Monday, February 25, 2013

Academy Awards 2013: JLO was the Love of Ben Affleck's Life. Yet, He Chose the Movies!

I watched the Academy Awards last night. I saw Ben Affleck win for Best Picture “Argo.” His speech proves to me that Jennifer Lopez was the love of his life. The attacks by the media against him and against JLO hurt him deeply, but he is resilient and has made a comeback. He is grateful for his wife and children because they assisted him in overcoming the previous attacks on his life choices. No one doubts he is grateful and loves his current wife and their family. It is a safe life. A calm life.

Affleck said: “I was here 15 years ago or something and I had no idea what I was doing. I stood out here in front of you all and really just a kid. I went out and I never thought I would be back here. And I am, because of so many of you who are here tonight, because of this Academy, because of so many wonderful people who extended themselves to me when they had nothing to benefit from it in Hollywood. You know what I mean, I couldn't get them a job. I want to thank them and I want to thank what they taught me, which is that you have to work harder than you think you possibly can. You can't hold grudges. It's hard but you can't hold grudges. And it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get up.”

Affleck’s lifestory reminds me of my own. My husband was a “hot” popular Jock. He was/is a tremendous athlete.  There were those that attempted to break us up due to my ethnicity. Early in our relationship,  I attempted to break it off due to the racist naysayers. He persuaded me to stay and overcome the naysayers.

One of his best friends once said to me, “You and your husband have FIRE in your relationship. So many people seek that FIRE all of their lives and they never find it. But both of you have found it. Never give it up.” I believed him and we decided to Keep Our Magic! Now, my husband and I have been happily married over 35 years with 2 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful grandsons. We are so happy.

JLO and Ben both found that magic. Yet, they both let it go so they could pursue their careers. JLO made a comeback, now Ben has made his comeback. I wonder if they have any regrets.


Anonymous said...

She and Marc Anthony broke up also and are the parents of children. Where are your crocodile tears over that? Oh, is it because they are BOTH Hispanic so you can't play the ethnic card on that one?

Anonymous said...

I think Ben was the love of JLO's life. I never got the impression that Ben was in love with her. I think for him it was lust and when he chose to marry, he picked someone more suited to be a mother for his future children.

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