Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Hate Crimes Prove, It is Time for Racial Profiling to END!

I've been following the case of the murdered Trayvon Martin. He was a young, black 17 year old student who was racially profiled and murdered by a racist, overzealous Crime Watch Vigilante. Trayvon had gone to the store and was guilty of carrying a bag of skittles and an Iced Tea. The Crime Watch Vigilante ruthlessly stalked him, ignoring the demands of the 911 operator who told him NOT to follow Trayvon. Instead, the vigilante followed and attacked him and shot him dead.

The local police department allowed the vigilante to go free. However, they continued to victimize Trayvon's young body. They performed drug tests on the poor young minority child. They never contacted his parents. The parents called and called police, searching for their son. The police showed up at their home several days later to inform them of the death of their son and the exoneration of the perpetrator.
It wasn't until his parents, attorneys and Trayvon's friends and journalists advocated for justice that the police in Sanford, FL finally started doing at least a minimal investigation. Local cops fearful of the media finally started doing their job and now are finding themselves in a cauldron of boiling trouble.
As we are all finding out, Florida's racist Republican governor Scott and their racist state government passed a vigilante law "Stand Your Ground" which allowed the racist vigilante to get away scot free.
We are all grateful that supporters of the family - all across the country, and many in the media, are standing up and peacefully protesting for Trayvon and ALL Americans so that we finally put a stop to these Racial Profiling laws.

I am confident that we will see justice in Travyon's case and the perpetrator will be arrested and brought to justice. I am also confident, that with all of this media attention, that the state of Florida and their local officials will be held accountable and finally put an end to their Racial Profiling laws. Hopefully, we will see the end to ALL Racial Profiling laws all across the country, especially -- let's see the end of the racial profiling laws in Arizona (sb1070) and the racial profiling laws in other states, including Alabama, Georgia and other states.

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