Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brave Latinas Kicked Arpaio out of Hispanic Conference!

Brave Latinas from the Hispanic Women’s Corporation Kicked Out Sheriff Joe Arpaio from their Conference. Flagrant Arpaio wanted to put up a Recruitment Booth at the Latinas' Conference, however Conference Officials, citing Arpaio's court ruling for racially profiling of Latinos as their reason for ousting the convicted Racial Profiler.

"The conference is about leading and inspiring Latina professionals," said Leticia de la Vara, a spokeswoman for the HWC, according to the Associated Press. "Arpaio does not fit that mold, so it was a pretty easy decision on why we would go forward with that."

Angry Arpaio lashed out at the Hispanic group in a press release for denying his office’s request to put up the booth, calling the decision “politically motivated.”

A federal court ruled in May that Sheriff Arpaio’s office had systematically targeted Latinos in its efforts to enforce federal immigration law, even after his office lost that authority in 2009.

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