Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Business Doesn´t Want to Know!

SEC Special Report: The meat packing industry is the largest segment of the U.S. Agriculture industry producing close to 100 billon pounds of meat and poultry in 2004 with sales that exceeded 100 billion dollars. The Top 5 companies are: Tyson, Conagra, Smithfield, Swift and Hormel. This industry is highly concentrated to just a few top players.

Since 1980, the number of slaughter plants has plunged from more than 600 to 170 cattle slaughterers. Since 1980, the number of hog slaughter plants has been reduced from more than 500 to 180. The number of processing plants has also been decreasing. Most of the closed plants were small facilities. Smaller operators who do not have a special market niche cannot compete with the predatory practices of the big operators and the huge advantages that come with the economy of scale both in the purchase of live animals and every day plant production operations.

From the 1950s through 1984, meat packing was one of the highest paying industries in U.S. manufacturing. From 1984 until the present, meat packing has dropped to one of the lowest paying. Contract concessions have taken UFCW from its strongest bargaining position to its weakest. Meat packing was also one of the most highly organized industries in U.S. manufacturing; however, the percent of union workers in this industry has plunged from 80 percent in 1980 to less than 50 percent today. In right-to-work states such as South Dakota , Texas , Kansas , Nebraska and Iowa where there are large numbers of packinghouse workers, union membership on a plant by plant basis ranges from only 10 to 30 percent in many plants.

Today, the wages/benefits are at an all time low and workers are mistreated, forced to work under the most hazardous/unsafe conditions in the nation. In 2004, Human Rights Watch issued a report concluding the nation's meat packing industry violates basic human and worker rights.
TN Magazine Concurs: Since the 1980s, a few corporations have controlled meatpacking, and they have maintained their narrow profit margins by hiring non-union, immigrant labor and pushing fewer workers to work faster. It's gruesome, hazardous work, with 36% of meatpacking employees injured on the job every year. That figure does not include meatpacking's most imperiled workers: the contract employees who rush to clean blood-slick surfaces and equipment, often ignoring safety protocol, and at high risk for crushing, amputation and chemical exposure. Plants that once cleaned in-house have cut costs by outsourcing to contractors like QSI, whose crews must scour massive slaughterhouses to USDA specifications in a few hours. According to meatpacking industry expert Julie Eisenberg, contract cleaning is a "hidden industry"—new enough that OSHA still classifies its workers as janitors. And those workers are usually immigrants, often undocumented, and desperate enough to accept the hard work and poor wages commensurate with winning the low bid.
In 2007, two low-level QSI managers were scheduled for sentencing, guilty of hiring and providing stolen identities for illegal immigrants at an Illinois meatpacking plant. The managers were among 62 QSI employees—over half of QSI's workforce there—arrested in a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While the Vincit Group declined comment, the arrests highlight the problems inherent for a business created from and caught up in the ills of the industry it serves.

QSI is a subsidiary of The Vincit Group. This privately held industrial sanitation company was preparing to move into Brabson Place, a new, $15 million headquarters it co-owns along with Wolford Development and which anchors a key corner in downtown Chattanooga. The stately building symbolizes success for a business that began in 1968 as Zee Company, maker of industrial cleaning agents. Now Zee is one of The Vincit Group's five "vertically integrated" subsidiaries primarily serving meatpacking plants; its flagship, QSI, is thought to earn $10 to $20 million annually, staffing and managing cleaning crews for industry leaders like Cargill, Smithfield and Tyson.

Lance Compa, lecturer in labor law at Cornell University, says if contractors' top brass don't know about undocumented workers, it's because they "don't want to know," insulating themselves from lower-level management. But in 2003, when QSI employees at a North Carolina pork processing plant threatened a walkout, top management was on the scene. The National Labor Relations Board later found QSI guilty of assaulting the workers and threatening them with deportation.

Bush Nixing Rule Issued in August to Punish Employers hiring Illegal Immigrants

Readers, What are your thoughts? What are the Implications?

The New York Times is reporting:

The Bush administration will suspend its legal defense of a new rule issued in August to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants, conceding a hard-fought opening round in a court battle over a central measure in its strategy to curb illegal immigration, according to government papers filed late Friday in federal court.

Instead, the administration plans to revise the rule to try to meet concerns raised by a federal judge and issue it again by late March, hoping to pass court scrutiny on the second try. The rule would have forced employers to fire workers within 90 days if their Social Security information could not be verified.

The government’s proposal was a response to an indefinite delay to the rule ordered Oct. 10 by the judge, Charles R. Breyer of Federal District Court in San Francisco. Judge Breyer found that the government had failed to follow proper procedures in issuing the rule and that it should have completed a survey of its impact on small business. He also found that the Social Security database the government would use to verify workers’ status was full of errors, so the rule could lead to the dismissal of many thousands of workers who were American citizens or legal immigrants.

In a four-page motion filed Friday, the government, without acknowledging any flaws in the original rule, asked Judge Breyer to suspend the case so the Department of Homeland Security could rewrite the rule and conduct the small-business survey, which it expects to do by March 24. The government said that it wanted to “prevent the waste of judicial resources” and that it was confident the amended rule would “fully address the court’s concerns.”
The rule laid out procedures for employers to follow after receiving a notice from the Social Security Administration, known as a no-match letter, advising that an employee’s identity information did not match the agency’s records.

The employer would have had to fire an employee who could not provide verifiable information within 90 days, or face the risk of prosecution for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. Those immigrants often present fake Social Security numbers when applying for jobs.

Judge Breyer also stopped Social Security from sending out about 141,000 no-match letters, covering more than eight million workers, which contained instructions from Homeland Security about the rule. Social Security sends the letters to clarify workers’ information so it can correctly credit taxes deducted from their wages.

Some businesses welcomed the rule because it clarified what they had to do to avoid immigration raids. But the labor unions cited a report from the inspector general of the Social Security Administration finding that 12.7 million of the records of United States citizens in the agency’s database contained errors that could lead to them being fired.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Minutemen´s NeoCon Connection and the HOAX!

NeoCon Ideology: America is a nation uniquely equipped as the sole remaining superpower to order the world and spread our values.

Given the history of violence and unlawful scamming of members by the Minutemen Leaders Simcox, Gilchrist and Schwilk, I´ve often wondered why these reports are not picked up at the national media level. Their reputations go unscathed and they continue to host national rallies and speak at universities.

Over the last few days I´ve conducted some research and I believe I have found out why.
According to their former MM members, Gilchrist and Simcox are both supported by Declaration Alliance - Politechs, Inc.

Politechs, Inc is a political Consulting Firm which moved from Alexandria, VA (D.C.) to Los Angeles. With the move to L.A. came Mary Parker Lewis, President and CEO of Politechs. Lewis´previous assignment was working for William Kristol and William Bennett. Lewis also supported the campaign of Alan Keyes. Lewis brought Connie Hair who had these same connections and worked for Judicial Watch (affiliations with Pat and Bay Buchanan). Hair became spokesperson for the Minuteman Project and utilized her contacts with Fox News, Shawn Hannity and other conservative pundits to create a positive image for the troubled Simcox and Gilchrist.

For those of you not familiar with Kristol, he is the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) an American neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C.
PNAC - or as some called it "The Right Wing Conspiracy" was formed in 1997. Their stated goal was to promote American global leadership. As early as 1998, they explicitly called for a U.S. ground campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Their members were some of the most powerful men in history, including: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove and Libby. While this group´s power peaked through W´s first term, by 2006 they fell out of grace and their websites have gone untouched although Kristol and other members are still a part of the Washington scene.

Hair and others have been instrumental in putting a politically correct face on their Minutemen leaders and keeping bad publicity away. She has also been very effective in collecting member funds, setting up new groups across the nation and soliciting, advertising and collecting funds for the infamous, unbuilt $55M Border Fence.

The MM Leaders and the NeoCon Leaders have something in common. As Ultima has reported, the Border Fence Funding is a HOAX, not only for W´s administration, but for the Minutemen as well.

We should all ask ourselves, what is the true NeoCon agenda here? Are they just trying to stir up the masses so we fight with one another and are distracted from their true agenda?

Update: Judge denies Minuteman Arsonist Rund ROR is reporting:
Judge Denies Release of Arson Suspect
By G.T. HoutsThursday, November 15, 2007
Victorville, CA – Judge Robert Law has denied the request of 48-year-old John Alfred Rund to be released on his own recognizance. The ruling means Rund, who is a suspected arsonist, will remain in custody at the West Valley Detention Center (WVDC) in Rancho Cucamonga until his next scheduled court appearance on Monday, December 3, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. in Department V-8. Rund's attorney Steve Meister made the motion for the own recognizance release on Thursday, November 8. Court minutes report Judge Law told those present at the bail hearing he had read and considered the request and that it was denied. Bail remains at $750,000.

On October 23, 2007, Rund was apprehended at a residence in Hesperia after eyewitnesses told authorities they had allegedly seen him start a brush fire in the area off Highway 173 and Arrowhead Lake Road. The citizens put out the fire before firefighters could arrive at the location. CHP helicopters followed the suspect on his motorcycle to the Hesperia address and directed Sheriff's deputies to the residence. Initially, Rund was charged with one count of Penal Code 451(c) arson of forest land; one count of Penal Code 454 arson during a state of emergency; and, one count of Penal Code 453(a) possession of flammable material or an incendiary device. However, deputies from the Victor Valley Sheriff's Station Major Enforcement Team served a search warrant at Rund's address on Wednesday, October 31. Live ammunition, a high capacity ammunition magazine, one rifle, one pistol, and a quantity of suspected methamphetamine was discovered during the search.

The list of charges against Rund—outlined in a Sheriff's Department news release—was amended to include possession of a controlled substance, being a felon in the possession of firearms, possession of a high capacity ammunition magazine, and a felon in possession of ammunition. At the time of Rund's arrest, District Attorney Michael Ramos issued the following statement: "Because of the recent fires in our local mountains, we are all aware of the inherent danger and risk to lives and property due to uncontrolled fires. We will not tolerate anyone putting all of us at risk by reckless and unlawful behavior. We intend to prosecute every instance of arson to the fullest extent of the law."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tough New Laws Drive Businesses Out of Business

I am receiving several reports that businessess in locations that have imposed tough Immigration Laws are going out of business. Here are some examples:

Oklahoma: From

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Maxine Grider knows all too well how much her grocery store in south Oklahoma City relies on the area's Latino community to stay in the black. Since a state law that targets illegal immigrants went into effect almost one month ago, business at Grider's Discount Foods has been off between $50,000 and $75,000 a week. Retailers and employers whose success depends on Latino business and workers have felt the pinch since Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigrant law went into effect. Some undocumented immigrants have left the state and others are reluctant to venture outside of their homes. The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association says homebuilders have lost an estimated 10% of their work force. Business groups say changes are needed in the law to counteract its negative economic consequences.

Riverside NJ from the New York Times:

RIVERSIDE, N.J., Sept. 25 — A little more than a year ago, the Township Committee in this faded factory town became the first municipality in New Jersey to enact legislation penalizing anyone who employed or rented to an illegal immigrant. Angelina Guedes has owned a hair and nail salon in Riverside, N.J., for two years. It was nearly empty on a recent afternoon.
Within months, hundreds, if not thousands, of recent immigrants from Brazil and other Latin American countries had fled. The noise, crowding and traffic that had accompanied their arrival over the past decade abated. The law had worked. Perhaps, some said, too well. With the departure of so many people, the local economy suffered. Hair salons, restaurants and corner shops that catered to the immigrants saw business plummet; several closed. Once-boarded-up storefronts downtown were boarded up again.

In September, the town rescinded the ordinance, joining a small but growing list of municipalities nationwide that have begun rethinking such laws as their legal and economic consequences have become clearer. “I don’t think people knew there would be such an economic burden,” said Mayor George Conard, who voted for the original ordinance. “A lot of people did not look three years out.”


Do you think these tough new laws drive businesses out of business?

Detention Centers Employed Illegal Immigrants

The Houston Chronicle is reporting:

The dirty little secret is out: The T. Don Hutto Family Residential Center, a detention facility for immigrant families in Taylor, has employed undocumented workers, as well as contractors with criminal records. The revelation has put Williamson Coun­ty, which administers the center for owner-operator Correc­tions Corporation of America, in an embarrassing legal bind.

The infractions, ironic as they are, were cited in an official reprimand of CCA by the U.S. Immigration and Cus­toms Enforcement and addressed to County Judge Dan Gattis on May 23. The reprimand only came to light in October, when WilCo commissioners began airing concerns about mounting liability. But it was an alleged sexual assault of a detainee by a guard on May 19 that was the most likely source of the county's jitters over liability. WilCo and CCA were to "ensure that such an incident not occur again," the reprimand stated.


As I continue to report, the families being detained at these heinous Crony-Owned Detention Center are subject to deplorable abuse, all while the Cronies receive payment from our own Government on a "per head, per day" basis! Now we find they not only contract criminals, they also contract illegal immigrants!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Do You Believe the Theories promoted by the Ron Paul Supporters?

Reader Question:
As my frequent readers know, I complete blog searches on a daily basis. I research and study any new and interesting Blogs that discuss Immigration and Current Events.

Over the last few weeks, I have been seeing several websites which detail types of conspiracy theories occurring in our country. Many of these are on the Ron Paul affiliated websites. Ron Paul, as we all know, is a 2008 Presidential Candidate who is running on the"V for Vendetta" ticket and who recently collected $4 million in donations in 24 hours based on the "V for Vendetta" (overthrow the government) strategy.

I know many of you will say these theories are nothing but conspiracy or stuff made up by the 9-11 conspiracy theorists, but I ask you to look over this summary and the links I have provided below.

I am asking my readers for their feedback about the “revelations” from these theorists. My readers are very intelligent and probably have more experience in these Theories than I do so I am asking for your feedback.

In a nutshell, here is the theory:

1. Real ID: US is a Police State due to passage of Real ID National ID Card (Real ID Act)

2. RFID Technology Satellite: In 2008, the Galileo Satellite Navigation System will be launched and connects to the RFID Technology. The RFID is a technology that uses tiny computer chips the size of a grain of sand to miniature antennas to transmit information about items of a distance.

3. Audit Trail: The RFID chip creates an audit trail. These devices will be in every airport, on every bus, on every train, on every port and on every dock. These tracking devices will also be put inside money. This information is passed to whom ever the government has chosen.

4. Government Tracking: The Government can trace you when they want to. Everything you do will be reported back to the government.

5. Origination: The idea of a "new world order" originated in the early 1900s with Cecil Rhodes, who advocated that the British Empire and the United States should jointly impose a Federal World Government.

6. New World Order: In the July 17, 1926 Saturday Evening Post, the term "New World Order" (NWO) was used for the first time in a popular magazine article to describe the work of Edward M. House in helping to create the League of Nations and helping to found the Council on Foreign Relations. Between 1928 and 1940, H. G. Wells wrote of his hopes for "an efficient and beneficent world system" under one world-government. In 1933, when Hitler came to power, he announced the coming of a "New World Order" under Nazi rule, a Nazi New World Order - Nazi One World Government. In 1935, the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States with the Eye of Providence above the pyramid appeared for the first time on the back of the one dollar U.S. dollar bill. In 1938, Lionel Curtis's The Commonwealth of God was published, advocating joint rule of the world by the USA and the UK. History of the UN and establishment of the World Govt, European Common Union, establishment of Euro, WTO, Bush I using “New World Order” for the 1st time in a Presidential speech, Pat Robertson using this term, formation of ITO, GATT, WTO.

7. Plot to Frighten Americans to give up Liberties: Sept 11 attacks linked to NWO. The attacks were nothing but a media-orchestrated plot to frighten Americans into giving up their basic liberties to a "Homeland Security" authority that will eventually turn control of the United States over to a multi-national "coalition government."

8. Verichip Implant: In 2002, the FDA approved the VeriChip Microchip implant (human). Much more intrusive than the UPC, this aroused people's fears that a future totalitarian government could enforce the implanting of these chips and thus fulfill the Book of Revelation prophecy regarding the Mark of the Beast.

9. NWO: Neo-Conservatives (especially Dick Cheney) are working with the House of Windsor to set up a type of fascism throughout the world the Neo-Conservatives hope will become the basis of the New World Order. George W Bush and Tony Blair are said to have initiated the NWO. Ultimately many of these theories venture into End of World prophecies.

As I review these theories, I do see some of them becoming reality, especially those items associated with technology and surveillance.

My Questions to Readers:

1. What do you think about these theories?

2. Are they accurate, even partially?

3. If they are accurate, what should we do?

Reference Links:

. Live Journal (A Russian (?) Blog)

. Ron Paul website theories: (there are many more so don´t think it is just this one)

. Global Politician (A British Blog) What I found interesting about this blog is they discuss the US vs British connection. The US is their failsafe (?)

More Than a Coincidence: Blackwater´s Airship Program

According to the Virginian Pilot, for nearly two years, Blackwater has been developing an airship to tap into future Government Contracts relating to patrolling our US borders.

Officials with Blackwater Airships, a business unit of the Moyock-based tactical training and security company, say they successfully field-tested a 170-foot prototype on the grounds of a former Navy air station here.

Called the Polar 400, the non rigid blimp is designed to be unmanned and remotely controlled from a ground station. It would carry aloft such payloads as intelligence-gathering cameras, radar, communications gear and infrared sensors.
Is it more than a coincidence that Rep. Shuler, who is championing the SAVE Act and Blackwater, Erik Prince are both based in the same state, North Carolina? If HR4088 is passed, Blackwater plans to be the Contractor who will "carry out the Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program" to supplement the Border Patrol and Border Security. Can we as a Nation accept additional No-Bid Crony Contracts costing taxpayers millions to billions of dollars when the contractor has a record such as Blackwaters?

More News:

Houston´s Local 2 News Reported on 11-21-07: WALLER COUNTY, Texas -- Houston police started testing unmanned aircraft and the event was shrouded in secrecy, but it was captured on tape by Local 2 Investigates.
Neighbors in rural Waller County said they thought a top-secret military venture was under way among the farmland and ranches, some 70 miles northwest of Houston. KPRC Local 2 Investigates had four hidden cameras aimed at a row of mysterious black trucks. Satellite dishes and a swirling radar added to the neighbors' suspense.

Then, cameras were rolling as an unmanned aircraft was launched into the sky and operated by remote control. HPD Chief Harold Hurtt attended, along with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and dozens of officers from various police agencies in the Houston area. Executive Assistant Police Chief Montalvo told reporters the unmanned aircraft would be used for "mobility" or traffic issues, evacuations during storms, homeland security, search and rescue, and also "tactical."

The Houston Chronicle reported today: Houston is one of two cities chosen by the Federal Aviation Administration to test whether unmanned aircraft can be used safely in an urban environment, authorities said.

During the testing period, expected to run at least until next June, HPD and the Miami-Dade Police Department will help the FAA establish national flight guidelines, such as how the small aircraft can be deployed and what training is needed to operate them.
(Shades of 1984!)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Follow Up Report: Blackwater Planning a New Training Center near So Cal MX Border

As I reported a few days ago, Blackwater is positioning itself to be the Contractor used "to carry out the Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program" to supplement the Border Patrol and Border Security.

According to CBS 5, Blackwater is planning to open a Training and Reconnoissance Center near the SoCal Mexican Border. If successful, the training center will be housed on 824 acres of land in San Diego County. The proposed facility is less than 10 miles from the Mexican border. (also see associated Video on this link)

Blackwater is proactively wooing Border Patrol facilities and offering to Train border agents and provide backup for Illegal Immigration crackdowns.
There are complications to their plans. The company is currently in a lockdown struggle with residents in the community of Potrero. Local residents are fighting against Blackwater´s move due to the company´s long history of controversy and wrongdoings.
Missions conducted by Blackwater Security Consulting have raised significant controversy both through casualties suffered and inflicted by their employees. Blackwater Worldwide is currently contracted by the United States government to provide security services in the Iraq War.On September 16, 2007, Blackwater contractors, during a complex confrontation in downtown Baghdad, shot and killed Iraqis in the crowded Nisour Square. The FBI and State Department are currently investigating the incident, yet it further sheds light upon a growing private sector security force in Iraq and elsewhere, that many fear has not been held accountable to the same degree as have US military officials.
If Blackwater is successful in their pursuit of their Training Center and if the SAVE Act is passed, is it only a matter of time before Blackwater enforces Operation Wetback all over again?
Will the country stand for another no bid contract with the potential for so much abuse?
Time will only tell!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As the Immigration Debates Rage On, the ANTIs Continue to Raise the Ugly RACE Card!!

Mike Hamilton, the ANTI proprietor of the famous Hamilton Farms billboard along Interstate 5 posted these words:


His billboard message does not have all of Lewis County laughing!
Over the years, the outrageous and outspoken owner has used his billboard to air his discontent about everything from politics to homosexuality, now, he is focusing on Race.

Winlock City Council member Eliaci Sanchez who is an American of Mexican descent said he sees the recent missive as a statement on racial discrimination.

“It’s just focusing on those of Mexican descent in our community. This isn´t about illegal immigration as some would have us believe. It is about Mexican Americans in our community. By indicting the Hispanic community this billboard is racial profiling,” Sanchez said.
Hamilton has definitely stirred things up. While residents in the area are well used to the political and pointed messages on the billboard - this time people are speaking up. The message seems to be especially painful for the growing Hispanic community in Lewis County. According to the U.S. Census, the population of Hispanic Citizens has doubled from 3,500 to 7,000 living in the area. Many are not laughing at the message.
"It is very hurtful - I am Hispanic and I'm proud of it and that billboard is really wrong," said Adelina Petersen, resident.
Mike Hamilton, Camas resident and son of the sign’s original keeper Alfred Hamilton, said he should not be criticized for having the gall to take a defined stand on an issue that seems to have no easy solution.

“It DOES target Mexicans because that’s where the humor about immigration is in terms of Lewis County,” Hamilton said. “Am I then racist because I’m willing to speak out against an intense problem we’re having?”
The answer, Mr. Hamilton, is a resounding YES!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heinous Minutemen Leaders´ True Agenda

CNN reports former Minutemen Leaders are accusing Chris Simcox, Minuteman National Board Chairman, of fraud and grand theft. They charge Simcox has not accounted for millions of dollars of donations collected from Minutemen members for the High Tech Border fence he promised to build with donations. Simcox´ mental stability has also come under question and according to the Tucson Weekly he has a troubled past.
On her Nov. 11, 2007 blog, Christie Czajkowski, former girlfriend of San Diego Minuteman Chief Jeff Schwilk, supported the allegations about Simcox and extends them to Schwilk and Minuteman Leader Jim Gilchrist. She charges they "are professional money launderers, some have even already done time...I believe many more will when the truth comes out about the Gilchrist scandal."

Czajkowski said, "I was disgusted the lack of interest the leadership had showed in the many volunteers that had travelled so many miles."
Czajkowski continues with more serious allegations, "what I have come to see in many of these groups is that they have simply found a way to profit off the problem, not solve the problem. Many groups continue to encourage violence while screaming at people on the streets that can't change the laws, or even shooting at people and dogs on more than one occasion, even chasing people in Mexico and shooting them!" (Note: These three provide the Access (not axis) to all that is Evil!)
She is talking about MURDER!! We have all heard about the numerous dead (murdered) migrants on the border.
Christie continues: "Gee, I wonder if there was a reason these leaders wanted their sheeple to stay away from me...? Yes, there was a reason, but not the ones they made up. Moral of the nice to your vidoegrapher!"
Obviously Christie has videotapes. That is why Schwilk and others are demonizing her now!
As you read and understand all the allegations former Minutemen Leaders are making about Simcox, Gilchrist and Schwilk, keep in mind, there are several open allegations regarding their involvement in the California Fires. I wrote about them here and here. It is particularly important to study the Fire Map. How closely are the Minutemen leaders connected to John Alfred Rund? Remember, the fires happened during the Minutemen´s month long Operation Secure America rallies. Christie says she has implicating videos. Beyond the murders of the border crossers, does she also have video of Rund?
I ask all readers to read and study this information and Christie´s allegations. If you have any additional information, come forward with any documentation you may have regarding:

1. the "Gilchrist Scandal"

2. any videos showing illegal activity by these Minutemen Leaders or any minutemen.

3. any documentation or proof you may have regarding the Minutemen involvement in Border Murders.

4. any documentation or proof to John Alfred Rund and/or the California fires.

Reply here via comments or email me on
Additional Articles about the MM Misdeeds:
At the time, the founder and president of MCDC, Chris Simcox, refused Al-Jazeera request to interview and film the Minuteman patrols on the border. “I’ll have no part in aiding and abetting the enemy, and will continue to work to protect our country from terrorists who are clearly looking at our unsecured borders as the pathway to destroy America,” he said in a June 2005 interview. “Would we allow Japanese or German television to film the unsecured border during World War II?” Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair added. “These people broadcast to the enemies of America. It’s not a news story, it’s recon.” But Al-Jazeera did not abandon the project, and finally negotiated an agreement with Simcox.

Millions of Hispanic Soldiers´ Proud Tradition of Service in the US Military

American Hispanics have a proud history of serving in the US Military. Over 500,000 Hispanic soldiers served in World War II, and nearly 40 Latinos have won our nation’s highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. More than 53,000 Hispanics were on active duty in 2003 and another 1.1 million are veterans of the U.S. military. Many have also been honored with American citizenship as a result of their military service; more than 25,000 immigrants who have served in the military have become U.S. citizens through a special wartime military naturalization statute.

Today, in Iraq, according to the Washington Post, Hispanics have a death risk about 20 percent higher than non-Hispanics.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, while Latinos make up 9.5 percent of the actively enlisted forces, they are over-represented in the categories that get the most dangerous assignments -- infantry, gun crews and seamanship -- and make up over 17.5 percent of the front lines.

Millions of Hispanics have a Proud Tradition of Service in the U.S. Military, and thousands today are fighting on behalf of this nation, regardless of their citizenship status. Their bravery and sacrifice, along with that of their fellow soldiers, should be recognized and honored.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Minuteman Border Fence Scam

CNN is reporting a ballyhooed US/Mexico border barrier envisioned by Minuteman founder Chris Simcox is, two years on, little more than a "cow fence," charge former Minuteman members.

Former MMs Bob Wright and David Jones charge Simcox is defrauding MM Members (see CNN video).
Simcox´tax records show the largest portion of the donations ($277K) was titled payment for "Professional Services." No further details noted.
Letter from Minutemen members to Simcox requesting information about donations. Simcox letter in response terminating their Minuteman memberships.

The militia-style border patrol group's website had hyped a $55 million, 14-foot high, razor wire-topped barrier complete with security cameras and sensors. But donations which poured in for the ambitious plan have resulted in "little more than an invisible fence to nowhere," reports Abbie Boudreau for CNN.

Group leaders and members have questioned how donations were actually being spent by Simcox, Boudreau reports. "To this day, we still don't know how much the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has raised," said one former Minuteman member. "We don't have a clue, not a clue."

For his part, Simcox says the allegations and CNN's investigation are "part of a smear campaign."
Donation Scam websites:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Sleeping Giant Awakens

During the 2006 elections, almost 70 per cent of Latinos voted the Democratic ticket. According to exit poll estimates, their vote was fuelled by anger over the extremist position many Republican legislators took over immigration and by the disproportionate number of Latino men and women fighting and dying in Iraq.

During the previous 2000 election, George Bush was able to woo Latino voters nationally in much the same way he had as governor of Texas. Bush appealed to their socially conservative instincts, promoting strong ties to central and South America and peddling a soft line on immigration policy.

That changed in 2005, when Republican hardliners in Congress pushed the Sensennbrenner bill to demand the criminalization of the country's 12 million undocumented immigrant workers and the militarization of the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. President Bush ended up kow-towing to the hardliners, and his own party grassroots, by agreeing to the construction of 700 miles of border fencing.

That stance infuriated even conservative lobby groups such as the Latino Coalition, which openly endorsed Democratic candidates for the first time.

As the ANTI Lobby has grown more extreme pushing for Bills like HR4088 dubbed the SAVE Act, various Immigration Groups and Bloggers are strongly encouraging all Hispanic Voters to register and vote Democratic in 2008.
Of course, what they need is to mobilize volunteers from the local citizenry, the same way you do in a natural disaster. There may only be as many Border Patrolmen as Congress has funded, which is not enough, but there’s the American people themselves, who have their own weapons, GPS devices, cellphones, pickup trucks, horses and whatever’s needful to protect the border.

New Blog Template and Added Favorite Blogs List!

As you may have noticed, I´ve reformatted my Blogsite. Not only do I have a newly designed template, but in addition to my previous sections, I´ve added a list of my Favorite Blogs.
You will notice quite a variety of blogs although most discuss Immigration. As I have mentioned, I frequently complete blog searches to find the most interesting blogs. I like to find Blogs that are civil, funny, interesting and provide viewers an opportunity to openly comment, even if they disagree with the owner´s perspective. In other words, they are open and secure enough to allow everyone to comment. (Like I do)
My two favorite economists, George Borjas and Robert Reich, both brilliant, have very friendly blogs and they frequently respond to their commenters. Borjas tends to be more on the ANTI side but I still like his style and intelligence very much.
I do have a couple of Hispanic comedic sites here. ("Ask a Mexican" and "Tony´s Kansas City") Both owners are funny, honest and discuss Immigration issues.
My Immigration sympatico blogs include: Blue Latinos, Citizen Orange, Ghostly Speech, HB Forums, KC Blue Blog, La Politica, Latina Lista, Rubens, and South Texas Chisme. Black Commentator frequently has Immigration topics and tends to sway Pro.
The only outright ANTI blog I have listed is Ultimas. I show his because he is so smart, civil, funny and I like him, even though we frequently totally disagree on the Immigration issues. Liquid, if you ever create a blog, I will be happy to link to it. You know I love to argue with you.
I visit most of these blogs at least every other day, just to see what they are posting. I complete Blog Searches on weekends. If I find other interesting Blogs, I will add them to this list. Please visit them and see what you think. Maybe you will like them too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blackwater: Will they be the Contracted Military Patrolling the US Southern Border?

If HR4088 is passed, the bill calls for a significant increase in the number of Contractors used "to carry out the Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program" to supplement the Border Patrol and Border Security.

Who will provide this Contracted military support? It may be Blackwater Worldwide.

Blackwater Worldwide is a self-described private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. It has alternatively been referred to as a security contractor or a mercenary organization.

Of its own volition, Blackwater moved about 200 personnel into the area hit by Hurricane Katrina. Most of the 164 employees eventually were working under a contract with the Department of Homeland Security to protect government facilities, but the company held contracts with private clients as well. Overall, Blackwater had a "visible, and financially lucrative, presence in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as the use of the company contractors cost U.S. taxpayers $240,000 a day." There has been much dispute surrounding governmental contracts in post-Katrina New Orleans, especially no-bid contracts such as the one Blackwater was awarded. Blackwater's heavily-armed presence in the city was also the subject of much confusion and criticism.

Missions conducted by Blackwater Security Consulting have raised significant controversy both through casualties suffered and inflicted by their employees. Blackwater Worldwide is currently contracted by the United States government to provide security services in the Iraq War.

On September 16, 2007, Blackwater contractors, during a complex confrontation in downtown Baghdad, shot and killed Iraqis in the crowded Nisour Square. The FBI and State Department are currently investigating the incident, yet it further sheds light upon a growing private sector security force in Iraq and elsewhere, that many fear has not been held accountable to the same degree as have US military officials.

According to THE NEW YORK TIMES, there are between 160,000 and 180,000 private contractors in Iraq, including about 30,000 armed security forces. Blackwater employees represent about 1000 of these armed contractors. There were only about 9,200 total private contractors during the Persian Gulf War. Few Americans had even heard of Blackwater before March 31, 2004, when four of its contractors were ambushed and brutally killed in Falluja, and days later, a US siege of the region began. It was "what would be one of the most brutal and sustained US operations of the occupation," explains Scahill, who believes the US Military response to the killings sets a dangerous precedent.

Before the September 16, 2007 confrontation, Blackwater employees had been implicated in similar incidents involving questionable force, including in December 2006, when a drunk Blackwater contractor allegedly shot and killed a bodyguard for Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi. The contractor was subsequently fired by Blackwater, yet was sent back in the region with another private firm. "[State Department] officials said that Blackwater's incident rate was at least twice that recorded by employees of DynCorp International and Triple Canopy, the two other United States-based security firms that have been contracted by the State Department to provide security for diplomats and other senior civilians in Iraq," writes THE NEW YORK TIMES.

(Please see this excellent PBS Bill Moyers video showing Blackwater CEO Erik Prince making the rounds defending his company, from Congress to the talk shows, journalist and Blackwater expert Jeremy Scahill helps separate the spin from the reality.)

Still, as Blackwater's founder Eric Prince reminded Congress a few weeks ago, "Blackwater personnel are subject to regular attacks by terrorists and other nefarious forces within Iraq." As the WALL STREET JOURNAL reports, "The company has said it has done 16,000 missions for the State Department since June 2005, using its weapons just 1% of the time." And recently two Blackwater helicopters helped evacuate the Polish Ambassador to Iraq after his convoy was attacked. But questions about accountability still abound: when mistakes are made, to which rule of law should contractors answer, military or US criminal law? Officials in the State and Defense Departments are currently debating this very question. Blackwater's State Department contract expires next May, and according to the AP, officials in the Department intend to "ease out" Blackwater since many share "a mutual feeling that the Sept. 16 shooting deaths mean the company cannot continue in its current role." Yet according to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, even if Blackwater was forced to leave Iraq, they would simply be replaced by another private security firm, since the State Department does not have the personnel available to step in: "'There's just no way our system could handle trying to get hundreds of new people trained and sent to Iraq,' said a State Department official. 'That would be a multiyear process.'"

Erik D. Prince is the founder and sole owner of Blackwater Worldwide. Since 1998, Prince has personally donated over $200,000 to Republican causes. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has characterized Prince as one of George W. Bush's "political cronies." Prince has denied using family clout to obtain contracts for Blackwater.

Herr Tancredo cannot justify his controversial new ad and says "C├ęst la vie" to his Presidential Bid!

Reported by NBC’s Domenico Montanaro:

Tancredo attempted to justify his controversial new ad in an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. He said the FBI has released reports on malls being targets and talked of “chatter” about “potential activity in the United States.” “All I’m saying is what we know to be the case,” Tancredo said. “We know there are consequences to open borders.”

He also said he doesn't care if the ad hurts his campaign.

"C'est la vie," he said, adding,

"I don’t care what it does to the campaign. Whether the numbers go up or go down." Questioned on whether the ad is fear-mongering, he said, "Why shouldn’t we talk about the most serious matters. ...I'm all for trying to stop someone from trying to get here. That’s the purpose of this ad."

He added that he doesn't think US involvement in the Middle East has made any difference -- one way or the other -- because we are in a "clash of civilizations."

"This problem isn’t going to go away if we left the Middle East,” Tancredo said. “It's not about our relationship with Israel. This is not about our action anywhere. We’d still be in a fight with Islam.”

He has come under fire from the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the ad. But Tancredo said he doesn't care if the group criticizes him, because “it's known that they have ties to terrorists.” He said, in fact, he hopes they're upset because it shows they are threatened by the ad.

Blackwater: Contracted Military Patrolling the US Southern Border?

Article coming soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

US Army Recruits Illegal Immigrants

The US military says it has met its recruitment goals for 2007, with Illegal Immigrants, sending them to Iraq!
However, signing new soldiers is getting more difficult. New figures reveal there has been a 40 per cent drop in African-Americans signing up for the army.
Fernando Suarez del Solar Escondido, Calif., stands next to a picture of his son,
U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Jesus Suarez, during a press conference Aug. 13 2003,
in Washington, D.C. Suarezz died March 27, 2003 in Iraq

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gestapo State: HR 4088 - SAVE ACT - What it Really Means!

I ask all viewers to study HR 4088, the so-called SAVE ACT. If this link doesn´t work, go directly to the Thomas website and enter this bill number in the Search section. The site was acting a little weird. At first, it didn´t come up. Then I searched again an hour later, and it was there. At first the section links worked, then they didn´t. Finally, when it did let me in, I decided to just copy and paste the entire bill into a Word Document, but it only displayed through Section 204. I was not able to display through section 307.

This is the new Immigration Bill introduced by Congressman Heath Shuler, NC. This Congressman was just elected in 2006 and ran on the ANTI Comprehensive Immigration Reform ticket (otherwise known as "I hate illeeeeegals!") Rep Heath´s resume includes a stint as a Real Estate Broker and Football player.

Many ANTI sites support this ACT, obviously sight unseen since it is so hard to find on Thomas. (Its there, then it is not). This bill is also strongly supported by Tom (Johnny One Note) Tancredo. This is enough to make a PRO shiver in her boots before beginning the Read.
This Bill is the ANTIs "Dream Come True." It calls for:
1. Mass Deportation of the 12M via increased Enforcement
a. Sweeps and other Methods
b. Mandatory Employer Verification, Secure ID Programs
2. Increased Border Security through:
a. increased Border Patrols
b. increased fencing and technology including a Tunnel Task Force

New Stuff:
. Contractors providing both Technological and Border Security. If someone else reads this differently, please let me know!
Section 104, (3): EVALUATION OF CONTRACTORS- (A) REQUIREMENT FOR STANDARDS- The Secretary shall develop appropriate standards to evaluate the performance of any CONTRACTOR providing goods or services to carry out the Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program.

. MORE DETENTION CENTERS (they will need them if they are planning on detaining 12M people) -- All RNC Crony Owned Private Prisons!!Sec 111, (9) An assessment of additional detention facilities and beds that are needed to detain unlawful aliens apprehended at United States ports of entry or along the international land borders of the United States.
. OPERATION Wetback All Over Again!! (Which State will NOT declare an Emergency??)
(a) Emergency Deployment of Border Patrol Agents-
(1) IN GENERAL- If the Governor of a State on an international border of the United States declares an international border security emergency and requests additional agents of the Border Patrol (referred to in this subtitle as `agents') from the Secretary, the Secretary, subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), may provide the State with not more than 1,000 additional agents for the purpose of patrolling and defending the international border, in order to prevent individuals from crossing the international border into the United States at any location other than an authorized port of entry.

This Bill calls for immediate implementation of these "enforcements" with Reports back to Congress. This Bill includes language for significantly Ramping up the number of Border Patrol agents by recruiting former Military and Contractors! (Shades of Blackwater!!) Is this a way for them to recruit Minutemen as Border Patrol Agents?
I am continuing to study this Bill! I encourage EVERYONE to do the same!
The ANTI sites and Tancredo are screaming for passage of this Bill!!
Help Save AMERICA from the SAVE ACT - HR 4088!!


McCain – The only Republican with a Chance of Obtaining the Hispanic Vote

Some of you may say, “Why should any candidate go after the Hispanic Vote?” Answer: They want to win.

But why Hispanic Votes? You continue to ask. Last election, they pandered for the Evangelical Vote. Why? They wanted to win. Some say the Evangelicals handed GW the Presidency.

By election time 2008, we will have 50M Hispanic American citizens in the US. The Candidates all know the Hispanic Vote is the Sleeping Giant and in 2008, the Sleeping Giant will Awaken and vote in our next U.S. President.

Most people believe Republicans don´t stand a chance obtaining the Hispanic Vote. Last week, I published a quote from Chris Matthew´s Hardball admitting the RNC has given up on the Hispanic Vote.

Why are the Republicans losing the Hispanic Vote? The demographic tells us Hispanics demand one word. What is that word? Aretha Franklin knew it. Apparently most Republicans do not. The word is “Respect.”

Here are some terms Republicans use which show Disrespect to ALL Hispanic Citizens:
1. Labeling their neighborhoods as Third World Countries. (e.g. Tancredo – Miami)
2. Labeling East L.A. and all of California - Mexifornia or Texas as Mexas.
3. Labeling Citizen Hispanic Children “Anchor Babies.”
4. Labeling any type of Comprehensive Immigration Reform – “Amnesty.
5. Voting down any form of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
6. Catering to those who use Derogatory Terms against Hispanic Citizens and who glom them in with illegal immigrants. These groups include: ANTI Groups, Minutemen, Tom Tancredo, R. Paul, other Hate Groups (including KKK, Stormfront, Nazis, etc.)
7. Not Listening to Hispanic Voters! Not attending events like the Univision Presidential debates.
8. Not willing to Compromise!

Of all the Presidential Candidates, most Hispanic Voters are lining up behind Hillary. A USA Today/Gallup poll found that Hispanics identify with Democrats by a margin of nearly 3 to 1. One reason is that the Democratic front-runner – Hillary Clinton – who Respects Hispanics and the Hispanic vote, is aggressively going after the Hispanic vote by racking up the endorsements of seemingly every Latino officeholder from East Los Angeles to the South Bronx.

Of all the Republican Candidates, most Hispanic Voters favor John McCain. Why? He is forthright. He is a War Hero (Most US Hispanics are Pro Military and enlist in the Military at a higher rate than other groups.)

McCain relates to Hispanics needs.

Here is an example: McCain has a history of appealing to Hispanics in Arizona and earned more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote in his 2004 U.S. Senate re-election bid. For the most part, he stood his ground on immigration reform and took on the dishonest arguments of those who opposed it, such as the insistence that Americans would happily do the hardest and dirtiest jobs if the wages were right. McCain dared a roomful of angry union members in the Midwest to spend the summer picking lettuce in Yuma, Ariz., for $50 an hour, much more than the minimum wage most pickers earn. There were only a few takers, who apparently know little about picking lettuce and even less about Arizona summers.

John McCain understands the issues and he RESPECTS Hispanic Citizens and seeks out Hispanic Voter support.

If anyone from the RNC hopes to obtain the US Hispanic vote, they will have to understand the meaning of the word “Respect.”

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stop New "Amexico" Enclaves with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This week, my sister visited me. She decided to take a bus here from San Antonio. She took a different bus line (vs Greyhound) She emailed me the address to the Bus Station however it was the wrong address. I mapsco´d it. I drove to the wrong address and I wound up smack dab in the middle of “Amexico.” (As some ANTIs would term it.)

I had never been to this part of Dallas before. All the colorful shops had signs and music in Spanish. When I stopped and asked for directions, all the store employees spoke Spanish, not English. This section of town reminded me of my visits to Tijuana or Piedras Negras, Mexico. Not traditional Mexico, but not the USA either, focused on sell, sell, sell to the new arrivals.

I eventually found a young man who spoke Spanglish and he sent me to the right address. It was about 40 blocks away.

Getting lost got me thinking. This section of town was very different than my suburb or San Antonio. San Antonio, southside, is an older section of town. Many people call it the Mexican section, however, there is a big difference between Southside SA and the Dallas section I visited. Sure it is colorful and musical, but South San Antonio is primarily comprised of Mexican Americans. Everyone speaks English and Spanish. The store signs are in English with some Spanish. The Mexican restaurants are Tex-Mex, not old Mexico (I don´t like the taste of old Mexico food) . In South SA, the teenagers listen to Rap Music, pants hang low, cell phone and Ipod in hand, just like other American teenagers.

In the Dallas section of town, it was clear, these folks were recent arrivals, at least within the last 10 years. They were very poor, not the long timers of the USA. I am not sure they were Mexican. They may have been Central or South Americans, very new arrivals. Now don´t get me wrong. I have been to similar sections of town in other cities, just not in Dallas.

When I asked for directions, it seemed to me they were shying away from me acting as if I was the alien or perhaps La Migre.

I can easily tell the difference between Mexican Americans and new arrivals from south of the border. Mexican Americans are very much American. We talk loud. We swagger a bit. We talk with our hands. Our women are very outspoken, almost cocky, not at all shy. In other words, WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU! ASSIMILATED!! My old friend Lupita would laugh at me for saying all this. She always said I was a Gringo.

Since this happened last Tuesday, I have been thinking about this every day. Please allow me to explain the immigration issue keeping this "enclave view" in mind.

Since Reagan´s so called Amnesty, we have had an extremely high rate of illegal immigration, particularly over the last 10 years. Obviously the immigration laws have gone unenforced. We went from 3M to 12M in that time. I believe these numbers.

It is AMERICAN MERCHANTS who have set up these little enclaves to cater to the new arrivals. Don´t kid yourself and think these business owners are illegal immigrants. These mini enclaves are polka dotted throughout many cities.

These Enclaves are totally different than the Hispanic American neighborhoods many of us are accustomed to. We have towns like Miami, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and LA. They are populated with our 40M Hispanic legal citizens of all ethnicities (e.g. Mexican American, Cuban American, Puerto Rican, etc.)

The problem most ANTIs have is, they see these enclaves and they mix them up and combine them with the traditional Hispanic neighborhoods and believe them to be the same. They are not.

When the ANTIs confuse the two and confront citizens angrily (as some do) the Hispanic citizens react and become angry as well. That is where the majority of the disagreements between ANTI and PRO is based.

If we are serious about resolving Immigration issues or illegal immigration, we do need to stop the anger and begin real discussion and develop some agreed upon form of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

CIR should include:
1. Secure Borders. New illegal immigration stops and there is no longer a need for these growing enclaves.
2. Employer Sanctions
3. Bring the 12M out of the shadows and assist in their assimilation (Enhanced Assimilation)
Reduced New Immigration (legal and illegal)

Let´s all stop the anger and discuss this civilly. We can make a difference.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hillary T Shirts

Breaking News: Giuliani Makes Defeat Inevitable for the RNC by Accepting Robertson´s Endorsement

(actual image. no photo shop needed)
WASHINGTON — Evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson on Wednesday endorsed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has struggled to bridge some of his socially moderate policy positions on abortion and gay rights with conservatives.

The endorsement is a coup for the Giuliani campaign, especially after opponent Mitt Romney recently racked up two major endorsements from social conservatives.
Robertson on Wednesday said Giuliani is a "true fiscal conservative" who is tough on crime.
"It is my hope and prayer that he will lead the Republican Party to victory in November of 2008," Robertson said.

Will the vast majority of Evangelicals ever support Abortion and Gay Rights supporting Giuliani? (No!)

Will normal Americans ever support anyone who is supported by a nutcase like Robertson? (e.g.10 Stupid Quotes by Robertson) (No!)

More News against the RNC:
Brownback endorses McCain!
Will the ANTIs ever, ever support Comprehensive Immigration Reform McCain? (No!)

All Very Good News for the Left.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul´s V for Vendetta = $4Million in 24 hours

A landmark moment in online political fundraising was made on Nov. 5, 2007. Presidential Candidate Ron “Dr. No” Paul from Texas passed $4 million in online fundraising in less than 24 hours.

Monday's drive was coordinated by an independent Web site but received the endorsement of Paul. Ron Paul's devoted believers chanted, in cult-like fashion, "Remember, Remember, the fifth of November" and “Power to the People” in their call to arms and cash. They utilized the “V-For Vendetta” chant recalling the feats of famed anarchist Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes was a 17th century crusader who became famous for his attempt to “blow up the government.” On the eve of the impending coup, Fawkes was caught in the basement of parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He failed his mission to blow the place up. He was caught, gave up the names of his fellow anarchists and was hung for treason.

I saw candidate Paul on MSNBC this morning, congratulating himself for raising so much internet money so quickly. Paul, looked straight into the camera and actually said, "I never saw “V for Vendetta,” not sure what it stands for and Fawkes name was invoked just as a fund-raiser method." (Something that makes you go "hmmmm.")

Candidate Paul, as we know, is running an ANTI Comprehensive Immigration Reform, ANTI War and ANTI George Bush campaign. Sounds a lot like Fawkes to me.

Elections - Dirty Tricks Department Officially Open!

Two articles in the news today indicate the Elections - Dirty Tricks Department is officially open! As usual, it is the RNC partnering with the ANTIs.
Dirty Trick # 1: RNC NY attacks on the Gov and Racial Profiling:

In an automated call to voters, Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn says, “County Legislature Democrats are putting our community at risk by allowing potential terrorists to get driver's licenses.” The flyers and coordinated automated calls are drawing criticism.

One mailing features an angry Arabic man with a driver license, and a picture of an Islamic militant with a gun. The flyer says Democrats on the Monroe County Legislature support giving terrorists driver licenses, and urges citizens to vote for Republican legislature candidates. “To mix the issue of illegal immigrants and terrorism is a very wrong thing,” said Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, imam of the Islamic Center of Rochester. “It's stereotyping. If anybody sees this, they say, ‘Oh, these are the Arab terrorists who are involved in 9-11. Do we want our country giving licenses to these people? No.’”

Dirty Trick # 2: Stop Hispanic Citizen Voters from Voting (from Video: targets predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in the middle of a heated city council race)

FARMERS BRANCH, TX Tarrant County election workers say someone is attempting to keep (Hispanic) voters away from the November 6 election by circulating false information. Flyers were left at houses in the Worth Heights neighborhood (predominantly Hispanic Neighborhood) between Berry and Seminary streets. The flyer has the county logo as well as a design used by the election commission. In large letters at the top the note reads, "OFFICIAL NOTICE/NOTICIA OFICIAL." At the bottom, the flyer tells voters Election Day is November 10, four days after polls close.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Swiftboating Governor Spitzer´s Plan

The Vast ANTI Conspiracy is busy trying to swiftboat Governor Spitzer´s DL Plan.

The inaccurate NY1 article says:
"Governor Eliot Spitzer says one benefit to giving licenses to illegal immigrants will be safer streets, but an author of a report the governor often cites in defense of his plan, says there is no proof this plan will make streets safe. NY1’s Josh Robin filed the following exclusive report."

The ANTI sites are busy picking up this incorrect-inaccurate article. Some of these sites who have quickly picked up this bogus article are the ANTI sites: Immigration Group Daily, The Voice, Alipac, and the conservative FreeRepublic. Even though this article just came out, you can expect many more ANTI sites will pile on in the hours ahead.

Here is my letter to the NY1 Editorial page:

Article: Expert Says There Is No Data To Defend Spitzer's License Plan

Josh Robin´s article was inaccurate and misrepresented the Governor and misrepresented Scopath.

Robin reported Scopath saying, "When I look at the data, what I see is folks like you and I,” said Scoptz. “It's young to middle-aged males, clearly residents or citizens of this country. It's not a huge population of illegal immigrants in the data."

From Scopath´s book "License to Kill 2", he did reference Undocumented Workers as follows:

"California’s experts on DWS and DWR and unlicensed drivers believe that the system, as it exists now, has too many incentives for not obtaining a license or reinstating one after a suspension. Unlicensed drivers are often doing so because they are undocumented aliens and/or because they cannot afford to meet the insurance requirements. Insurance costs are the reason most often cited for a driver’s failure to reinstate his or her license after a suspension."

Robin also misrepresented what Gov Spitzer said. Robin wrote: "Governor Eliot Spitzer has cited a AAA report showing that those driving without a license are more dangerous to fellow motorist, as a defense for his driver’s license plan." I found no such statement, although this statement accurately describes the "License to Kill" report.

What the Governor´s press release did say was:

From the Governors 9/21/07 Press Release:

The benefits of this policy change include:
Safer Streets: In its report, “Unlicensed to Kill,” the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that unlicensed drivers are almost five times more likely to be in a fatal crash than are validly licensed drivers.

Lower Insurance Rates: The State Department of Insurance estimates that expanded license access will reduce the premium costs associated with uninsured motorist coverage by 34% which will save New York drivers $120 million each year. Other states with similar policies have seen their auto insurance rates drop as well.

Safer Homeland: This policy change helps bolster homeland security by bringing more individuals into the system and, when necessary, assisting law enforcement efforts to locate those who present a real security threat.
All of the Governor´s statements are accurate.

All logical people agree that licensing the unlicensed undocumented would make our streets safer.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

America´s Choices: Governor Spitzer´s Plan or Oklahoma´s Racial Profiling (Operation Wetback All Over Again)

The ANTI coalitions are brilliant. Their treacherous leaders have a faithful group of followers. They have deluged Congress´s emails, faxes and phone lines under the illusion they represent the majority of Americans. They have convinced Congress that any Immigration Reform bill under the setting sun is Amnesty.

The result: Under the Bush Administration, Congress has not passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform and now, our Nation is faced with two choices.

1. Our Nation can follow a brave plan like Governor Spitzer´s DL Plan


2. Our Nation can resort to Oklahoma´s Racial Profiling plan. (Operation Wetback all over again!) HB1804


Friday, November 2, 2007

Governor Spitzer Plays Hardball: The FACTS re New York´s Driver´s License Policy

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer: From a security perspective, we need to know who they (illegal immigrants) are, what they‘re doing. If they‘re going to drive I would rather they be licensed, so we know who they are, where they go, and they can get insurance. As a pure security matter. Richard Clarke, Bill Bratton and Secretary Chertoff said what we are doing will move security forward.

We‘re creating two licenses. Each is equally valid. One of them complies with the federal security statute REAL I.D. One of them does not, and will merely be differentiated by saying “not good for federal I.D. purposes.”

The state of Utah actually created a driver‘s license for undocumented immigrants. This is a number of years ago. The governor approved this was Governor Leavitt, a member of President Bush‘s Cabinet today. Seven states currently do this. Including Michigan, Hawaii, a bunch of others. Secretary Leavitt did it when he was governor. Governor Richardson, presidential candidate, did it in his first year as governor of New Mexico.

MATTHEWS: What do you say of those that killed themselves attacking New York on 9/11 were carrying whole stashes of I.D. driver‘s licenses. They were all in the country, most of them illegally. Yet they had a whole pile of I.D. cards. Isn‘t that exhibit A for the danger of issuing I.D. cards, that people can use at airports?

SPITZER: Just the opposite, they cannot use these to get on airplanes. That‘s why they say “not valid for federal purposes.” In fact, Secretary Chertoff has said specifically that by doing this, we will have the most secure driver‘s license system, among the most secure in the nation. We will move security forward. The prescription for disaster is when you ignore the fact that people are here and let them get forged and fake identification. Every security expert, Richard Clarke, the IG of Homeland Security, who had an op ed in “USA Today,” all agree the best thing to do is to bring the best technology to bear, which is what we will have - facial identification technology, all sorts of scanning technologies, require them with a foreign passport, and only then to be able to get a driver‘s license, so we know who they are and where they are. Give you one more validator on this; the 9/11 Commission specifically looked at the issue of whether or not you should require proof of how you‘re here before you give somebody a driver‘s license and said that‘s not the issue. They said put in place the very technology we‘re putting in place. As recently as today, Slade Gordon, a former United States senator, Republican from the state of Washington, on the 9/11 Commission, endorsed my policy. This is the sort of validation from security experts, not political rhetoric. The political rhetoric is very easy, frankly on both sides of this issue. I‘m trying to do what is good security policy right down the middle.

MATTHEWS: But you‘re denying the fact that your initial goal was to give people here illegally full-fledged I.D. cards, not just the ability to drive a car. And you‘ve only backed down on that because you were forced to by opposition.

SPITZER: Chris, I hate to disagree with you; but what I did was work with the Department of Homeland Security, with Secretary Chertoff, to say how can we make what we‘re trying to do comply with Real I.D. This has been a controversial statute, as you know. The mandates imposed on the states initially were onerous financially. They didn‘t make sense. Secretary Chertoff and I and others negotiated, worked hard; and the Department of Homeland Security has said, if you put in place the measures that you are talking about putting in place, you, as the state of New York and other states as well, will be in compliance with Real I.D.
And at that point, I said good, we can accomplish all of these objectives, security and identification card. It‘s good for us, good for individuals to come out of the shadows. Everybody wins. And that‘s why this policy has the center supporting it.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about your hopes as an American for the fact we can have a secure I.D. card in this country. Where do you stand on that principle?

SPITZER: I have no fundamental problem with people having an identification card. In essence, we have one. People either have a Social Security number or a tax ID number or a driver‘s license or a passport; and the very premise of what I am saying right now, the reason we want the million undocumented immigrant whose are in New York, 14 million in the nation, a million here in New York state, we want them to be visible. We don‘t want people living in the shadows. We don‘t want people to have a presence we don‘t know about. That‘s why the very predicate of my security argument has been let us know who is here. If that is what an I.D. card does—yes, I know there are going to be some on either end, the libertarians and perhaps the ACLU as well will disagree with it. Knowing who is here is a legitimate argument. As somebody said, privacy does not necessarily mean anonymity. I think in this day and age, having some identification is not an unwarranted position.

MATTHEWS: Well said. One last thought; these I.D. cards—not the I.D. cards, but the limited driver‘s license you‘re proposing for people without documentation, are you sure those cards, those driver‘s licenses you‘re talking about issuing, will not be used for any other purpose than driving a car?

SPITZER: It depends on what you mean any other purpose. If it gives somebody‘s age and they need to to prove they‘re old enough to get a drink, I suppose it could be used for that. But if you‘re talking about getting on an airplane, absolutely not. That is the critical differentiation between a document that satisfies Real I.D. and one that does not.

MATTHEWS: They will not be able to use them to establish a paper trail to begin developing a facsimile of legality?

SPITZER: No, they will not be what we call breeder documents. That is a term that some of us who have studied this have gotten to know. It will not be the basis for then subsequent documents that can then circle back so you could then get a federal I.D., a real I.D. documentation.

MATTHEWS: Thank you very much, Governor Eliot Spitzer. Thank you for coming on HARDBALL tonight.

Why Spitzer´s DL Plan will Help America!

Anyone who has studied the Immigration issues knows and understands the complexity and the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The current Administration continues to partner with Business to bring in and employ undocumented workers. We live in a Political Hypocrisy. We allow the 12M to live in the shadows, drive on our roads, invisible and without identity. We live in a world of true double speak that continues to thrive in our current Administration and which most ANTIs apparently are supporting.

Our economy cannot withstand the Mass Deportation of 12M people. I ask anyone, anyone in Congress or any legitimate economist to prove otherwise. If you do not advocate Mass Deportation, then you need to say so, forthrightly. No one, not one stands up and says they demand Mass Deportation of the 12M.

It is time we bring the 12M out of the shadows. We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

That said, in light of the fact that we do not have Comprehensive Immigration Reform solutions in place, the reality is that the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in this country will remain here, still more illegal immigrants are likely to come, and those illegal immigrants who can and wish to drive will do so.

Governor Spitzer's plan would result in our gaining more information because it would encourage illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses, and to do so in their own names with bona fide documentation.

Governor Spitzer spoke on Hardball yesterday and provide thorough explanation of his state´s policy. Matthews did his best to tear down every argument, but LOST. Spitzer confounded him with Facts, Logic and Reason. Matthews was left in a whimpering puddle.

Once the Transcripts are out today for yesterday´s show, I will provide all of the Governor´s responses.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

UPDATE: Are These Pictures of the Same Minuteman? -Minuteman Arsonist Rund Faces More Charges!


Are These Pictures of the Same Minuteman?
Notice the Similarities? Same Neck, Shirt Collar hang, Glasses, Bald, Chin.
Now Look at this picture. The red arrow points to the guy above on the left.

Where did I find this picture? On the California Minuteman Website.

Operation Secure America, Oct 1 - 28, 2007.
Our October Border Watch "Operation Secure America" begins September 28th at 6pm and runs until October 31st. We will have a Ladies Day at the Border on Saturday October 6th which will include a special "Granny Brigade" Operation. Ladies Day at the Border is open to all registered Minutemen, their wives or immediate family members. If you have never been to the border or have a spouse, adult daughter, mother or sister that would like to see what you do on the weekends at the desert, bring them down for a most interesting experience. We will be giving out special T Shirts to all participants and will have an evening BBQ in their honor.So we can plan appropriately, If you are participating during the October "Operation Secure America" or Ladies Day at the Border events, please send a reservation to Indicate when you will be coming, who will be in your party and how many days you will be attending. If you have camping needs or want an RV hookup, please indicate same.This is our 5th Full Month Operation and 22nd Muster overall. If recent traffic counts are any indicator it will be a busy one. Minutemen are needed for weekend and especially for weekday operations. We will be running 24/7 and will have numerous all night ops as well as tactical 4 hour operations and deployment of our Search & Rescue Team.We need radio operators (can anyone spell air conditioning?) and we need Camp Hosts for the month. Please indicate your interest in these roles in your email to have new night vision and a pocket digital video recorder for our Thermal Scope. A new radio repeater system, allowing us to cover another 50 miles of border is on the way and will be in operation for the October Muster. In short, this is going to be our busiest and most successful muster yet. Bet there or be overrun.CA Leadership
Update on Minuteman Arson Suspect:

More charges against Hesperia arson suspect

November 1, 2007 - 12:35PM
HESPERIA — A suspected Hesperia arsonist faces more charges after firearms are found in search. Last week, John Alfred Rund, 48, of Hesperia was arrested on suspicion of arson after allegedly starting a 20 foot by 20 foot brush fire in Summit Valley while the region was already in a state of emergency as a result of two devastating wildfires burning in the San Bernardino Mountains.
As part of their ongoing investigation, the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station Major Enforcement Team served a search warrant at the Rund’s residence. During the search, deputies found live ammunition, a high-capacity ammunition magazine, one rifle, one pistol and a quantity of suspected methamphetamine.
Rund already facing 10 years in prison for charges of arson and starting a fire during a state of emergency has now also been charged with possession of a controlled substance, being a felon in possession of firearms, possession of a high-capacity ammunition magazine and a felon in possession of ammunition. According to court records, Rund pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace in 2002. Charges of criminal threats and spousal abuse were dropped in that case as part of a plea agreement. In 2005, Rund pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine but entered a diversion program to have the charge cleared from his record upon completion. Superior Court Judge Margaret Powers revoked the diversion and ordered that the drug case be tried with the arson case after his original arraignment last week. Rund is still being held without bail at West Valley Detention Center.

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