Sunday, March 4, 2012

Romney Pandering to Black Voters - Who said he couldn't sing?! (What will the TeaPartiers Say!?)

PS: Romney, why are you calling Black People Dogs? This reminds me of when one of my boss's started off a Diversity Meeting by calling the men "Dudes."


Anonymous said...

Oh please, you effing smearmaster. Romney wasn't calling black Americans "dogs". There is no end your hate and lies about any Republican, is there? You ought to be asheamed of yourself but obviously you lack a conscience as a grown woman.

Anonymous said...

Are you off your rocker? First you say Romney is pandering to black voters and then you turn around and say he called them dogs. That makes no sense at all! First off he didn't do that and second how could name calling possibly considered to be pandering? That would be insulting not pandering. You are completely nuts! Do you actually read what you blog about? Are you completely brain dead and void of any kind of logic in thought process?

Vicente Duque said...

I agree with you Dee, totally, completely, in your support of Women and their Freedom from Constraints and Exploiters. And condemning the Right Wingers for the "Slut" temper tantrums.

Every child should be always loved, even 9 months before birth during that biological process called conception and during the whole pregnancy and birth.

A child is not guilty of being born before any court or any tribunal of justice.

A child did not ask to be begotten. It is very sad when a child appears in the middle of a dysfunctional family.

I know a lot about it, because I have been very close to Sociologists, Psychologists and People that work with the extreme dysfunctionals : Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Family Violence and Abusive Guys, Delinquents, Criminals, Single Mothers, Irresponsible Father that does not pay child support : food, medical attention and medicines, clothing, etc ... for the newborn.

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly shoot themselves in their feet, because it is more expensive for Society and Government to have a lot of unwanted Children.


Dee said...

Bad Anons,
LOL. You are both out of touch. You don't understand that "Dog" is a good term and Romney's handlers understood this. This is a young, hip term, but for Romney to use it... like I said, it reminded me of one of my old bosses using the term "Dude" (another hip/young term back in the day) in a Diversity meeting.
In that meeting, everyone rolled their eyes when he said it.

LOL -- like I said, Romney was pandering.

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