Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin Murder: The Crime, Excuse, Cover-Up

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Vicente Duque said...

I agree with your views on Hate Crimes, Brutal Racist Crimes, and the Incompetence and Bias of the Police, I agree with "Dee from Texas" 100%

I saw a foolish guy in CNN "Anderson Cooper 360" defending Zimmerman, the fool constantly repeated that "We don't know anything" and therefore we have to trust the local police and let them do their work, without calling the Federals or Grand Juries.

The fact is that we know a lot about this crime, the victim, the perpetrator, the circumstances and several witnesses. And we know that the Sanford local police does not work ( destroyed the Crime Scene ) in this case and is totally biased. And we know a lot about Racism, Prejudice and Hatred in Florida.

So the guy that was talking with Anderson Cooper was completely lying and another person, a Black Legislator of Florida that talked calmly and rationally to Anderson Cooper was completely right in challenging the Florida "Shoot First" law and the Police Bias and Procedures.


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