Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Elections - Dirty Tricks Department Officially Open!

Two articles in the news today indicate the Elections - Dirty Tricks Department is officially open! As usual, it is the RNC partnering with the ANTIs.
Dirty Trick # 1: RNC NY attacks on the Gov and Racial Profiling:

In an automated call to voters, Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn says, “County Legislature Democrats are putting our community at risk by allowing potential terrorists to get driver's licenses.” The flyers and coordinated automated calls are drawing criticism.

One mailing features an angry Arabic man with a driver license, and a picture of an Islamic militant with a gun. The flyer says Democrats on the Monroe County Legislature support giving terrorists driver licenses, and urges citizens to vote for Republican legislature candidates. “To mix the issue of illegal immigrants and terrorism is a very wrong thing,” said Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, imam of the Islamic Center of Rochester. “It's stereotyping. If anybody sees this, they say, ‘Oh, these are the Arab terrorists who are involved in 9-11. Do we want our country giving licenses to these people? No.’”

Dirty Trick # 2: Stop Hispanic Citizen Voters from Voting (from Video: targets predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in the middle of a heated city council race)

FARMERS BRANCH, TX Tarrant County election workers say someone is attempting to keep (Hispanic) voters away from the November 6 election by circulating false information. Flyers were left at houses in the Worth Heights neighborhood (predominantly Hispanic Neighborhood) between Berry and Seminary streets. The flyer has the county logo as well as a design used by the election commission. In large letters at the top the note reads, "OFFICIAL NOTICE/NOTICIA OFICIAL." At the bottom, the flyer tells voters Election Day is November 10, four days after polls close.


Liquidmicro said...

Vote fraud: Democrats' meal ticket

Those supporting this proposed legislation (Spitzers Plan) do not give a rat's tail about voter disenfranchisement – they certainly do not care about protecting the integrity of our election process. They are concerned only with retaining power and enjoying the gravy train that comes with it.

Liquidmicro said...

This legislation is also designed to provide easier access for the 20-plus million illegal aliens in the country to undermine and influence the election outcome. It is an acknowledged fact that most voter fraud occurs in the inner cities – and today the greatest concentration of illegals is found in these gulags of crime and blight.

Dee said...

Liquid, Are you in agreement with the Dirty Tricks, particularly those nasty flyers in the Hispanic neighborhood?

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