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Top 2008 Viewer Favorite: Who is Who in the Immigration Debate!

As many of my long time viewers know, I started my blog in May 2007 and write about Immigration issues and Politics in our country. I have written many posts defining who´s who in the Immigration Debates. Recently, some of my newest viewers have been asking for my definition of PRO vs ANTI. For that reason, I am reposting my most popular illustration: "Who is Who In the Immigration Debate."
click HERE for larger view of this picture.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Political Circus: Blago names former AG Roland Burris to Fill Obama's Senate Seat! Will it Stick? Or will it be a "Political Lynching?"

The news channels are in a blather over Blagojevich's announcement he is appointing former IL AG Roland Burris for Obama's Senate Seat. When Blago introduced Burris, Burris thanked him and offered some positive words but mostly pretended the beleaguered Blago wasn't standing right next to him.
Blago repeatedly said the people of Illinois deserve two senators so he had no choice but to make this decision. When Blago made his announcement, the media in the room pounced on both Blago and Burris. As the media pounded Burris with questions about Blago, Burris responded, "I have no relationship with that situation! I believe in innocent until proven guilty." This, even though he chastised Blago just weeks earlier. While under this attack, you could see the sweat pouring off Burris. Then, a light came in his eye. He spotted Rep Bobby Rush in the back of the room. He called Rush up to the front of the room and Rush stood by Burris' side next to the mikes. As the media continued to pounce, first to Blago then to Burris, Rush stepped up to the microphones and started vouching for Burris.
The Washington Monthly describes what happened next:
It bordered on surreal. Rush said Blagojevich had answered his prayers, and insisted that voters make a distinction between the "designatee" and the "designator." Rush spoke at some length about the lack of African Americans in the Senate -- if seated, Burris would be the only one --Add Image and effectively argued that Senate Democrats couldn't possibly reject Burris' appointment without snubbing African Americans in general. It wasn't just playing the race card, it was playing the race card old school.
Rush said he would personally urge the Senate to seat Burris, vowing to "persuade them, challenge them, beg them, whatever it takes."
The word "lynching" was thrown around a few too many times.
("We don't need to hang or lynch this appointee.")
I have to admit, watching the bizarre event unfold, Blagojevich seemed to be having a great time. (I noticed this too!) I got the sense that he thinks, for the first time in weeks, that he's finally on the offense, sticking it to, well, pretty much everyone. He even took a shot at the legislature, saying today's decision is their fault, because they didn't call for the special election he wanted.
It was quite the political circus.

Immediately afterwards, here is what the Senate Dems said:
It is truly regrettable that despite requests from all 50 Democratic Senators and public officials throughout Illinois, Gov. Blagojevich would take the imprudent step of appointing someone to the United States Senate who would serve under a shadow and be plagued by questions of impropriety. We say this without prejudice toward Roland Burris's ability, and we respect his years of public service. But this is not about Mr. Burris; it is about the integrity of a governor accused of attempting to sell this United States Senate seat. Under these circumstances, anyone appointed by Gov. Blagojevich cannot be an effective representative of the people of Illinois and, as we have said, will not be seated by the Democratic Caucus.
And from the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White: says he'll reject any paperwork that Gov. Rod Blagojevich files to name a new U.S. senator. The secretary of state keeps state records and certifies official actions. But White says he won't certify anything Blagojevich does to fill the Senate seat once held by President-elect Barack Obama.

Who said Politics would be "No Drama" after the Presidential Election?

Another Hate Crime Against a Latino: American Military Veteran Victim of Baseball Bat Attack!

Another American Citizen Latino was racially profiled as an illegal immigrant and beat over the head with a baseball bat! This time the victim was an 8 year Marine Corps Veteran - American!
As you read the article, consider this:
1. Why did the perpetrators automatically assume this man was an illegal immigrant? (with their comment "Get out of our country")
2. Why did the perpetrators think it was ok to attack who they thought was an illegal immigrant with a baseball bat?
3. Why did they have a baseball bat in their car in December, in Massachusetts, at 2:40 am?
Hate crime investigated in Revere
REVERE - Revere police say the two men who allegedly beat a Hispanic man with a baseball bat while taunting him with racial slurs Saturday at a Wendy's restaurant drive-thru could be charged with a hate crime."If you have language of that nature coupled with an assault and battery, it can be defined as a hate crime," Police Capt. Michael Murphy said. "Whether or not the motivation of this assault was based on race is something we'd have to discuss with the district attorney."The 33-year-old victim, a Revere resident, told police the incident started at about 2:40 a.m. after he and his wife placed an order at the drive-thru on Squire Road. The man and his wife began to drive away when they realized an error was made in their order, police said. The man walked back to the drive-thru window, as the restaurant building was closed to customers, to try to fix the problem, police said. As he was at the window, two men inside one of the waiting cars began yelling at the man and began using racial slurs.
"The victim reported that the men shouted at him to get out of the country and used racial epithets offensive to the Hispanic culture," Murphy said. In defense, the victim informed the suspects that not only is he a U.S. Citizen, but is an eight-year Marine Corps veteran, police said.The argument escalated before the suspects allegedly got out of their vehicle and began beating the man with a baseball bat. He suffered injuries to his head, back and arms but declined medical attention.The suspects fled the scene in a silver or gray Dodge Neon, police said. Detectives are examining surveillance video to gather more information.

Monday, December 29, 2008

AS I PREDICTED: The Cowardly Lion Limbaugh Cowers to the Media Payback over his "Magic Negro" Lies!

Oh Woe is Rush, Woe is Rush!
He is crying, lamenting, woeing himself! "The drive by media is picking on me! Picking on me!"
Poor Limpbutt!!
I ALMOST feel sorry for him!
As the creator said, "You reap what you sow times 10!"
As for Limpy, I think he is getting it 10 times 10! Yet, he still has not learned his lesson!
Here is what he is saying! waaahhh!!
(I am sharing it so you don't have to go to his website!)
COLETTA: Rush Limbaugh's latest dust up. The conservative talk king has been playing a song called, "Barack the Magic Negro" and now some critics say he should be fired just like Imus. Limbaugh's staff says he's been using the song parody for months and that the title is a direct quote from the Reverend Al Sharpton and that the uproar is unwarranted.
RUSH: It's not "a direct quote" from the Reverend Sharpton! We have been playing it for months, maybe weeks. It might be a month or a month and a half. Look, folks, here it is from March 19th -- I'm holding it in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers -- "Obama the 'Magic Negro' -- The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man." This is the third piece in the LA Times that dealt with Obama not being "black enough." It's the left that's the racists. It's the left that looks at people's skin color and doesn't see it for what it should be or what it is. They notice it. They're the ones that are racists out there. The guy that wrote this is a black man. His name is David Ehrenstein. He "writes about Hollywood and politics," it says here, and the whole point of his piece here is: Who is this Obama guy? He's been around for two years in the Senate. Nobody can possibly know him well enough to be giving him all this idolatry. So he's the "magic negro." He fits white racists' need to assuage their guilt.
Poor Limpy! I almost feel sorry for him. Even his OWN STAFF is mis-informed!!
He forgets that the reference column was written by Ehrenstein in March, 2007, when Obama initially began his Presidential Campaign, long before his brilliant performance in the Presidential debates or his numerous interviews and close up discussions with the American people. The March 2007 article had NOTHING to do with Racism, rather the public's not knowing Obama well enough. (the debates cleared this up)
What Ehrenstein was talking about was the American Public not knowing Barack well.
Ehrenstein was questioning our knowledge of the man.
Limpy changed this question into something else when he had his Soundman make his CD. He made it ugly. He made it evil, ALL FOR PROFIT, right on his website, sold for $$! He introduced RACISM into the picture, and laughs, and ridicule, not only towards the candidate but towards the audience. US. The American People!
Limpy should be ASHAMED of himself!
Here is what he did:
1. He took Ehrenstein's March, 2007 article and twisted it to suit his monologue.
2. In 2008, he had his Soundman make a CD inserting an Al Jolsen "blackface" type racist voice mimicking Al Sharpton, upset with candidate Obama.
3. Limpy attempts to REWRITE HISTORY by suggesting Ehrenstein's article was from 2008 vs March, 2007.
4. His limp attempt at chastising the left for Racism, is actually Racism on his part for putting the racist "sharpton" immitating CD together!
5. The only Racist is Limpy! We know and understand Obama is a knowledgable and well informed, qualified elected candidate. Limpy on the other hand continues to raise these unsubstantiated accusations! He should be ashamed of himself.
I suggest Limpy read my FABLE! Then, perhaps HE will undstand what actually occurred!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The RNC Apologizes and A Fable Explaining Why the Magic Negro CD Is Offensive!

The RNC has apologized. The RNC chairman, Robert Duncan, admonished and chastised one of his potential successors, Chip Saltsman, for giving members a CD featuring a song called Barack the Magic Negro. Duncan said, "The 2008 election was a wake-up call for Republicans to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate, as it clearly does not move us in the right direction." Perhaps Duncan "gets" why the CD is offensive. I know Saltsman does not. He thinks the CD was funny. In my previous post about this subject, many of the Republican and good-ole boy commenters DID NOT GET IT either. They ALSO thought the CD and the reference were Funny!
I was inspired to pen this FABLE to help them understand why the CD is offensive, why the delivery of the CD by a leader of the RNC to other RNC members will turn off many voters and why Limbaugh, who considers himself a Conservative spokesperson, is a poor representative for the RNC.
But again, I wonder if those who think the CD was harmless and funny will understand the Fable? We will see.
The FABLE of the GOB
Long, long ago in a land far, far away, lived a group of colorful people led by men who called themselves the Good Ole Boys or GOB for short. The GOB always married perky, pretty, "real women." What most people didn’t know for sure was the GOB quickly made their "real women" wives disappear and replaced them with perky, pretty robots who did their every bidding.
The Real People were always suspicious of the GOB and their robotic wives. Even though they suspected the GOB´s deviltry, the Real People had very little say since the GOB was in charge of their government.
Through the decades, the GOB controlled the movies and the media. Often, the starring role in many of their movies was one of their Stepford Wives. In the movies, they were not only pretty and perky, they had magical powers which, with a twitch of the nose, provided magical perks for their GOB husbands who were always the heroes of the movies.
Over the years, the Real People including the Real Women (RW) grew in numbers. Soon there were several RW in government and in films, although they were still outnumbered and led by the GOB. Occasionally, an RW would speak out her own views. One renowned RW Movie Director, Penny Lee, spoke out in an interview. She said, “In my neighborhood, we look up to real women, smart women, women with hearts and guts enough to stand up for themselves, not bow down to the GOBs.” Then she lamented, “The Magic Stepford Wife does not help RWs. They offer an image that promotes a step and fetch-it mentality, a safe image for the GOBs."
Finally, as the country advanced, a Real Woman, Jennifer Grandhome, was nominated for President. In the early months of her campaign, she was not well known. All anyone could see was, she was a pretty, perky woman who spoke, some felt, scriptedly, to the crowds attending her rallies. One RW Journalist, Kitty Cure-it, opined, “Although I don´t know her, I see she is pretty and perky and well scripted. I hope she is not a Magic Stepford Wife!”
As candidate Grandhome continued her campaign, the public learned more about her and found she was an extremely intelligent, charismatic, well qualified, "Real Woman" candidate. As the crowds grew, the statistics illustrated the country´s support for her. She became the candidate that could win.
The GOB was in a frenzy. Their loudest media bully, Rutt Limpbutt, pounded and attacked Grandhome in every way possible! Limpbutt, a cigar chomping, overweight blowhard was a GOB media attack dog. He yowled, howled, twisted and spun his attacks. He latched on to the Magic Stepford Wife reference by Journalist Cure-it. Limpbutt had his soundman create a CD with a man mimicking the voice of Betty Freewomen chanting:
Jennifer the Stepford Wife lives in D.C...cause she´s perky but not authentically.”
Rutt and his Soundman attacked and attacked Grandhome and published the CD on his website, promoting it endlessly, planning on ending Grandhome´s campaign!! Real People tried to tell Rutt his plan was not working but Rutt did not listen. He never did.
Finally, election day came. The RWs and all of the Real People came to realize Jennifer Grandhome was not only a Real Woman, but the most qualified candidate that could change the nation! Therefore she received the most votes and won the Presidential election.

The GOB was out of power at last! It was clear Rutt and the GOB were in a real rut. Real Women and the Real People no longer listened to Rutt or the GOB. The REAL PEOPLE did not like the GOB attack tactics! They wanted a Change!!
The GOB mourned their loss and they scratched their heads wondering why they lost. Several GOB leaders grunted, “Perhaps we have to change and LISTEN to the REAL PEOPLE and welcome them to our party!” The rest just oinked and shrugged their shoulders.
Rutt Limpbutt didn´t change. He continued his rants against the new President. He continued the promotion of the CD on his website.
One GOB candidate, Salty Chip, sent the vile CD to all of his comrades at the GOB with the note, “I look forward to working together in the New Year, Please enjoy the enclosed CD by my friend Soundman from the Rutt Limpbutt Show.” Salty did not understand how offensive this CD was to Real Women and to the Real People.

Once the Real People got wind of Salty´s gift to the GOB, they were angry and proclaimed to the GOB, “if you don’t refute Salty´s message, we will never vote for you again!” The next day, the Chairman of the GOB, aghast by the response of the REAL PEOPLE, announced, “This election was a wake-up call for the GOB to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate, as it clearly does not move us in the right direction."
Salty still did not get it. He responded to the GOB Chairman´s announcement, “It was a Joke!” Salty did not understand the RWs found out about the years of terror and death their RW wives experienced and how reprehensible the Stepford Robot replacements were to all Real Women! The RWs had every right to question and oppose their existence. The vile CD making a joke of the Magic Stepford Wives was certainly nothing for Limpbutt or the GOB to joke about!
LimpButt did not get it either. He continued to yowl, howl, twist and spin his attacks against President Grandhome.
Meanwhile, the Real Women and the Real People of the country simply turned off Limpbutt´s radio show. And most important of all, Real Women never married anyone from the GOB again.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Limbaugh´s "Barack the Magic Negro Parody" and the RNC Guarantee they will NEVER Again Obtain the Latino or Minority Vote!

The Republican National Committee members received a very "fun" gift from one of their members this Christmas. They received a CD with the songs: "Barack the Magic Negro" and "The Star Spanglish Banner."

The CD was created and promoted by the Rush Limbaugh show. The gift giver was RNC candidate Chip Saltsman, former campaign manager of Republican former Prez candidate Mike Huckabee.
The Limbaugh CD was called "We Hate the USA!" (Limbaugh must hate us all!!)

Limbaugh´s lyrics to the Magic Negro song are sung to the melody "Puff the Magic Dragon" and the lyrics include:
Barack the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
..cause hes black but not authentically
some say Barack's articulate
and bright and new and clean
the media sure love this guy
a white interloper's dream

"The Star Spanglish Banner" song has Speedy Gonzales sing the lyrics which include:
..cross the border we sailed
as the gringos were sleeping..
jose does that starspangled banner yet wave
hore de land of weak knees and we see no ones brave.

The EXCUSE the Racist Limbaugh, Saltsman and the RNC provide are, "Oh we were just kidding! It was just a Parody!"
One thing is very Clear! Limbaugh and the RNC recipients who laughed at this deplorable excuse for humor are, without a doubt, Racist for doing this! This would be similar to sending out a CD with "Nazi Ovens were Fun!" or "Japanese Internment Camps provide Enjoyable Summers!" or "The Trail of Tears is good Camping!" More FUN Parodies!
The Republican National Committee JUST DOES NOT GET IT!! They have YET to Refute Limbaugh for his Racist Tactics!!
We are a Nation of Immigrants, of ALL Ethnicities! We are ALL EQUAL!!
Our Country is NOT about the Privileged Only! We do not Pander to the Rich Bankers! (except under Bush Economics!) The RNC´s Reign of Terror is OVER!!!

Will the Republicans ever get it? Will they ever understand that until they STOP their Racist Ways and be willing to accept and embrace ALL of us Americans of Color, WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN!! (Will they ever, ever Refute Limbaugh OR his tactics!!.... WE LATINOS and MINORITIES ARE WAITING!)

Thankfully Obama WON THE ELECTION and perhaps we can all proudly say again,
"God Bless America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!!"

RNC candidate distributes controversial Obama song
Star Spanglish Banner

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Latino Hate Crime: "I Wanna Stick me a Cuban or Puerto Rican! I Don´t Like Minorities!"

Another Hate Crime Against a Latino occurred last Sunday! "I wanna Stick Me a Cuban or Puerto Rican!"
Are the internet Immigration (legal and illegal) Hate Sites motivating these murderers and attackers to blame all of their woes on Latinos?
Quote from Tom Tancredo on Nov. 18, 2006 while in Palm Beach, "Miami is a 3rd World County." reports:
LAKE WORTH, FL — Drunk and upset his wife had shocked him with a stun gun, Randy Lee Cramer slashed a man's throat with a knife on Sunday, authorities said in documents made public this morning. And, because the 51-year-old Lake Worth man said he wanted to "stick me a Cuban or Puerto Rican," he faces a hate-crime charge in addition to an aggravated battery charge, according to his arrest affidavit. Cramer was arrested late Tuesday after Palm Beach County Sheriff's Detective James Evans linked him to the attack, which, Evans wrote, unfolded this way:
After arguing with his wife, Cramer stormed out of his South Palm Way apartment and went to Bryant Park, where he accosted a Hispanic man standing on a dock. Drawing a knife, Cramer said, "I don't like minorities," and he slashed the Hispanic man's throat.
The man was taken to Delray Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery for a 4-inch wound before speaking to the detective.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shooting Spree in Dallas a Hate Crime?

A vicious series of shootings that happened here in Dallas last night has been troubling me all day. Apparently an ex Utah State Trooper named Brian Smith (pictured on the left) went on a random shooting spree. His first victim was a 20 year old Latino by the name of Jorge Lopez. He shot and killed Jorge. Then he went onto 635 and shot three truck drivers. He shot and killed his second target, a father on his way home for Christmas by the name of William Scott Miller. Then Smith shot and injured his third victim who was hurt but did survive. Then he shot the windows of the truck of a fourth victim, not injuring him.
I´ve been reading and studying the case all day. The murderer, Smith, had been a State Highway Patrol Trooper in Utah starting in 1996. Smith resigned from the UHP this past May after allegations of theft, DUI and use of illegal or prescription substances. His supervisor, Sgt. Jeff Nigbur said, "There was an incident. He did sign a consent decree to give up his police certification and that led to his resignation." Nigbur added, "Smith had some personal issues and law enforcement was not an option for him at the time." Nigbur declined to elaborate.
After his resignation, he told his peers he had a job waiting for him in Dallas, perhaps to save face. In Dallas, police are saying he is implicated in a series of robberies. Yesterday afternoon, Garland police spokesman Officer Joe Harn said they also suspect Mr. Smith in an afternoon robbery at a Kroger pharmacy at Walnut Street and Garland Avenue.
The articles did not say why Smith, a popular Trooper, went on drugs, abused alcohol and was involved in actions that lead to his resignation or to his life of crime.
What we do know is the people he shot were innocent victims. His first, a young Latino who just happened to be unfortunate enough to be on the same street corner when this crazed trooper started his vicious rampage. The next, an innocent father.
Smith did have a fifth victim, himself. After he shot all of his victims, he tried to rob a Kroger store. He failed and was cornered by the Garland, TX cops. After a three hour standoff, he shot himself. So far, he also failed in his suicide attempt. He is now in Parkland Hospital in critical condition.
Now, I am stuck on why. Why would this well liked trooper go on drugs? Why would he risk everything and end up losing the job he loved? Why would he go to Texas and start committing burglaries after his life on the force? Why would he shoot an innocent young Latino? Innocent Truckers? These are obvious HATE Crimes! Perhaps it was self loathing and self hate. Perhaps it was insanity. Or, perhaps he was looking for someone to blame for his lost future.
Why did he pick his victims? There has to be a reason for his hate. If we understand the reason, then perhaps we can find a way to stop these type of crimes so they will not happen again!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sheriff Arpaio Takes On President Obama and AG Eric Holder! Oh My!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says "I´m Not Stopping!" and he plans to continue (Racial Profiling) crime sweeps and raids aimed at illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them regardless of any changes made by President Obama or A.G. Eric Holder.
The Phoenix Business Journal Reports:
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says scrutiny of racial and ethnic profiling by incoming President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will not deter his get-tough approach to illegal immigration.
“I’m not stopping,” said Arpaio. The Republican sheriff said he plans to continue crime sweeps and raids aimed at illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them. The Obama administration and Holder are expected to increase the focus on racial and ethnic profiling by police. Critics of Arpaio’s immigration enforcement argue the sheriff’s office targets Hispanics and such actions take away from more serious investigations. Arpaio said his immigration sweeps are nondiscriminatory and if people have complaints they can contact federal authorities. “Go ahead and take them to the FBI,” said Arpaio, who just won reelection to a fifth term. Arpaio said another immigration sweep will soon occur. The U.S. Justice Department under Obama is expected to put a greater focus on discrimination, corporate corruption and consumer protection cases compared with the Bush administration’s priorities in national security, child pornography, sex rings and immigration. Public opinion polls generally show support in Maricopa County for Arpaio’s get-tough policies.
There are an estimated 579,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona, most coming from Mexico, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The U.S. recession and housing troubles have reduced the flow of migrants and sent some undocumented workers back to that country. Arizona also is a key entry point into the U.S. for drug traffickers and other smugglers as northern Mexico cities are besieged by drug cartels, which reach into the Phoenix area with gun purchases and other activity.

Meanwhile his deputies make veiled threats about the President!
The Phoenix New Times Blog reports:..Arizona ACORN director Monica Sandschafer on the porch of the dreaded Fourth Avenue Jail, moments after she had been released after spending a day in stir, she related the following. Seems she was checking out of the facility, when the deputy overseeing her paperwork struck up a political conversation with her, noting that, "You guys [ACORN members] are all for Obama." Sandschafer suggested that this was not a bad thing as Obama won the election, right? The deputy's response was right out of the Lee Harvey Oswald joke book. "He goes, `Oh, well, for a short time anyway...he (Obama) might suffer from the JFK syndrome,'" recounted Sandschafer. "And I said, `Well, let's hope not,'" Sandschafer told the deputy, who then went on to inform her that he'd voted for Bush three times, apparently referring to Bushes I and II.
Some in Maricopa county are calling Arpaio a cross between Bull Connor and Judge Roy Bean! If they add a dash of the Cowardly Lion, they might be right!!

Pictures of the Heavens Taken by the Hubble Telescope!

Here are two pictures from the "Top 10 pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope." The picture on the left is of "The Perfect Storm." It is a small region in the Swan Nebula, 5,500 light years away, described as a bubbly ocean of hydrogen and small amounts of oxygen, sulphur and other elements. The picture on the right is of "The Trifid Nebula." It is a "stellar nursery", 9,000light years from here, where new stars are being born. These are truly pictures of the Heavens!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breaking News: Dr. Miguel A. Contreras, Former ICE Agent & Founder of Hispanic Law Enforcement Assoc. has Announced Head of I.C.E. Candidacy

Dr. Miguel Angel Contreras has announced he is a candidate for the position of Assistant Secretary, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the position formerly held by Julie Myers. If appointed by President Barack Obama, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Contreras will report to Secretary Janet Napolitano and Lead the ICE Agency.

Miguel Angel Contreras is the Founder and President of CONTRERAS ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL, LCC and the Founder and Chairmen Emeritus of the Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association. He served with distinction as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator and as a journeyman criminal investigator with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Customs Service's Offices of Investigations and Internal Affairs (ICE), US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), US Immigration & Naturalization Service (ICD), and US Defense Investigative Service. He served with the Lansing Police Department as a police officer and corrections officer with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan, in the late 1970s. Dr. Contreras honorably retired from federal law enforcement service on October 4, 2006.
Miguel Angel Contreras was born near Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico and immigrated to the USA in 1968 as a Lawful Alien Permanent Resident (I-151). He worked as a migrant field laborer as a teenager to support his single mother and two brothers.
Dr. Contreras received his Associate Applied of Science degree and Associate in Business at Arizona Western College and Lansing Community College. His Bachelor’s of Art degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Michigan State University and a Master in Theology and Apologetics, and a Doctor of Theology degree at Calvin School of Apologetics & Theology. A Master of Theology in Christian Counseling, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theology, and a Doctor in Theology in Pastoral Counseling at Northwestern Theological Seminary. He also conducted advanced graduate studies in security management at the University of Leicester, Leicester, UK. In January 2005, he received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Northwestern Theological Seminary.
Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breaking News: Obama Select Latina, Daughter of Migrants, as Secretary of Labor!

President elect Obama selected Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) as Secretary of Labor! Ms. Solis is the daughter of two migrant workers and union members.
Ms. Solis was born in Los Angeles, California, was educated at Cal Poly Pomona and then earned a master's degree at University of Southern California. She served in the Carter White House in the Office of Hispanic Affairs and later became an analyst with the Office of Management and Budget. She was elected as a member of the California State Assembly in 1992 and after one term one election to the California State Senate before entering the House. In the California legislature, she became well known for authoring bills to prevent domestic violence. She was the first Hispanic woman to ever serve in the state's senate. Ms. Solis has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 2001, representing the 32nd District of California.
CNN is reporting:
"Labor unions Thursday praised President-elect Barack Obama's selection to head the Labor Department, Rep. Hilda Solis. Obama has enjoyed the support of organized labor since the campaign season, when the AFL-CIO, the nation's largest labor organization, endorsed him for president, calling him "a champion for working families."
As a senator, Obama co-sponsored the Employee Free-Choice Act, which was designed to make it easier to create unions in the workplace. Supporters of the plan, including the AFL-CIO, said it would increase the number of union members in the United States and lead to better wages and benefits for workers.
If confirmed, Solis would be the third Hispanic to serve in Obama's Cabinet, along with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is Obama's choice for secretary of commerce, and Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar, who Obama tapped to be secretary of the interior."

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said the nation's largest organized labor organization was "thrilled" that Solis would be the next labor secretary. "For Rep. Solis, serving as secretary of labor will not just be a job, but the culmination of a lifetime of action serving as a voice for people who work," Stern said. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said the nation's largest organized labor organization was "thrilled" that Solis would be the next labor secretary. "We're confident that she will return to the labor department one of its core missions -- to defend workers' basic rights in our nation's workplaces," Sweeney said.

BREAKING NEWS!! Latino Civil Rights Group Accuses U.S. of Failing to Protect Latinos

A Latino Civil Rights Group is Pleading for an END to Latino Hate Crimes and taking it to international Court! They are seeking to:
1. End Hate Crimes against Latinos
2. End the 287(g) program (the end to Arpaio´s Racial Profiling tactics!)

Rights Group Accuses U.S. of Failing to Protect Latinos
Published: December 18, 2008
A civil rights legal advocacy group,
LatinoJustice PRLDEF, filed an unusual international petition Thursday accusing the United States of failing to adequately protect Latinos living within its borders, regardless of citizenship. The claim was filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an organ of the Organization of American States, of which the United States is a founding member. It charges that the United States is failing to live up to the group’s declaration on human rights, the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man. It cites violence against Latinos, including the murders over the past five months of three immigrants: José Sucuzhañay in Brooklyn last week, Marcelo Lucero in the Long Island town of Patchogue on Nov. 8, and Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, Pa., on July 14. In all three cases, prosecutors say the assailants used anti-Latino slurs. Hate-crime attacks on Latinos rose 40 percent between 2003 and 2007, the petition says, citing the F.B.I.
The complaint also cites the rising use of agreements that allow local communities to deputize their police forces to carry out immigration law. They were created after Sept. 11, 2001, to increase cooperation between local police departments and federal immigration authorities. The group argues that deputization leads the police to treat all Latinos as suspects of immigration violations, engenders mistrust of the police among Latinos, divides communities and promotes a belief that Latinos can be attacked with impunity. The complaint notes that such an ordinance was adopted in Shenandoah and was under consideration in Suffolk County, where Patchogue is situated. The United States has not recognized the commission’s decisions as binding, but has sometimes responded to them in the diplomatic arena, lawyers at LatinoJustice say. The State Department had no immediate comment on the petition.

Breaking News! Patchogue Orange Murderers in Court Today!

The Patchogue Orange Crew who "Beaner Jumped" innocent Latinos in Long Island are in court today! Will justice be served? I will be updating this blog as news comes out!
While Joseph Conroy, 17, (accused murderer of Marcelo Lucero) of Medford, is being held without bail, three of his Patchogue-Medford High School students and fellow Caucasian Crew members who Beaner Stomped Latinos: Kevin Shea, 17, of Medford and Christopher Overton, 16, of East Patchogue and Jose Pacheco, 17, of East Patchogue are still behind bars. Meanwhile, Nicholas Hausch, Jordan Dasch, and Nicholas Hartford, all 17 , accused in the fatal attack of Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero have been released on bail.
Teens charged in stabbing due in court (note: this article will be updated as news reports come in)
PATCHOGUE (WABC) -- Six of the seven teenagers accused in a fatal attack on a Hispanic immigrant are scheduled to appear for a court conference Thursday on Long Island. The seven teens have pleaded not guilty to various charges in the Nov. 8 killing of Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero. The 37-year-old laborer was fatally stabbed in the chest in Patchogue. Suffolk County police say the victim was targeted by the group because he was Hispanic. A spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney says the six expected to appear in Riverhead State Supreme Court include Jeffrey Conroy, Jordan Dasch, Nicholas Hausch, Anthony Hartford, Kevin Shea and Jose Pacheco. The seventh defendant, Christopher Overton, is scheduled for a court conference on Jan. 27.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Powell, Limbaugh in a Food Fight! Will RNC Take Road Less Traveled Going Forward?

Colin Powell and Rush Limbaugh are in a Food Fight right now over the future of the Republican Party! I am on Colin Powell´s side. (surprise!)
A few days ago, Powell said, "Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?" What Powell was saying is, in order for the Republican party to be successful going forward, they need to stop pandering to extremists and exclusionists and become more inclusive and start being the party that supports Moderation, Integrity, Experience, Reason and Acceptance of our growingly diverse America!
Limbaugh did not respond to Powell´s comments lightly. In fact, he took offense. He responded by saying, "I think Powell's premise -- and I understand what's going on -- I think Powell's premise is all wrong. The Republican Party needs to stop listening to me. Basically, what that means is the Republican Party's gotta throw you overboard; the Republican Party can't win as long as it is defined by people like you and me, those of you in this audience. The simple fact of the matter is, folks, what makes this funny to me is that the Republican Party's not listened to me in the last two years. And you might even say in matters of policy and so forth, the Republican Party hasn't been listening to me for the last six years. And you might even say that the Republican Party is in the situation it's in precisely because of the people like Colin Powell and John McCain and others who have devised this new definition and identity of the party which is responsible for electing Democrats all over this country."
It is clear the Republican Party is at a crossroads and needs to make a very strong decision about how they will proceed going forward. The question is, will they follow Limbaugh? Or will they follow Powell? Or, will they follow a new Road, perhaps, as my favorite poet suggests, the Road Less Traveled?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why I Do Not Support Caroline Kennedy for the Senate Seat in New York

Being in politics is like being a Gladiator in the Coliseums. Think of Kirk Douglas or Jack Palance. Both aggressive Gladiators fighting each other, Lions with swords, head to head, spear to spear, mace to shield.
In each political seat, we need our Gladiators, fighting the fight. Championing the cause.
I, for one, cannot see Caroline Kennedy, totally untested, put in the Senatorial position in one of the most high profile, toughest states in the nation. Compare her to the woman she would be replacing, Hillary Clinton. Who on this planet doubts Hillary´s intelligence or her ability to be tough?!
Hillary is Brilliant! She can go head to head with any challenger. We ALL saw here in the debates. She is knowledgeable, well informed and respected by all. We need someone of Hillary´s stature to replace her.
We are NOT the Republicans. We DO NOT believe Any Woman will do! We want our politicians to be Brilliant, Caring! And Tough! They have to have the ability to go toe to toe against anyone who panders to the political PACs, Lobbyists and the Status Quo!
I know Caroline is a nice lady and comes from a very nice family. I have no doubt she is intelligent. I realize she gives some political pundits, like Chris Matthews, that tingle up his leg as Obama did, but we are in a fight to the finish in our country. We cannot allow the likes of Cheney or Bush to run our administration again! Ever!! For that reason, I DO NOT SUPPORT an inexperienced, soft-spoken, light-weight like Caroline Kennedy, to be Hillary’s replacement as junior Senator from New York! We need someone who can hit the ground running and then WIN the Senatorial re-election in 2010! Let her run for City Council or Mayor of Manhattancilla. Get her feet wet and let’s see if the people support her and we will see what she can do first.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do You Remember the True Meaning of Christmas?

Are older generations more religious than us? I think so. I have been completing oral histories with some of my older relatives.
My mother and my older relatives were very religious. My mother was very close to her siblings and her children.
My mother taught us to go to church every Sunday and to celebrate Mass on Holy Days. She taught us to dress up on Sunday, go to church, honor God, honor the day and spend time with family. Later, she encouraged us to become active at church, join the choir, teach Catechism and to feel love for our fellow man. She taught us so many songs, both for church and for Holy Days. She taught us to sing from our heart and to show love for our fellow man!
My mom always volunteered at the church. She used to cook for the priests and wash/iron their garments. She often used a stiff starch spray when she ironed to make sure the vestments were immaculate and very, very crisp.
Holidays were always special times. She taught us, as her mother taught her, the Posadas. During the Christmas Holidays, everyone helped to festively decorate the church. Las Posadas were a special time in our church. We reenacted Joseph´s journey with Mary to Bethlehem. Las Posadas started on December 16 and continued through Christmas Eve. Our families went to church every evening during this time for the reenactment. We went from house to house and sang songs. It was a beautiful time of togetherness. It also helped all of us understand the true meaning of Christmas. Mary and Joseph arrived at the inn and we were all welcomed in for the birth of Christ. When I think of those times, I think of the birth of Christ, the singing and the feeling that we were all joined together in this Celebration of the True Meaning of Christmas!
I remember a Christmas song my mother taught us as children and it still resounds in my memories today:
"Ya rompió el alba del día, nació el niño manuelito, cantemos con alegría, a la lu, Niño chiquito. A la lu, Niño chiquito. Cantemos con alegria, Cantemos con grande fe, alaven los dulces nombres de Jesus, Maria y Jose. De Jesus, Maria y Jose."
So sometimes, I think about all of us. Do you have a manger scene as part of your Christmas celebration? Do you honor the Baby Jesus on his Birthday Celebration? Christmas was never meant to be about commercialism or expensive gifts. It was always about honoring Christ´s birth, families and being together.
I miss those times and sometimes, I wonder, if our children and grandbabies remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bush Enacts Last Minute Legislation to Abuse Migrant Workers and Pander to Farm Owners! Dissing American Workers, Regardless of Economy!

President Bush should be charged for his criminal pandering to Big Ag Business! As my long time readers know, I am a former Migrant Worker, as was my family including my Beloved Father and Mother!
There has been a long history of abuse in our country of Farm Workers. And this month, President Bush has continued this evil tradition!
The Bush administration has announced new rules this week to make it easier for farm owners to bypass American workers, exploit Guest Workers and provide very poor working conditions! Here are two reports of this story:

The New York Times reports:
LOS ANGELES — The Bush administration announced new rules on Thursday that it said would lessen the bureaucratic burden on employers seeking to hire foreign farm workers. Advocates for the workers, however, contended the changes would depress wages and working conditions...The changes apply to a guest worker program known as H-2A, after the visa that allows farmers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis for field jobs they cannot fill with Americans...Bruce Goldstein, executive director of Farmworker Justice, an advocacy group that opposes the changes. He said, “The intent is a massive expansion of the guest worker program by enticing employers into a program with low wages and poor working conditions.”
Harvesting Injustice reports:
“This parting gift on behalf of the Bush Administration to our nation's farmworkers is irresponsible and completely unacceptable. The H-2A guestworker program is already rife with abuse. These changes will only make a bad program worse. That's why today, Farmworker Justice is releasing a special report,
Litany of Abuses: Why more -not fewer-labor protections are needed in the H-2A program. This report explains the current protections within the program and highlights some recent court cases illustrating the harm caused to both U.S. farmworkers and guestworkers alike. We urge you to take a look at the report then act now to urge Congress to take action to stop the Bush Administration from formally issuing the regulations. There are reasonable alternatives to solve the farm labor crisis that have won bipartisan support. The Bush Administration's harmful changes are completely unnecessary.”
The regulations go into effect on Jan. 18, 2009, just two days before President Obama is inaugurated. Bush, in this last minute, lame duck moment, is pandering to PAC Contributors and Farm Owners. This change is bad for American Workers and Bad for migrant workers. Who does it benefit? Big business farm owners, the Lobbyists and the pocket-books of the RNC.
Kudos to the
Unapologetic Mexican Blog and Harvesting Injustice for their investigative reporting!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dobbs, Republicans and ANTIS Vote Against American Unions and Workers And Don´t Make Sense!!

I am so very angry at Republicans right now!
Perhaps I should not even write this blog! I try to wait a certain period of time when I am angry before I write a blog, but I have to write this, and I am writing it now!
Republicans are so short sighted. They are pandering to the "Lou Dobbs", ANTIs in their ranks and refuting the UAW and other long standing union members. The Republicans are demonstrating how archaic they are!
I hate Lou Dobbs. Tonight he had a group of idiots on his show ALL bashing Union Members!!
Before I go on, I want everyone to know I AM VERY Pro-UNION!!
My Beloved Father was a Union Man!! He believed in the Union!
Together the Unions and Workers were able to request and receive a working man´s (person) wage, union benefits, and retirement benefits. They were NOT asking for the multi millions the Wall Street Bankers ask for. All they asked for was a livable wage, benefits, and a retirement package once they had 30 years. I love unions. I don´t think that is too much to ask for.
Unions were why Michigan survived! My Father was Union. My Brothers were union. My Father in law was union! Most Everyone in Michigan is PRO Union and most Everyone owns USA produced cars!
Today, the Republicans, listening to their Republican and ANTI constituents, voted against the bailout for American owned Companies. They voted against Unions. They voted for Foreign Owned Car Companies with Non Union factories located in their states.
I ask, how can these REPUBLICANS refute the Union?!? (WHY, Because Foreign Auto Makers Reside in their State?!? And Pay Big $$ to their PACS!) How can they turn down this bill?!? Why were the Republicans so willing to pass the bailout for the RICH BANKERS ON WALL STREET?!? Those who have those Fancy Recognition Parties in Million Dollar Hotels?!? And Multi Million Dollar Bonus Packages for their CEOs and other Officers?!? All Driving Foreign Cars!!
I believe in the Working Man! Unions are good!
Pay the Million Dollar Business Owners?! But Delete the Unions?! Republicans DO NOT MAKE SENSE!!!
Reference Documents:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another "Walking While Brown" Hate Crime Murder in New York!

Another "Walking While Brown" Hate Crime Murder happened in New York last Sunday and the poor victim, a young Businessman, died today. Four thugs went "Beaner Jumping" yelling anti-Latino, anti-gay slurs at him as they beat him with beer bottles and a baseball bat. The ANTI Immigration, ANTI Latino HATE Crimes and Attacks MUST STOP!!!
May Jose Sucuzhanay rest in Peace.
Tuesday, December 9th 2008, 12:50 AM
An Ecuadorean immigrant died today, two days after four thugs yelling anti-gay and racist slogans beat him to a pulp in an attack city cops and politicians declared a hate crime.
Jose Sucuzhañay, 31, clung to life at Elmhurst Hospital Center as the Hate Crimes Task Force combed the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn, looking for the suspects. "He's always been a fighter," Sucuzhañay's younger brother, Diego, said last night, expressing hope his brother, one of 11 siblings, would pull through.
Sucuzhañay was walking arm and arm with his brother Romel Sunday morning near their home on Kossuth Place, officials said. An SUV drove past packed with thugs. One passenger yelled anti-gay remarks, officials said. The driver yelled, "f-ing Spanish," said a police source. The men in the SUV, described as African-American, then chased the pair. One clubbed Romel with a beer bottle while the others beat Jose with a bat.
Romel Sucuzhañay managed to escape and Jose Sucuzhañay "was left for dead," said an angry City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. His bloodied brother returned to the chaos, clutching his cell phone, telling the attackers that he had just phoned 911. The attack pack then sped off. People who know Sucuzhañay were shaken at the brutal attack. "He is a peaceful person," said Julia Osman, who works as a listing agent at Sucuzhañay's real estate agency in Bushwick. "He wouldn't hurt a fly. We don't know why it happened." Ramona Estavez, 40, said Jose Sucuzhañay was the landlord at her Ridgewood, Queens, home and treated his tenants kindly. "He was a good person," she said. The attack came less than three weeks after seven Long Island teenagers were charged in the fatal stabbing of another immigrant from Ecuador.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Life and Adventures of Santa - The Illegal Immigrant!

I saw Santa today.
He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;
His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,
Working so hard, Working to save!
Sending home dollars and always so brave!
I think he was illegal though I didn’t know for sure.
All I could see was his motives so pure.
No passport. No papers. He just dropped in.
I could hear the ANTIs say, “How dare him!!”
All the families received him just fine!
They embraced him and offered him wine.
I wondered if he heard all the rants!
Accountable for all illegals´accidents.
The Antis were angry! Would they post a website!
Would they call in Arpaio or ICE Raid tonight?
Thrown in a Detention Center with torture to bear?
Or jailed and forced to wear pink underwear?
I need not have worried. He was a wise man
This globalized guy. He did understand.
When he finished his work.
He filled all the stockings and turned with a jerk.
Then waving a finger, aside of his nose.
And giving a nod.
Up the chimney he rose.
And as I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of site,
he said, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.”

Dee -- Merry Christmas, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Teacher Shackles a Student on a Slave Ship. Do We Need to have discussions about Race in America?

What is happening in America? A teacher binds Black students with duct tape to emulate a Slave Ship. Is this helpful role playing or more Race Issues in New York and across America? It is time we have discussions about Race across America! reports:
Residents question teacher's actions
HAVERSTRAW - Residents of this racially diverse village said yesterday that students should be taught about slavery but they questioned a middle school teacher's lesson plan. During a Nov. 18 seventh-grade history lesson on slavery, the teacher, Eileen Bernstein, who is white, selected two black students, taped their hands and feet and had them crawl into the space under a desk to simulate what it must have been like for slaves transported in ships' holds during the voyage to America. The mother of 13-year-old Gabrielle Shand, who was one of the two black students selected by the teacher, complained to school officials that the lesson was insensitive and left her daughter shocked and upset. Christine Shand said yesterday that she hadn't talked to anyone at the school since a meeting Thursday, in which school officials apologized. In retrospect, the teacher "realizes that that was not a good choice, and we've rectified the situation in terms of not using that simulation again," Haverstraw Middle School Principal Avis Shelby said.
Gabrielle was too upset to go to school yesterday, her mother said.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is Patchogue Medford High School A Breeding Ground of Hate Against Latinos?

During my usual research, I came across a Discussion Board discussing the Lucero Hate Crime Murder. I was appalled by what I read. Rockshow, a Patchogue student and acquaintance of Jeff Conroy and the “Caucasian Crew”, posted a number of comments about the situation at Patchogue-Medford Senior High School. Rockshow describes the hate filled atmosphere against ALL Latino students. He discusses the student supporters of the murdering “Caucausian Crew” and the disregard for the innocent Latino victim.
As much as I would like to believe this Hate Crime was about a few kids “gone wrong”, I am now realizing the problem is much worse than I earlier suspected. Based on Rockshow´s comments and on Jeff Conroy´s myspace, it appears the problem is much more severe. Apparently the problem is as many suspected. It is all encompassing across Long Island and perhaps, across the Northeast, and even across America. Has this hate been promoted, as many suspect, on the growing number of racist HATE Groups in America? if not, who else is breeding the hate? How do we Stop this Hate?? Can it be stopped?

Rockshows Comments (1st post the day after the murder):
“I'm F´n disgusted and outraged. These dumb ass kids who thought they were so gangster, took the life today of a man based only on the fact that he was a Mexican. I can't fucking believe this. All seven of these tools are your typical "wigger" aka white kid trying to act all gangster (lets totally forget that we all live in a suburb). I'm so infuriated. Not to mention all these stupid teen bxtches leaving them messages on there myspace like "I still love you!" and "FREE (insert name)" I can't even keep this rant going I'm just so upset over this. Tomorrow i have to go into a school filled with peers who are on their side. The side of F´n seven hateful teenage murderers. Half of these axxholes live less than a block from me. The only solace I can take from this is that these 7 F´rs will be paying for it in a jail cell. And it's still not good enough for me. This gangster kid mentality needs to F´n stop. I'm tired of the arrogance, I'm tired of the ignorance, the hate, the homophobia, the insecurity. I feel like if all these kids died in a fiery F´n plane crash tomorrow. They would not be missed.”

Rockshow posts the next day:
“In class today everyone was talking about these kids. (As one would expect) And I was surprised how many people are not as mad as I am. Nobody seems to care for that F´n 35 year old man who got killed. They all are just concerned with whether or not their friends will do time. Also I have an update to the story, just to further prove how stupid these F´n kids are. When the cop finally caught them an hour after the stabbing and he asked what they were up to, they confessed to "searching for a Mexican to attack". By saying it was at a specific race, they got themselves all adult charges. I hope this shxt doesn't get nationally huge, because I don't want these axxholes to make our town look like shxt.”
The discussion board goes off into a side conversation of the term “Wiggers.”
“No, it's short for "white nxgger." It's a white person "acting" "black." It's current manifestation is whites taking urban rap lingo and style as their own. But it's based on the stereotype that there's some proper way for white and black people to be. And mixing the two, or swapping one for the other, is somehow wrong.”
Rockshow later says,
“It just bothers me that a guy had to pay with his life because these 7 tools had something to prove. I don't want to say i blame the rap music for all these problems, but i think it desensitizes these F´n idiots to the point where they can brush off killing an innocent man. it's F´n insanity.”
“I'm not saying the musical taste of a person is 100% mind altering, but if you give a kid this music about constant killing and money, and they listen to it for years to the point where they dress as if they grew up in a ghetto, you don't think that has had an effect on a person? These are privileged white kids, acting like they grew up in a broke ass poor neighborhood, having to fight for what they've got. Meanwhile all their gangster ass clothes and items are paid for by their parents. So yeah, I think the music has effected these kids. They all have the same mentality, they all speak like these rappers, and they all worship frivolous things like money. They're conditioned. And i think its soured our F´n gene pool.”
“Turns out he was Ecuadorian by the way. But if you're wondering what it's like to be a mexican HERE, prepare to be hated just because you don't speak english, and if you do speak english, we wont know. Because we still wont be talking to you because you LOOK mexican. ““Obviously thats not how I feel personally, just a representation of my peers”
“Ugh. Patchogue Medford looks like shxt right now. I don't know about Medford, but Patchogue is full of so many residents in the 4th and 5th generations that try so hard to make it a better place. And I'm not surprised about the vandalism either. ““Once a public speaker on the issue of race said statistically ( and i don't know if he can back it up, but i believe it ) the slurs Nxgger and Jxw are thrown around more on long island than in anywhere in the country. Possibly Fag as well. Fxck this Island. I want to move to new england.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Globalization Leads to Evolving Multi Cultural Societies

Interwoven within the comment sections of my last several blogs, the topic of Culture has arisen. What is culture? Do we have one U.S. culture? Or, do we have an ever evolving, multi-cultural society?
Culture has been called "the way of life” for a society, including the arts, manners, dress, language, religion, rituals, games, norms of behavior such as law and morality, and systems of belief.
From the very beginning, the distinction between the East vs West cultures has been difficult to define with precision. The Greeks were not so different from their Eastern neighbors. In the later 20th to early 21st century, with the advent of increasing globalism, it has become even more difficult to determine which individuals fit into which category.
Today, globalism has spread western ideas so widely that almost all modern countries or cultures are defined by aspects of Western Culture. Geographically, countries defined as "Western Culture" include Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, it can be said, Western Culture is an amalgamation of a variety of sub-cultures. Western culture tends to be more individualistic than non-Western cultures. It also sees man, God, and nature or the universe more separately than non-Western cultures. They may be marked by economic wealth, literacy, and technological advancement, although these traits are not exclusive to it.

Western culture is NOT homogeneous nor unchanging, however. It continues to evolve as components of sub-cultures become enmeshed into the overall cultural traits. Example 1: The originators of Western Culture, the Greeks and the Romans do not have the same cultural traits as Americans of the 21st Century today. Example 2: A remarkable social and cultural inversion has occurred in the last fifty years: where once Western culture was the monopoly of the upper classes, it now, more often than not, bubbles up from those on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. This transformation has been especially evident in the world of style - with the authenticity of streetstyle challenging and then toppling the dictatorship of High Fashion.

One of my new Blog Favorites is “The Czech.” I visited her blog recently. She has a very interesting post titled “Wealth and Religiosity.”
As you scroll down, there is a chart from Columbia University depicting “Average Religious Attendance vs Average income", with an overlay depicting Red (Bush) vs Blue (Kerry) states. As Czech comments, “What is it about high religiosity that pairs it so often with poverty? Are those with low quality of life more likely to turn to religion as a consolation, or does a high level of religiosity in a society somehow impede its ability to maintain a strong economy and stable society?”
I think the chart also shows the differences in sub-Cultures across the USA. As I have said for so long, New York has a different culture than Atlanta, is different from Miami, is different from New Orleans, is different from Texas, is different for Las Vegas, is different from Kansas, is different from Michigan, is different from L.A. The differences include most cultural aspects, including: the arts, manners, dress, rituals, games, and to a degree, norms of behavior such as morality, systems of belief-religion, to a lesser degree language and law.
So as I study this map, the differences in the cultural aspects, the differences in income, influence and class, it is obvious to see our nation is comprised of a variety of sub-cultures, ever-evolving.

So the question becomes, why are so many so angry with the fact we have an evolving, multi (sub) cultural society that is ever evolving?
I believe the anger and the outrage originates from many of those who believe they are the Dominant Culture. Our society is a conglomeration of many subcultures. In the past, the Dominant Culture has been able, through economic and political power, to impose their preference of values, language, and behaviors on other subordinate cultures. However, the Civil Rights Movement and the end of the Jim Crow laws impacted their dominance. It has taken until now, forty years later, for the Dominant Culture to feel the impact of this CHANGE.
I came across a blog called “The Diversity Exchange” written by an HR expert. She said, “I have come to believe that (at least in the Western European empires) skin color DOES matter still, as do gender, age, social/economic class, physical abilities and more. Perhaps not as much on an individual-by-individual case as even a decade or two ago, but institutionally, it is evident when one looks at large organizations, whether commercial or non-profit. Just looking at photos and reading names of management and directors of various US organizations, the percentage of people who do not seem part of the “dominant culture” (i.e., white, male, Northern European background) is quite small. However, looking at the names, gender and skin color of most “workers,” I find great diversity. When I take public transportation, or park in public parking lots, I see and hear diversity. So what happens to these diverse people on the way to the boardroom? Presumably, organizations hire the best talent possible, provide the tools and training opportunities for personal and professional growth and then reward the top performers with additional remuneration and responsibility (i.e., promotions). Like others, I find it hard to believe that the only members of the dominant culture are top performers. It is hard for those who are part of the dominant culture to realize their societal advantages over others. White privilege, heterosexism, ableism, ageism and a whole host of other –isms exist whether we choose to recognize them or not.”

What we are facing today is some members of the current Dominant Culture of our country recognizing the Change that Globalism has brought to our country and to the World. They recognize this is a Train they cannot stop. Therefore they react with Anger, with Rage and with using every method in their power to Stop the Train. However, they are reluctant to voice their fear. Instead, they point to easy targets, to Immigrants (legal or illegal), they attack the messengers who speak the truth about Race and Diversity, they try to instill Fear and Hate and Anger, sometimes using AM Shock Jocks, the Christian Conservative Right and even empowering Hate Groups to do their dirty work for them.
The problem is, they do not want to admit the truth. They do not want to say they fear Diversity, Equal Rights, Women´s Rights, and the fact that all diverse groups, ALL men and women are created equal. They do not want to say they fear living in a world where White Northern European Males are NOT ALWAYS in Control.
1. Culture
2. Dominant Culture
3. Western Culture
4. World Culture Encyclopedia
5. The Chez Blog
6. The Diversity Exchange
7. Streetstyle

Monday, December 1, 2008

Postville Update: ICE Raid Ends In Town´s Devastation!

The Agriprocessor´s plant, ICE Raided of hundreds of workers in May, 2008, has shut down and filed for bankruptcy. Their managers have been criminally charged. Bail was denied for owner´s son Rubashkin, although later released on $1M bail. Since the ICE Raid in May, hundred of workers were sent to detention centers, prisons or shackled in ankle bracelets. Related businesses have also closed. Around the country, supermarkets and butcher shops supplying Jews who observe strict dietary laws have reported extreme shortages of kosher meat. Since there are only a handful of processors nationwide who slaughter animals according to Jewish law and under the supervision of rabbis, the shutdown has cut the kosher meat supply to the bone.
This week, Agriprocessors may reopen, but only briefly. There are hundreds of thousands of chickens which will soon be too old to slaughter. A court-appointed bankruptcy trustee said he hopes to rehire about 170 workers and start processing chickens Monday or Tuesday this week. The mayor said they might have trouble finding workers because many former Agriprocessors employees have gone to work for meatpackers in Waterloo and Marshalltown. Another stumbling block is Agriprocessors owes their former workers several weeks of backpay. The trustee said employees who return immediately will receive their back pay and have a job. However, under the bankruptcy process, he said it would take weeks to get back pay.
Meanwhile, the local churches, free clinics and food pantries are feeding Postville´s hungry and unemployed families. While many may disagree about the issues of Immigration, Mass Deportation, ICE Raids and Detention centers, one thing is clear. Postville, Iowa provides a clear example of the devastation that occurs to a town when ICE Raids and Mass Deportation are deployed. Now, more than ever, our country is in dire need of Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

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