Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Herr Tancredo cannot justify his controversial new ad and says "Cést la vie" to his Presidential Bid!

Reported by NBC’s Domenico Montanaro:

Tancredo attempted to justify his controversial new ad in an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. He said the FBI has released reports on malls being targets and talked of “chatter” about “potential activity in the United States.” “All I’m saying is what we know to be the case,” Tancredo said. “We know there are consequences to open borders.”

He also said he doesn't care if the ad hurts his campaign.

"C'est la vie," he said, adding,

"I don’t care what it does to the campaign. Whether the numbers go up or go down." Questioned on whether the ad is fear-mongering, he said, "Why shouldn’t we talk about the most serious matters. ...I'm all for trying to stop someone from trying to get here. That’s the purpose of this ad."

He added that he doesn't think US involvement in the Middle East has made any difference -- one way or the other -- because we are in a "clash of civilizations."

"This problem isn’t going to go away if we left the Middle East,” Tancredo said. “It's not about our relationship with Israel. This is not about our action anywhere. We’d still be in a fight with Islam.”

He has come under fire from the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the ad. But Tancredo said he doesn't care if the group criticizes him, because “it's known that they have ties to terrorists.” He said, in fact, he hopes they're upset because it shows they are threatened by the ad.


ultima said...

Tokyo Dee is at it again. Tancredo is right on the money and we won't have to wait long for the proof according to Chertoff but Dee has never been one to be bothered with facts.

Dee said...

Call Me RedWhiteBlue Dee, my friend. I am the most Patriotic, USA loving poster here.

It appears y´all are super sensitive when you discuss Herr Tancredo.

He embarrasses himself with all of his hate filled lies and scare tactics.

Beautiful Mika absolutely humiliated him on MSNBC this morning! The ole guy is just saying adieu to his Prez Bid!

Finally his 15 minutes are OVER!


Dee said...

Pat, What I found the weirdest was the fact that Tancredo and Herr H. had the same jawline, the same facial structure, the same chin, eyebrows... it is very, very erie!!

Dee said...

And diminutive too!!
(Hmmm.... I wonder what Freud would say about the similarities)

ultima said...

It seems like you have forgotten the lessons we learned on MATT about calling anyone Hitler or Hitler-like. It is totally inappropriate. But since you like that I thought you would like to see the female version on my blog. I guess I should have added a little comb over like Adolf's.

Actually I think the Mexican colors fits you better because of your misplaced loyalties. Maybe mostly green, with a buzzard.

Dee said...

Ulty, Since me and mine have been loyal Americans for hundreds of years and been here much longer then you and yours, we are the Red White and Blue and you are still in the European Blues.

patriot said...

Pity that you should equate a loyal American like Tancredo to a Nazi.

You are no loyal American and it doesn't matter how long your ancestors have been here. That doesn't make you and your family special in America. What an arrogant statement to make!

How are those of us born in this country in any way "European"? Most of us have never even set foot in Europe! We were born here! We are just as much American as you are on paper but the difference it that we law abiding Americans are also Americans in our hearts, you are not! You are getting more hateful by the day in here, dee. Every time your side loses you get this way. You just lost again today in New York. No drivers licenses for illegal aliens. If you want to run a decent blog you don't insult those who post in your blog just because you are a sore loser.

Dee said...

Pat Dear, I am always civil. It is you who resorts to name calling.

Most Hispanic Citizens whose parents were born here have never been out of the country either. Why does your side always tell them to go to MX? That makes as much sense as your going back to Europe. It is exactly the same thing!! Glad you agree!

patriot said...

You are not being civil when you accuse Ultima of being less of an American as in the "European Blues" rather than being Red, White and Blue and that is only one example of your uncivil remarks to him and others. The other night you insulted him left and right.

Funny how you can dish it out but you can't take it, isn't it? You start with the insults and when you are retaliated against you act like the innocent and the ones you insult first are in the wrong. Goes along with all of your twisted logic and lies about everything.

Stop putting words in our side's mouths. Our side is not telling Hispanic citizens to go back to Mexico. That is an outright lie on your part! It is only the illegals that we think should return to their homelands. Why do you continue to lie all the time?

Bob said...

I would call a complaint by CAIR a strong recommendation for a candidate. The "Hitlar" image is very offensive hate propaganda, and its use I would also interpret as a recommendaiton for Tanceredo. On the whole, he seems like a very good candidate.

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