Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Minutemen´s NeoCon Connection and the HOAX!

NeoCon Ideology: America is a nation uniquely equipped as the sole remaining superpower to order the world and spread our values.

Given the history of violence and unlawful scamming of members by the Minutemen Leaders Simcox, Gilchrist and Schwilk, I´ve often wondered why these reports are not picked up at the national media level. Their reputations go unscathed and they continue to host national rallies and speak at universities.

Over the last few days I´ve conducted some research and I believe I have found out why.
According to their former MM members, Gilchrist and Simcox are both supported by Declaration Alliance - Politechs, Inc.

Politechs, Inc is a political Consulting Firm which moved from Alexandria, VA (D.C.) to Los Angeles. With the move to L.A. came Mary Parker Lewis, President and CEO of Politechs. Lewis´previous assignment was working for William Kristol and William Bennett. Lewis also supported the campaign of Alan Keyes. Lewis brought Connie Hair who had these same connections and worked for Judicial Watch (affiliations with Pat and Bay Buchanan). Hair became spokesperson for the Minuteman Project and utilized her contacts with Fox News, Shawn Hannity and other conservative pundits to create a positive image for the troubled Simcox and Gilchrist.

For those of you not familiar with Kristol, he is the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) an American neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C.
PNAC - or as some called it "The Right Wing Conspiracy" was formed in 1997. Their stated goal was to promote American global leadership. As early as 1998, they explicitly called for a U.S. ground campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Their members were some of the most powerful men in history, including: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove and Libby. While this group´s power peaked through W´s first term, by 2006 they fell out of grace and their websites have gone untouched although Kristol and other members are still a part of the Washington scene.

Hair and others have been instrumental in putting a politically correct face on their Minutemen leaders and keeping bad publicity away. She has also been very effective in collecting member funds, setting up new groups across the nation and soliciting, advertising and collecting funds for the infamous, unbuilt $55M Border Fence.

The MM Leaders and the NeoCon Leaders have something in common. As Ultima has reported, the Border Fence Funding is a HOAX, not only for W´s administration, but for the Minutemen as well.

We should all ask ourselves, what is the true NeoCon agenda here? Are they just trying to stir up the masses so we fight with one another and are distracted from their true agenda?


Dee said...

from the 1st url reference:

James Chase founded the Border Watch Federation (all of the USA) California Border Watch (California State) Formerly California Minutemen and United States Border Patrol Auxiliary.

Chase wrote an e-mail on November 21 to the Minutemen chat room: "I cannot continue in any way, shape or form in a relationship with Minuteman Civil Defense Corps or even Minuteman Project…"

He writes: "James Gilchrist (currently running for Congress in Orange County as the candidate of the racist-founded and based American Independent Party) wanted to skin Chris (Simcox, convicted of federal crimes in Arizona and founder of the border watchers national movement) alive…"

Dee said...

This brave former minuteman continues:

Chase is referring to the fact that Chris Simcox has been speaking around the country raising money for the fight against illegals then brags that his border watchers are all volunteers and bring their own resources to the struggle. Question: Where does the money Simcox raises go?

Chase: "… but then they (Gilchrist and Simcox) went to Washington and picked up the two DC crooks Mary Lewis and Connie Hair and the corruption machine was off and running." Chase and others are very critical of cocktail-party fundraisers who charge for their services and always turn up in political causes that are popular with the conservative white wing.

He continues with damning allegations: "Now Mary (Lewis) is even allowing the Nazi party into the campaign and they refuse to remove Ranch Rescue, Andy Ramirez and Cliff Linquist from their links."

Dee said...

Chase continues:

When this writer and others make such observations of the movement being "Nazis," or comically deadly "Ranch Rescue," we are tagged as "the Treason Lobby." They are true American patriots and we are not; we are accused of name-calling, of emotional diatribes that we fall back on when we lose the argument. What will they say of one of their own, Chase?

Andy Ramirez is an unemployed Southern California wannabe politician who has hitched his alleged Mexican American background to such loser enterprises as anti-Mexican and anti-illegal alien California initiatives that have consistently failed to make the ballot. He made grandiose media announcements of thousands of people joining him on the Border. Twenty showed up.

Chase writes: "So you have an absolute CON man Andy (Ramirez) in your ranks sucking many thousands of dollars away from the cause."

More importantly, Chase writes: "You have murderers in your ranks. You have Nazi's, other anti-Jews, and anti-hispanic racists side by side with you. You are whom you run around with. Proud to be a Minuteman now? You may not be so proud in the future."

"I have standards of right, " he writes. In contrast, he continues: "…sending email and letter requests for money to all of our people, even to my grandchildren, sister-in-law, and distance English ex-step mother is just without all Class or regard for civility."

He concludes: "I am sad that some of you are so desperate, so gah gah, over what was a super lightning rod for anti-illegal immigration that you refuse to see that ethics and honesty is above all. May the Lord Open your eyes to see and your nostrils to smell the manure before us."

Dee said...

this article closes with:

Need there be any doubt as to the sincerity of this missive, of the accusations? It speaks for itself. Will it be discussed on the "John and Ken" show in Los Angeles, or by Bill O’Reilly, by Fox News, by CNN’s Lou Dobbs, by Governor Arnold, or by San Diego’s KOGO talk show host and anti-illegal alien warrior, Roger Hedgecock, probably not.

If anyone doubts the authenticity of this missive and its views, here is the address Chase posted: James Lewis Chase Headquarters: Border Watch Federation (all of the USA) California Border Watch (California State) Formerly California Minutemen and United States Border Patrol Auxiliary 4225 Oceanside Blvd M182 Oceanside, CA 92056 760 945-5030 James@ChaseLaw.us www.BorderWatch.us

Dee said...

The very next article in the url says:

It’s no secret that Jim Gilchrist’s District 48 run for Congress is being orchestrated by Politechs, Inc., a political consulting firm recently relocated to Los Angeles from Alexandria, VA, where it was also known as Primer-Politechs.

From a left-wing point of view, this alliance of traditional conservatives and neo-cons is more than a little confusing.

With the move to L.A. came Mary Parker Lewis, President and CEO of Politechs, flush from overseeing talk show host Alan Keyes’ disastrous 2004 Illinois Senate campaign. Keyes, a protégé of Jeanne Kirkpatrick, was outed as a neo-con[1] by Harvard roommate William Kristol as early as 1988.

Lewis, one-time president of Alan Keyes Enterprises, Inc., still does multiple duty as Chief of Staff for Keyes, Chief of Staff for Keyes’ Renew America initiative, and Executive Director of Keyes’ Declaration Foundation. Lewis has to be commended for tenacity: she ran Keyes' failed 1996 and 2000 Presidential bids, along with the horrendous Senate race. Lewis is long-steeped in neo-conservative schooling, starting with her education at Scripps College (of the Claremont Colleges) and Claremont Graduate School, bastions of Harry V. Jaffa’s brand of Straussian, neo-conservative politics.

Lewis brought along a couple of friends. One is Connie Hair, now spokesperson for the Minuteman Project. Hair, a former B-movie starlet and political consultant for Keyes, became a right-wing celeb when her arrival at Free Republic[2] coincided with the 1999 demise of the Freepers into a viper-ridden cesspool.

Through Lewis, Gilchrist is at one degree of separation from Keyes. And through Lewis, [3] Gilchrist is at the same remove from William Kristol, founder of the neo-conservative think thank Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Kristol is Lewis’s former boss, as well as Keyes’ former roommate. Lewis can provide Gilchrist with access to another one of her former bosses, former Secretary of Education and tsar of the failed war on drugs William Bennett, also a PNAC member.

Dee said...

It takes brave people to tell the truth and it is obvious these brave people are telling the truth!

Dee said...

What is deplorable is all of this is not being reported in the National Media. I believe this is due to the connectoins they have with the NeoCons!

patriot said...

Absolutely none of this is proof of anything! It is hearsay and opinion and some by a disgruntled former member of the MM. Where is the PROOF, dee?

There is nothing "obvious" that these people are telling the truth, nothing at all.

Maybe the media doesn't want to report hearsays or lies?

Dee said...

1st hand witness reports are proof Pat.

Also, I´ve decided to start editting my blog to pertinent, post related blogs. You obviously are trying to detract from the discussion.

You have every right to disagree however you have no right to hijack threads.

patriot said...

You asked me to read your highlighted references under this topic and I did and told you what I found and you delete my responses to them? How else am I going to let you know that I read them and what I found?

Dee said...

Actually I posted the documentation from the reference urls in the comments. Did you notice?

patriot said...

Why would I want to distract from the discussion, that doesn't make any sense. Highjack the threads? The subject is the MM and all of my replies were about the MM or the man accused of being a MM. I also read your highlighted references as you suggested and told you what I found and yet you deleted it?

I know why you did it dee. I called you on all of your nonsense and you couldn't stand it.

patriot said...

"Witnesses" have been known to lie, dee. Especially in the case of someone who is a former disgruntled member against an organization.

Dee said...

Obviously you did not read the url. This guy has impeccable credentials and even provides his contact information.

Read and study Pat.
Shame on you for trying to put a bad light on him.

patriot said...

Where are the comments and "opinions" from the indy site such as Leslie (whoever that is)?
Well if I were you I wouldn't print them either because it was nothing more than opinions in a forum. Pretty damaging to use that as a reference for the facts.

patriot said...

So you are willing to believe Chase, who coincidently was affiated with the MM himself at one time? Why? What makes his words the truth? Impeccable credentials? Wow, he should be toast in your eyes for ever being a MM himself. Now all of a sudden he is a truth teller and your hero, lol. Do you know him personally? No you don't and neither do I. It all still boils down to who is actually telling the truth. Neither you or I know the truth "for sure" and maybe we never will but at least I admit that but you never will!

patriot said...

Stop treating me as though I am your child! You talk to me like an adult or your blog can go to hell! I don't need your conceited,arrogant help. Who do you think you are? Just like your remark where you claim you have a higher I.Q. than most in here. Do you know how that sounds? I don't need your "help", Ms. Researcher, I am quite capable of researching on my own. Your head must be so big that you can't put a hat on it with your arrogant attitude. Treat others like adults in here, we are not your children!!!

Dee said...

You are nicer when you get angry!

Dee said...

Actually Chase is an ANTI. He is not a PRO. He quit the MM Chapter. Based on the articles I read about him, he seems like he was legitimate in what he was trying to accomplish, kind of like Ultima.

He believed in the MM cause. He was extremely disappointed by Simcox, Gilchrist and Schwilk and thought they were opportunists.
He believe in the cause so much that he even turned in those who were disreputable.

Dee said...

To me, this is what made him even more credible.

Dee said...

This is from Wikipedia:
Renunciation by Minuteman leader James Chase
James Chase and James Gilchrist served in the same Marine Corps unit, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, in Vietnam (the battalion website shows photos of James "Jim" Chase). James Chase was one of James Gilchrist's first recruits for the MMP. As directors of Minuteman Project operations in Arizona James Gilchrist and Chris Simcox pulled James "Jim" Chase into upper management. After leaving MMP-AZ James Chase returned to California and started his own group vowing to never work with Chris Simcox, again. Eventually he asked James Gilchrist to refrain from using his group as a photo opportunity since Gilchrist refused to publicly denounce Chris Simcox and the false rumors generated by Chris Simcox (specifically, that Chase had been fired for breaking the SOP), Also, Chase had proof that racists, Nazis and other anti-semites were linked to and had infiltrated the MMP.

patriot said...

Chase broke the rules of SOP with the MM. Why do you totally ignore that point? So because you have some reconquistas that have infiltrated and hung on to the skirts of the pro movement, does that make all the pro's reconquistas, dee? Do you see where I am going with this? You are ready to blame an entire organization for the "possible but unproven" sins of a few. And you choose to believe a disgruntled former member because you just can't stand what the basics of the MM organization stands for and that is to help protect our borders from the illegal entry of your amigos into our country. Admit the truth and you will feel much better.

Dee said...

This is Simcox m.o.
When an MM questions him, then he claims they have violated the sop.

He did the same thing when the mms questioned him about the fence donations.

simcox is a crook. that is obvious.
have you read his bio? He is a felon.

Liquidmicro said...

Nobody is denying what Simcox, Scwilk, and Gilchrest have done, in here. We all acknowledge it.

Now, quit trying to frame an article to get the responses that you want, trying to make all of it out to be so terrible. The leaders have no morales, some of the members of these groups may have no morals, but not all are guilty by association.

Come up with an interesting topic and headline, quit beating the crap out of dead horses, it doesn't turn them into French food any faster. ;}~

patriot said...

liquid, dee keeps harping about the possible corruption of a few in the MM organization because she wants to demoralize the entire group. As you said she wants to make them all "guilty by association" Yet did you notice when I asked her the question of "just because there are some reconquistas in the pro groups, does that make the entire pro movement reconquistas"? No answer, just silence!

You see dee can't debate with us anti's who have no skeletons in our closet nor racist motives, just the powerful rule of law argument. There is no way to counter that and to then justify the illegal alien invasion into our country.

How many times is she going to start a topic about the MM and slip things into the topic header that are not proven? Why hasn't she just started one topic about the MM and slip in the word "possible" when referring to any sins they have committed instead of stating unproven accusations as fact? The answer lies in my first paragraph.

Notice too how she did the same thing with the arson fires here in Calif. Gossip started about Rund being a MM and she jumped on that like fleas on a dog as FACT! There is only hearsay and opinion on that, no facts proven. She conveniently forgets though that there were Hispanics that were arrested for starting those fires too.

She has the raza so ingrained in her head that it will require brain surgery to remove the tumor.

Dee said...

Liquid, At least you acknowledge their role, unlike many others who are in complete denial.

Got your message. See next article.

Liquid said:
Nobody is denying what Simcox, Scwilk, and Gilchrest have done, in here. We all acknowledge it...The leaders have no morals.

patriot said...

dee, if you or others want to convict people without proof or a trial then one isn't honoring our justice system.

I hope you get accused of a crime and are convicted without proof or a trial by others. Then you will know how it feels to be slandered unfairly. What goes around comes around.

Dee said...

Here is another article corroborating this post.

Connie Hair

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks' part-time director of communications, Connie Hair, also is a media consultant for the controversial Minuteman Project. In addition, she is working as a paid media consultant for the conservative Coalition for a Fair Judiciary and the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation in New York.

-- As indicated in my post, Connie Hair has direct relations with the RNC and is the Media Consultant for the MMs. There is the connection.

patriot said...

So, what does that prove?

Bob said...

The Minutemen do not need a "politically correct face." The Minutemen ARE correct in what they are doing. All your whining and name dropping is just rubbish.

Deal with it.

TruthBrigade said...


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