Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Racist Fox News Calls American Latino Babies "Children of the Corn!"

On September 19, Chris Wallace of Fox News in a segment titled "The Grapevine" called American Latino Babies "Children of the Corn."

While Wallace spoke, a graphic appears with the title "Children of the Corn" -- the title of a horror story by Stephen King that has been adapted to film. It's not clear why the producers chose that title, though corn is traditionally an important element of the Mexican diet.

Brave Latinas Kicked Arpaio out of Hispanic Conference!

Brave Latinas from the Hispanic Women’s Corporation Kicked Out Sheriff Joe Arpaio from their Conference. Flagrant Arpaio wanted to put up a Recruitment Booth at the Latinas' Conference, however Conference Officials, citing Arpaio's court ruling for racially profiling of Latinos as their reason for ousting the convicted Racial Profiler.

"The conference is about leading and inspiring Latina professionals," said Leticia de la Vara, a spokeswoman for the HWC, according to the Associated Press. "Arpaio does not fit that mold, so it was a pretty easy decision on why we would go forward with that."

Angry Arpaio lashed out at the Hispanic group in a press release for denying his office’s request to put up the booth, calling the decision “politically motivated.”

A federal court ruled in May that Sheriff Arpaio’s office had systematically targeted Latinos in its efforts to enforce federal immigration law, even after his office lost that authority in 2009.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Racist Republicans Opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Don't Give a Crap About Offending Latinos!

It's been 3 months since the Senate passed an Immigration Reform Bill. They left it to the House to pass their version, however the Republicans in the House are Racist and Refuse to Pass Any Version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and they could Give A Damn about Alienating the Latino Vote. The Republican dominated House, whose 1st goal was stricter Mexico Border enforcement, has walked out of negotiations.

Republicans walking out are attempting to blame "Obamacare" for their walkout, but the facts are clear. They are walking out because Republicans in the House cannot gain enough votes to pass a bill within their own ranks. They are a party divided and the racist half is the most Vocal, the most Opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform. And it is their Racist Half that is adamantly and Vocally opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

It is clear most Republicans DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT LATINOS and Could Care Less IF We Vote For Them.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a strong supporter of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). He has founded a group, “Fwd.us” which was set up to lobby for passage of CIR.  Zuckerberg said CIR is vital to the US Economy.  The US needs skilled workers to work IN the U.S.
“Eleven million people are being treated unfairly right now,” Zuckerberg said in reference to the 11M currently in the U.S.

Zuckerberg is also establishing another group, “Internet.org” which is based on the promise to “Connect the next 5 billion people.”

Zuckerberg is meeting with members of the Gang of 8 and other Democrats and Republicans this week to “listen, learn and share his perspective on the knowledge economy and the passage of Immigration Reform.”

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The History of Syria, the Slaughter of Innocents and Should the U.S. Get Involved?

I love Peace. I oppose War. However, as a Humanitarian I am concerned about what is happening in Syria. People, including children, are being slaughtered with poison gas. This is a monstrous act. The videos show it all. Most Americans are tired of war. We've been engaged in wars in the Middle East since 1979.  This region has been at war for centuries. Syria gained independence from France in 1946 and, as its own country, has been in the midst of a Civil War since inception. Their President Assad has used poison gas on his own people since 2012. 
Our President Obama is asking Congress to intervene. We are the only country who has shown a willingness to help the victims.
Some countries support this intervention, but many countries oppose it. The problem is, no other country will act and the countries that hate us and want to overthrow our way of life are watching our actions. Congress will decide this week if we will intervene. We need to study the issues and contact our Congressmen with our views.

History of Syria:
From 1516 - 1918, all of the countries in the Middle East were part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. After World War I, their Empire was split up and the countries in the Middle East were established and had sponsor countries. Syria was a "mandate" of France from 1918 - 1943. It was a difficult rule. French troops occupied Syria and there were constant revolts. France evacuated their troops in April, 1946.

Even with Freedom, there was constant upheaval in Syria. In 1948, they were involved in the Arab-Israeli War, aligning themselves with other Arab states attempting to prevent the establishment of the State of Israel. In 1956, Syria signed a pact with the Soviet Union to gain military equipment and military training for their constant battles with opposing religious groups (internally) and with neighboring countries. In the 1950's, they began building their Military Committee. In 1966, the Military Committee overtook their own Ba'athist political party. In 1967, their military participated in the War against Israel. Israel turned their sights to Syria and captured the entire Golan Heights in less than 48 hours. This defeat caused an internal split between Jadid - who ran their political party and al-Assad (Sr.) - who was the Lead General of their Military.  In 1970, the Military (bloodlessly) overthrew the government and General al-Assad became the Leader of Syria. The first President al-Assad was well known for using terror, intimidation, guerilla warfare and assassinations to extend his control over his country and neighboring countries.

Syria, Lebanon and Egypt continued their wars with Israel. Israel attempted to take more lands from Lebanon. Syria and Egypt fought with each other for control and also sought to defeat Israel.

In the 1970s, an internal religious group sought to free themselves from the Military Rule of the Ba'athists. This internal Islamic group, primarily comprised of Sunnis, named themselves "The Muslim Brotherhood." Their group began as a moderate, humanitarian group opposed to al-Assad's tyranny. They represented 88% of the Syrian people (60% Sunni). They started with 500 and by 1978, their numbers grew to 300,000.

Syria's military Ba'ath Party consisted of Alawites. The Alawites were only 12% of the population and they lived on the northwestern seaboard.

The Brotherhood fought hard against the military. The Military fought back. In 1982, during these Civil Wars, the Syrian Military's "Hama Massacre" killed up to 40,000 of their own people.

In the late 1980s through the 1990s including the Gulf War, the Syrian Army made a major shift. Instead of partnering with their other Arab States, they partnered with the U.S. (Bush Sr. and Clinton) The U.S. provided them military weapons and military training. Syria also started negotiating with Israel.

In June, 2000, al-Assad (Sr.) died and his son, Bashar al-Assad was elected President -- he ran unopposed. It's very important to understand that al-Assad (Sr) was very ill and since 1993, knew he was dying. He put careful plans in place to ensure his son would succeed him. In fact, he retired many of his Military Generals and brought in new staff to specifically ensure that his son would be elected and to ensure his son would have a supportive staff.

The civil wars continued; many intellectuals were imprisoned and killed.

In 2003, Israel bombed a site near Damascus, Syria's capitol, claiming they were bombing a terrorist training camp.

In 2011, the Arab Spring began as a chain of peaceful protests. The protestors were attacked by the Syrian Army. In July, 2011, the "Free Syrian Army" was formed by Army Defectors and is comprised primarily of Sunnis.

In March 2013, as a result of the ongoing civil war, an alternative government was formed: "The Syrian National Coalition" which is said to represent the vast majority of the country.  Representatives of this government were invited to take up Syria's seat at the Arab League on March 28, 2013. The opposition coalition has been recognized as the "sole representative of the Syrian people" by several nations including the United States, United Kingdom and France

The U.N. and other sources say over 100,000 civilians in Syria have been killed by the Syrian Army. "The Human Rights Watch" referred to Syria's record as "among the worst in the world." Internet and telecommunications are controlled by the military. Arbitrary detention, torture, and disappearances are widespread. In 2011,  the United Nations reported that over 250 deaths were children as young as 2 years old, and that boys as young as 11 years old have been gang raped by security services officers.

Over 1.7 million Syrian refugees have escaped to their neighboring countries of Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.  As the civil war has dragged on, there have been worries that the country could become fragmented and cease to function as a state.

In August 2013, Syria was accused of using chemical weapons against its civilians. In early September 2013, President Obama told U.S. Senators that the CIA had trained the first 50-man insurgent element and that they had been inserted into Syria. The deployment of this unit and the supplying of weapons may be the first tangible measure of support for the Opposition by the U.S.

Syria continues to foster good relations with her traditional Allies, Iran, China, Venezuela and Russia. The primary source of Syria's earnings are: 40% Oil Export, 20% Agriculture and increased Taxes upon their people. Their tourism industry has dropped to almost zero. Since the Civil War in 2011, their economy has shrunk by 35% and the Syrian Pound is down to 1/6 its former value. Their government is increasingly relying on loans from Iran, Russia and China.

Let's go back to the Questions:
1. Should the U.S. get involved? Can we allow the Gassing of Innocents to Continue?
2. What involvement would we have? Does it start with Weapons and Training of the Opposition? (as has already occurred by the CIA) Will it end there? What do we do if they and their Allies retaliate against the U.S.? What if the Opposition hates the US too?
3. What happens IF we don't get involved? Will this strengthen them and their Allies? Will they expand their attacks on their opposition and neighboring countries?

The President has brought this request to the People.
We should study the issues -- the facts, decide for ourselves and notify our Congressmen.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Message to Other Countries: DO NOT Misinterpret our Freedom to Disagree with Each Other -- Remember, WE THE PEOPLE of America ARE Americans First!! We The People WIll Never Be on Your Side! WE ARE TOO UNITED!!

Tonight, I want to say I Love America and I Love Being An American.
Regardless of those that attempt to put you down, what is BEST about America is WE ARE the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. and WE THE PEOPLE are Americans First. Sure we might occasionally disagree. But that is the Beauty about America.

ALL of us are FREE to Disagree AND Pursue Our Dreams!

I LOVE Being An American!

I almost feel sorry for those in Other Countries that attempt to dissuade the purpose of our country. I say to Syria and to Iraq, regardless of your Wars and YOUR atrocities, WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA STILL LOVE OUR COUNTRY!

It is true that sometimes we ARE Partisan. Sometimes RED. Sometimes BLUE.

However, when it comes down to supporting OUR Country, WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE.

Don't Ever Think that ANY of Us will side with Enemies of America, even if it sometimes sounds like it in various international media comment sections.
Don't misinterpret when we chastise each other. Fox vs NBC. White vs Brown or Black. In the end, WE THE PEOPLE are STILL American First. Don't FOOL YOURSELVES. WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY. However, Unlike YOUR Country/Dictatorship, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO Disagree, and we do so often. We may Choose a side that we wish to support of fighters in YOUR country. We SEE there are atrocities in YOUR Country. We might take sides for that. However, regarding OUR Support of OUR Country, regardless of what you say, WE STILL LOVE OUR COUNTRY~ Regardless WHAT happens in YOUR Country. YES WE ARE HUMANITARIANS, however, WE ARE AMERICAN FIRST.

No One, NO DESPOT, can STOP Us from LOVING OUR COUNTRY FIRST and pursuing our Dreams! Never.

I Love America and pledge to Always Love America!
WE TRULY ARE THE LAND of the Free AND the Home Of The Brave!!

God Bless America!
And May God Bless Our President, Barack Obama!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

San Francisco Considers Ending Immigrant Detention

Interesting and Breaking News:
HP Reports: San Francisco is poised to become the first county in the country to stop detaining immigrants on behalf of the federal government. An ordinance proposed by Supervisor John Avalos would make it illegal for local law enforcement to detain people only on the basis of their immigration status, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. The proposal heads to a committee vote on Thursday, where it is expected to pass to consideration by the full Board of Supervisors, enough of whom reportedly support the idea to withstand a veto from the mayor.

The city and county of San Francisco are governed locally by a Board of Supervisors rather than a City Council. "The legislation is about due process against the arbitrary loss of liberty," Avalos told the Chronicle.

The first-of-its-kind law would mark a victory for immigrant rights advocates, who have opposed the soaring number of deportations under President Barack Obama and expanded cooperation between federal immigration authorities and local police under the program Secure Communities.

S-Comm, as its opponents -- including Avalos -- refer to it, is a fingerprint data-sharing agreement between agencies that allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement to check the criminal histories of undocumented immigrants after the arrest and flag them for detention and deportation.

The program’s critics say Secure Communities funnels too many people into the detention and deportation systems, including low-level offenders. Opponents contend that widening the deportation net undermines trust between police and immigrant communities, particularly among Latinos. Some 81 percent of undocumented immigrants were born in Latin America.

The draft of the city ordinance questions the constitutionality of immigration detainers issued under Secure Communities. “Unlike criminal detainers, which are supported by a warrant and require probable cause, there is no requirement for a warrant and no established standard of proof, such as reasonable suspicion or probable cause, for issuing an immigration detainer,” the draft reads.
The ordinance, if it were to become law, would require local law enforcement to ignore civil immigration detainers requested by ICE.

Avalos first introduced the measure in July. Last year, San Francisco handed 542 people over to ICE after holding them on immigration detainers, according to the San Francisco Examiner.
The Obama administration has repeatedly butted heads with states like Arizona that want to take greater control over immigration enforcement, a role reserved for the federal government.
But the president has also conflicted with places like San Francisco that want to limit federal immigration authorities’ influence on their communities.                     

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Like you, I've been watching all of the news coverage about Syria. Everyone agrees that their President Assad is poisoning his own people with Saran gas. He has killed hundreds of thousands of them with this weapon of Mass Destruction. For all Republicans that sided with President Bush with his war against Iraq, there WERE NO WEAPONS of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

However, there ARE Weapons of Mass Destruction in Syria. Even Syria's President Assad ADMITS IT and Laughs at the U.S. at being unable to stop him. Assad has poisoned hundreds of thousands of his own people. Poisoned/Murdered them. Little children -- 2 years old -- killed them.

Last year, President Obama told him to stop it. Assad continued to poison more of his own people, innocent children. No one since Hitler has used Poison Gas in such a horrific fashion and Assad is laughing about it. He says the U.S. and our President are weak and are unable to stop him. Assad thinks his friends in Russia and China validate his demonic regime.

Now, our President and his representative, John Kerry - the Secretary of State, are asking Congress for permission to respond. They are NOT asking to go to War. They are asking them to allow specific steps to be taken, with no boots on the ground, in order to stop Assad from continuing to weigh his war against Humanity.

What do we do?
Congress has a decision to make. We have two choices.

1. Do Nothing and allow Assad to continue his Terror. If we do this, we are condoning his actions and thereby allowing him and his supporters to spread this destruction not only within his own borders, but OUTSIDE of his own borders and into the borders of our allies, friends and our own borders.
2. Give the President and his Administration the Authority to take specific action to stop Assad from continuing using this poison gas to murder people.

Will Congress finally give up their personal and political in-fighting and finally allow WE THE PEOPLE to Join Together as ONE NATION to stop Assad from using Saran?

That is the Question.
My Prayers are for Congress to UNITE, stop their Petty Grievances, and Support Our President in Moving Forward.

I've been reading about Syria, Assad and how we've reached this Tipping Point.

Back in 1970, Assad's father, a former General, was put in power. He was a member of the Alawite party. His group was NOT THE Majority, however, their regime was ruthless and brutal in terrorizing the opposition and overpowering them. Assad Sr. wanted his oldest son Basil to succeed him. However, his son died in a car accident. Therefore, his least favorite son, Bashar Assad was next in line and took his place. Bashar was a pompous, spoiled brat. Married to a rich, spoiled English-born brat who loved to spend millions on clothes, cars and toys. Bashar was over zealous and relished his power over the people. He was relentless and demonic when he came into power in 2000. Bashar Assad and his army has been terrorizing his people for years. However, it wasn't until 2011 that he began using Saran Gas.

Saran Gas -- a weapon of Mass Destruction -- so easily used in terror.
If we allow Assad and his supporters to utilize this WMD without any penalty, his supporters will read this as permission to utilize SARAN - WMD outside their borders, in our very own towns, in our very own drinking water, in our very own homes. IF WE DO NOT STOP THE TERROR NOW, THE TERROR WILL ENTER OUR VERY HOMES.

Those using this WMD are not Afraid YET. WE THE PEOPLE have NOT given them reason to fear. Instead, we have been caught up with so much In Fighting that we have NOT allowed ourselves to think about the ramifications of allowing these zealots the Freedom to Terrorize us with Saran.




Monday, September 2, 2013

US Census Bureau Map Displays Evolution to U.S. Multi-Culturalism

This US Census Bureau Map depicts which Ethnicities have the Largest Ancestry In U.S. Cities. What this map proves is America is NOT a melting pot.

Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled by this map. Roosevelt opposed anyone maintaining their own ethnicity or identities. His wish was that everyone coming to America adopt his view of assimilation. He opposed the Immigration of German and Irish at the turn of the last century. About Native Americans he said, "I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are." Regarding Blacks he said, "I have not been able to think out any solution of the terrible problem offered by the presence of the Negro on this continent." From Roosevelt's perspective, everyone coming into America should jump into a Melting Pot and come out Vanilla.

Looking at the map today, those of German ancestry overwhelm states all across America and the Irish overwhelm Massachusetts and New York. The English populate the Northeast, Utah, the eastern part of Nevada and lower Idaho. Blacks are the majority in Southern States, in D.C., Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Latinos of Mexican descent are the majority in Texas through to California. Native Americans are the majority in Northern Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, eastern Oklahoma, and parts of South Dakota, Montana and Nevada. The Finnish and Norwegian populate the northern parts of Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota.

America is more of a Salad Bowl. We are all American yet unique in the fact that we each maintain our ethnicity, culture and family traits as we continue to evolve within our economic environment and technological advances.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Old Movies Depict Racist Actions that will NOT be tolerated by Americans Today!

I decided to re-write this post.
I watched "Driving Miss Daisy" on Encore yesterday. It was very infuriating to me.

This movie was made in 1986 and like many old movies, it depicts life as it was in America. Blacks and all minorities were treated as inferiors and made to "Serve the Man."

While I love old movies, movies on Encore, movies on TCM, many of these old movies depict minorities as servants and inferiors. Some movies, like "Gone with the Wind" are obviously racist. More subtly racist are movies like "White Christmas" or "The Great Lie" where all minorities are depicted as servants or mammies.

Many of the old TV shows depict only White people. Occasionally a minority will appear as a servant or some exotic creature.

In times past, we allowed one group to be elitists and another group to be down-trodden minorities who served as their slaves/servants, sex machines or crooks.

Thank God for Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement of the sixties. Until then, America was NOT the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave for ALL. While times have gotten better, we still have racism in many people's hearts. Recently, Hollywood has produced newer movies that are meant to help us remember - never forget the racist atrocities of the past. These movies include:
. The Help
. 42
. The Butler
Watching these movies is painful. I understand the reason and rationale for these movies -- to help us remember the history and to ensure those times NEVER, EVER re-occur.

Saying all of this, I know that Bad Anon will send me some hate-filled comment saying, "Racism is over. I'm sick of minorities still playing victim." To him I say, that level of Open Racism is over, but the underlying racism in some people's hearts is still there. We hear it with every:
. "I want my country back!" (to times of Mayberry)
. "English Only" 
. "Anchor Baby"
. "Your President," "Kenyan," "Muslim,"  "Witch Doctor"
. "Self Deport," "Mass Deportation," "Get to the back of the Line."

America was founded as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, and most important of all:

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