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Do You Believe the Theories promoted by the Ron Paul Supporters?

Reader Question:
As my frequent readers know, I complete blog searches on a daily basis. I research and study any new and interesting Blogs that discuss Immigration and Current Events.

Over the last few weeks, I have been seeing several websites which detail types of conspiracy theories occurring in our country. Many of these are on the Ron Paul affiliated websites. Ron Paul, as we all know, is a 2008 Presidential Candidate who is running on the"V for Vendetta" ticket and who recently collected $4 million in donations in 24 hours based on the "V for Vendetta" (overthrow the government) strategy.

I know many of you will say these theories are nothing but conspiracy or stuff made up by the 9-11 conspiracy theorists, but I ask you to look over this summary and the links I have provided below.

I am asking my readers for their feedback about the “revelations” from these theorists. My readers are very intelligent and probably have more experience in these Theories than I do so I am asking for your feedback.

In a nutshell, here is the theory:

1. Real ID: US is a Police State due to passage of Real ID National ID Card (Real ID Act)

2. RFID Technology Satellite: In 2008, the Galileo Satellite Navigation System will be launched and connects to the RFID Technology. The RFID is a technology that uses tiny computer chips the size of a grain of sand to miniature antennas to transmit information about items of a distance.

3. Audit Trail: The RFID chip creates an audit trail. These devices will be in every airport, on every bus, on every train, on every port and on every dock. These tracking devices will also be put inside money. This information is passed to whom ever the government has chosen.

4. Government Tracking: The Government can trace you when they want to. Everything you do will be reported back to the government.

5. Origination: The idea of a "new world order" originated in the early 1900s with Cecil Rhodes, who advocated that the British Empire and the United States should jointly impose a Federal World Government.

6. New World Order: In the July 17, 1926 Saturday Evening Post, the term "New World Order" (NWO) was used for the first time in a popular magazine article to describe the work of Edward M. House in helping to create the League of Nations and helping to found the Council on Foreign Relations. Between 1928 and 1940, H. G. Wells wrote of his hopes for "an efficient and beneficent world system" under one world-government. In 1933, when Hitler came to power, he announced the coming of a "New World Order" under Nazi rule, a Nazi New World Order - Nazi One World Government. In 1935, the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States with the Eye of Providence above the pyramid appeared for the first time on the back of the one dollar U.S. dollar bill. In 1938, Lionel Curtis's The Commonwealth of God was published, advocating joint rule of the world by the USA and the UK. History of the UN and establishment of the World Govt, European Common Union, establishment of Euro, WTO, Bush I using “New World Order” for the 1st time in a Presidential speech, Pat Robertson using this term, formation of ITO, GATT, WTO.

7. Plot to Frighten Americans to give up Liberties: Sept 11 attacks linked to NWO. The attacks were nothing but a media-orchestrated plot to frighten Americans into giving up their basic liberties to a "Homeland Security" authority that will eventually turn control of the United States over to a multi-national "coalition government."

8. Verichip Implant: In 2002, the FDA approved the VeriChip Microchip implant (human). Much more intrusive than the UPC, this aroused people's fears that a future totalitarian government could enforce the implanting of these chips and thus fulfill the Book of Revelation prophecy regarding the Mark of the Beast.

9. NWO: Neo-Conservatives (especially Dick Cheney) are working with the House of Windsor to set up a type of fascism throughout the world the Neo-Conservatives hope will become the basis of the New World Order. George W Bush and Tony Blair are said to have initiated the NWO. Ultimately many of these theories venture into End of World prophecies.

As I review these theories, I do see some of them becoming reality, especially those items associated with technology and surveillance.

My Questions to Readers:

1. What do you think about these theories?

2. Are they accurate, even partially?

3. If they are accurate, what should we do?

Reference Links:

. Live Journal (A Russian (?) Blog)

. Ron Paul website theories: (there are many more so don´t think it is just this one)

. Global Politician (A British Blog) What I found interesting about this blog is they discuss the US vs British connection. The US is their failsafe (?)


Curtis said...

The spread of that type of technology and access to information is inevitable. Most of those things you list are happening. The issue is, who will control them and how they are used. I'm a big fan of Dr. Paul partially because his philosophy of governance over the people is much less intrusive, therefore when the new technologies are used it will be against the actual scumbags in society and not anti-government protestors or potheads. There are really only three things surveillance tech like that should be used for; threats or acts of violence, scammers and kid pervs. A Ron Paul government would trim the fat so that those elements could be fought more efficiently and effectively. Imagine the dent that could be put in the horrific kid perv industry if all the money and time spent watching and locking up potheads were put towards the already existant effort to wipe out the pervs.

I guess to more directly address your post, even though I'm not a regular reader, I'd say that you should pay close attention to news surrounding those theories and when you have gathered enough information use your gut instinct to determine their threat level and what you should do about it. Remember that anti- and pro- are often the extreme elements of the purported theory. The technology is already here. I've seen it in action. What matters is who controls it and how it is used.

Dee said...

Welcome Curtis, We are glad you joined our discussion.

I do not claim to know too much about Dr. Paul´s philosophy.

Are you saying Dr. Paul concurs with all these developments, acknowledges they are reality and that his stance is he will reduce government in association with these new technologies?

Curtis, I promise I will pay close attention to news surrounding those theories. I will use my gut instinct to determine their threat level and then talk to my readers and family about what we should do about it.

dianne said...

I've often thought about the "New World Order" concept. Lately, when I think of this I think of George Soros who I consider to be one of the most dangerous men on earth. I think it's entirely possible but I don't think there's anything we can do about it because the whole thing is based on the world monetary system over which the common man has no control.

Dee said...

You are so much like me.
Lately, I have been seeing all of these blogs ranting about these theories.
So many people believe them.
I think this is why R. Paul was able to collect so much $$ in 24 hours.
He promotes these theories and so many people believe them.
I do not know if they are right or wrong.
I do know the various technologies have been developed.
I do know that various multi national corporations are proactively developing new technologies to “fill the need.”
We are living in such dangerous times.
The masses are living in fear and the corporations are reaping the gains.
We need to stay on top of this and talk it through just so we know what is going on, at least from the people´s perspective.

patriot said...

1. Real ID is not much different than a driver's license. What's the big deal unless you have something to hide? We need to know who is in this country. Police State? Oh, pleaseeeee! And you said it was the anti's who are afraid of the boogey man? lol

4. So if I am in the restroom, what I am doing will be reported back to the government? lol Another boogy man theory.

5,6, More boogey man theories and the anti's have been chastized for fearing Mexicans? lol

7. Just what basic liberties are we giving up since 9/11? I am more afraid of the plot to combine Canada, the U.S. and Mexico (NAU). That actually is in the making.

8. I don't have a problem having a chip implanted in me so that there is no way that anyone can impersonate me, like stealling my ID and SS. Mark of the beast....oh another boogey man theory. Now we are going to bring the book of Revelations into it, lol.

We all know why you dislike surveillance equipment, don't we dee? Puts a crimp in the plan to Hispanicize the U.S. through illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bigger picture.

Pakistan is about to break apart, with perhaps six or seven generals each getting hold of one or more nuclear warheads.

These nuclear warheads will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Only an idiot won't expect some of them to be snuck in to the USA.

Add to this North Korea, Iran, etc etc.

You have to be nuts to not want some effort made to protect the USA. I agree with Ron Paul that the CIA, FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect us are incompetent. He is spot on.

But they are all we've got. We need to give them the slack to make an attempt to intercept the nukes before they go off.

Dee said...

Pat, Maybe you missed this in this post. These are not my theories. They are the theories of many who support Ron Paul and other groups. I posted this info to ask the readers what they know of this and how much of this they think is true.

Dee said...

Anon, I too am worried about Pakistan and the threat of nuclear weaponry.

Are there any urls you can share re: Ron Paul saying the CIA, FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect us are incompetent.

patriot said...

I know that dee but you often have expressed some of these theories of things you are afraid of yourself. So evidently you are in agreement with Ron Paul on some of this.

Dee said...

You know Pat, the more I study, the more surprised I am at the various events occurring in our country and around the world.

I had no idea about all that Blackwater is up to until recently.

I am going to study more about Erik Prince and his various connections. I will be publishing my finding at the end of this week.

Dee said...

Regarding Ron Paul, I have to read more about him.

I know those that support him are unbelievably loyal.

There has to be more to him than I initially thought.

I guess I will have to study more. If readers have any interesting links they want to share, please post them here.

ultima said...

I do not believe the theories listed. RFID has been around for a long time mainly to reduce merchandise shrinkage in stores and warehouses and to create tracking systems for companies like DHL, UPS and FEDEX.

I'm not sure the technology has advanced so far that these devices can be read by satellites in orbit.

Similar devices have been implanted in pets for identification and tracking purposes and something similar may be in the works for children. I'm sure a parent whose child had disappeared would appreciate this technology. The range of a transmitter so small must be a serious handicap for most applications of a general nature.

I don't, in general, subscribe to conspiracy theories.

Some of Ron Paul's idea are important but his candidacy is dead in the water. The question is, "What influence can he have on the positions of the other candidates given the size of his war chest.

Bob said...

A couple of weeks ago there was a news story about a school teacher who had an affair with a 13yo Mexican kid. She and he left the midwest town and went to Mexico. They were soon rounded up by Mexican police and she was sent back to the US under charges of "statutory rape." It was leaked that the FBI tracked their every move using satalite GPS from her car. The FBI followed the runaway couple to a place in Mexico and then asked the Mexican police to pick them up. FBI tracking people is ALREADY going on. They can track your car, your cell phone, your Ipod, etc. They want to implant a tracking device into each person. George Orwell's book, 1984, was exactly right about the power of "Big Brother" to watch everybody. He only missed the year by a couple of decades.

RON PAUL for President

Dee said...

Does Ron Paul have a plan to change this? Just curious. I have not read too much about him and was wondering if you some info or a link on this.

Sean, RP supporter said...

You make me laugh. Own up to your subtle attacks on Ron Paul. If you really didnt know much about him, why wouldnt you find out for yourself? If you dont know much about him, why would you group his supporters together as "Conspiracy Theorists"? I support Ron Paul, and I am not a conspiracy theorist. Besides, if there are people like this in support of Ron Paul, what difference does that make? He cannot control who supports him. Why mention his name in a blog which also mentions people like this, if not to discredit him?

And to speak on the issues you spoke of as "conspiracies"... The National ID contains an RFID chip, as does your new passport. Them implanting you with it is also already an option. A women from FL already volunteered for her and her family to get it. Pets are also already being implanted with these chips.

As far as the fear of terrorist attacks beng used to scare people into giving up their civil liberties. It has already happened with the implimentation of the Patriot Act. Do your homework. Bush directly attributed terrorism as the reason the Patriot Act was neccessary. If you dont know what the Patriot Act is, look it up.

I dont know anything about the NWO, but would not be surprised if such an organization existed.

These statements were not only directed towards you, but also toward some of your respondants. Keep yourself informed and avoid being educated in blogs.

Dee said...

Hi Sean,
Welcome to my site. I really don´t know much about R. Paul, although I am curious about him.
As I mentioned to my readers, I have seen several blogs and articles written about him lately. I also have seen several variations of conspiracy theories from many of his supporters, including this whole "V for Vendetta" stuff. I know he says he is not behind it, but you must admit, many of his supporters and contributors are.

I know he cannot control who supports him, but the facts are, many who support him are conspiracy theorists and advocate some type of overthrow of the government. Hence V for Vendetta. You know this is true.

I am not saying these are your views or his views. I am just saying the internet is saying these are his supporters views.

I can´t say the same about other candidates. Can you?

As I say, I welcome you to my blog. If you have new insights to share, please do! I love having new contributors. That is what we are here for. To discuss all issues, here, civilly and openly.

Glad you could join! Please come back!

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