise on birth control coverage isn't good enough, so now he is pushing for a vote on legislation that would EXEMPT these Employers from covering Birth Control in their health plans for employees. These Republicans are trying to END Women's Rights. They want women subservient, in the Kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.
I have noticed a BIG SWEEPING CHANGE on my facebook page. My Thousands of Facebook Followers are commenting en masse - they are ALL A-TWITTER - about this issue. I am very proud of all of them!

Liberals, Latin@s and Minorities are not taking this sitting down. I am seeing these everyday Americans standing up to these radical Republicans and saying they oppose their ANTI Women, ANTI Minority views.
This whole discussion is ENERGIZING OUR BASE!! All in support of our President. I am glad to see this change. I am glad to see all the posting of comments. I am glad to see these discussions ENERGIZING Liberal Americans from Sea to Shining Sea!

God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama

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