Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Patriotic Latina Eva Longoria Blasts Romney for his Cruel Attacks on the Dream Act

As Romney lied and pandered to Latinos, begging for their vote in Florida last week, Patriotic Latina Eva Longoria criticized the candidate over an issue dear to her heart and to the Latino community. Friday afternoon, the day after a Republican debate in Florida, Longoria tweeted:


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Dee, thanks for the post.
A few concerned citizens, thinks its politics as usual and a recipe for disaster, since this has fueled division and conflict. Government should regain public confidence that they can and will manage this legislation, address public grievances relating to the issue effectively and defuse the growing xenophobia and any violence.
There is no single blue print for success.
Politicos like this one, will use the masses emotions to his benefit. (Sad)
Keep up the good work!

Charlie Monroy Garcia.

Felix Jaure said...

As the Republican Presidential primary campaign, heads south to Florida. Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, will be obligated to Scavenge through the piles of rubbish, and debris, discarded by the G.O.P. upon the Latino community for the past three years.

Chances for gathering any support for their candidacy from Hispanics, might be equivalent to the possibility of finding a needle in a haystack.

To kiss, and make up,for the years of making Hispanics to be nothing other, then political scape goats, will require the persuasion of a great lover, such as the legendary Casanova, a talent the G.O.P. does not possess.

Vicente Duque said...

After the Nevada Republican Primary :

The low turnout in the Republican Primaries spells a big defeat for the Republican Party in November 2012 - Betting Houses, Casinos, Gamblers, Bettors and Bookies are preferring President Obama by a margin of 56.9% in bets ( February 5 in the evening )

And some of the Republican Primary voters may be disguised Democrats and Independents that want to have a "high" by "Changing History".... Yes, to be an American Voter is to have a big power to change the USA and the rest of the World. The President of the USA is like the President of the World.

In 2008, the GOP counted 44,324 votes in Nevada. If current calculations hold, that would mean there were about 10,000 fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008,

Republican Primary in Florida : Turnout in 2012 descended 14% from the 2008 figure. - From 1,949,498 in 2008 to 1,673,348 in 2012 - My Inner Prophet : That is a horrible omen for the Republican Party

Low turnout in Nevada and Florida shows that voters are unhappy with their choices, said Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul,

Fewer voters came out in Nevada and Florida than four years ago,

My Prophecy of Defeat for the Republican Party in November 2012 :

The number of people that identify themselves as Republicans is down by 10 percent overall through the first four voting states. This is giving me the impression that this year we could witness a great defeat for Republicans. Because I see no enthusiasm in the Republican Base.

It is my very strong conviction and persuasion that Turnout at the Republican Primaries is a predictor of Republican Turnout in the General Presidential Election.

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