Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evil InJustice in Maricopa County Presumes GUILTY With No Chance of Justice!

There is so much Injustice in Maricopa County! Arpaio and his evil cohorts inflict Evil Pain and Suffering on Hard Working Latinos!
ONE EXAMPLE: In early February, 2013, Arpaio and his goons raided Sportex Apparel in Tempe, AZ. The goons arrested 23 workers. The workers, using “made-up” Social security numbers were wrongly charged with “Identity Theft” and jailed in Arpaio’s vermin infested jail.  

Yesterday, after 3 weeks in Arpaio’s vermin infested jails, the unfairly jailed workers were finally brought to court. The 23 jailed workers were seated in a “fishbowl for humans.” The Latino Workers were Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, all de-humanized in Tent City by Arpaio and his Goons. Now, in court, they all listened quietly to the charges read against them.  The multiple charges were read against them, in rapid succession. In an obnoxious twist of American jurisprudence, these men and women are PRESUMED GUILTY due to a cruel and ingenious policy created by now disgraced and disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and carried on by his successor, current County Attorney Bill Montgomery.
In this Maricopa Court, Justice is NOT Served as in an American Court. Instead, these Latinos are treated as GUILTY, attempting to Prove their innocence.  Even the charges are NOT Fair! In looking for work, they may have made up numbers, they did NOT steal Identities, yet they were charged this way.

In real life, the most frequent culprits of Identity Theft are Family Members or Theft Rings that Steal Your Bank Account or Credit Cards to deplete your funds. They are not these Innocent Workers who Make Up numbers so they can work for less than Minimum Wage. The most harm they could do if they perchance happen upon your number is give you more income and deductions, they DON’T Steal Your Identity.  
Worse yet, in Maricopa County, these Latino Workers  are presumed GUILTY and because they are presumed to be in the United States illegally and because they are presumed to have used fictitious Social Security Numbers, or the SSN's of the dead or the living in order to work long hours at low pay, they are over-charged by Montgomery's prosecutors, hit with counts that will make them non-bondable in Maricopa County, on par with murderers, rapists and child molesters.
The hard working Latino men and women apprehended by Arpaio and his goons for working sans authorization at Sportex CANNOT  be granted bond under the dictates of Arizona's Prop 100, and Montgomery's sadistic, anti-immigrant policies.

These Latino Women show the most effect of Arpaio’s EVIL Jails! These Latino Moms and Grandmas appear to be out of tears from their nights of crying, beaten down, away from their children and grandchildren. In Arpaio’s vermin and rat infested tent cities, rife with sexual attacks, these innocent moms and grandmas’ tears are dried on their cheeks with hearts broken by being ripped away from their families.
The workers, RIPPED AWAY from their Families, now must face the possibility of Deportation – ripped away from their children – or long stays in Arpai0’s rat infested tent city. These workers face worse punishment than the worst criminal offenders, including murderers and rapists.

Maricopa County and Arpaio continue to PROVE the WORST of the Republican Agenda. Times are Changing. We are Evolving to a Multi Cultural Society. We The People believe in fairness and WE THE PEOPLE will NOT ALLOW Arpaio to Continue his Reign of Terror!
Arpaio MUST BE Recalled Now!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Due to Sequestration, ICE Frees Hundreds of Non-Felonious Detainees in a Budget-Saving Move!

We can thank Republicans for the Sequester on Friday. This started in 2011 when they refused to raise the debt ceiling. Even though raising the debt ceiling "for funds we already spent" was never held hostage before, Republicans insisted on a guarantee of payment – this resulted in the Sequester recommendation. Now that the Sequester is here, some Republicans are attempting to blame the President for this recommendation. They must think that WE THE PEOPLE have short memories.  The President and Senate Democrats have proposed a balanced approach to resolving this crisis, but once again, Republicans REFUSE to even consider it.
The debt ceiling arguments in mid-2011 caused a HUGE DROP in the stock market. We can expect the same with Sequestration on Friday.

While some Republicans bellyache about cuts to the over-bloated Military Budget, Sequestration will have a particularly harmful effect on Minorities, the Elderly, Children and the Middle to Lower Income Americans.
The first to be impacted will be:

1.       The Unemployed: Those who have been on unemployment benefits for over six months may lose some or all of their continuing benefits. Additionally, Workforce Development programs will be reduced or cut.  Jobs Creation and Infrastructure Rebuilding Programs: Funds may be cut. Programs stopped.

2.       The Poor: Housing Programs: Section 8 programs cut. Home Energy Assistance, including winter heat bills programs cut. Cuts to WIC, Food Stamps, Nutrition Programs for Children Cut.

3.      Middle to Lower Income Employees: Federal, State, City Jobs -- Expect Teachers, Firefighters, Policemen and Border Security layoffs.

4.       Education: Student Loans programs cut. Financial Aid programs cut. School Programs from Head Start to College Mentoring programs cut.

In addition to these cuts, in preparation of the impending Sequestration, starting last Thursday, Federal Immigration officials have released hundreds of non-felonious criminal detainees from immigration detention centers around the country. The move has been put in place to save money as automatic budget cuts loom in Washington. (One positive  aspect to the Sequestration that Republicans will surely hate!)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Academy Awards 2013: JLO was the Love of Ben Affleck's Life. Yet, He Chose the Movies!

I watched the Academy Awards last night. I saw Ben Affleck win for Best Picture “Argo.” His speech proves to me that Jennifer Lopez was the love of his life. The attacks by the media against him and against JLO hurt him deeply, but he is resilient and has made a comeback. He is grateful for his wife and children because they assisted him in overcoming the previous attacks on his life choices. No one doubts he is grateful and loves his current wife and their family. It is a safe life. A calm life.

Affleck said: “I was here 15 years ago or something and I had no idea what I was doing. I stood out here in front of you all and really just a kid. I went out and I never thought I would be back here. And I am, because of so many of you who are here tonight, because of this Academy, because of so many wonderful people who extended themselves to me when they had nothing to benefit from it in Hollywood. You know what I mean, I couldn't get them a job. I want to thank them and I want to thank what they taught me, which is that you have to work harder than you think you possibly can. You can't hold grudges. It's hard but you can't hold grudges. And it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get up.”

Affleck’s lifestory reminds me of my own. My husband was a “hot” popular Jock. He was/is a tremendous athlete.  There were those that attempted to break us up due to my ethnicity. Early in our relationship,  I attempted to break it off due to the racist naysayers. He persuaded me to stay and overcome the naysayers.

One of his best friends once said to me, “You and your husband have FIRE in your relationship. So many people seek that FIRE all of their lives and they never find it. But both of you have found it. Never give it up.” I believed him and we decided to Keep Our Magic! Now, my husband and I have been happily married over 35 years with 2 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful grandsons. We are so happy.

JLO and Ben both found that magic. Yet, they both let it go so they could pursue their careers. JLO made a comeback, now Ben has made his comeback. I wonder if they have any regrets.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teaparty Racists Scream Violence, Guns and Mass Deportation at John McCain's Town Hall Meeting

At John McCain's Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, the teaparty right wing came out of the closet and spewed their hateful racist attacks against the 11M here. One Wild Haired wacko screamed, "Why don't the army stop them.. because the only thing that stops them... is a GUN!" Another skin-headed Anti-Latino extremist shouted, "Cut off their welfare and all their STUFF and they'll go back!"

I think we all knew it was only a matter of time before the Republican teaparty base would rebel against Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It is just as I predicted. Republicans are coming out of their closets and speaking out against Immigration Reform that includes any type of legalization for the 11M here, including for the Dreamers.

Initially, right after the election, Republicans were in SHOCK. Their Leaders, wailing about Romney's loss, shook their heads when they saw how dramatically they lost the minority vote, particularly the largest and fastest growing minority, Hispanics. Republican pundits were all over cable news channels and Talk Radio saying, "We need to do something to get the Hispanic Vote! They are the largest growing minority. We need them." Pundit after pundit said, "We need to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and we will get their vote back." They lifted up their token Latino onto their shoulders and said, "We will make Marco Rubio our Savior and he will lead the charge in passing Immigration Reform." Talk Radio came on board. Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and others started joining the chorus, urging Rubio on as their token leader in putting together their version of Immigration Reform. Racist callers on Talk Radio starting calling in, demanding "Racial Profiling" BORDER SECURITY be the 1st step. The next thing you know, the Talk Radio pundits start talking about "Border Security 1st." Then their Golden Boy Rubio starts demanding "Border Security" first. We ALL KNOW that Border Security 1st = RACIAL PROFILING.

Now, the HATERS are starting to headline Talk Radio. Yesterday, I heard Mark Krikorian on Bill Bennett's radio show. Krikorian is an Infamous Right Wing Racist Extremist who often talks about Mass Deportation and "Rule of Law." Bennett and Krikorian were talking about Latinos being "born takers" and most wouldn't vote for Republicans anyway (just as stated in the National Review Op-Ed). He warned that another "amnesty" would destroy America.

Latinos. What we are seeing is Republicans in a war against themselves, against their own racist base which is actually 37% of their base. This base drove much of the Teaparty agenda.

I almost feel sorry for Republicans. They are a party against themselves. The teapartiers are motivated by the KKK of the past. They are motivated by the White Supremists of the previous century. They have nowhere to go but to face their own demise. They neither want to know nor do they want to understand that our Country is EVOLVING into a Beautiful Multicultural Society.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why We Must NEVER Follow the Republican Plan to Privatize Social Security

Even though economists tell us Social Security will be solvent until 2033, Republicans are INSISTENT that Social Security be replaced by a privatized program within the next 10 years. While this would provide a WINDFALL of PROFITS for their Rich, “One Percent” Owners of Private Investment Companies, anyone who has studied Social Security, Retirement Programs and the Baby Boomer demographics knows their privatization recommendation is both ridiculous and heartless.

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities reports that for nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security provides the majority of their cash income. For more than one-third (36 percent), it provides more than 90 percent of their income. For one-quarter (24 percent) of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security is the sole source of retirement income.

Back in 1980s, four out of five private-sector workers were covered by traditional pensions that paid retirees a fixed monthly benefit based on their salary and length of service once they retired. The majority of employers STOPPED providing pensions in the 1990s. Now, less than one in five workers has a pension, leaving 401(k)s and similar privatized employee funded retirement savings accounts as the primary vehicles for retirees to supplement their Social Security benefits..

These statistics tell us that if the Republican’s recommendation to privatize social security passes and Seniors are left without Social Security or an Employer sponsored Pension Plan, over 65 percent of our Seniors will NOT have enough income to SURVIVE!

There are two major problems with a Privatized replacement to Social Security. They are:

1. Today, the average monthly social security payments are between $1500 - $1800 a month. This means that a retiree would have to save $250,000 - $300,000 in their Privatized replacement to Social Security retirement savings account. Today, fewer than 10% of retirees have saved enough in their PRIVATE 401(k) plans to replace their current projected Social Security payment.


2. Because American workers HAVE ACCESS to their PRIVATE Retirement Savings Accounts and are DEPLETING them. More than one in four American workers with a 401(k) and/or other retirement savings accounts are accessing them to pay current expenses. Additionally, this percentage is growing every year. Those in their 40s have been the most likely culprits — one-third are turning to such accounts for relief. This tells us that if Americans have access to their retirement funds, which they will with Private Retirement plans, 25% - 50% will deplete their funds prior to Retirement and over 90% will NOT have sufficient savings to replace the Social Security payments Seniors are receiving today.

I tremble to think what will happen IF the Republicans are successful in ENDING Social Security as we know it and PRIVATIZE and DEMOLISH such a successful SAFETY NET for our Seniors.


“Border Enforcement” has been used by the far right as a means of controlling and racially profiling the Latino Community. A clear example of this is Arizona’s racial profiling bill “sb1070.” Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteer deputies have routinely racially profiled Latino communities since 2006. “sb1070” was written by Kris Kobach from F.A.I.R. – the group created by the infamous racist John Tanton.
Kobach and FAIR have written and sponsored other racial profiling bills all across the country, from North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma and Utah.  These laws inspired by Arizona's SB 1070 invite rampant racial profiling against Latinos, Asian-Americans and others presumed to be "foreign" based on how they look or sound. They also authorize police to demand papers proving citizenship or immigration status from anyone they stop and suspect of being in the country unlawfully.

I’m going to lay this on the line so everyone understands. FAIR, Kris Kobach and the far right use
“Border Enforcement” as Code Words for the racial profiling of Latinos. These laws are the new Jim Crow laws. Anyone who supports these “sb2070” laws knows this. These laws are strongly supported by the Tea Party and the Far Right. Latinos know this.

If Republicans hope to receive the Latino Vote, then they have to CHANGE and STOP these Racial Profiling bills. This means SO MUCH MORE than just including verbiage into these bills saying “this bill will not allow racial profiling.” The sb1070 bill says this, but it isn’t true. Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteer deputies CONTINUE their Suppression Sweeps through Latino neighborhoods. They continue to harass and arrest innocent Latino Citizens.
How can the committee resolve this/stop this Racial Profiling? The bill must contain verbiage for the 11M to immediately come forward and gain some type of legal status. No one is asking for immediate Citizenship for the 11M. However, allowing them to come out of the shadows and, as with the current Dream Policy, allow them to register themselves so they no longer have to live in fear will HELP Border Security.  That way, the actual border can be protected and this massive racial profiling will end. Additionally, Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteer squad HAVE TO BE STOPPED.  The Bill has to positively state that “Suppression Sweeps” of Latino Neighborhoods WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Volunteer Posse’s in ski masks stalking cars driven by Latinos WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Vermin Infested Detention Centers, Green Bologna, Pink Underwear, Parading Latinos in chains – WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Racist Language including: “Anchor Babies,” “Illeegals,” “Mass/Self Deportations,” “Changing the 14th Amendment” WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

It is time for Americans of Latino descent to stand up for ourselves and demand Equality. Our country should live the words of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men/women/every ethnicity are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Right Wing Pressures Rubio to Backtrack Away from Path to Citizenship! Pushes Blame on President

During the 2012 Presidential Campaign, our President talked about the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. After the election, he met with several groups to gain input for a bill. At the same time, Marco Rubio announced he would be doing the same thing.
On January 18, I wrote about their high level views and provided a comparison.
On January 28, I wrote about the Group of Eight's high level proposal for a bill.
On January 29, I wrote about the President's Immigration Reform talking points during his visit to Las Vegas.
As we all know, the President and his staff have been gathering input from several groups in order to put together their recommendations and both the President's staff and the Group of Eight's staff have been working together to provide input to the final bill.
Both the Group of Eight (and staff) and the President (and staff) were working together fine.

Then, something happened
The Editors at the National Review -- the Republican Bible -- wrote a very nasty op-ed attacking Latinos, especially those crossing the Mexican border. I wrote about it on January 31. In part they wrote: "More than half of Hispanic births are out of wedlock. Take away the Spanish surname and Latino voters look a great deal like many other Democratic constituencies. Low-income households headed by single mothers and dependent upon some form of welfare are not looking for an excuse to join forces with Paul Ryan and Pat Toomey. Given the growing size of the Hispanic vote, it would help Republicans significantly to lose it by smaller margins than they have recently. But the idea that an amnesty is going to put Latinos squarely in the GOP tent is a fantasy."
Then, after the State of the Union, Marco Rubio's Immigration Proposal CHANGED. As I reported on February 12, Rubio went BACK to his Piecemeal approach saying Immigration Reform had to START with SECURING the Border and a fast track for Legal Immigrants with advanced degrees, and the bill would NOT INCLUDE a Pathway to Legalization UNTIL a Commission comprised of Republican Governors said the Southern Border was secure.

Now, yesterday, USAToday reported that there was some sort of leak of the President's proposal. As we all know, and as I've previously reported, the Administration has been passing their high level views to many different audiences and has been working with the Group of Eight's staff to provide recommendations for the final bill. Apparently, one of the groups asked to provide feedback LEAKED the high level recommendations to USAToday.

Nothing was really different about the recommendations except for:
1. may allow some illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within 8 years.
2. Four year transition for employers to implement systems to verify legal status for new hires.

When USAToday asked Rubio about the so called leak, Rubio angrily responded, "It fails to follow through on previously broken promises to secure our borders, (and) creates a special pathway that puts those who broke our immigration laws at an advantage over those who chose to do things the right way and come here legally," Rubio said. "It would actually make our immigration problems worse... If proposed in Congress, it's DEAD ON ARRIVAL."
It is clear that Rubio has been listening to the Far Right, breaking his Pathway to Citizenship promise to the American people and looking for a reason to Blame the President for his Failure! Rubio's plan will NOT allow a pathway to legalization until the following occurs -- and this could take years:
. Republican Governor Commission to oversee SECURING the Mexican Border. The Commission will include Jan Brewer and Rick Perry. Before ANY path to legalization is considered, the Border Governors MUST say the Border is Secure.
Additionally, his plan insists on speeding up the Legal Immigration process for "Highly Skilled (advanced degreed) NEW Immigrants." This is another favorite of the far right.
BTW, I wrote about views Ted Cruz provided about his version of Immigration Reform on January 20, 2012.
Here is a Summary of their THREE Recommendations:
OBAMA Plan: One Bill
Rubio/Gang of Eight: 6 Separate Bills
TED CRUZ / Tea Party
Enhanced Border Security
FIRST: Bill 1: Enhanced Border Security
. more border patrol on Mexican border
. surveillance technology, Drones
. Create border commission comprised of Border Governors, Attorney Generals, and Community Leaders along the southern border to monitor progress of securing border.
. Boots on the ground, plus a WALL           . Triple the size of the Border Patrol .Give police more power to ask about immigration status (Racial Profiling) and supports sb1070                                . Strengthen border security and increase enforcement; Detention; Deportation
Improving legal immigration: grants a green card to foreign students who earn advanced science and technology degrees in the U.S
BILL 2: Increase the number of visas for "highly-skilled" workers
E-Verify: Enhanced enforcement on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants
BILL 3: E-Verify: Enhanced enforcement on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants
. Develop tough, fair, effective and mandatory employment verification system.
Guest Worker Program
BILL 4: Guest Worker Program, especially for guest farm workers. Electronically track all guest/temporary Visas to make sure they don’t overstay
Pass the Dream Act: pathway to citizenship to undocumented youth seeking a higher education or military service
BILL 5: Pathway to Dream Legal Status
No Dream Act
PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP, may be within 8 years: PAY BACK TAXES, criminal background checks, learn English and paying a processing fee.
BILL6: PATHWAY TO Legal Status: PAY BACK TAXES, criminal background checks, learn English and paying a processing fee. Then go to the back of the line, apply for Green Card & Potential Legal Status.
. Non-Citizens and ALL those in process will NOT have access to ANY Federal Public Benefits.
No path to citizenship for the 11M here
Improve Immigration Processing/Reduce Backlogs from Entering Countries and Backlogged Court Proceedings

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Canadian Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, Emulates Eugene McCarthy and Embarrasses GOP in his Attacks against Hagel!

Canadian Ted Cruz EMBARRASSES the GOP with his attacks against Veteran (and former Senior GOP Senator) Chuck Hagel!
COWARD Cruz, -- WHO NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY -- emulating Eugene McCarthy, embarrasses the ENTIRE Republican party!!  Canadian and HINO Cruz is NOT a Latino so he is NOT embarrassing us!! reports:  As the Senate edged toward a divisive filibuster vote on Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be defense secretary, Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, sat silent and satisfied in the corner of the chamber — his voice lost to laryngitis — as he absorbed what he had wrought in his mere seven weeks of Senate service. Mr. Hagel, a former senator from Mr. Cruz’s own party, was about to be the victim of the first filibuster of a nominee to lead the Pentagon. The blockade was due in no small part to the very junior senator’s relentless pursuit of speeches, financial records or any other documents with Mr. Hagel’s name on them going back at least five years. Some Republicans praised the work of the brash newcomer, but others joined Democrats in saying that Mr. Cruz had gone too far.
Without naming names, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, offered a biting label for the Texan’s accusatory crusade: McCarthyism.       
“It was really reminiscent of a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such and such a date,’ and, of course, nothing was in the pocket,” she said, a reference to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s pursuit of Communists in the 1950s. “It was reminiscent of some bad times.”
In just two months, Mr. Cruz, 42, has made his presence felt in an institution where new arrivals are usually not heard from for months, if not years. Besides suggesting that Mr. Hagel might have received compensation from foreign enemies, he has tangled with the mayor of Chicago, challenged the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat on national television, voted against virtually everything before him — including the confirmation of John Kerry as secretary of state — and raised the hackles of colleagues from both parties.       
He could not be more pleased. Washington’s new bad boy feels good.
“I made promises to the (TEAPARTY) people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo,” he said in e-mailed answers to questions, in lieu of speaking. “That is what I intend to do, and it is what I have done in every way possible in the responsibilities that have been granted to me.”
In a body known for comity, Mr. Cruz is taking confrontational Tea Party sensibilities to new heights — or lows, depending on one’s perspective. Wowed conservatives hail him as a hero, but even some Republican colleagues are growing publicly frustrated with a man who has taken the zeal of the prosecutor and applied it to the decorous quarters of the Senate.       
Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said that some of the demands Mr. Cruz made of Mr. Hagel were “out of bounds, quite frankly.” Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, issued a public rebuke after Mr. Cruz suggested, with no evidence, that Mr. Hagel had accepted honorariums from North Korea.
“All I can say is that the appropriate way to treat Senator Hagel is to be as tough as you want to be, but don’t be disrespectful or malign his character,” Mr. McCain said in an interview.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am Tired of Republican LIES About Benghazi! Now for the TRUTH!

I am so tired of the Republican LIES about Benghazi! How dare them utilize the death of an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans for their own political smearing. They've attacked our President, our Secretary of State, the Defense Department, CIA and now they are now threatening to filibuster Sen. Hagel's nomination for Secretary of State. HINO Ted Cruz has been the most despicable.
THE REPUBLICAN LIE: "There was a seven hour long attack against the Ambassador at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi. There was plenty advance warning that this would happen, yet no help was sent and 4 Americans were killed. The president was so concerned about his re-election campaign, he refused to send them help and tried to minimize the al Qaeda attack by sending his friend from the United Nations on the talk shows to blame a video. That way he could continue his lies that al Qaeda is diminishing."

As I've previously reported, AMERICA WANTS THE TRUTH ABOUT Benghazi, NOT Republican LIES!! When you read THE FACTS, you'll realize the depth of the Republican LIES!

1. The attack occurred on 9/11/12. The attack was NOT at the Libyan Embassy but at an annex to the Embassy in Benghazi, a thousand miles away.
2. On 9/11/12, protesters were protesting about the video at the Libyan Embassy in Tripoli, and also at the Cairo Embassy in neighboring Egypt as well at other embassies throughout the Middle East.
3. The attack was NOT 7 hours long at the Annex, it was 2 hours long and the attackers were scared away by Drones sent by Washington.
4. Everyone thought the attacks were over when the attackers ran away after the Drone strike.
5. The Ambassador was still alive after the attacks and was taken to a hospital by Locals. He died later from smoke inhalation. The Ambassador's IT guy was shot and killed during the attack.
6. About 5 hours later, a CIA annex about 5 miles away was attacked. During the CIA attack, an officer and a former navy seal (who was working as a contractor) were killed. The attackers were thwarted after about an hour and local law enforcement assisted in helping remaining Americans flee the city safely.
7. The attackers were NOT al Qaeda. They were a Local Militia. There are thousands of local militias throughout the Middle East and in the U.S. The attacking local militia was said to have al Qaeda affiliation. Whether that affiliation was through the internet or through their "Mission Statement" hasn't been defined.
8. This militia attack sprung up out of nowhere. There was no indication throughout the day that this was going to happen, unlike the Tripoli and Cairo Embassy protests, which were violent throughout the day.
9. The letters the Ambassador wrote were regarding the increased level of threats across Libya, especially in Tripoli.
The facts REFUTE the Republican Lies!
The Facts PROVE the Defense Department, the CIA and Washington did respond and did investigate. The proof was in their sending of the Drones which caused the militia to run away.

The right wing started their attacks immediately after the attacks, starting with Mitt Romney. Talk Radio has relentlessly spread their lies and conspiracy theories -- so much that most people don't know these actual facts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Live Blog: 2013 State of the Union Address


The President's State of the Union went well and as predicted. He did express his strong support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Wow. Did Marco Rubio make a fool of himself! He yelled and blasted the President, spit all over himself, then had to stop and reach off camera for a bottle of water and drank it, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS SPEECH! Geesh!  Regarding Immigration Reform, just as I predicted, he is going PIECEMEAL – starting with STRICT BORDER Enforcement/Racial Profiling and fast-tracking the Immigration process for those with advanced degrees (primarily Northern European).
 I found Rand Paul's SOTU response on Politico (see link). He obviously did not want to make a fool of himself and get parodied on Saturday Night Live like Marco Rubio. Paul's response was typical. He attacked the President, called him a King. He had nothing about Comprehensive Immigration Reform other than to say Legal Immigrants who come here have to work. He wants to cut taxes, establish a flat tax, eliminate aid to certain countries and cut entitlements and almost everything else. Just a nutty, bizarre speech. Republicans and Teapartiers continue to hurt themselves!

Afghanistan: 34,000 coming home this year By end of next year war, will be over.
Finish mission in Afghanistan work with Local Govt.
Defeat core of al Qaeda.
Counter terrorism efforts. Target, detention, prosecution. Transparent to American People & World.
Prevent spread of dangerous weapons. North Korea, Russia.
 Iran :prevent from  nuclear weapons.
Stop Cyber Attacks. Secure Networks.
Maintain best military world has ever known. Women in combat. Healthcare for wounded warriors.
Nothing about Troops or Afghanistan.
Nothing about Troops or Afghanistan.
Economy Jobs
6M New Jobs. More Cars. Less for Oil.
Stock Market rebounding. Stronger Protections. State of Union Strong.
More work to do. American Jobs Act. Magnet for new jobs in manufacturing IN America. 3 New Manufacturing Hubs. Need 15 Hubs. Investments for more science, innovation and development.
Fix it First Program: Fix Bridges across country. Partnership to rebuild America. Modern ports, pipelines, schools, housing.
Education: (states) Pre-School for all; high school & higher education programs.
Minimum Wage to $9 per hour.
Incentive to companies to keep jobs here in towns with few/no jobs.
Stronger families, communities, America.
Restore American Dream  
The way we are Made: We are Citizens.
My parents immigrated here and were poor. I still live in my same neighborhood. I used student loans and just paid them back. (YET HE WANTS TO LIMIT GOVT FOR EVERYONE ELSE)
The president wants to tax, borrow and spend more. More government regulations won’t get us ahead. Obamacare loses healthcare and loses jobs.
We can fix our economy by starting a small business, hire people. Create jobs. That’s free enterprise.
School vouchers. School of choice.
Federal financial aid reform, include online courses.
Medicare reform. Voucher program start later.
Prez believes in more government, more taxes, more debt.
Limit Government. Don’t interfere with individuals.
We are threatened by takers.
Fix schools. Allow choice.
Need to CUT entitlements.
Tax Cuts Sequester
Military Cuts
Reduce deficit by 2.5T. cuts and tax increase on wealthy. More than halfway to goal. Now need to finish.
How: Sequester bad idea.
Modest reform of Medicare. Reduce subsidies to wealthy. More quality care, fewer unneeded tests.
Balanced Approach: Spending cuts & revenue. Wealthy: more revenue. Eliminate tax loop holes.
Bipartisan comprehensive tax reform bring down the deficit. Keep jobs here, not overseas.
End Debt Ceiling debate. Pay bills.
Solve debt problem. Don’t Raise Taxes on the rich or cut loopholes. The president needs to abandon this obsession.
Limit Government
 Go Start a Small Business.
Open up Federal Lands.
Reform Energy regulations.
Lower corporate tax rates.
The Prez attacks us when we try to introduce our programs. Dirty water, dirty air, Military cuts were his idea, Obamacare hurts seniors.
Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. Includes strict tax and spending limits.
End foreign aid to some countries
End for Egypt.
Sequester: YES
Propose Balanced Budget Plan
Immigration Reform
Path to Citizenship:
Border Protection
Time to Pass CIR. Path to Earned Citizenship. Border Protection. Fix Legal Immigration – fast track for advanced degrees.
Bipartisanship plan.
Send me bill and I will sign it.
Let’s get it done.
Legal immigration. Fast track advanced.degrees.
1st secure borders and enforce laws.
Then, once secured, work on some sort of legalization for 11M.
Legal Immigration only for those who will work.
No path to citizenship. No Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Gun Control
Background Checks:
Mental Health:
Protect Children. 2 months since New Town. Reduce Gun Violence. Background Checks. Get weapons of wars and massive ammunitions off streets.  Deserve VOTE in Congress. More than a thousand died since New Town.
Voting Rights
Right to Vote. Stop Voter Suppression, Long waits. Improve voting experience in America.
Gay Rights
Invest in new capabilities. Equal treatment for all service members and families, gay and straight.
US morally deteriorating.
Fix Families
Women’s Rights
Senate passed Violence against Women Act. Pass Paycheck fairness act this year.
VOTED NO on Violence Against Women Act.
Combat Climate Change. If congress won’t act, will take executive action to reduce pollution, transition to more sustainable energy. New oil and gas permits. Clean energy.Cut energy waste in half. (states)
Partners for Progress.
Strong Alliances
Stop AIDS. Stand with Universal Rights and transition to Democracy.
Support Israel – security and lasting peace.
Change Government
Term Limits. No special interest riders on bills. Must pass budget
Trial by Jury. No excessive government power. No executive orders. Prez is not king.

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