Monday, November 19, 2007

Millions of Hispanic Soldiers´ Proud Tradition of Service in the US Military

American Hispanics have a proud history of serving in the US Military. Over 500,000 Hispanic soldiers served in World War II, and nearly 40 Latinos have won our nation’s highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. More than 53,000 Hispanics were on active duty in 2003 and another 1.1 million are veterans of the U.S. military. Many have also been honored with American citizenship as a result of their military service; more than 25,000 immigrants who have served in the military have become U.S. citizens through a special wartime military naturalization statute.

Today, in Iraq, according to the Washington Post, Hispanics have a death risk about 20 percent higher than non-Hispanics.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, while Latinos make up 9.5 percent of the actively enlisted forces, they are over-represented in the categories that get the most dangerous assignments -- infantry, gun crews and seamanship -- and make up over 17.5 percent of the front lines.

Millions of Hispanics have a Proud Tradition of Service in the U.S. Military, and thousands today are fighting on behalf of this nation, regardless of their citizenship status. Their bravery and sacrifice, along with that of their fellow soldiers, should be recognized and honored.


ultima said...

And of course it is. My brother is a 60 year member and former commander of the local American Legion Post. He passed out recently when he was planting flags on the graves of veterans. Do you for a minute think he simply bypassed the Hispanic graves? I'm sure he never thought of them as anything but American veterans who had passed away.

What you want is some special recognition beyond what all veterans get on Veterans' Day and Memorial Day! Shame on you.

patriot said...

I agree Ultima. Why should we recognize or honor any vet specifically for their race or ethnicity? Talk about dividing this country. Here is a good example of it.

Anonymous said...

What do you want a hispanic Veteran's Day? Please!!!!

Liquidmicro said...

Where is Joel Rios, the Disposable Hispanic?? Isn't this his argument??

Dee said...

No arguments. Just facts. We should honor all of our soldiers. Your side does not even acknowledge the Hispanic soldiers´ contributions.

Liquidmicro said...

That's because as a SOLDIER you don't see RACE as an issue. I only saw ARMY GREEN. The Air Force only sees AIR FORCE BLUE. The Navy only sees NAVY BROWN, etc.

You are delving into a topic you have NO experience in.

Dee said...

Liquid, Easy excuse. The facts are, we need to acknowledge all soldiers contributions, even the Hispanic ones. It would be helpful if all ANTIs recognized this.

Liquidmicro said...

It would be more helpful if you would quit trying to get special attention for one race of soldiers instead of all soldiers. ALL SOLDIERS deserve our gratitude, not just the Hispanic ones as you are wanting. Each and every solder, no matter race, will tell you, "We only did our job!". They will be the first to tell you that they are not hero's (Although in every civilians eyes, they are).

Dee said...

I never said exclude anyone. I said acknowledge. You cannot even do that, can you.

BTW, did you ask for your wife´s advice?

Liquidmicro said...

I acknowledge ALL SOLDIERS, I do not separate by race as you do.

I did ask my wife, she laughed and thought you had serious issues with yourself.

Liquidmicro said...

race, should state, ethnicity. Above.

Anonymous said...

Look as the years pass millions of hispanics and Latinos fight for this country, and yet i fail to understand why this country is so racist, first against the Native Americans, then the African Americans , then the Japanese, and now the Mexican Americans. And every one of these people fought for this nation. So you fight and people still treat you like s#!+. No matter the color of the skin, what japan did to america, what land the U.S stole, or how the hell we got to this country, fact is where here and this country is based on immigrant which many fight with honor for this country and still are discriminated,I DONT BELIEVE IN USING PEOPLE i belive in respecting them for there bravery no matter there ethnicity.
Why does our nation tend to fail what these people have done for our country Why?

Dee said...

It is not everyone that does this. There are many good people in our country who value all people, regardless of race, color or creed.

I believe the issues we are facing today are due to the fear many in power are instilling in our fellow countrymen. This happens periodically in history. It is usually the politicians who do this to deflect people´s attention from the true issues, like their mistakes in war, the economy or their criminal or illicit behaviors. They pander to the racist views many people secretly hide within themselves. Then they create this xenophobic atmoshere. This has happened so many times before. The Immigration Act of 1924 was the result of their demonizing the Germans, Irish, Eastern Europeans and Asians. Think of the Japanese Internments after WW2, Operation Wetback in the 1950s, and the ongoing hate crimes inflicted on African Americans.

The good news is many Americans are waking up to this behavior and we are speaking out. We have enough numbers of people on our side if we stick together and speak out. Together, we have to stand up and say No, the ANTI behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We are not going to accept it. In fact, we are stopping it before it becomes worse! We have enough people to do this Anon, but the key is we have to stick together and not sink to the ANTIs angry level or do it with hate.

Logic, Truth and Honesty are on our side.

Many of us are starting Blogs and Websites and having civil discussions with all sides. We have to stand up and say we are Human Beings. Stop the race baiting and hateful behavior.

We need to support one another.
We need to become informed. We need to vote. We need to make a difference!

Take Care Anon. We are on your side!!

If you ever want to write me, my email is:

Anonymous said...

Yes you do have a point, your Right.

I want to tell you something else. A Friend discussed it with me.

You know how many Americans say that American rights only apply to Americans. They tell us that Residents, illegals, people with work permits , etc. do not have the same liberty and justice as a U.S Citizen. Now Litsen to the last sentence of the American pledge

Liberty and Justice for (ALL)
[ Notice that all is not Specified ]

This is just something i wanted to share with you.O and there is somthing I want to send to your email, but its in Spanish, do you speak Spanish?

Dee said...

I believe our Pledge of Allegiance applies for all:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Regarding Spanish, I do write about this in my book. My oldest brother and sister were held back in school because they could not speak English well. From that point forward, my Dad said we would only speak English at home and we would speak English with no accent. This was very hard for my mother but she agreed with Dad. She spoke to us in Spanglish, but we did understand her. We all spoke English. Today, I speak English with no accent. I do understand Spanish but speak it with a very heavy American accent which is embarrassing for me when I go to San Antonio since I look like every other Mexican American grandma. Remember, my Dad brought us to Michigan as migrants then he took a job in an auto factory.

Please send me what you want to send me. I can read Spanish.

Carlito P. said...

I am a Hispanic American Army Vet. I would never want to be acknowledged Separately than my battle buddies. Racism or no racism, in that uniform on that field, we were all brothers no matter what. I am an American. There should not be special recognition because of race. Sorry but you are not correct with this one.

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