Saturday, September 7, 2013

Message to Other Countries: DO NOT Misinterpret our Freedom to Disagree with Each Other -- Remember, WE THE PEOPLE of America ARE Americans First!! We The People WIll Never Be on Your Side! WE ARE TOO UNITED!!

Tonight, I want to say I Love America and I Love Being An American.
Regardless of those that attempt to put you down, what is BEST about America is WE ARE the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. and WE THE PEOPLE are Americans First. Sure we might occasionally disagree. But that is the Beauty about America.

ALL of us are FREE to Disagree AND Pursue Our Dreams!

I LOVE Being An American!

I almost feel sorry for those in Other Countries that attempt to dissuade the purpose of our country. I say to Syria and to Iraq, regardless of your Wars and YOUR atrocities, WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA STILL LOVE OUR COUNTRY!

It is true that sometimes we ARE Partisan. Sometimes RED. Sometimes BLUE.

However, when it comes down to supporting OUR Country, WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE.

Don't Ever Think that ANY of Us will side with Enemies of America, even if it sometimes sounds like it in various international media comment sections.
Don't misinterpret when we chastise each other. Fox vs NBC. White vs Brown or Black. In the end, WE THE PEOPLE are STILL American First. Don't FOOL YOURSELVES. WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY. However, Unlike YOUR Country/Dictatorship, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO Disagree, and we do so often. We may Choose a side that we wish to support of fighters in YOUR country. We SEE there are atrocities in YOUR Country. We might take sides for that. However, regarding OUR Support of OUR Country, regardless of what you say, WE STILL LOVE OUR COUNTRY~ Regardless WHAT happens in YOUR Country. YES WE ARE HUMANITARIANS, however, WE ARE AMERICAN FIRST.

No One, NO DESPOT, can STOP Us from LOVING OUR COUNTRY FIRST and pursuing our Dreams! Never.

I Love America and pledge to Always Love America!
WE TRULY ARE THE LAND of the Free AND the Home Of The Brave!!

God Bless America!
And May God Bless Our President, Barack Obama!

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