Friday, March 2, 2012

Right Wing Blogger Breitbart Died on Thursday Morning

Andrew Breitbart died unexpectedly early Thursday morning, just after midnight. Breitbart was an extremist, right wing, tea party blogger. He is famous for outing Anthony Weiner, supporting those that spit on Congressman John Lewis and for posting dishonest, shamelessly editted videos re: ACORN and Shirley Sherrod.
Breitbart was only 43 years old. Looking at his picture at CPAC, just weeks before his death (see picture), it is clear he was not well. He had heart problems. You can see his bloating and sweating face, as is often the case for those not well and not following doctor's order to stop bad habits.

I feel sad about his death. He was too young. He had a wife and family. Nothing is gained by his death. If nothing else, as with Rush Limbaugh, it is good to have someone like Breitbart and Limbaugh representing the opposition. They clearly define what is wrong with their argument.
I believe in Freedom of Speech and both Breitbart and Limbaugh have used their rights to spout their perspectives. Without their public rants, Americans wouldn't believe they actually support their rhetoric. Americans would think our side was making them up.

I frequently opposed and argued with Breitbart. I had at least 2 very public disagreements with him. One in a newspaper comment section and one on his website when he shamelessly supported those that spit on Congressman Lewis.
The one thing I can say positive about Breitbart, he believed in his cause and he allowed the opposition to post on his websites. He did allow me to post comments on his website as long as I stayed civil (which I always did). Additionally, I often used his website as a "counterpoint" to research and support my argument.
My condolences go to his family and he will be missed in the blogosphere. May he Rest in Peace.

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