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I call on all women across America to stand in Solidarity and Boycott Sex for the week of May 13, 2012. (Mother's Day week) We need to help men understand that women are in solidarity against those that are attacking Women's rights and proposing we revert to the pre-1950's age of women's servitude.

Rick Santorum, Republican Governors and many Republicans are advocating:

1. The END to Birth Control availability on the formularies of Health Care providers.

2. Violating a woman's Right to Choose and proposing a Mandate of a Rape Tool once a Woman has made her Choice.

Santorum is also calling for an end to Sex before marriage.

It is time we help men understand that women are in solidarity against such injustices and bias laws against women.


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : CNN : President Obama will Win in a Landslide with a lot of help from Latinos Says Charles Garcia ( Big Financier Banker, Rich Money Man ), Christine Romans, business correspondent and anchor for CNN

Obama is doing everything right, 84% of registered Latino Voters go to vote.

This strange rich man is a "turncoat" from Strong Bush Republican to Strong Obama Supporter. Money Manager Charles Garcia is based in Florida, a friend of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush, he raised a lot of funds and moneys for the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, Charles Garcia is considered one of the Top Hispanic Men in Business.

Charles Patrick GarcĂ­a (born 1961) had recently started Garcia Trujillo LLC, a consulting, merchant banking, and venture capital firm where he is the Chief Executive Officer. He also publishes many books on leadership, motivation and going into Business.

Obama could even lose Florida and Ohio and get reelected.

Arizona and Missouri could be flipped to Blue ( Democrat Party ) - These six states : Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina are very possible for Obama.

Republican Candidates are pandering to extremists and Tea Party and will be rejected on general election time by Latinos.

President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia

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President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia



Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Cenk Uygur : Rush Limbaugh : 'Slut' Attack On Georgetown Student Sandra Fluke - "She wants to be paid to have sex", "she is a slut" - Bill O'Reilly also smears this lady - Rush n Bill "Welfare Queens" - I explain

Two Narcissists champions of Hypocrisy - Attacking a worthy Lady of Dignity and Intellectuality.

Please watch how these two idiots hate the Europeans, and European Customs, not content with hating the Black and Brown, they also want to diminish the people of Northern Europe for being Liberals and Democrats.

What can you expect of two Racists ??, haters of the Poor and the 99%, the enemies of Minorities ??, two champions of Narcissism, Egotism, Egoism, Selfishness, Egolaters, Self-Adorers ??. What else in their madness ??

Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite having sex with whores in the Dominican Republic and his viagra is paid by the Government. .... By the way, Rush Limbaugh has other addictions besides paid sex, like drugs.

There are videos of Bill O'Reilly humiliating his own employees and other poor people.

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Mar 1, 2012

Via Politico: "Rush Limbaugh is under fire for calling a Georgetown University law student who testified on Capitol Hill about contraception a "prostitute" and a "slut"...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. His Current TV interview with Fluke is below.



Bill O'Reilly: Paying For Other People To Have Sex

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welcome, welcome, to modern nanny state America, on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse, but hey oh well,Sandra Fluke wants to have sex, so go ahead and send me the bill.


Vicente Duque said...

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are "Welfare Queens" because they have become extremely rich and wealthy thanks to the electromagnetic spectrum or radio and television frequencies, for cable TV there are also licenses and frequencies. But the Hertzian Waves are Public Property and are assigned in a political process to a few rich people like the owners of Fox News.


Ian Ironwood said...

Here's the thing . . .

I'm a Progressive. I've been active in progressive causes for decades. But I find this utterly offensive and misandrous, a completely sexist attack on all men for the opinions of a few.

"Boycott sex"? How would you like men to "boycott affection, taking out the trash, and killing bugs" for a week?

This is just one more piece of evidence that feminism is a gynocentric ideology with only the interests of women in mind. This is why men even in Progressive circles are finding it hard to reconcile feminism with their other beliefs.

Dee said...

You are minimizing the issue. we are talking about women's rights and healthcare.

The Republican party is attempting to remove a number of women's medications from Healthcare providers formularies. The Blunt/Rubio bill proposes to allow healthcare providers and employers to refuse to cover health services that "violates their religious beliefs." It's before congress now.

These are serious attacks on women's healthcare. This opens the door for healthcare providers/employers to stop covering/listing on their formularies not only birth control medications, this bill is so far reaching, it could include aids medications, preventative care medication and much much more.

If progressive men like you are not understanding the enormity of this issue, we Women need to do something to help you understand how important this is to us.

Ian Ironwood said...


I am not minimizing the importance of women's healthcare, and I have been a strong and active supporter of many organizations which do precisely that, from NARAL to the Southeastern Women's Reproductive Health Initiative to work with various battered women shelters. The company I work for spends millions a year to provide low-cost contraception in third world countries.

But this manufactured outrage over a bill that has no hope of becoming law is distracting from far more important issues where activism really could be of some use. Further, your push to castigate all men because "they just don't get it" is an insulting and sexist declaration seemingly designed to alienate, not enlist and educate. Yes, this is an important issue. But reacting with Tea Party-style tactics like a "boycott sex week" over items purely designed to provoke a culture-war response undermines any real outreach towards men, with the purpose of promoting women's health care, and provides fodder for the FOX news crowd.

If getting on the news is your goal, congrats. If actually making meaningful and positive change in the realm of women's healthcare is your goal, epic fail. And if alienating all men with such childish tactics was your goal, Mission Accomplished.

This, folks, is the reason that while I remain a Progressive, I can never ally myself with Feminism.

Dee said...

I posted the comment below unter the Limbaugh / Fluke post. I also wanted to add that many men I have spoken to as well as many men on Right Wing radio do not understand that this is a Healthcare issue and somehow believe that taking a pill a day suggests someone who has lots of sex. (Wrong -- Talk about epic fail).

As I mentioned below, the idea of a "No Sex" week -- a metaphor - is meant to bring attention to Men/All Americans that this is NOT about Sex but about Women's Healthcare.

No chance of passing? You obviously missed the Senate 51 - 48vote for the Blount/Rubio bill. A mere 3 votes difference. If a Republican is elected President and they win the Senate, these types of bills are sure to pass.

Additionally, the idea of a "No Sex" week -- a metaphor - is meant to bring attention to All Americans that this is NOT about Sex but about Women's Healthcare.

I like the idea of women joining together to voice their concerns about issues that impact their Health. This is so much like the Civil Rights Movement and earlier renditions of the Women's Rights Movement.

You've heard the Republican debate and their agenda. They have vowed to overturn what they term "Obamacare" which includes many positive policies for all Americans, including Women and those who utilize Medicare. The Republican Agenda also calls for the end of Medicare and Social Security as we know them. (and take us into a war with Iran)

This next election is the most important election in our lifetimes. We are at the proverbial crossroads -- which of the Roads into a yellow wood will be taken?

As for me, I plan on continuing to stand on the rooftops and voice my concerns until we re-elect our President.

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