Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TWINS: Arpaio and Ferguson's Chief Thomas Jackson -- Why Latinos Should PAY ATTENTION to what's Happening in Ferguson Missouri

Latinos Be Aware. We MUST pay attention to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. What is happening in Ferguson has happened in ALL Minority Communities across America.
The police chief of Ferguson, Chief Thomas Jackson, is the MIRROR IMAGE of Maricopa County's Joe Arpaio. That's right "Arpayaso!"

Think about Arpayaso's RACIAL PROFILING crimes! He continuously attacks small Latino neighborhoods like Guadalupe, having his masked volunteers patrol the streets, attacking the children during their Confirmation Mass. Arpayaso, attacking mothers, driving their children, stealing them away, and leaving their children abandoned. Arpayaso, the evil, evil racist attacker of Latino Communities!

Like Arpayaso, Ferguson's Police Chief Thomas Jackson, has condoned and promoted racial profiling. Jackson condoned the MURDER of teenager Mike Brown. Jackson condoned leaving teenager Mike Brown, dead on the street for 5 HOURS! He condoned NEVER CALLING AN AMBULANCE during these 5 HOURS. Imagine your teenage child, murdered, left on the street, for 5 hours! Witnesses said Mike Brown had his Hands Up, yet murderer Martin recklessly and maliciously murdered this young teenager. And Jackson CONDONED this!


The attack against Mike Brown happened in his own neighborhood. Mike Brown's body was left laying in the street, like trash, for 5 hours. Little minority children witnessed this blatant disregard for the Human Life of a young Minority Teenager. Imagine their nightmares since that night.

Now, Chief Jackson condones his officers antagonizing peaceful protestors, shelling them with Tear Gas and bullets. He is even condoning antagonizing reporters. Yet he is using every tactic possible in white-washing Officer Martin's crimes and avoiding any type of charges for his murderous crimes.

What is most telling is how this entire discussion is being played out. by the Far Right Wing. Whose side are you on?

The Far Right Wing is supporting Officer Martin, even though scaredy cat Martin remains in hiding, not saying a word.

I've been reading their websites. The Far Right Wing are all rallying in Martin's support. Fox News, Glenn Beck's "The Blaze", Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, The Daily Caller, Tea Party groups, Alipac, the KKK, Stormfront, etc. are rushing to Martin's defense.

Their latest rallying cry is some anonymous caller (called Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" call in show) who says she is a friend of Martin on Facebook. She said Martin said Brown "bum rushed" him and that's why Racist Martin shot him 6 times, including in the Eye and on the Top of His Head. -- Such lies, given several non biased witnesses stating Teenager Mike Brown had his hands up!

I've been reading the posts by these Far Right Wing sites. They are disgusting and racists, blaming Teenager Brown for his own murder. However those attacking young Mike are the same nutcases that support Arpayaso, the Tea Party, Ted Cruz and all the other crazy racists that HATE LATINOS, Blacks, Gays, Women and all minorities. They are using THE SAME LANGUAGE they use when they attack us.

They are blaming poor Mike Brown, the dead victim who cannot speak for himself.
They are blaming the civil protesters who are utilizing their 1st amendment rights to rally. Yet these right wing racist websites call them "animals" and "let them kill themselves." You should read their despicable spew. (However, you don't have to read their vile spew. I'll report it so you don't have to read their garbage!)

These are the same WORDS they use against LATINOS in Maricopa County / in Guadalupe!

These folks don't believe in EQUALITY!
Their EQUALITY only encompasses WHITE MEN, not ALL PEOPLE - not ALL MINORITIES!

WE LATINOS NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

Chief Jackson is EXACTLY like Joe Arpaio! Jackson’s overt attempts to assassinate the character of deceased teenager Mike Brown with a store video that has no relevance to his murder is deplorable. His poor choice to use military tactics and to assert domination on citizens is unjust. Like Arpayaso, Jackson's actions prove he should be removed from his job! For ALL of our sakes!!

Latinos, I recommend we STAND ON THE SIDE OF JUSTICE! STAND FOR EQUALITY! STAND with the Protesters in Ferguson Missouri!!

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