Friday, February 1, 2013

Recall Arpaio Now! Racial Profiler Arpayaso is Afraid of the Recall!

On Wednesday, the Respect Arizona Coalition filed registration paperwork to kick off their campaign to recall Sheriff Arpaio. Respect Arizona is the same group that successfully recalled Russell Pearce, the godfather of the racial profiling bill sb1070.

The coalition needs 300,000 signatures to trigger Arpayaso's recall election. This group has set up a new website that demands Arpaio's recall and calls for a NEW SHERIFF "that respects Families, respects Immigrants and respects Latinos.

Racial Profiler Arpayaso heard about the recall efforts and sent a frantic letter to his supporters saying "Why do they (Latinos) hate me so much? Please send me $465 each so I can fight these clowns and thugs."

I ask all of my readers to go to the "Respect Arizona" website. Donate. If a registered Maricopa County voter, please sign the petition.

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