Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arpaio and Corsi's Plan to Bring In Millions in a Book Deal over Bogus Birther Investigation of President!

Arpaio's Birther Investigation has gone from Ridiculous to a Potentially Corrupt "Get Rich Quick" Scam. He and his so called Posse have posted, FOR SALE, the sheriff's "investigation" into President Obama's Birth Certificate.
Arpaio must think Americans, or at least his sheep-like Tea Party followers, are Idiots.
Rather than posting the investigation documents on his public website FOR FREE, he and his so-called investigators are posting the documents on and Barnes & Noble for $10 a download. If even ten thousand blind followers around the country download this bogus data, Arpaio and his Tea Party Republican crew stand to gain a MILLION DOLLARS.
These so-called investigation documents are a re-hash of Corsi's previous books. Now, Arpaio and Zullo have allowed Corsi to take TOP BILLING as AUTHOR of the documents and Arpaio even wrote a FORWARD (as in BOOK FORWARD) for these so-called Investigative Documents.

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