Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Spitzer´s DL Plan will Help America!

Anyone who has studied the Immigration issues knows and understands the complexity and the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The current Administration continues to partner with Business to bring in and employ undocumented workers. We live in a Political Hypocrisy. We allow the 12M to live in the shadows, drive on our roads, invisible and without identity. We live in a world of true double speak that continues to thrive in our current Administration and which most ANTIs apparently are supporting.

Our economy cannot withstand the Mass Deportation of 12M people. I ask anyone, anyone in Congress or any legitimate economist to prove otherwise. If you do not advocate Mass Deportation, then you need to say so, forthrightly. No one, not one stands up and says they demand Mass Deportation of the 12M.

It is time we bring the 12M out of the shadows. We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

That said, in light of the fact that we do not have Comprehensive Immigration Reform solutions in place, the reality is that the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in this country will remain here, still more illegal immigrants are likely to come, and those illegal immigrants who can and wish to drive will do so.

Governor Spitzer's plan would result in our gaining more information because it would encourage illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses, and to do so in their own names with bona fide documentation.

Governor Spitzer spoke on Hardball yesterday and provide thorough explanation of his state´s policy. Matthews did his best to tear down every argument, but LOST. Spitzer confounded him with Facts, Logic and Reason. Matthews was left in a whimpering puddle.

Once the Transcripts are out today for yesterday´s show, I will provide all of the Governor´s responses.


Anonymous said...

how do you now we need 12 million? perhaps we could get by with 6 million. With the housing market in the dumps, construction jobs are evaporating-what do you think?let's deport at least 6 million and see how it goes. what do you say dee?

Anonymous said...

bring them out of the shadows and let them know that the majority will have to be deported and then we will discuss the rest to see if they are really needed. This is the only reasonable way to do it. You can't keep them all dee. No way!

Dee said...

Actually, one of my frequent commentors and friend (although he is an ANTI) has suggested a solution similar to what you recommend. He suggested we put a Job Advertising program together. This is tied closely with the Employers. The jobs would be posted. The undocumented come forward that are working those jobs. They continue working in a Guest Worker type status as the job is advertised. Those jobs that are filled by Americans will go to Americans. Those unfilled will continue forward with Guest Workers. We need some type of compromise solution. Comprehensive Immigration Reform tried to do that. However, anything presented was considered Amnesty by the ANTIs. Then they started their mass form emails deluging congress and now we are where we are. Nowhere.

The biggest success story the ANTI websites have is their ability to storm their troops with these mass emails, phone calls and faxes. You would think Congress would have caught on by now that it is not millions, just good coaching by these groups and several loyal followers.

Anonymous said...

And the pro's did the same thing!

Dee said...

Same thing?

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