Saturday, March 24, 2012

Uncovering HINOs: Confessions of a (Self Proclaimed) Hispanic Racist

Have you ever met anyone who is ashamed of their heritage or their ethnicity? Let's call them HINOs - "Hispanic In Name Only." I've met a few in my life. Many of them are ashamed of their skin color and disassociate themselves from other Latinos. They never speak Spanish. They might say they are "Spanish" or "I'm just Olive Skinned and tan easily." Some of them try to "pass for White" or may say they are "White Hispanics."

The most extreme HINO's join Anti-Latino groups and pal around with racists. Like Uncle Tom, they bow and cater to the ANTI Latino extremists. They join them in ridiculing and castigating Latinos, often spouting negative Latino stereotypes. They vocally support ANTI-Latino legislation and are against Immigration Reform, against the Dream Act and more. The Anti-Latino Hate groups pat them on the back and hold them up as examples of "Good Latinos."

I've called Marco Rubio a HINO. Rubio supports the Anti Immigration laws like Arizona's sb1070. He is strongly against the Dream Act. Like other Republicans, he is calling for Mass Deportation of the 11M here.
There are many more HINOs out there, who, like Uncle Tom, bow and cater to these ANTI Latino groups.

Here are some examples:
- Al Rodriguez, so called leader of the group "You Don't Speak For Me" which was founded by John Tanton's infamous Hate Group F.A.I.R.
Anna Gaines who married an Anglo-American to gain citizenship. She speaks at Anti Latino Hate rallies, especially in Maricopa County in support of Arpaio and Pearce.
(Look under the rock in the picture. Yes, that's Al Rodriguez and Anna Gaines with Shawna Forde, the murderer of 9 year old Brisenia Flores.)

Now, let's meet our latest example. Her name is Elissa Roberson. She is (of course) a Republican and wrote an article for 'The College Conservative.' She wrote an aptly titled article "Confessions of a Hispanic Racist." See the title? She admits she is a Hispanic Racist (ashamed of her own ethnicity). The article clearly illustrates this. To summarize, she says:
- she is a 4th generation Hispanic who doesn't speak Spanish because she doesn't want to be "lumped into a stereotype."
- her father is White. Her mother is "fully Hispanic". She said Hispanics, Not Whites, are guilty of Discrimination because Hispanics gave her "Funny Looks" when she walked with her Dad, but didn't when she walked with her Mom. (apparently she doesn't like looking like her mom)
- she opposes the Dream Act because her White Dad never received a scholarship ye
t she sees all these Hispanics getting scholarships and aid. (I wonder if she ever checked her Dad's grades in school or did she just ASSUME he didn't get a scholarship because he was White?)
- she is insulted by the citizenship questions asked on college scholarship applications. She wants people to check "non-citizen" if it applies so she doesn't have to answer so many questions.
- she says "anchor babies are the illegal immigrants' saving grace" because this allows them to stay and allows them to "move multiple families into a small apartment."
- what really gets under her skin is "the audacity of illegal immigrants." Apparently she looks in the wallets of Latina Moms in her doctor's office or at the grocery store and sees their wallets filled with welfare and medical cards and can barely speak English. (or did she just ASSUME again just because they had brown skin and spoke Spanish?)
- she rants her opposition of the Mexican flag, Hispanics who speak Spanish, and giving Latinos a "Free Ride" during this economy. She then makes this very odd supposition saying "It’s not right for legal, law-abiding citizens and the men and women who have fought for this country to be treated as second-class citizens. (Huh? Where did that come from? Everyone knows Latinos support the military and have the highest rate on the front lines.)
- at the end of her rant, she tries to make amends by saying Hispanics are good looking, have good food and are kind and hard working.
- she closes by saying those who come here illegally have No Respect for America and any Liberals who support them should just move to Mexico.

I first learned of Ms. Roberson from Bad Anon, the hate filled commenter who stalks my blog. He raved about her Uncle Tom attitude. It is obvious to me that Ms. Roberson has never studied the history of Immigration in our country. She is totally unaware of the Racial Profiling type laws that are occurring in state after state promoted by John Tanton's Hate Groups like FAIR and Numbers USA. She is unaware of the Hate Crimes against Latinos that have been exponentially increasing since 2006. She supports English Only. She supports changing the Birthright Citizenship laws in our country. She supports Mass Deportation. She is against the Dream Act. She clearly is attempting to distance herself from her own Hispanic heritage.
I Almost feel sorry for her...the poor HINO.


Juanita said...

And yet, she has 41 comments (majority of who support her) and you have...well, now one. Good work sharing your views. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

I've seen many like her. Her father most likely married a young Mexican girl to cook and clean for him and bear his children. He taught his daughter to hate her mothers family. He taught her to be ashamed to speak Spanish. He taught her to hate her own mexicaness. She clearly despises that part of herself. The other ones you listed are the same. You are very insightful.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is the same way as her but doesn't show it until you get to know her pretty well. Her name is Karen Poydence,she is half white (Her dad side) and have Puerto Rican (Her mom side) she only date white guys even if they treated her like shit, she never wants to speak spanish and she always states she is white/caucasian in her social metwork profiles.

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